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If you were cuffed during Trump's inauguration, cops are trying to crack your smartphone

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yeah, that's it. Fuck the register.

Kotkin: Why Trump won

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Sums it all up


Gaming apps, mugging and bad case of bruised Pokéballs

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"What next, middle-aged men rocking to the Naruto theme tune?"

Never been to an anime con - but anyway I hate Naruto but the theme tune is pretty good in that Sum-41 90s buffy watching kind of way.

Never actually seen the PV for it, am amused.

Lester Haines: RIP

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May the worms grow strong and fat on his deliciousness, it was a grand ride.

Brexit campaign group fined £50k for sending half a million spam texts

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Re: Why is "Call me Dave" Cameron telling me what to think?

"At no stage has the gov followed the will of the people on this subject all the way from the beginning of the EU."

The people had a vote, they voted to join. Just throwing that out there.

Halo 5: Overhyped, but still way above your average shooter

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Re: A 9 Gig patch for a brand new game?

@Jason 7 Same. If it ain't in a steam sale I ain't getting it...

Unless it's a Paradox Grand Strategy.

You own the software, Feds tell Apple: you can unlock it

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I can't find the words to properly express myself. But

Fuck america

Fuck America

Fuck America

Right in its stupid face.

Mad Max: High-octane dystopian desert demolition derby

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Re: n00bs?

Only if you like building machines. If you just like playing games with no interest in building machines beyond "I want at least xxxfps on modern games" then it's perfectly fine to buy one that gives you the performance you want.

Smart meters set to cost Blighty as much as replacing Trident

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"However, DECC insisted changes in cost were solely driven by the change in accounting methodology, not by underlying cost changes, said the report."

Would this new accounting methodology be accounting for all the actual costs as opposed to throwing a dart at a board 3 times and multiplying the result by the page number the minister happens to be on in playboy then multiplied again by the number of folders on his desk?

5555 upvote party

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5555 upvote party

Gotta celebrate such a good get. well that image upload didn't work hrrmmm This ones more like it - http://imgur.com/p9qf6pn

Pie and Punch for all!

Norks SCOLD Prez Obama over Sony mega hack payback sanctions

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"So human rights violation, torture, crimes against humanity = OK, no probs."

You forget - they are not American people as such their lives are worth nothing in the US Government's eyes. But to be fair NK exists under almost blanket sanctions anyway.

Hipsters ahoy! Top Ten BOARD games for festive family fun

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I refuse to ever play Zombies!!! again - terrible game. Though not as boring as Talisman.

Munchikin is only fun if the group you play with are funny, otherwise it's a horrible, long, boring, irritating game. Much like Zombies.

Dungeons & Dragons relaunches with 'freemium' version 5.0

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Re: Paper shortages

I'm all about the Gumshoe system and rules light systems nowdays.

Games like rolemaster are great from a "system engineering" point of view but always pigs to ref (same with stuff like Anima)

Love the old tristat system to and ofcourse the wod system is nice and lightweight.

Technically speaking the core part of D&D has been free for some time (under the OGL) just without any of the setting. But I've always hated D20 with a burning passion and it only got more hateful.

There are lots of nice systems out there - I really enjoyed Ingenium from a classic fantasy side of things as character gen took 5 minutes for 4 players. Need a certain kind of seat of your pants fluff stuff ref though http://www.rpgnow.com/product/86469/Ingenium

ISIS: Iraq KILLS the INTERNET: VPNs, social media and chat apps blocked by government

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Though let me point out I'd have run, run like the wind as I am in IT and a consummate coward.

Youtube Content Matching & Copyright infringement system

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Youtube Content Matching & Copyright infringement system

I'm vaguely surprised there hasn't been an article about this (well there may have been, I did a search and it doesn't seem that there has been) given El Reg's interest in the area of Copyright, Google and, abuse of position.

Recently Youtube changed their system so that far more large popular channels (in this case gaming channels) are being flagged for copyright infringement and the supposed copyright holders taking the ad money for those videos (and dragging their feet in responding to objections, and then down right claiming material that isn't theirs.) The youtube reviewers are then hamstrung not only by the automatic matching system that auto flags materials and redirects the revenue to the "copyright holder" but they are also limited to a maximum of 3 disputes at a time, though this is really 2 as if you receive 3 dmca strikes your channel is closed down (even though the DMCA notice is simply part of a legal process and not a confirmation of guilt)

All the while Youtube/Google is still making money from Ads and often companies are illegally gaining revenue off of other peoples copy righted material.

A good set of videos on this come from Angry Joe (one of the people affected by this - also NSFW) but a number of big youtube reviewers have been attacked using the Youtube copyright system.

Angry Joe's videos on his experience




And the example of abuse committed by companies using the flagging mechanism



Dimmed but not out: Lantern anti-censorship tool blocked in China

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seventeen thousand out of how many hundreds of millions of users?

Blighty's National Crime Agency nabs first crook ...for £750k cyberscam

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Oh goody this sounds wonderful

"NCA '[will] not comply with freedom of information requests.' According to a government fact sheet on the NCA (PDF, 5 pages, easy read) the agency's employees will be authorised to use covert surveillance powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000"

Should Nominet ban .uk domains that use paedo and crim-friendly words?

