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Workers' comp covers sex-related injuries, judge rules

Jose Ramirez

Re: Australia!

"The same country that gives sex lessons to miners..."

Surely if they are old enough to work in the mines, they shouldn't need sex lessons. Or are Aussie mine workers lacking in nookie related didactic dilligence?

Robot Sergey Brin stuns crowd

Jose Ramirez

Tom Robbins?

I believe that's Anthony (Tony) Robbins.

Reg server and chip hack molested by Gray Lady

Jose Ramirez

Oakland Raiders

They were in L.A. for a few years...then they came back to Oakland...their homecoming bumper stickers: We're Back...L.A. Sucked

Mr. Vance...you will be back. Oh yes...you will be back.

IM represents 'new linguistic renaissance'

Jose Ramirez


yoof1: And he was like 'IM is interactive discourse among friends that is conducive to informal language, but at the same time, it is a written interface which tends to be more formal than speech'

yoof1: and I was like ????

yoof2: stfu???

yoof1: srsly

How ComScore can track your mouse clicks

Jose Ramirez

A title is required.

And just exactly who gives a shit? If the MAJORITY of people affected by this are truly upset, companies like this wouldn't exist.

Pardon me if I don't shed a tear.

Amazon SimpleDB: a database server for the internet

Jose Ramirez


"Unlike MySQL, Oracle, DB2 or SQL Server, SimpleDB is not a relational database server."

Please, PLEASE stop referring to ANY database management system out there as relational. They are SQL database management systems and SQL does NOT force compliance to the relational model.

Braindead obituarists hoaxed by Wikipedia

Jose Ramirez

First rule of Reg Club?

One more reason my first rule still holds ;)

Chinese fight rat plague with giant saucepan

Jose Ramirez

River rat?

You want some of this?

What is it?

River rat.

How do you eat that?

First you cut off the head and the tail.

Then you gut it.

It's all a matter of the sauce.

You don't just plop down warm rodent on a plate and say:

''Here's your river rat. Would you like white or red wine?''

--Freejack, 1992

Rufus fights back

Jose Ramirez

Not all bosses put up with crap

I worked for a brief time at a call center in California for what was then Cellular One, later to be bought out by AT&T. Our call center was posh. Our bosses treated us like kings and queens because they realized we were what all the marketing in the world couldn't be...the company's REAL identity to a customer. So whenever a caller would start in on us we had a standard, company backed policy: 'Sir/Madam, if you continue to verbally abuse me that way I will hang up'. We'd repeat it once and if the caller continued their abuse we would terminate the call, comment the account and the next time they called in there would be a nice big note saying 'Caller is abusive. Escalate to management.' One time during a side by side with my supervisor, a caller started in on me. My SUPE was the one who discontinued the call. Now that's empowerment :)

Rufus, it's not your fault...you just need a policy that management supports allowing you to be rude. Just don't do it on your own. :P

Man faces 10 years for fudging computer credentials

Jose Ramirez

What's that encyclopedia's name again...?

The one no one ever bothers to check for accuracy? ;-)

"Authorities say they are unaware of any convictions that have been jeopardized as a result of Edmiston's actions."

They will soon :P


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