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Ford unwraps '2013 Mondeo'

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What's with the current styling trend to add a smiley face to the front end? I suppose it's better than the pumpkin-faced Mazdas but it's other wise a very nice looking car with an annoyingly stupid smile on the lower portion.

Critical and unpatched, Windows XP bug is under attack

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RE Patch or die

If by long since ceased to generate revenue you mean a few months since they stopped allowing new systems to be sold with XP, then you might have a point. Fact is they could have kept milking it for awhile yet but chose to try and force an upgrade cycle instead.

Steve Jobs talks Flash, 'lying S.O.B' devs, sex, and Gizmodocrime

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Jobs Horns

Mr Jobs

is going to have to be removed one day. With his rather absurd and totalitarian view on things he is eventually going to become and all-out PR embarrassment for Apple. Steve is spouting off about how nothing is free and open and wants to lock down everyone and everything to Steve's way, meanwhile Google offers a lot of free and open source products and even encourages development on their mobile platform. Guess who comes off looking better.....

Canadian mobe firm sued over disappearing husband

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When you...

When you bundle services you are in effect linking the accounts, therefore one bill. The question is how long did she have the phone before this happened? I find it unlikely that she was unaware that her husband was getting the bill, she probably just assumed that he didn't look too close. My previous roommate and I both had the same cell carrier, separate names. There was no account bundling therefore we received separate bills. Is this too hard for some people to grasp? They don't bundle your accounts unless you give them the go ahead to do so.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx: A (free) Mactastic experience

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No more brown! They should have come up with that colour scheme, what, 6 releases ago?

I'll wait awhile before checking it out, see if anything serious crops up, the last couple releases were a nasty mess of unfinished, untested code with some gaping flaws right off the top, so here's hoping they got this one right.

Microsoft wins big in Chinese piracy lawsuit

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If only...

As someone who hasn't had an officially licensed version of windows since 98 (which came on a computer I bought), I might have actually stayed with legit versions had the price been reasonable. I was 21 when XP came out, and there aren't too many 21 year olds who want to burn an entire paycheque just to buy a copy.

Kept XP around in case I ever need it but made the switch to Linux a couple years ago, haven't looked back. Mind you the switch was easy, MS made sure most games only came out for the xbox (which I don't own), and I used mainly open source software under windows for everything else for about the last 5 years.

First plug-in Prius paraded by car rental firm

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to Toyota - if any other manufacturer built a car that drove, accelerated, and handled that poorly they'd be laughed out of the market.


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