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Re: re: Another code word they use is "bush2bush pipeman"

I'm suddenly reminded of brass eye.

Xbox One users will have to pay extra for Skype and gamer-gratifying DVR

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Re: Meh

I love gravity rush, I just wish Sony would do a Nintendo and make some Vita titles.

Don't shoot the Windows Live Messenger, cry IM users

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the skype app on my nexus 7 is crap, with its permanently landscape view o.O unless it's been fixed since last time. So I don't use it... OH WELL! I stopped talkling to most people anyway.

Skype and MSN both have similar problems anyway (the mad "I can talk to that person just fine, but all my messages bounce back from that person..." *restart* "Now they get to that person but not the other one" *restart* "Now I can't talk to anyone." etc

PM demands media clean-up, not keen on doing much himself

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Re: Cameron is doing the right thing

Upvoted for truth.

Akihabara unplugged: Tokyo's electric town falls flat

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Re: Yes, we know.

Another goes down hill in the last 2 episodes, far better are Serial Lain and Boogiepop Phantom.

Also for Manga Lament of the Lamb, MPD Psycho, and a list that goes on and on.

Complex well written stories. There are also great simple stories.

Manga and anime aren't a genre they're a medium. And mediums that spawn more material (dojin works, computer games, live action, American Live Action rip offs, music, animated movies, models, costumes, etc, etc, etc)

But as said mr troll, people like what they like, and a lot of people like anime/manga/cosplay/maids/blah

Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows

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Re: Gabe!

"Heck, I didn't have to wait long for *everything* to get downloaded and install on my new PC last year - all I neeedd to do was install Steam, type in my username/password once and click "download all my stuff". A win for Steam as I didn't need to bother finding my disks."

It's even easier than that, you can just copy all the games to your new pc and double click the downloads in Steam and they double check that they're correct and go. A few games don't but most do.

Android Trojan distracts Japanese with anime and porn

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Re: ...anime AND porn?

before talking have some idea of what you're talking about


This season alone there are 61 new Anime (seasons / movies and OVA) that aren't Hentai.

These range from shows about cooking and, panda's running cafes to adult shows like fate/zero and Sankarae, also slice of life shows, comedies, ecchi shows, moe shows, shounen shows, shoujo shows, mysteries, action, horror, romance, giant robot and a whole draft of other kinds of shows.

Your comment is much like going

Live action shows and porn? There's a difference?

Which is equally retarded.

More Brits desert high streets to spend £50bn online

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also how much of sainsbury's sales were made via a website?

UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling

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While At the same time sending woman that have affairs

To be stoned to deAth by the Taliban. Wait what do you mean it doesn't work like that?

Matt 4

Another dangerous terrorist on his way to the incorporated states of America then

Smut oglers told to opt in to keep web filth flowing

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victorians were a moral paradox - it was quite normal for men to shag many many ladies of the night before they got married and were allowed to bang a proper lady.

That's why syphilis was so common.

Neurogaming set to be launched by Disney

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I still find it funny they censored the bit about the jailbait ball girl on dave

Border Agency monitors migrant ITers with inadequate IT

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Haven't read a copy of the Guardian in 15 years.

Matt 4

are we

"Most workers enter through this route and, for instance, tens of thousands of IT workers have been brought in through intra-company transfers at a time when UK residents with IT skills are struggling to find work,"

Can't say I have been having any problems and i get calls every week, oh you mean

" transfers at a time when UK residents with *useless* IT skills and those not willing to relocate to where the work is are struggling to find work,"

Anyway I await the daily mailesque anti immigration crowd to blow their load in indignant rage.

Designer punts ultimate customisable keyboard

Matt 4


being able to swap between various keyboard layouts visually would be nice.

Also being able to swap it between keyboard mode and program interface mode would be rather swish.

Not one for the printing pool though.

Carrier-sold iPad 2 Sim locks snag unwary buyers

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If it's on contract and like the iphone you can get it unlocked by orange after 3 months or so for £20

Remember if it's on contract you don't own it until you've finished the contract.

O2 unlock for free as long as you keep paying the contract.

Don't know about 3

Medion E54009 touch monitor

Matt 4

thing is

Touch screen for PCs would fly for me in one of two ways, first is as a driver for a proper screen (a bit like a wacom tablet) second is as a control system for a game (think selecting points for your artillery to land whilst dodging bullets from those cyborg monsters coming at you.) A lot of us don't have super long arms and sit a reasonable distance from our screens so an actual multi touch monitor is a bit useless in the real world. They're far more interesting as a multitouch interface of some sort (map tables, damage repair, commanding squad mates, etc whilst still having to play.)

I've played a few games in Japanese arcades that have touch monitors as the main screen but the whole machine was designed that way so you're sitting in a position where touching the monitor isn't a pain in the arse.

Twitter would have stopped Rwandan genocide, claims PM

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@There's rubbish

It's important becouse it's digusting - he needs sacking and he needs sacking now.

Law lord lashes out at ID cards

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"every single member of your family will be stripped of their assets, their citizenship (don’t matter if they were born here or not) and then dumped back in the county of their ancestors penniless."

Guilt by relation - nice - works so well too. Really proves you're a progessive, just, civil society.