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Sony PS3 Slim

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Had them all, now got none...

At one point I had both consoles, then I realised my madness stuck to my PC for most gaming kept my 360 for FIFA and sold my PS3.

Then after getting annoyed by the 360s inability to copy content (you can only copy from music CDs, not MP3 disks, network or HDDs! So I sold it and brought a PS3 instead when FIFA10 was released, I kept it for just under 24 hours!!! Yes you heard me right 24 hours because FIFA is only 720p on the PS3 whereas 1080p on the 360 and despite what most say you can easily see the difference.

Now I have a high spec PC and that is it, I simply cannot be bothered with the tripe they are selling.

Then you have the other issue, you spend silly money on a PS3, even stupider money on the games and they try to sell you additional content on the consoles which they GIVE AWAY ON THE PC! (Which incidentally you pay less for the priviledge in the first place)

I know I shouldn't complain it's not costing me but it infuriates me how they get away with it, then have the bottle to say Pirating is killing PC gaming.

The truth is the vast, VAST majority of PC gamers will more than happily pay the money IF a game is worth buying, unfortunately this is rarely the case, as exposed by the amount of rubbish which they sell on the consoles.

The Wii on the other hand, a well priced, inative console which is fun for all the family, something no other games console or PC has managed to do.

Would love to see Nintendo take it to the next level now and blow Sony (pff) and MS (blah) out of the water, lets just hope Apple don't decide to join the race or we really are in for a ride!

Sorry if my scepacism shows; that's what Linux does to you!

Hotmail imposes tracking cookies for logout

Stuart 17

Missing the point.???

Aren't most of you missing the point here?

Oh why oh why should you need to accept a cookie to logout?

Another good reason to give MS a wide berth, still as a Gamer I still live on the desktop darkside, fortunately I cannot say the same for my Lappy!

Malware cleans out jailbroken iPhones

Stuart 17

Who said???

nickrw : Who said Remote Desktop had to be RDP? VNC, GTA, LogMeIn, NetSupport to name but a few, all technically Remote Desktop applications just not called Remote Desktop Connection by name.

Xbox 360 Twitter, Facebook clients rated X

Stuart 17

Blue moon anyone?

Hello, can anyboday tell me if there is a blue moon in London tonight? Only the last time I agreed with Microsoft there was!

Though I have a number of complaint with the 360, like not being able to easily copy music too it and no web browser at the same time I understand their reasonings (certainly with the later), Microsoft of all companies would get slated the most if parents found their kids surfing inappropriate content on their 360s, something I am sure happens on the PS3s but nothing gets said.

Damn I almost sound like a MS advocate here, guess I better right my wrong: http://www.ubuntu.com/

Kingston SSD Now V 40GB boot drive

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5 Mintes to boot up?!

I have 4 year old Windows Server 2003 boxes which would do a complete restart in less time, you PC must have more junk than a landfill site, CLEAN YOU HDD Dude, format, reinstall and manage it properly, if you know enough to write this article you should know enough to keep your mahcine running to some kind of exceptable performance!

As for SSD, I want one desperately however the price is too much and the performance is far to hit and miss between models.

I think I'll wait another year or so, anyway my WD Raptor allows Windows 7 to boot in a matter of seconds with all my junk installed so is there really a need for it, not here thats for sure, still I want one. :P

Murdoch threatens to yank News Corp. from Google News

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Please Murdoch just do it & then do one yourself!

Newnow have been campaigning about this for a while now...


I hope as most do that they Murdoch will fail and Sky and the rest will crumple to nothingness, realistically and unfortunately it will not happen though.

Sky are hated by the football masses for their clearly biast support of the top four, so much so they are commonly refered to as the Sky Four yet somehow their stranglehold is as stong as ever if not stronger since the dimise of Sentanta!

The whole notion that people should be charged for effectively directing users to their site is rediculas, before I frequented NewNow I had never been on the Suns website unfortunately I have been on that monstrocity since now maybe I will be saved.

One other point of course, I emailed Struan Bartlett, Managing Director of NewsNow to alert him to this article, if Murdoch gets his way and the internet goes down that route would I have to pay TheReg for that? I guess so, good job you aren't the monopolistic megalomaniacal power house of the news world which they are!

P.S. I have checked and don't fear NewNow will not charge you for my link above! :P

Transparent OLEDs demoed

Stuart 17

Camera's anyone?

The best common use of this technology that I can see is for Cameras, no more looking at a screen displaying your pictures when taking them instead a clear look though with a hud overlay, if done really cleverly could cover the back for looking back over your pics.

iSuppli: Moore's Law to take a breather

Stuart 17

Sorry Lionel Baden I disagree, the article is right...

You ask to take a 2 year old PC and run the latest game on it, well I have my Q6600 with a 9800 gx2 and it plays everything, top spec, even Crysis at 1920x1080 on my TV!

I have been saying this for ages, for years and years I didn't go 6 months without needing to upgrade something, be it GPU, RAM or HDDs, I have now been 22 months and the only time I have opened my case was to add a 1Tb Drive.

The HDD issue is the next step, in the same system I have the WD Raptor 10k Drives and for gaming they have been the best you can get for a realistic price and that is only starting to change now as SSD gets more affordable which it is just about doing though the price per GB is still astronomically higher in most cases home users would only ever want their OS and a few App or Games installed on it.

Networking and internet needs to change sooner in my eyes, our goverment say they are going to garrentee 2Mb to bring us to the front of the technology world however they fail to realise Korea has had 100Mb for years!

When I have SSD and Gigabyte WAN Connection I will be ALMOST happy, but then I am a tech junkie like that!

Opera to take web back to the old days

Stuart 17

RE: frank ly

Well said frankly!

My biggest concern would be by far Security, there is after all 1 MASSIVE FLAW with this setup, say for example Hacker A finds a flaw or bug in Opera and publishes this onto the web, you then have Hackers A-Z and more who know just where to look for machines to infect or control.

Currently if there is an Opera flaw it would not be feasable to scan for IPs on the net, then attempt this flaw on any one IP as there is no garrentees that this IP is even a PC or Server, it could be a router, firewall or even a media sharing device plus so many more these day, but for arguments sake lets say it is a Windows XP machine after all the majority of PCs are then there is still no garentees it is using Opera.

So lets all welcome 1 domain name where security holes will be a constant and target that, on the plus side (hackers point of view) they know the users are not going to be very IT Litterate as if they were they would know of the 101 other solutions already available.



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