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Only 1 in 5 Americans believe in pure evolution – and that's an upswing



Look up Stanley Miller 1953 and Harold Urey and the work done since then.

Try actual education and accepting facts instead of just rearranging things you have heard into something that you can fit around your beliefs.

ARTICLES without comment boxes - Climate, CO2, Anything authored by L. Page...


Difference between comments and forums

He has turned comments off because the regular El Reg readers are very good at ripping his 'articles' to pieces. At 1st glance this may not seem like a big thing, you can still comment on the forums - however.

Any casual browser looking for info on the topic may stumble across his articles. They will read it and form an opinion and on the surface he sometimes seems to make valid points. It's only once you dig deeper you see how flawed his arguments are and how selective he has been with his information. If the casual browser sees that there are user comments quite often they will read them at which point, thanks to the commentards delight in showing just how wrong Lewis is, the cherry picked data, misinformation and wrong conclusions are brought into the open allowing the reader to have a much more informed opinion. Lewis doesn't want that.

By shifting comments to the forums he has stopped the vast majority of casual readers from ever seeing those comments. Most will have no interest in the forums. This means the only information they take away from reading the article is his skewed political agenda. This then becomes the kind of rubbish talked down the pub 'Those scientists always get it wrong, I was reading...' spreading the misinformation further.

Really Lewis you should be ashamed. Bad propaganda and trying to distract from the counter arguments is not worthy of El Reg. Leave that to Fox news.

Telly psychics fail to foresee £12k fine for peddling nonsense


Re: Hilarious

When you have demonstrable proof that said beliefs have any basis in reality we will treat them with some respect. Until then, the proof gathered over many years that this is all bunkum and nonsense makes it entirely justified to mock them at every possible opportunity.

T-Mobile UK punters break for freedom in inflation-busting bill row


Re: Looks like they got away with it - just.

They haven't gotten away with anything. I jumped from O2 to t-mobile to get the better coverage when they merged with Orange. Customer support - terrible, high st shops are filled with sales drones but you have to ring up for support. Phone went faulty, took them 3 months to fix and came back worse than I sent it, they now refuse to replace phone so I've had to buy one. This is the 2nd time they have increased the price on my contract using this inflation bullshit.

I have only a couple of months left on my contract, they will not be getting a renewal. I suspect many other people will jump as well as their contracts expire. A massive drop in customers might just give them the kick they need, I'm willing to pay a bit more and risk some coverage so I don't have to deal with these jokers anymore.

Major blow for Apple: 'Bounce back' patent bounced back by USPTO



Please point out something that Apple did FIRST and then maybe they will get some sympathy if someone copies it. Everything they have ever done has been copied from somewhere else, they just claim they did it first and then try to sue the arse off anybody who does something vaguely similar.

Jennifer Lopez gets you more Facebook friends than Iron Maiden




SOD Big Data! Most of what you're keeping is digital landfill


The great Joan Rivers?

There is nothing 'great' about that evil harpy just because she has managed to make a career of being a total spiteful bitch. Here's what Adam Hills thinks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOcAIGFma5Q

Twenty classic arcade games

Black Helicopters

Wasted or well spent youth?


Space Harrier


Golden Axe


Altered Beast

These and many more ate many hours of my life, ahh the memories!

<-- Choplifter

Bring out your dead: Reg readers reveal filthy, filthy PCs...


Those aren't that bad

I have seen far far worse, should have taken pictures. The frog is a new one though

Harry Potter's Filch conjures Doctor Who's dead first time-lord


Re: Twelve Doctors?

McGann doesn't count, that film was dreadful

You thought watching cat videos was harmless fun? Think AGAIN


Re: Toxoplasma

Will you please do us all a favour and STFU dragging your crusade against Windows into everything

Anger grows over the death of Aaron Swartz


Re: Steven Raith

Thank you. Sometimes just hearing someone else saying exactly what you think/feel is enough to keep you going.

Osborne stumps up £20m of your cash for wiggly wonder stuff graphene


Re: Errm...

You're just thinking along the lines of computer=internet but there are many more applications

Climate controlled clothing to keep you comfortable

Intelligent clothing that could for example call the emergency services if something happens to you

Programmable clothing, 1 design any colour or pattern you want

That's just off the top of my head, I'm sure many others can be thought of.

Apple loses iPhone patent lawsuit


Hey books are complicated things


Goldman Sachs: Windows' true market share is just 20%


The Register has gone downhill fast

No longer are we getting news, every editor seems to have their own agenda to push and every article becomes an opinion piece full of bias.

Patrick Moore: Lived with cats, accompanied Einstein on the piano



Forgot the important bit, the beer!


Look to the stars

And raise a pint in memory. You will be missed Patrick

Review: Apple Mac Mini 2012


If you want cheap

Then see if you can find a emachines er1401. I paid about £100 and it's a great little media centre. get rid of the awful linpus linux and stick xbmcbuntu on it (v11.0 eden) and it works brilliantly.

