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Word wonks insist GIFs are really JIFs

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Re: Does it depend on .....

If you listen to the man himself it's probably closer to Lee-nux but being completely ignorant of Finnish I can make no further comment!

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Re: Other mispronunciations

Or its more logical pronunciation, D-flat

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Re: Was the vulture logo created by a jiffics artist on jiff paper?

Actually the CICS thing is probably more of an age thing. People who worked with it when it was developed in the US tend to still say C I C S whereas once it moved to Hursley the pronunciation changed.

BBC in secret trial to see if you care about thing you plainly don't

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Re: So..

The trouble is that people here talk of DAB being poor when really it's the implementation that is causing the problems. I used to use a Robi DAB radio, about 4 cm long that got its power from my iPhone. Worked brilliantly and power drain not too onerous but could be better. So to fix DAB I think we need:

- Increase the power levels so they're not an order of magnitude below the FM broadcasts. It's a SFN right? What's the problem?!?

- Switch to DAB+

- Remove whichever law it is that says all DAB/+ radios have to be mono and look like they're from the 60's

- Give us a decent selection of portable/personal radios at reasonable prices

- Build DAB/+ receivers into mobile phones. Apparently the Korean version of my Galaxy Note has DAB built-in? Why not the UK version FFS?

- Do whatever it takes to get prices down to reasonable levels. If I can get a cheap MP3 player free with my daily paper I don't see why a personal DAB radio needs to cost upwards of £40

My understanding is that DAB+ uses some form of AAC. Surely the power drain should be little more than that required to play my stored music?

These things are not insurmountable and considering the amount of money spent so far on DAB I cannot understand why they don't want to see it through to something that will actually work. Bear in mind most radio is listened to on the move so Internet radio is not a credible substitute.

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: inch makes all the difference, says Apple CEO

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Re: Missing the point?

Blimey the-it-slayer, you'd better tell me what colour car I should buy as well as what type of toppings on my pizza since you clearly have all the answers.

Apple CEO: Microsoft Surface 'compromised, confusing'

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Re: Most of the problems with Surface

Such as? And please don't say "Office" - I refuse to believe that there is a great, untapped horde who would have bought a tablet if only it would run all their Excel macros.

Don't get me wrong, buying something simply because it's not Apple has its justification but other than the SD and USB slots you're still getting the control-freakery and lock-in.

So "does a couple of things the iPad doesn't" maybe.

iPad Mini: Why is Apple SO SCARED of the Kindle?

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Re: eh?

If it isn't intended to compete with the Kindle(s), what *is* it designed to compete with? The only other big seller is Apple.

4K vs OLED: and the winner is...

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First question

There is always a need to improve things like display tech - colour reproduction, contrast, geometry etc. And then the actual package itself - slimness, surround, power etc. So in this case I can see the value in OLED today although whether it's enough to get people to pay for it another question.

But how many domestic situations need 4K TV? How long will it be before we can broadcast it? I guess Blu-ray could handle it to some extent but what percentage of homes are capable of having a TV of the size that it makes any perceivable difference to show 4K rather than 1080P?

I can see it being used in commercial venues but there's never going to be enough of a home market for it. IMHO

Will you soon be fingering your seven-incher?

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How about 0 points?

Many companies seem to be looking at going touch-free, detecting gestures from afar.

Maybe even the touch-sensitive screen is on the way out!

Apple MacBook Air 13in review

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Re: Overall agreement

Is that 2 USB connectors to try to draw additional power? If so then surely that only works if you've got 2 separate USB controllers?

Best get a drive that can run off 500 mA then if that's the case.

Apple iPhone 5 review

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Re: Huh?

Can't believe I'm even responding but here you go..

Irony: an expression in which the intended meaning is different to and often the opposite of the literal meaning.

So although he *said* 1959 he didn't really *mean* 1959. Sorry if I offended you there but since your other posts display a stoic dedication to the literal word it seems unlikely that you truly do understand irony.

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Re: "1959-style UI"

Aaron, I can see that you're unfamiliar with the concept of irony. Which is odd because your second paragraph is chock full of the stuff.

Unless it was all post-ironic, in which case my apologies - but I doubt it.

