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Zuck on that! Instagram loses HALF its hipsters in a month

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Fact check?

I may be missing something here, but if you visit the link to AppCheck, doesn't the graph suggest that Daily Active Users has actually gone from a peak of around 16 million users to around 9 million? (The 3rd graph down, with the red line.)

The graph in the article is daily users as a percent of monthly users - 40% down to about 20%.

Okay, so the main thrust of the argument is still the same, but y'know, pendants abound.

Sony pains pre-owned game punters with PSN Pass

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In other news...

...Sony are currently developing a new 1st person shooter entitled "Corporate Strategy." The objective of which is too shoot yourself in the foot as much as possible in order to wipe out all traces of market share.

Elon Musk's rocket booked by Google X-Prize moon robot

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Doesn't have to be Apollo 11 though

It might well be useful to inpect how the kit has been getting along, but that isn't to say it has to be Apollo 11. Apollo 15 had much more science kit on board and even a car, so that would make a better site if that was the goal.

No, I fear that Apollo 11 will be picked as it has the most marketing bang for your buck. <Sigh>

Oz pedestrians fall to 'Death by iPod'

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That Sir, is some TOP pedantry. I salute you.

NASA sniffs out (yet more) lunar ice

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@ GerryP

Isn't 600 million tonnes divided by 60 tonnes 10 000 000 swimming pools?

Good thing you provided your own fail icon,.

Swiss roll Street View into court

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Big Brother

Hold on...

Are Data Protection Commisioners supposed to just roll over and take it?

Must be just ours then....

Spam tool developer faces six years in chokey

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That's a bit harsh

Benedict: They deserve to lose all the money that have

Do they? Do they really? It's hardly a crime to be stoopid. If we're gonna start penalising people for being a bit gullable, what would suggest as the penatly for being totally insensitive?

No-one deserves to the victim of crime. After all, all they're really guilty of is that someone outwhitted them. I've no doubt you consider yourself to be bright and intelligent for the sake of argunment, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but there's always someone more cunning and devious. Should you fall victim to a scam of considerable inginuity, you'll happily wave goodbye to your hard earned would you? After all, relativley speaking, you were a "moron."

Law lord lashes out at ID cards

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What REALLY bugs me...

....is that the goverment continues to persue this even though they know* they will loose the next election and the Tories will knock it all on the head.

Of course, they can't just throw the towel in and say so, so to gain political advantage for their own party, they are prepared to waste tax payers money. Cheers guys.

* Okay, so they don't KNOW it but I'll bet if they were asked to bet real money on a Labour victory (not ours, like they're used to spending, but their actual own money) non of them would.