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Panasonic SC-BT735 Blu-ray home cinema kit



"The speaker cables use Panasonic’s own idiot-proof colour coded plugs but you can’t change the wiring for something better or longer."

That is more a lack of imagination on your part. Its nothing a small flat blade screw driver and a pair of cutters can't fix. Also you can take the terminal connectors apart and make your own up.

Opera auditions for iPhone browser spot



"iPhone users don't want choice, they want simplicity"

Or could it be they are all closet submissives?

Why have choice and free will when you can easily have Jobs standing behind you going "no your not doing it right ..O give it here you clearly cant be trusted"

Just a thought.

Firm grows multi-touch see-through 'skin' for gadgets


lets be honest about it....

sweet!!! doesn't really do this justice

iPad runs Windows, Nokia runs OSX


in a word.....

Genius.........nice looking tablet but without the apple looking over every move you make.

Love apple design hate apple control.

iPhone upgrades - a one-way control-freak street


master reset

They should just build in a master reset in like most phone manufacturers. Atleast it would revert to a stable verision of the os and everything should be backed up anyway on your mac / pc. This would seem a sensible thing but this would require apple to admit there tight controls might fail.* did i just see a pig fly*

Apple voids warranties over cigarette smoke, users say



If it is not clearly stated in the T&C's that smoking voids the warranty. They have to fix it or replace it end of story. If apple refuse you are well within your rights to take them to court or OFT.

Bill Gates plants (wetter) smooch on Steve Jobs


And this is news...

There is no hate between them, they have been helping each other out since the early days, abit of code for decimal points, a hardware driver here or there.

This so called hate is nothing but fanbois going crazy at each other (new reality show maybe) becuase they needed to expell there pent up rage from lack of sex (early nerds). But for some reason thats been passed down.

Data-gobbling, dollar-munching iPhone bug unearthed

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just another day..

hey hunny i'm home, youl never quess what safari did today.....safari is becoming more like ie day by day.

Apple said to have axed Atom support from OS X 10.6.2


@ Giles Jones

Yeah and every one who boot camps windows doesn't just visit p2p first. But of course it's case do as i say not as i do. grow up

Giant iPhones invade Florida

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does anyone else hear......

the hooves of the four horseman, otherwise known as apple lawyers :). but lets face it they look like the tits that own iphones.

paris well because

Apple confirms Windows 7 support for Mac OS X boot camp


or the flip side..

Snow leopard already runs quite nicely on dual boot pc....

Top prices, old shows - the Beeb's iPlayer goes global


indeed JB

Anyone else set up their own veiwing system before they left. Ha-ha. However I would happily pay a monthly / yearly subscription service for a better upload speed from UK to nz. But at $10 a pop per episode not a chance.

Foxconn to send Apple 400,000 iTablets in Q1 2010, say moles


o yay..

woopty doo Basil. I mean who cares really.

Tories will let voters 'rewrite' legislation online

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So much for not wasting money on useless IT. Isn't this very much like on-line petitions? A newer much faster way for our spoilt leaders to ignore their employers i.e. us, because we can't be trusted to make decisions. No matter what party we get stuck with.

Paris, well you know..

Vodafone Access Gateway 3G


hang on..

If your out in the stix with no mobile signal what are the odds your going to have a half decent net connection. Kind off a big maybe

MS dual-screen tablet to arrive next year?



I'm not going to lie I want one..But no specs as yet.

Apple's move to kill Hackintosher suit denied


tit for tat....

Didn't Apple pull some dumb discovery thing against them first? Something about removing some software thing during the discovery phase. Seems to me they thought hey lets try this and it actually worked.

Apple is still a tiny computer company but its other electronics have made it just big enough to sway the Apple friendly judges. If Apple continues to grow they should really be prepared for anti trust suites. The only reason they have been able to quell them before is because lets face it until recently Mac’s were nothing more than a glorified pc boxes and they made up such a small percent there was no monopoly.

If Apple continues to grow the way it does they should think about pouching Ms’s lawyers as the spend 90% of their time arguing anti-trust.

That’s right Apple with profit comes lawsuits especially if your business practices continue to be as “opaque” as they are now.

Post Office will snap and dab for ID card scheme

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a day at the local post office..

That's £2.40 for the paper, drink and pack rolos sir. O and would you like to sell your soul while your here?

Paris well because...

Archos punts 9-inch Windows 7 tablet PC

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I had a Tablet back in the day and it was extremely handy but kind of chunky and had a poor battery life. So, here we are 8 years down the line with massive improvements in cpu speed and size with larger capacity and smaller sized batteries.

I'm looking forward to this new generation especially if wireless charging improves otherwise its just going to be tethered by the power cord and then what’s the point in owning one.