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Re: For those too lazy to read the review....

A license to print money possibly.....

Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it

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To some extent I agree with you

The interesting and witty posts are, as you say becoming something of a rarity. But from my own observations I don't usually see that pattern of down-voting (like it even matters). Any reasoned or supported statement or opinion is generally accepted. Of course there are always knobs on all sides who'll down-vote facts they don't like.

But I think the typical fAndroid is more a reaction against the emergence of the fanbois. You must surely concede that the media give Apple a disproportionate amount of coverage, much of it highly uncritical. And I can't recall the last time there were people queueing overnight for a new Android phone. In fact I recall complaining that this very site barely mentioned the official announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich and what it offered for several days whereas every rumour of a leak for Apple gets a dedicated story.

So that's my opinion. Sad to see the quality of comments drop but it's a reaction to the lowering of jouralism standards.

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Re: Apple may have botched it, but

Out of curiosity, do you have a reference for any of this? It seems to me that Apple could negotiate for full access to the maps API if they didn't have it already so other than being in control of the data what restrictions would there be for them?

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Re: For those whining that Google's Maps app was "better"...

Yes Sean, you're quite right. Google's lack of clarity for your Italian idyll is clearly enough to balance the waves of criticism for Apple's offering. We now see that Google was never in fact "better".

Also, I believe the maps app was always Apple's doing, using Google data although I am prepared to be proven wrong.

Google may come to iOS users' rescue eventually although if I understand the situation, when Apple used Google's data, Apple had to pay them for it. If Google provide a maps app, no more payment? So maybe not so straightforward as all that.

Samsung to fight iPad with stylus, windows

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Re: Good.

And that's exactly what the Note is. It's not just a capacitive stylus - it is an active Wacom-style pen. The screen contains an active matrix that provides power to the pen when brought near, hence the point of putting the button on it.

Also, bring the pen close to the screen and you get a small cross-hair just below the tip so you can see exactly where you're going to make contact - very useful.

You'd be amazed how many uses you can find for it when you realise how easy and effective it is - I sometimes take a screenshot of a crossword or sudoku puzzle and then fill it in by pen as if it were a newspaper because I prefer that experience.

All of this on a Galaxy Note of course so as long as they 've got the palm-rejection bit working it should be even better on the 10.1.

Will I get one? No - I hate 16:9 on a tablet - Android manufacturers, please don't force me down the Apple route!!

BBC gives itself a gold in 700Gbit-a-second Olympic vid sprint

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Re: What?

Sorry but I'm a bit confused now. Are you saying that calling the French dirty is not "clearly a joke" - presumably on the basis that you think they are dirty?

Antitrust probe looms over Windows RT 'browser ban'

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Re: Antitrust

Thanks - that's really helpful info. Additionally, at least in the EU you can't use a monopoly in one market to try to create one in another market so that may be relevant here too but IA most certainly NAL.

Oz regulator to Apple: Don’t call it 4G if you can’t connect

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Re: "4G" is a term defined by the ITU.

" Didn't ANY of you bother reading the article?"

One could ask you the same question. According to the article, NO - the new iPad *can't* connect to 4G networks IN AUSTRALIA!!

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Re: Heh

...and about an Englishman. But I agree - made me smile

iPhone stroking keeps us satisfied the most, say fanbois

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"but ultimately the iPhone must be quite a nice product to gain that kind of loyalty"

Hmmmm, without wanting to start a flame war (as if that were possible) is there anyone on this planet who prefers the feel of the square-backed iPhone 4* over the ergonomically-curved iPhone <4's? Is everyone so frightened to acknowledge that Apple (and by extenson they) made a mistake and as it's gone on for so long now can't admit it without looking like an idiot?

If that's the kind of loyalty you mean it explains why I swapped my iPhone 4 for a Galaxy Note.

Big biz nuts about iPad, says researcher

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These figures are (almost) meaningless

Much more interesting is whether the figure of 22% planning to buy tablets has changed. Since for most businesses there's no compelling reason to use a tablet in preference to say a laptop, it would be nice to know whether or not more businesses are deciding they need tthem.

