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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1

Tim in Japan

Sony Moving away from Proprietary Formats

There is a common negative tone to Sony today.

I too find their products expensive, but when comparing their build quality and style, I have purchased some of their products.

* Vaio S type laptop - 2 years ago - no faults yet

* Sony Photo Frame - Picture was better than the others

* Sony Walkman - Construction was better than others

Price and MS:

300 Pound certainly does seem expensive here, but i guarantee the real price will be a lot cheaper. The price of MS isnt really any problem, so just spend and buy a 2Gb MS card.

Future - SD:

The new model Cyber-shots here in Japan are already SD / MS duo, so this problem will be good and hopefully address most of the complaints in this forum.


From other reviews on this camera most commented on the low noise from this sensor compared to other models in the range to I think this is a bit unwarranted...?

What's the best non-iPod music player?

Tim in Japan

Sony NW-728 (or A828)

I looked into buying a Cowon, Samsung, Apple and Sony. I like you am only concerned about music. And if i could show pictures to friends that would be cool too...

* Samsung Dont really offer any cool non touch MP3 players.

* Cowon make nice players, but the D2 is expensive and the bundled headphones arnt nice. Also they are all a little bulky.

* Iriver is nice - find a Clix 2 8gb - nice sound, but then again you have the crappy bundled headphones.

So I checked out Amazon and managed to find a NW-728 (8gb) with 2.4" screen.

Comes bundled with some pretty decent phones and only set me back $130 including shipping. Pretty happy!

It arrived yesterday - Put together very nice - Not a creak in the chasis, buttons are excellent, and its hugely responsive. Plus sony has ditched the sonic stage so you can just use your your preferred media player.

You could also try the series down. NW-628? And dont worry about the noice cancelling cans. The EX cans cancel enough sound with their semi-canal style...

Hope it helped