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Ballmer mixed on Windows 7's success

Scott Mitchell


"Tell me, what other OS could I use to do all of the above? And don't give me the freeware Blender, or the apparently buggy OpenOffice...."

Before people correct me in saying neither Blender nor OpenOffice are OS's, you know what I mean. Don't be pedantic.

Now does Linux or MacOS have 3D Studio Max and/or Photoshop? Running it on a virtual PC is completely unfair ;)

Scott Mitchell

Why insult M$ all the time? Get a grip ffs

I work as a software developer. I use Visual Studio 2008 and that has the best IDE and online help *ever*. I work with the .NET framework and it is a fantastic piece of work (or should I say, fantastic compared to Win32, Visual Basic 6 and the Unix command line C++ compilers I used in 1996) - (BTW, you do know .NET forms based applications don't need to use the registry? They can use application.config ...)

When I return home, I switch on my Windows 7 box and it boots up PDQ. I *do* see a speed improvement over Windows XP, I reckon it uses my I7 cores much better than XP did (unsurprising given that XP is 8 years old).

I can not only play games designed for Windows XP but I can immerse myself in the fantastic XNA development studio, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Paint .NET ... then get back to Earth and use Word etc.

Windows XP & 7 do the job for me.

Tell me, what other OS could I use to do all of the above? And don't give me the freeware Blender, or the apparently buggy OpenOffice....

Translation outfit seeks Glaswegian speakers

Scott Mitchell

What a load of crap

Listen, I LIVE and WORK in Glasgow and I'm telling you that "punna burra furra murra" dialect is fiction. I've never met a weegie who speaks like that, and I've been living here for 12 years.

Do you really believe what a Murdoch newspaper tells you?

Gamers gun down Half-Life

Scott Mitchell

She's pretty hot

... shame about the voice!

If I was on the nest I think I'd put something in her mouth to keep her quiet.

Any more details about Anita B and her impossibly gleaming teeth?

Windows 7 Ultimate product activation hacked?

Scott Mitchell

@John Dee

John, John, John.

"linux is for netbooks, linux is for desktops, linux is for all sorts of devices, linux is for creative people, linux is for business people, linux is for my 14 year old niece and my 76 year old grandfather."

Well, by the market share its probably only your niece and grandfather actually using Linux. Oh, and you.

Furthermore, applications make the OS... Linux has a dearth of quality applications, I mean OpenOffice vs Word? Gimp vs Photoshop? Blender vs 3D Studio Max... ?

You have even recognised you need Windows, hence you run it in WINE. I don't need Linux, I wouldn't let that scabby pile of crap on my pristine box.

Socratic? Is that another word for boring simpleton? You should hire yourself out to insomniacs mate, maybe you can convert some of them to Lunix (Jeff K)

Scott Mitchell

@John Dee

OK John, whats the ratio of Windows applications to Linux apps?

Who mentioned VB7?

"Here's a fact for you. You're too fucking stupid to use CSS. That search box is what ... 4px high?"

Eh??? What do you mean? I think you are confusing me with another Scott Mitchell, probably the chap who runs the 4GuysFromRolla web site.... I am Scottish, he's a yank... you FAIL . Me? I know CSS like the back of my hand, the same way you know a bloke's tadger.

As for XP64, the whole reason for using 64 bit Windows is to utilise more than 3GB of RAM (remember, earlier versions of Windows don't use all 4GB available with 32-bit addressing). If you don't have the RAM why use 64 bit? Durrrr...... FAIL

Let's be honest, Lunix is only for nerds who think they are l337. *I* am l337, but I don't need to use Linux to prove it. I don't care if Linux is a few cycles more efficient than Windows, I do know that Windows is superior for applications and I don't feel ashamed talking about it to my peers.

BTW you don't need WINE to test your browser compat, you could use browsershots.org .... or browsercam..... you should have gone to specsavers

Scott Mitchell
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Haha, look at the nerds flocking

"As someone incapable of using an non MS-OS"

Ha, I've programmed AmigaOS and X-Windows before, please don't try your "OS noob" approach with me. An OS is only as good as the applications that run on it, and there ain't many for Linux are there? You only "jacked in" working with Windows in because Visual Basic 6 was discontinued and your intelligence could not ramp up to .NET - FACT

Tell me, what native programs do you run on this Linux box of yours at home? It says a lot that you feel the need to retain WINE on your piss-poor kernel-bugged OS...

Windows 7 is fast and smooth, just like XP64 which I had previously. XP 64 was a fantastic product, not that any of you Linmongs would know as you don't touch it, right?

I don't care about Vista, I care about the fact that Linux is crap and there aren't many applications for it. There's a reason you only have 1% market share, now let me taste your salty tears!!!

Scott Mitchell

I see the Lunix geeks are back

Ah, the usual anti-Windows snipers appear!! Well well well.

Why can't you nerds see? It doesn't matter how bad Windows gets, it's always going to be more popular than Linux. I could throw a turd into a room full of people, and it would be more popular than that pile of penguin FAIL, tbh.

Windows 7 is fantastic - fast, smooth and easy to use like its predecessors. Hopefully it will increase Microsoft's market share and effectively kill off that geeky POS with the penguin.

Can't wait to get my hands on DX11.

In summation, Windows = WIN, Linux = FAIL

Cameron condemns Tweeters as tw*ts

Scott Mitchell

A fanny or a twat?

I'll take either.

It will take one helluva lot for Cameron to lose the election, I do not think insulting twitter users will affect the outcome one iota!!!

I hope Cameron wins, because then Scotland will become independent - we remember what the tories did to us.

