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Logitech intros shiny-surface loving mice


Logitech Trackball

Dear Reg.HW

How does one find out if Logitech will ever re-vamp it's Trackball range? I'm a trackball user (heavily) and hate mice for almost every reason and would like to update my current Logitech Trackman thingy, but to what?!

Are they still producing/supporting them or must I go else where now?

Could do with a side-scrolling wheely thing and better radio or Bluetooth connection.


FazZ [^_^]

Ten of the best... iPhone beaters



Why wasn't the better than the rest HTC Touch HD included?

iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey

Jobs Horns

More money than sense

What a pointless survey! Most Apple users I know or have worked with are 'thee' most stupid technically minded people and usually buy Apple products because they really don't care for what actually is the best hardware or if works well, just so long as looks pretty and shiny.

Most modern wealthy humans have more money than sense.