This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF


Re: Oh for gawds sake - @EyeCU

Well lets wait and see, will we

a: See Apple release a new line of products under the 'leaf' brand

b: Sue everybody using a similar shape in their logos

Given Apples track record my money is on B


Re: Oh for gawds sake

But this isn't a trademark, this is part of a design. If anything is to be registered it is the design in its entirety which Apple already have done. Once you start breaking designs down into each simple shape it just makes a mockery of the whole thing.

Using your examples McDonalds do just use the M as a trademark in their advertising in a specific colour and font, Blaupunkt do not have a blue circle trademarked they have a blue circle followed by the company name in a specific font which they use and that is the trademark - the whole thing. Unless Apple are about to change their branding to the leaf then this is invalid.

Apple, Samsung patent judge: 'I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day here'


Samsung need a new legal team

Even just looking at the jury foreman produces enough material to get it dismissed without referring to the issue of his failing to declare a previous interest.

Just look at some of his press statements:

The highlight of my career

Prior art doesn't count as it doesn't run on the same hardware

I told them what to say as they didn't understand the issues

and so on, how Samsungs lawyers haven't managed to get it declared a mistrial yet I don't know.

Ericsson asks for unlikely ITC import ban on raft of Samsung stuff


Re: No to Mueller.

You are making a lot of assumptions.

I cannot find any reference to the amount that Ericsson have asked, so we don't know that Samsung are insisting they are low.

We don't have any information about the previous agreements and so don't know how reasonable Ericsson's terms are. If the previous agreements had licensed the patents at $2 for everything, but now Ericsson are demanding $50 because Samsung's business has grown by a lot since 2007 then I think that would be seen as unreasonable.

Let's just wait until more details about this case become available before deciding which party are in the wrong here.

Japanese firm offers 4-tonne GIANT MECHs for just $1.3m


I don't want one

I want an army of them hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Apple sticks finger in dyke, cuts off Dutch flood of Galaxy S, SII, Ace


Aren't the Netherlands in the EU?

So why are they even hearing this bullshit in court this given that software patents are not recognised by EU law unless they solve a specific technical problem. This solves no such problem and so the patent is invalid.

Apple granted patent for microphone silhouette


Re: Ivan Headache

'Similar is not the same as identical so I doubt your threat would get anywhere'

Tell that to Apple who are happy enough to sue over things being similar but not identical

Apple versus Samsung: everything infringes everything


So that applies in every circumstance does it?

So your happy with device A which means of course you look at device B made by the same manufacturer. If you are then happy with how it looks you buy it - That should be the end of loyalty.

What if device B is not as good as device A? Do you still buy it or start to look elsewhere?

What if device B is far more expensive than its competitors and also does less? Is it worth paying for?

What if you decide device B is worth paying for, not because of its technical merit but just because you had a good experience with device A. Then the manufacturer release device C, which is just as rubbish as device B was - do you still buy it because you were happy with device A or do you decide enough is enough and move to another manufacturer?

There lies the problem with blind loyalty to a brand, it leaves you getting ripped off as manufacturers do less with each revision yet charge as much if not more for the new kit. Loyalty to a brand should only go as far as 'I am happy with this so I will look at the next one first, but then compare it to what else is around before making a decision'


Loyalty to a brand is bullshit

If a manufacturer produces something better than the manufacturer of my current device at a price I am willing to pay then of course I will choose the better option.

That is much better than paying over the odds for an inferior product because of some sense of loyalty.

Where is the incentive for manufacturers to keep improving their products if they know that their customers will buy whatever they churn out next because they are loyal? The threat of losing those customers to a better rival keeps companies on their toes.

Boss wrong to demote man over anti-gay-marriage Facebook post


Re: P.Lee

Marriage has been going on for far longer than the Christian church has existed. It has constantly been redefined during that time. A woman is no longer considered a mans property for example. You're argument has no merit at all.

Brits swallow Google Nexus 4 supply 'in 30 minutes'


It's called competition

It drives companies to out perform each other and so Samsung will just have to put more effort into their next handset if they want to remain market leader. Contrast that with the Apple way of doing things which is to try and remove the competition with lawyers as they cannot compete on technical merit.

What a clockup! Apple's Swiss clock knock-off clocks up $21m fine


Re: $21m...

Not on its own no but a constant stream of $21m here, $380m there will mount up pretty quickly

Apple, HTC kiss and make up


Stupid HTC Management

Why did they do this? By accepting Apples agreement they have given some validity to the nonsense patents Apple holds. If they had held out chances are the patents that haven't already been ripped up by the USPTO will be gone in a few weeks. Are they still going to pay Apple if that happens? They would have been much better off going to court and demanding that Apple prove the validity of their patents. It wouldn't have cost them anything as once they had been thrown out for being obvious HTC would have been able to claim all their costs back from Apple.

Mobile operators have another go at killing IM and Skype


since its cross platform and I can be available from any device

And Skype isn't?

Why should anybody follow you to google talk when Skype already works for them in exactly the way you describe?

EDF: We'll raise bills 11% - but only 2% is due to energy costs!


