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London cops seeking £600m mega IT contract to knock 'towers' sprawl into 'one throat to choke'


Actually laughed out loud on the train...fantastic term!

Google can't innovate anymore, exiting programmer laments


Re: Thought experiment

Or even...imagine a world where BlockChain isn't a license to print money or pivots into something else entirely and he needs to leave this hallowed job he has found, or maybe they just don't like him and get him out...

Well then a simple Google search (ouchy!) will turn up him slating people by name and the company, not once but twice!...I don't think I would want him on my team

Microsoft kicks VMware right in its weakest, cloudiest spot


"Ironically, VMware are unable to offer a DR for services running in its cloud, their DR is only for on prem systems."

Indeed, I found this almost unbelievable when I looked it all up and had to ask a few VMWare Partners to check.

Its a very strange set up, otherwise as a national charity already running VMWare we would have hopped straight in their cloud. It was only that and not having a suitable partner available that stopped us.

iPad data entry errors caused plane to strike runway during takeoff


There are more devices in the world than you fave...

...and some people might use the other type of device.

Right now that's clear we can all get on with our lives.

Why did Nokia bosses wait so long to pop THAT Lumia tab?


Rubbish name, doesn't differentiate from the phone at all.

But great product, I'm up for one.

Microsoft mocks Apple and new iPhones in vids it quickly pulls


I wouldn't imagine right to the top, I would imagine the marketing head would have OKed it...he must be having a tough day today!

OK, forget the 3D telly fiasco: 4K is gonna blow you away - say tech giants


Still loving my Toshiba...

...with 720p HD.

Got it about 8 years ago and it still works just fine, a good all rounder. I have always found watching 3D and massive films at cinemas that after about 10 mins I forget it's all 3D and massive and stuff (bar Prometheus and Pacific Rim).

It just doesn't interest me I don't think. Maybe because I don't watch big action movies that often.

Three used cheap deal to lure me into buying expensive slab, chap tells ASA


They may be toothless...

...but may be if they got the information out there in the press (wider than El Reg) that would give them some sway to make a change.

And with AC above it's more serious than it appears!

'Kim Jong-un executes nork-baring ex and pals for love polygon skin flick'


Re: Propaganda

Well if you are so sure then you can stand at the front and be first one in. They might not have them on ICBMs or even CBMs but doesn't mean they wouldn't use them in some capacity.

Let's hope your confidence isn't misplaced eh?

Billionaire Google founder splits with wife, allegedly beds Google Glass staffer


Re: Please don't cover this type of story

And if you could avoid reading articles under Bootnotes and then commenting that would be great.


Ubuntu boss: I want to make a Linux hybrid mobe SO GIVE ME $32m


Why bother?

Market is already crowded and it's hardly likely a new small player will have any impact at all.

Come watch us brandish our LONG TENT POLE, EMC tells world+dog


I'm interested....

...but freedom from vendor lockin sounds like BS.

I want a way to shift data off-site where it will be safe.

Investors: Oh Samsung. You need to smash those records HARDER



...exactly why the economy went crashing down.

Rest your head against a train window, hear VOICES in your SKULL


Re: I quite like the train noises

I used to but the clanging of the door warning really cuts through me, probably the idea but I hate it!

Who should play the next Doctor? Nominations needed!


After last weeks accusations...

...they are bound to over compensate!

Any black lesbian midgets with a lefty tendency out there on the list?

In all honesty I have never watched an episode so I don't mind who they pick!

Give porno danger classes to Brit kids as young as FIVE - parents


Re: Please start being parents...

"Have you tried talking to any teachers of reception year and infants recently? I think you'll find that they are constantly having to teach kids that "Sharp things cut?" and "Hot things burn?" usually with side lessons in things like how to hold a knife and fork."

Agreed. Some of them turn up to my girlfriend's classes in their first term still wearing nappies.


No way...

...this is the parent's responsibility.

The kids should be learning basic maths and reading no being taught stuff parent's can't be bothered/too scared to.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4


Re: I've had mine since Friday


Maybe his company pays for it like mine? When not at work I could easily be a lite-ish user.