Fat margins squeeze Apple against Android

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Re: Why... do I need an SD card slot

...when I can simply pay an extra £100 to get another 16GB fixed into my phone?

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Re: Hurray!

To be fair to Matt, I think his argument is more along the lines that mobile phones aren't like other products in that relatively few people pay full price for them. Operator subsidies are what makes smartphones accessible for the majority of people and *if* the operators decide they can make more/pay less by getting punters to buy more Androids than iPhones then Apple will find it impossible to maintain the high price of their phones.

Apple tells Siri rival Evi: Get a facelift and you can stay

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Re: Re: Ah but can it answer the following?

DeeZed-Jay, I'm trying very hard to read your reply as some form of subtle irony but like those old Magic Eye 3d pictures I'm strugging to sufficiently defocus my brain...

Googorola's desire for iPhone royalties will upset Apple cart

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Been a while but I'm pretty sure the keypad was detachable

Really was years ahead of its time.

El Reg's life of Steve Jobs - now available on Kindle

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Had to chuckle...

... when I noticed the link to buy from Amazon doesn't appear in the app store version of The Reg. I assume that's because Steve's legacy of not allowing such things lives on.

Sky's mobile movies move leaves Apple, Amazon gasping

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Thing is that Sky actually make very little of the content they show and what they do produce themselves is far from compelling. They're business model is based on tying up exclusive deals for content distribution, be it football, US drama series or films. This model is starting to get a lot of attention from the competition regulators.

Without its exclusives Sky are nothing more than yet another video library so they've got to hope they can keep the gravy train rolling.

Ice Cream Sandwich

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Not a graphic designer...

but it seems obvious to me that the single line icons at the bottom represent the "physical" buttons at the bottom of other Android phones.

similarly the 2.5 D icons are the quick launch ones that are so popular these days. The top section is your "desktop" area so why not make it 3D-like?

Not so much confused - just representing different functional areas in different ways to show the separation. Surely that's what good graphics design is about?

Kindle Fire: An open letter to Jeff Bezos

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drtom, Tetractys, anamik, sykottik and no doubt others all felt the need to register (and all within 30 minutes of each other!) to tell everyone that they either now won't be buying a kindle Fire presumably on the basis of this one article, or are returning the Kindle Fire they've already bought.

Do astroturfers really have such little respect for us now that they don't even put in the basic effort anymore?

Machine translation cracks 18th century occult cipher

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For example, ASCII is a code but not a cipher.

Gov: DAB must battle on, despite being old and rubbish

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What is it with this government?!? With DAB+ we get better signal error correction, better quality and with lower bandwidth use cheaper stations and yet they steadfastly ignore it.

Radio isn't like television in that more stations needn't mean worse overall quality.

Samsung Android 4.0 smartphone priced for Blighty

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Many would argue that the biggest selling point is that it's not an Apple product...

And the lack of SD expansion is only disappointing to Android users. Apple and WinPho fans take it for granted.

Paul M 1

Hmmm, I *think* what you've listed there are more to do with a new release of Android or something rather than the Samsung phone itself...

Of course I can't be sure what's in this fabled release as I get my tech news from The Register which seems to have ignored it completely for some reason.

Dennis Ritchie: The C man who booted Unix

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... unless you use sizeof(destination) or equivalent for your value of n.

iPhone 5: Apple 4S, pundits 0

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Hang on a sec...

"We covered the iPhone 5 because readers want to read about it."

And yet, how many times do commentards fill these pages with complaints about Apple rumour non-stories?

Truth is though, that it is Apple's MO to announce bigger and better each time. They have set these things up as Apple "Events" and they know that people expect big, new, magical devices. It is disingenuous to say that Apple are blameless in not meeting the punters' expectations when Apple know exactly what those expectations are. Otherwise why not just file a press release about the new products like everyone else does?

Sony Ericsson: 'We dropped the ball on iPhone'

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Yes yes yes

Although mine was a P900 I agree wholeheartedly. Brilliant phone - large screen, and you could do everything one-handed... in fact, one-thumbed with the genius 5-way thumb wheel.

I couldn't believe they dropped that with the P990 and never looked at SE again....

