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Oracle sniffing around Citrix, HP around Rambus

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Just perhaps

HP is looking for a way to commercialise its latest break technology, that thing of the memristor or whatever its called. It was said, this could be *cough* a paradigm change in memory technology... See BOOGLE for more details.

Scottish gov to curb personal data collection

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Another Mason does good work

learning anything?

MS warns of forced Messenger update

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Oh no

Compound error - AGAIN!

Cisco's UCS needs a bra

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Paris Hilton


Can wait for me to get me hands on em platters

Paris - cos she aint got much sagging

Virgin Media 'overwhelmed' by broadband customers fleeing BT

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Two angles

On the whole VM cable network is excellent delivery mechanism, ADSL is really a poor cousin. The VM back end is REALLY POOR. I myself am responsible for having them change their email support practices; how is it a call centre operative can open my mailbox and talk me through my list of emails without my permission? If its possible, they'll do it, even just for fun; I do know some call centre workers and you don't want to know what fun they have with your accounts.

Mobile operators pooh-pooh universal phone-snooping plan

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Ha ha ha - OFDM

As a PHY layer has been compromised as early as 1974, now thats ALL wireless signals...... ho ho ho, go figure

When is an operating system not an operating system?

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Soft Grid

Not soft grid again... sheesh!

Faster broadband for free?

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Cmon in

Heard about these some time ago; quite some time ago 6 years to be exact.... Glad to see BT has licensed them and included them in new installations.

It is still however, a poor replacement for fibre as the aging copper will not manage to make it (in some cases) another 90 years!

BT, have some bran, its good for your diet!

Cutting the cord: future mobile broadband tech

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Oh I could say so much

about this issue and what ends some will go to protecting their investment. Its now a process whereby we're stuck with what the OFCOM quango wants us to have, via heavily lobbied polys'. The reality could be so much different.

And it wasn't named 802.11 "R" for nothing.....

@Chris Lewis - Finally someone who knows what he's talking about! Thx R

GT - pseudonym

Google cloud told to encrypt itself

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Been affected by this

I've been affected by non secure communications in the past and currently battling with unusualities, I for one would endorse the secure all approach and have done so for quite some time. Also, I have switched on https.


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