Microsoft bitchslaps Oracle over 11g pricing

Scott Mitchell

Oracle = FAIL for anything but the largest datacentres

Oh well well well, Oracle fleecing its customers again eh?

Times are hard and a recession's biting, maybe this will bite them in the arse!

Here's hoping. I despise Oracle, it reeks of beard and FAIL.

We're moving from Oracle to SQL Server, save a bit of cash and there's more SQL DBAs out there than Oracle muppets. I've not met an Oracle DBA who I would invite for a pint far less trust them to normalize my database schemas!

EU privacy watchdog warns on transport monitoring

Scott Mitchell
Big Brother

Why do you tolerate this?

I work and live in Glasgow, the violence capital of Europe (if not the world), yet we don't have much CCTV here, the cops are mostly decent helpful people (never thought I'd say that) and they don't randomly search us. My council empties my bins weekly and my scheme is pretty well maintained.

The English equivalent sounds like the complete opposite. You're spied on, treated like cattle and monitored with CCTV every square inch. Yet you tolerate it. Why?

BTW before you say "Gordon Brown never treats his own like he does us" you may want to check who runs our government and makes our laws. Clue: not Labour.

German bomber crashes on Moon Google Earth

Scott Mitchell

The Bun Is Harmless?

Tell the families of the Heysel 96 that, and Robert Murat too. Oh and the McCanns. Oh and Alfie Patten's family too.

The Sun is scum from top to bottom.

Anyway, back to main topic - this "bomber". Do we have any Scottish amateur/pro divers on here willing to go down and take a look? Come on, there must be a Glasgow diving club willing to travel the small distance and go find out once and for all!

They found a Wellington bomber in Loch Ness not so long ago, so it's not unfeasible...

Oh aye, crap story: I used to live near Townhill Loch in Scotland. When the loch was being dredged in 1994/95 in preparation for the site becoming a waterskiing centre, the lackeys pulled all sorts out of it - mini metros, vauxhalls, sheep bones, and even - believe it or not, what appeared to be a van... I would not be surprised if they found bombers in there, the ark of the covenant and a spaceship carrying "The Thing" too

Scott Mitchell

Robert Murat would disagree re the Daily Record

@AC 14:16

No, the most vile publication is The Sun, closely followed by the News Of The World, but the Record runs them close with completely made up anti-SNP propoganda and stories about the Old Firm joining the Atlantic Fish Steak League every other week.

BTW, the Record isn't based in Anderston any more, it's now at Atlantic Quay, facing the Kingston bridge.

Regarding the plane, I dived in last night, and found a propellor!! All I need is £2 million and I will raise the wreck and make it into a floating disco. Please donate to my paypal account. Cheers!

Scott Mitchell

I volunteer to swim down...

... but if I find the intact skull of a dead Nazi in leather bomber gear staring back at me, or even a planeful of dead Nazis, you Reg readers must club together for my therapy and valium.

I've seen the film "Shockwaves", I know how this will end. Nazi zombies everywhere!


Scott Mitchell

It's the Daily Record

It's the Scottish equivalent of The Sun ffs, with as much credibility. Nobody buys it, they even give it away free outside Glasgow Central Station....

Chrome OS: Windows killer?

Scott Mitchell
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What do we want an OS to do?

I want my OS to be fast, smooth and work 24/7. I want it to support my new hardware and take advantage of all the memory I have on my PC. I want the OS to be secure, but not stifling. I realise that security is something one has to take care of by themselves.

I also want it to be able to play the latest games and run older games. This means the OS has to support legacy applications.

I also want the OS to be easy to develop with, in case I get the urge to be creative, or need to develop some utility.

So far, Windows XP and Win32 has satisfied all of the above.

I would only move to Windows 7 if it ticks all the previous boxes AND makes my PC software run faster than it does already (ie: Visual Studio 2010 compiles faster) or DirectX 11 was so graphically astonishing that I drool watching demos of its capabilities.


Apple won't let Commodore onto its baby

Scott Mitchell


I bought an IPod Touch ages back, never use it now. Bored with it. If a C64 emulator and a source of games was around I might have kept using the thing.

Apple can go suck my hairy root!!

Fiancée discovers boyf is grumble flick stud

Scott Mitchell
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Sure enough

Surely Haylie would have realised he was a porn star by the fact he could last for ages, and was always spaffing over her face, jugs or arse??

Need pics of Haylie though, cos chances are she's right dirty. He'll have moulded her that way :)

Bill Gates because he'd spaff inside her

12 of the best... mice

Scott Mitchell

Euroffice sell 3M mouse for 30 quid!

I got one of the 3M joystick-like mice today. I hurt my wrist ages ago and it still gets sore on the odd occassion, so a RSI-reducing mouse like this is a Godsend.

First impressions? I thought "WTF!" on first using it, I couldn't select anything, errant clicks, there's no mousewheel button, and it tended to move itself now and again (my hasty wiring) but after an hour or 2 let me tell you I think it's going to be the best mouse I ever had. FOR WORK.

Don't buy it for games or pixel art, there's no way in hell this is accurate enough for pixel-perfect shooting or Paint.NET/GIMP etc (then again, maybe in a month I'll be a ninja with the mouse and I'll regret saying it, but tbh I can't see how you can get perfect lateral movement with this guy due to the way you hold it)

But if you spend 8 hours a day in an office typing and working with the mouse most of the time, like me (lots of Visual Studio windows to swap through) then I would recommend this bad boy.

PS: it also looks extremely cool. My wife likes it! (the mouse I mean.)

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

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Those Linux Morons really get on my tits

Jesus Christ, stop it already ... any excuse to bash Microsoft. Don't you have anything better to do? Oh... I forgot. Trim the ponytail and goatee and you *might* get a job. Geeks!