I keep reading comments on Reg by mactards winging that apples idea has been stolen. Grow up tablets have been around in varying forms for the better part of 10 years

Intel crams four displays into one PC


talk about..

Overkill, who needs that many screens I meen really?

Dual-screen Microsoft 'booklet' uncovered

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good concept....

This could be a hell of a device and so could apples tablet before there’s a fanboi war.

Apple tablet = Multimedia Platform

Microsoft 'booklet' = Business Device

They will both have there place and very different functions

LG GD910 Watch Phone


@ censored

Spot on mate...Has anyone seen where i left my hover car??

World's first motion-controlled headphones outed

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fine idea..

The ultimate answer to the idiot that taps you on the shoulder to ask a bloody stupid question just at the best part of the song or the audio book you may be listening to.

Apple sends iPhones into 'Coma Mode'



Every iPhone harware is the same. So, why is there any problem at all? Microsoft has these problems but they have to support thousands of devices and configurations. But any way why are some affected and some aren't?

Naked iPod touch dangles its FM radio


How Apple makes money..

Step one: Device concept

Step two: Build fuly working prototype

Step three: Sell cut down model

Step four: 6ish months later add in 1 feature from step 2

Step five: repeat above until deice = step 2

The reason..social pressure for the jobsian cool increases until you are forced to upgrade for funcions you just dont care about. That way apple can make anywhere from 2 to 4 times more despite still being such a small percent of the electronics market. Not so many new customers just lots of upgrading.

Apple squeezes video camera into iPod nano



Usual apple "new" products. Nothing but recylced junk with the smallest of improvements that force users to upgrade from there already woking iJunk to keep up with the Jobsian cool. Even WMP has been able to LAN stream for how long now?

I used to use mac hardware but i got fed up with the tiny improvments that cost an arm and a leg for very little gain. So now i run mac os by VMWare or dual boot seamlessly on most hardware.

Overall this has been an iFail.

LG, Sony Ericsson Windows Mobile 6.5 phones outed

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v.nice x2

This is a serious contender for my next mobile as current one has taken sizeable damage.

Yet to decide between HTC Hero, SE satio or now this. Would definatley need to be sim free as the the vodafone mutilation of SE firmware makes the whole thing tacky.

Looking forward to a full review......

Opera stretches vocal cords with v.10 release


few things missing....

I use unite and was interested to see it won't be fully integrated until the next version along with all the other curious tweaks.

But hey still a million times better IE, but then again what isn't these days.

Apple and Snow Leopard take-downs - just say no


get a grip....

First off i own a mac..

Get a fuckin grip apple it was a good informative article promoting your newest product.

God for bid aanyone should mention your name these days without expressed written consent from you.

Smoking iMac caught on camera


O how things have changed

Apple used to be the beacon of what a computing experience should be until they stopped caring about dependability and substance over profit when it comes to hardware and of course there need to control every aspect of there users day to day workings on there sleak software and devices.

For shame apple you’ve been acting like Stalin’s Russia when your better than this pull your bloody act together.

Exploding iPhone injures French teen


I smell another law suit

Don't get me wrong apple software is sleak, easy and safe but their hardware is not what it used to be.

Check this out: http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/gadgets/2723705/Macbook-cracks-upset-Apple-fans

Opera chief: history will silence Unite doubters

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It's a cracking little tool

I set up a system on release day to test it and have been using it ever since, it's a good simple peice of software that runs on a tiny Eee box with extremly low run cost and no down time to date. Why does everyone sound so scared of point and click software??

iPod fingered in car inferno


what this again....

The ipod would be the first thing I investigated, I mean come on its not the first time one of apples many and fine produts has exploded causing damage now is it.

Opera Software reinvents complete irrelevance

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talk about over kill...

It's a simple peace of software point and click easy as pie, granted not as ground breaking as the built up may have lead you to believe but still a good idea. I'm using it and so is my family. Great when your all in different countries trying to share photos and messages.

It doesn’t cost tonnes of cash, no time hanging around for uploads it's just point and click nice and simple. Get over yourself!!

Opera to take web back to the old days

Jobs Horns

test run...

Have installed and am running on independant Asus Eee box. I have just moved my personal web space on to it. To run for a few days to give a full test but this seems to suit what i'v been after with out all the hard work of power hungry un need time consuming servers.

As for slow upload issues and ISP's not allowing you to run servers well you get what you pay for end off story.

Jobs Horns

next best thing? or not?

Just installed and was up and running within seconds, it has an easy use interface but I do have security concerns. As this is only in alpha so far im not going to be hosting my own site any time soon but will wait and see.

It does have the potential to save money and open up remote files for small companies with low IT budgets but again the security issue would need to be addressed.