Very much the same with the business users here, they do go pale when told if they break in anything other than a freak accident or get lost they will be paying for the replacement. Also require Police crime numbers to report it as stolen to get another seems to put people off.

We do get very few breakages here!

Its what I would expect of any company I worked for. The number of people I had saying their old iPhone may break near the time the new one came out was scary.


Re: Windowed apps

I read the article earlier, and the author simply said he didn't like it as much which is fine, he didn't at any point say it wasn't as good and he was the authority on it.


Re: I've had mine since Friday

@ Peter R. 1

That would be a more general industry question to be brought up at one of the big conferences they love doing for the industry now, CEBIT I think its called.

I am for one am pleased its starting to go this way again as it means, being a lite-ish user I will not be thinking about all day where will I charge it and how much should I use it. That is much harder on holiday as I found out recently!

Its an issue I have with current HTC One S.

Either way not too churlish as they are company devices so not going to argue against a new phone!

Hotel marketplace Airbnb: Show us your privates if you want to book a bed



Why would I give all those details to a commercial company?

What happens when they sell up?

What happens if they go bust?

Won't this make them a massive target for hackers?

I don't see any benefit on giving my passport to book a hotel?! Never needed it online before.

Next Xbox to be called ‘Xbox Infinity’... er... ‘Xbox’


Re: Internet connection required

Can I ask why?

I see lots of posts about this but I don't really see an issue these days with high penetration of broadband and high speed services now.

Maybe I am missing something though!?

Not so fast, BlackBerry. Now Samsung wants your tasty biz mobe pie


Re: BOOM! Shot across the bow, baby!

Come on now...this is not the place for that.

Unless its sarcasm...we love that!

Intel to leave desktop motherboard market


Not at all

I run a network for 2 care companies (used to be 3) of around 100 desktops each. As most apps are delivered via terminal server I only want reliability, the future tech is for someone else to deal with.

I imagine you are speaking as a gamer, although I did work in a simulations environment and probably wouldn't have bought Intel boards there.

First rigid airship since the Hindenburg enters trials


Not into a combat zone...

...but would a very useful for moving large amounts of kit troops between sites at relatively little cost compared lots of helicopters flying about I would have thought.

No credentials...just thinking!

Steve Jobs' Apple yacht freed after family settles the bill


Re: Typical Jobsian Design

Sorry but did you read the article? It underwent sea trials and then returned to Amsterdam.

This is required for insurance and also to have the ability to fly under a countries flag (whichever you choose).

Its a shame you are a hater.

EU, US launch biggest ever global fight against online child sex abuse


Re: The sky is falling! the sky is falling!

Wow, that is an amazingly naive point of view to take.

The creation of images is in itself the act taking place, if you can stop the availability of images then hopefully you can do something to stop some of the abuse.

They are not claiming to eradicate the problem but hopefully the multiple angle approach should help in some way, even if it's just closing the legal loopholes mentioned.

Bungie talks up 'genre-defining' Destiny shooter


Ahhh an AC post

Well done there mate, great that you know exactly what happened here and whose fault it is, why it happened and also understand the relationship between the two companies.

And then to round it off by you are that you are better than the rest of society because you are happy to wait for news on the project.

Best post I have read for a long time on here, made me smile anyway.

RIM sets date for BlackBerry 10 reveal


Re: RIM and Nokia

Hey AC,

I don't think this website is for you.

Viewsonic 22in Android 'tablet' hands-on review


Re: It's a monitor.

Oh well if you can't find a use they should just stop really, in fact Viewsonic should just stop researching stuff. Now.

Just for kicks:

1) Use as a marketing board as part of a display stand

2) Or in a museum with interactive content.

3) In a boardroom/meeting room setup.

Game to lure customers with free Wi-Fi


Errr right...

So I am going to go to Game over HMV because they have free wifi? At least you will be able to check their prices against the rivals quicker!

