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More Bull grunt for Blighty's atom-bomb factory

Steven 23


...but will it play Crysis on max settings

Micron intros SSD speed king

Steven 23

Fastest? My ass...

The OCZ Revo drive which has been out for ages now has a IO of 75000 (way better than 44000) and a read of 540MB/s with write of 530MB/s??? Where are their PR department getting this stuff from 'fastest', 'biggest', 'hardest' etc etc try checking your facts first for gods sake...

Microsoft offers EU choice on Windows browsers

Steven 23


I like the idea, but:

"Once a browser is picked, an install link will connect the user to the browser manufacturer's site to begin download, Microsoft said."

Isn't that link useless unless you have a browser installed in the first place???

ISP redesign unites the web in nausea

Steven 23


It looks like someone let a 5 year old loose with a set square and a bunch of highlighters.

Wheels come off O2's data network

Steven 23

Bigger Problem

All our companys O2 mobiles as well as BT landlines are playing up. 50% of the time when you ring one it says "this number does not exist or is unrecognised, goodbye"... fantastic.

Auditors slam MoD over failure to keep track of radios

Steven 23

5quid says...

...those missing radios are on ebay.

Mobile Broadband just not fast enough

Steven 23

Hypocrit 2.0

"The public perception of mobile broadband is often of a service that is comparable in speed and stability to fixed-line broadband, which simply isn't the case – and won't be for the foreseeable future."

Yet that's exactly what we advertise it as... feckwits.

Italian bride's bouquet downs ultralight

Steven 23

I know I shouldn't laugh...

but by god thats funny!

Unlock your iPhone, miss your messages

Steven 23

@What about officially unlocked phones?

"users have reported that an unlocked iPhone on the official network does work, so it seems it's routing to the unsupported network that causes the problem rather than the unlocking process itself"


Steven 23


Oh no my hacked phone isn't working properly...

Well gee, what the hell did you expect you wet end 'tard.

Tory plan for MS, Google, others to hold NHS records floated

Steven 23

Saw this on the news this morning.

Made me think when Cameron asked do you think your data's better off with the government?

It's a good point.

Lawyers claim ringtones are public performance

Steven 23


Go cast you fishing rod elsewhere, money grabbing b@st@rds...

Catholic social club ousts coven of witches

Steven 23
IT Angle


Catholics, witchcraft - fail to see the difference.

Hydrogen-powered two-seater car unveiled

Steven 23
Thumb Down

Please tell me I read that wrong...

"Instead of selling the RUC outright, Riversimple plans to lease out the car over a 20-year period for around £200 ($327/€236) per month – a price that will include the cost of the hydrogen."

Thats £48000 by my calculation? And a 20 year contract? Thats worse than the iPhone!

Israel to test ducted-fan robot air jeep 'within two months'

Steven 23

Is it just me...

or does that look like a giant dual slot graphics card.


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