Apple loses bid to trademark 'multi-touch'

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Re. App

Truly revisionist stuff this...

In the early 80's when people asked me *exactly* what I did I always started with an explanation that computers ran both System software and Application software and that I was involved in the former. Of course by "computer" I was referring to the IBM mainframes which had been doing just that for more than 20 years previously.

So no - Application software or "application" is a very old name. Either *you're* too young to realise this or you're too old and yor memory has failed I'm afraid.

Virtual cloud monkeys go bananas writing Shakespeare

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@Just Thinking


Paul M 1

At least we can always rely on the Reg commentards...

... to suck all the fun out of life.

Now Windows 8 goes into the ring to face Apple's iOS

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A tablet is not a PC

Any company who thinks they can sell devices by reproducing the PC experience on a tablet will be disappointed because people do not do the same things on a tablet. Clearly there is some overlap but the differences are enough to require different priorities.

A 64 GB SSD disk is not going to help Win tablet sales and getting the memory footprint *down* to 1GB (presumably before you start running user programs) is still an order of magnitude more than the mobile OSes need.

I don't see why the author thinks Windows tablets will have any more success than Android/WebOS/RIM... if the reasoning is that you have to hit an $89 price point, good luck doing that with Windows which has the benefit of OS licensing costs added in.

Alternatively, is he saying that the Windows brand is strong enough to tempt punters away from Apple? What was that about Hubris again?

Regarding pricing, as has been said before, why can they make a £199 Netbook with 1GB of memory, 160GB disk and 10" screen but a stripped down, keyboardless equivalent costs close to double that amount?

Maybe he's right - maybe they don't actually want to sell tablets for fear of cannibalising PC sales. But if they don't, someone else will and they'll lose those sales anyway.

Intel, Google 'optimize' chips for Android

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I dunno though. I'd say AMD and Microsoft have been pretty chummy ever since Windows for AMD64 came out giving the final node of respectability to AMD's 64 bit architecture over Itanium.

Plus I'm quite certain Intel already work with both Apple and MS to optimise each of their OSes.

Paul M 1

So what does it mean?

Must admit I'm not really sure if this is significant or not. Given intel's hesitation with Meego they don't look like they're ready to start making mobile phones with yet another OS so I guess we're talking tablets only.

But intel don't get anywhere near the power efficiencies of ARM, right? Or is it just because desktop Windows is such a pig that it makes them look worse than they are?

I guess as Dalvik is a VM most (all?) apps are unaffected by the underlying hardware...

Nope - still don't see how/if this is important. I await enlightenment.

Galaxy Tab remains illegal in Germany

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I should have mentioned that one of the gaps is waiting for the 8.9 inch model which I've not yet seen in Currys née Dixons.

Paul M 1

This title deliberately left optional

I can only assume Apple are hoping to hold off a significant release of Samsung tablets until after Christmas to make one last land grab.

Interestingly the HMV in Canary Wharf has now got a couple of long tables for selling tablets with 2 spaces reserved for the Samsung ones when they finally make it out (Coming Soon apparently).

Mind you - I only counted 3 racks in the whole shop selling CDs but I guess that's progress!

Microsoft inks new patent pacts over Android...and Chrome

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Non sequiturs aside, are you really saying that these phone vendors would therefore be better off paying Microsoft for the whole system as that's pretty much the only licensable alternative.

Or buy WebOS I suppose....

Paul M 1

This title deliberately left blank

Can only be FAT32 surely?

Foxconn churns out '150,000' iPhone 5s a day

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Tracking is a non-issue since the police just get the info direct from the telcos anyway without a middleman.

But regarding aerial issues ... as happy(-ish) as I am with my iPhone 4, I don't get as strong or reliable a signal as my wife's Nokia 5800 does in the same location.

Annecdotal of course but, to use the vernacular, just sayin'.

Elgato readies iPad 2 TV tuner dongle

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This title deliberately left blank

Lack of Apple provenance aside....

Why does anybody care about HD on a 9 inch screen? I can understand the desire to support DVB-T2 for the day when (if?) we start getting SD channels using it to improve bandwidth use (a la DAB+) but that seems a very long time away to me right now.