What surprises me more is the fact they are wasting time and money involving BT, it would be easy to get some half decent IT team to layer on another set off wi-fi over their existing, or in addition to their existing networks.

I really do be continue to be disappointed by the amount work BT get by default because they are name every one knows.

Peugeot 508 RXH estate car review


Whats with the colour?


REVEALED: Everything Everywhere new 4G logo ... a SNAIL?


I don't normally concern myself with worrying about other people's logos...

...but that's just a bit crap.

More reports that Apple plans iPhone 5 September surprise


I just don't care

About iPhone 5.

Any new Android handset.

Windows Phone 8 handsets.

There is so little difference in the marketplace its all just rubbish hype by over excited geeks. Yes the iPhone did shake up the market but now everyone has caught up its just the same.

Google Nexus 7 shipping cock-up enrages fandroids


Didn't order one...

...and one wasn't delivered.

Not really sure why people get so excited for being first to get stuff...I mean does anyone really care. If someone was bragging rights.

Dixons: Brits to get iPad Mini, Kindle Fire for Xmas


That will be in The Metro tomorrow

....and people will be repeatedly asking me whats best because of a drip of irrelevant tech news.

Thanks Dixons you have spoiled my day!

Gamers bereft as Xbox Live takes a dive


Re: In fairness...

Don't be silly.

Google makes Opera bloggers an offer they can't refuse: Use Chrome


Never got this...

"Google is the subject of an antitrust investigation into alleged abuses of the advertising market: one complaint is that it favours its own websites and services higher in the rankings than they should be."

If they own the website then surely they can organise it how they want?! Or am I missing something?

I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if I made a website same as an existing Google product and came second.


Re: Google had not responded to our request for comment

We don't know how long they had?

Or what else is going on?

Fujitsu phones to guide the blind through homes


Re: I doubt it's for home use...

Thats what I thought, be much more useful in unfamiliar surroundings.

Great idea though.

Focus groups are for mugs


Re: I think the cover on the Lumia 800

Wait what?

Classic comment.

US, Euro e-car makers back 'standard' AC/DC jack


Re: What was wrong...

I think Charles, you may have missed the joke on that post.

Nevermind it is Friday!

Freed Facebook hack Brit vents fury at $200k cleanup claim


Looking him up on web...

...when trying to employ him (yes we all do it) is going to have these rants on top of the original crime. Any thought of rebuilding his reputation is gone.

He should have just apologised, said he was going to rebuild his life and left it at that.

Zuckerberg blew $1bn on Instagram 'without telling Facebook board'

Thumb Up

There is logic

If they didn't pay for all the full legal bells and whistles (its only small anyway) then I bet they saved a few million on each side anyway so probably kept that as purchase price reward for a quicky deal.

(Work in a company with acquisitions going on all the time and legal fees can be eye watering even though they are only relatively small deals of £1-2m).

I like it, just because he didn't follow protocol everyone has a go, I bet if did it the other way and it cost a fortune the same people would also LOL.

Teens break up with Facebook


Re: A plague on all of them

Oh dear, as the above poster said you are just stigmatising a new technology.

Various things have been on the brink of destroying "the good old days" and general social skills, to name just a few:

1) The Walkman

2) The Gameboy and handheld games machines

3) Computer games

4) TV in general

5) Text messaging

And thats just from my youth.

Google's Android 'let down' sinks iPad rivals - IDC


Re: Peole don't say tablet - they say iPad

I agree with you on those points.

Are you telling me people test out the apps on both and buy the one with the highest quality? Of course not.

They buy what people are using on the TV (think of Jake on Beeb F1 that has to be best placement ever for their market!), on the adverts and in the stores.

Plus you are right with the name as well.

Tomorrow's smartphone tech today


Re: Re: Iphone rumours

Because its a rumour.

GPS glitch leads perp-pursuing cops to wrong house


I love the mindless belief

that they shouldn't have to pay to replace a door they kicked in for no reason because they had reasonable belief it was in there.

You make a mistake then you say sorry and try some repatriations. After all, he is not being unreasonable and you want people on your side.