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What's the best non-iPod music player?

Punt Road

Best Non iPod

Try a Creative Zen 8 gig that comes in around £65 ~ 70 from Amazon.

They are the size of a credit card, durable, have all the toys, good player, video, radio, photos, clock, recorder, very light and has around 30 hours plus use between charges. Dead easy to use on all functions so even though it has more than you need don't worry.

Used with Creative 630 phones the performance is outstanding. Knocks iPod, Sony Sansa etc dead on performance and reliability. I reckon it is agood looking player even though it has black polycarbonate casing.

Very durable and reliable. Used mine round the world and it has been abused big time but never missed a beat in 12 months mis-handling

Creative software that comes with it very user friendly but you make need to update the player using creative support if the player is old stock.