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Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young


128k isn't the only option, you know

Sure, 128k mp3s sound shitty, that's not news. Higher bitrates, on the other hand, sound nearly indistinguishable from CDs when played on normal (e.g. headphones, car stereos) consumer audio equipment.

Jobs: Blu-ray wins HD format war then loses to downloads

Paris Hilton

If Steve Jobs said the sky was blue

El Reg would be full of haters vehemently denying it. I'm beginning to think the reality distortion field is more a case of projection.

World's Dumbest File-sharer megafine gets DoJ thumbs-up


@Yeah, right

Astute observation, sir. Few people in the US realize that they live under plutocratic rule, because they're brainwashed by their TVs to believe that only wedge issues are important. I actually think the US is closer in spirit to feudalism than anything else.

There's no way this fine is reasonable. Here's hoping those dinosaurs in the RIAA meed with a speedy demise.

Dreaded Blue Screen of Death mars some Leopard installs

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I have Unsanity's Application Enhancer installed, and I ran the Leopard upgrade without a hitch. The instructions tell you to disconnect any external drives before beginning the upgrade. Might this be a case of people not bothering to RTFM?

Stop the presses, a user did something stupid!

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I have Unsanity's Application Enhancer installed and my Leopard upgrade went flawlessly. Considering that Apple's instructions plainly state to disconnect any external peripherals before upgrading, sounds like El Reg is trying to turn garden variety PEBCAK into news.

Watson suspended by research lab after race row


How pathetic

Ridiculous that he should be pilloried for an out-of-context quote like that. Journalists need to be a lot more careful when presenting scientific information. The idea that such an important figure in the history of science should be censured because some dimwit writer couldn't bother to get the facts straight is hugely depressing. "Idiocracy" is looking like more and more of an accurate prediction with each passing day.

RIAA aims lawyers at usenet newsgroup service


i'm in ur usenet


I've long wondered how the RIAA would try and go after usenet. I suppose it's too much to hope for that the recording industry will collapse before these suits result in widespread abandonment of binaries groups.

Apple to roll out Mac OS X 10.5 next week

Jobs Horns

this is why designers loathe programmers

"locate" isn't gonna help you determine which design comp you need to work on, nor will it let you see at a glance which stock photo you need.

Leopard would be worth the upgrade alone for Time Machine, let alone all the other features.

Mac hate is weak.

Apple sued over i-Bricks


If there's one thing these comments prove

it's that the IT industry is just as full of idiots as any other industry.

The anti-Apple brigade are pretty funny. The amount of venom they spew over a computer brand says a lot about the richness of their lives.

For the record, I have owned a PowerBook, MacBook Pro, three iPods, and an iPhone, and I have never had any significant problems with any of these products. Never had to re-install the operating system, never had to deal with spyware or adware, never had to deal with wacky Linux driver issues to get my mouse working.

The people who call these products "overpriced", compared to what? Calculating the number of hours over the years I've wasted dealing with Windows' various problems and Linux's idiosyncracies, switching to OSX has paid for itself many times over.

Fundy dunderheads make monkey of monkey man



The only things Dawkins is intolerant of are stupidity and credulousness. We need a bit *more* intolerance of those things, not less.

MIT student walks into airport wearing circuit board and wires


Was this posted on Drudge or something?

I'm seeing a lot of really dumb pro-police state commentary.

Apple iPhone


Webster comes unglued

um, my iPhone DOES have a camera, AND a chat client, AND bluetooth, AND speakerphone.

You're a twat, Webster.


player haters

I've been using my iPhone for 3 weeks now, and it's a great device. The haters like to marginalize the amazing UI by breaking it up into little pieces, while ignoring that the sum is greater than the parts.

As for apps, thanks to AppTap, I've now got a chat client that supports AIM, MSN, and ICQ, a VT-100 emulator, and can connect to my phone via SFTP to add my own custom ringtones easily.

I've got a phone running BSD and OSX, that allows for a lot more customization than people realize.

Software developer sues to muzzle website users


maybe they should take the money they're using for lawyers

and hire some better developers?

Apple unveils larger nanos


call the waaahmbulance

Mr. Metz has been nipping at the Haterade again.

Apple slashes iPhone prices


Before the collective freakout ensues...

I know someone who bought their iPhone a week ago. He went back to the Apple store last night where he bought it, receipt in hand, and said to the counter people that he heard they had dropped the prices. They gave him a $200 refund, no questions asked.

The people who should be really outraged are the ones who bought Zunes.

Office 2008 for Mac succumbs to Redmond disease


Shouldn't be long

before El Reg's anti-Mac brigade figure out a way to blame this on Apple, rather than crap coding from Microsoft.

Web radio firms cry foul over DRM proposal


I know this is preaching to the choir, but

The RIAA is an organization made up of half-wits. This latest bit of thuggery from them is completely unsurprising. Fucking dinosaur pigopolist douchebags...

LG Touch Me FM37 MP3 player


Can't you see that I am not afraid?

Obviously it's The Doors.

Buncha whippersnappers...

El Reg lobs iPhone at Genius Bar


historical revisionism

"MS brought computing to the masses, Apple didn't."

Oh really?



If this thread proves anything

It proves how many fucking tools read El Reg. It's hard to tell who's more fanatical, the fanbois or the fanboi haters.

Net radio saved from certain death


violating the laws of physics

Don't these RIAA knobs realize that it's physically impossible to prevent the recording of audio?

Apple emasculates the iPhone


Pot, meet kettle...

"I swear to god, no other company has quite the circle-jerk fanclub that Apple does."

Except Microsoft.

Only difference is, in Apple's case it is warranted. Use an app like Final Cut Pro and tell me again how awesome Winblows is.


Christ, get your facts straight

"An iPod is locked to the first machine you sync with in order to stop swapping/copying of music with other computers"

Nonsense. There is no requirement ANYWHERE to sync your iPod with a computer. Simply set the iPod to manual update, and you can put music on it from any other computer.

I thought this was an IT publication, what's up with all this PEBCAK?

Gartner reaps iPhone backlash after making business case


Any relation to Bill O'Reilly, Patrick?

"Apart from the screen rotate feature it has nothing that you couldn't find on a mid-range PDA 3 years ago."

How many PDAs had multi-touch screens 3 years ago?

Apple haters are hilarious.

Vista – End of the Dream?


Mac haters update your inf03z

The anti-Mac comments made here are pretty funny in terms of their flagrant inaccuracies. At one time in their past, Macs weren't easily upgradeable, this is true. But this hasn't been true now for going on 7 years.

I especially enjoyed the comment from the guy who last used one in 1984. Yeah, that's really relevant today!

I think probably the stupidest aspect to the upgrading argument is that PCs are fairly limited in terms of how you can upgrade them too. Maybe slightly less-so than Mac, but barely.

If you have the foresight to purchase a nice enough motherboard, then in theory you can put in a faster processor down the road. Of course, if there have been improvements to bus architecture in the intervening years, then you might need to swap out that mobo too. Of course, to go with the faster processor you also probably want a faster disk, and you might even need to change the format of the RAM you are using.

I've owned numerous PCs, and upgraded them, and at times the only things being kept from one system to the next were the floppy, CD-ROM, and case - and sometimes you can't even keep the case because the power supply is inadequate.

With Macs I've upgraded memory and hard drives. You can also upgrade video cards, DVD drives, etc.

It's amazing how defensive Windows users get over their crap OS.