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Mobile RSS?

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Would be nice to have a mobile version of the email newsletter that links to m. rather than www.

Facebook gets creative with mobile phone data harvesting app

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Big Brother

this may not come as a surprise but...

Most people already (unknowingly) store all their mobile phonebook data on FB. Therefore, if you have friends on FB with a mobile + FB app, your mobile number probably is too. http://www.foehn.co.uk/our-news/420-facebook

Googlephone sales off to a sluggish start?

Matt 6

Mine also turned up in the UK within 48hrs

Although I was out and crappy DHL was shut all weekend so still had to wait till Tuesday to get my mitts on it.

It is however a lovely phone, albeit my first touch screen too, but loving it so far. Couple of apps are a bit buggy, still looking for a good podcast app other than that haven't struggled to find good functional apps on the Android store.

What's the best NAS-to-TV box?

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Also very similar to the PCH A100, check out www.networkedmediatank.com for more info on these devices.

I have a HDX and couldn't recommend it more!

Take note there are some media formats that devices like a PS3 and Xbox360 won't / don't support, and many with serious geekwork involved.


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