Re: And Profit?@ EyeCU

I didn't say that a public service doesn't need to make a profit. I said you don't have to show continuous growth in those profits because it would have no impact on share value as there won't be any shares. I also stated that the profit should be used to re-invest in the infrastructure and reduce the price to the consumer instead of lining the pockets of people who are already stinking rich.

And of course, no private company has ever suffered from a proven track record of waste, stupidity and incompetence, have they?


Re: And Profit?

I suggest you look at the BILLIONS in profit declared every year by every single energy company - and that's just what the accountants can't hide from the tax man.

Re-nationalize the energy companies into 1 national service and all that profit can be forgotten about as it is no longer needed to pay shareholders. Constant profit growth is also something that can be forgotten about as there are no shareholders to keep happy.

The 100bn you quote as the cost of renationalisation could be paid off within a few years on the profits alone, but it won't be anything like that figure as you conveniently forget about the billions in subsidies the energy companies currently receive that will no longer have to be paid.

Once the cost of renationalisation has been dealt with then the profit can be split between lowering bills for everybody and investing in new technology and infrastructure. The only people who won't be happy are the managers, directors and shareholders of the big energy companies as they will no longer be able to make obscene profits off the back of people who cannot afford it.

Judge begs Apple, Samsung to get a room, or trial will end in tears


@Steve Todd

Going through your previous posts, can I just ask - how much do Apple pay you exactly? Or are you really that blinkered? I think you need professional help if you still cannot see past Apples propaganda despite all your arguments having been shot down in flames repeatedly with well reasoned responses.

Apple adds gay and lesbian icons to iOS 6 messaging


Re: My only question for the idiots against gay marriage is ...

Fuck feliksch, do you actually believe the shit you posted? Are you a member of the Westboro baptists? If not you should be, you're as much of a fuckwit as they are


Re: My only question for the idiots against gay marriage is ...

You do know marriage existed long before the christian church don't you? The ancient Greeks and the Romans and some areas of China all allowed same-sex marriages, probably other places too but it's difficult to find historical records from that far back so if anyone is wrong on the subject it is the christian church who have hijacked it and twisted it to their particular set of beliefs. Beliefs which they think gives them the right to discriminate and in the past even maim, torture and kill people who don't think the same way as them. But they are only doing what God has told them to do and God loves you so its for your own good.

Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'


I did read the blog

And found it just made the councils decision even more ridiculous. Glad they have u-turned on it now.

Scottish council muzzles 9-year-old school dinner photo blogger



Have a look at what the Hairy Bikers did for meals on wheels. They proved decent home made food for the same cost with just a bit of effort.


Re: Excellent Work by the Council

She does have a right to be there, she is one of the students. This isn't just someone wandering in off the street


Re: Alternate headline?

But it isn't the school, they have been quite supportive. This has come from the local council

UK regulator re-opens probe into Google Street View slurp outrage


Re: Don't get it

Nope. For years ISPs sent out unsecured routers to the great unwashed with the message 'just plug it in and away you go' These people with little or no knowledge of the technology did as they were told without thinking there would be a problem and why should they? The people who do know about these things have told them all they have to do is plug it in and everything is fine.


Re: Slapped with a $25,000 fine?

Agreed, to Google that's like finding a bit of change down the back of the sofa

Ofcom: Now's your chance to make Local TV for Local People


Re: How long before they start rebroadcasting Youtube?

See Rude tube, Oops TV etc

Star Trek's Wesley Crusher blasts Google+ landgrab


Re: Who?

He didn't say he doesn't like Google+. If you bothered to read the article he doesn't like the way Google are trying to force users of their other services to sign up for it

So, what IS the worst film ever made?


Re: Sunshine

I have 5 thumbs down for suggesting this one. Glad I'm not the only person who has put it in their personal 'Never Watch Again' list



Biggest pile of drivel I have had the misfortune to watch

SF iPad launch subdued as Apple fans wise up


Apple wont like that

It's all about the image. If people stop queuing like idiots the news won't report on it so less media coverage hyping up the 'extraordinary' demand for the next 'must have' item. People might start to think Apple are somehow ordinary and a product launch is just a product launch not a special social gathering.

I'm betting no home deliveries on the launch of the next isomething with an incentive like the 1st hundred get it free, maybe even releasing it exclusively in the Apple stores a day or so before they allow the resellers to sell it. That will get them the 'People queue for days' headlines they're after

Game Group shares slide under a penny


Re: Costa, clothing and cash-converters

Agreed about car parking charges. We decided to visit Chester this weekend just for something to do and neither of us had been for many years. After the misery of the insane ring road system I found a council run car park just to find the charges are £4 for 2 hours and that is the minimum charge. On top of that all the pay and display machines are still coin only with nowhere to get change from and no number to ring and pay by card over the phone. None of the closest shops were willing to give me change for the car park unless I bought something which I had to do in the end or risk getting a ticket from the warden I had seen patrolling the car park. The whole thing has put me off going back to Chester as it is just too expensive and too much hassle



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