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UK.gov pledges licence fee 'rethink' over heavy catch-up use

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Catch up with the times.

Surely, the time is right for the BBC to become a subscription TV service, instead of retaining a draconian method of a "licence fee"? Or, to resolve the Beebs problem of the iPlayer, simply remove that service, as it will also save money on the Beebs server bandwidth.

@ Martyns: There is no requirement to obtain a TV licence for simply having a laptop, personal computer or a pc monitor. However, there is a requirement if your computer has a TV Tuner/receiver card/adapter.

O2 and Be Broadband speeds dip

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Speed ok, dns sucks.

I'm switched from Tiscali to O2 recently, and I can honestly say that so far I'm more than pleased with the switch. I get better speeds than what I was originally quoted at the time of becoming an o2 customer.

I have to agree with a previous commentard, in that the o2 DNS sucks, (or it did when I took up my contract), Opendns is our friend.

ISPs slam Digital Economy Bill's multi-million pound price tag

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Content Owners

Who is going to be responsible as to how "content owners" are to be defined?

It would appear that the mainstay of all the chatter is centered around the music industry and Hollywood.

Yet, what about the owners of web scripts, software applications ect. Who and how will decide if they are to recieve reinbursement from the estimated £1.7billion? And how much will they receive? Will it just be the likes of Microsoft, Adobe, etc who can stake a claim to being compensated?

This may turn out to be one of the most unfair bills to be ever introduced by parliment, especially if it's only the "big boy corporates" that are to be reinbursed as recognised content owners. Whislt the lesser known content owners (whose scripts, apps, modules, templates etc) are being obtained without payment wont receive any reinbursement.

Hopefully, more logical sense will be applied and those with real clout will put an end to the DEB.

Software fraudster 'fooled CIA' into terror alert

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Do the Americans, still have the CIA in existence? Surely after all it's meddling in world affairs and believing that "they" run America (& the world) and not it's elected President, the organisation should be closed down? When will American people wake up and take the appropriate action?

Multiple travel firms refuse ID cards as passport alternative

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The only thing it's useful for.

Is for a 40 year old man to prove he is of age to enter into Nightclub of teenagers.

Google Chrome OS goes native (code)

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Nicely put.

Obviously, the earthlings may not "get this" though.

Tom 106


What use is all this from Google, for those that like to work with their machines switched off from the net?

Unused phone lines to be taxed for rural broadband

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Tax scam ahead

From what I am reading, the Gov are intent on charging the BT and Virgin the 50p per line tax which is going to be vattable.

Thus, BT will pass this charge onto the resellers and their customers. Which in turn may produce extra costings for these companies, therefore, it may result in hight line rental charges exceeding the Gov applied 50p + VAT.

ie, at present the consumer might pay £10.00 per month line rental, the Line Provider may increase that to £12.00 + 50p rural broadband tax + VAT

Resulting in the Line Provider gaining extra profit.

Dosh towards BT's cost of improving their business

Gordon Brown & co creating another VAT revenue. (and no the Tories will NOT scrap it, simply because the next incoming government need to raise as much cash as possible to pay back the debt.

The only loser in all of this is the consumer.

McKinnon family 'devastated' by Home Sec's latest knock-back

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Do the yanks think that Gary saw or downloaded something "top secret" and that's the real reason they have hunted him down for so long with determination?

Manchester united against ID cards, ID minister finds

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Meg, go and jump of Tower Bridge and take the ID scheme with you.

Long live the peoples Republic of Mancunia.

Filesharing laws to hit websites and newsgroups too

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Quite an interesting read of the comments.

However, only two commentators MinionZero and SilverWave stand out and deserve some appreciation.

In addition, I'd like to add that this Government have no idea how the British public who are connected to the broadband highways have assisted in halting organised crimes productivity of counterfeit software, cds and dvds.

Mandy putting GREAT back into Britain with the Great British Firewall, where UK surfers will be restricted to Government approved websites. RIP Internet 1997-2010

Microsoft opens Windows 7 to advertisers

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Hey Dolly.....

I would use IE8, but my web browsing goes TiTs Up when I use it.

TalkTalk steps up attack on government

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What a tw*t!!

It's quite possible that one of the reasons for the moans and groans from Talk Talk, is because of the possible drop on their income.

Talk Talk charge their customers extra cash to go beyond the allocated monthly bandwidth limit, therefore, any of Talk Talk customers who are continually using P2P, are likely to be cut off, resulting in all that extra cash that Talk Talk rake in from their customers.

As for Charles Dunstone comments that consumers are likely to drop the internet because of a 50p a month broadband tax is nonsense in my opinion. Consumers are more likely to shop around for a better broadband deal, which may result in the likes of BT. Talk Talk, Tiscali, Plusnet etc losing customers to other companies who offer better speeds, unlimited download, and decent customer service.

2010 the Broadbad Wars.

vBulletin denies busting downloads in paid-up protester ban

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has this article been removed from the el reg front page? Is someone pulling strings?

This article ought to be put back on the el reg frontpage, because what is going on with the vbulletin application affects thousands of consumers, and as AVC has posted, there are those who are considering legal action against Internet Brands, and therefore I think the article and the comments should be allowed as much exposure as possible.

Tom 106


If Patrick Stack is actually referring to a former employee as disgruntled, then it certainly casts renewed light on why the original devs of vbulletin began to bail out one by one this year.

It's a shame to see such a proudly developed piece of software go to rack and ruins because of the greed being pursued by IB. On and around the 13th, when the new licensing was announced, there was a huge thunderstorm over at vbull. Even the unofficial IrC channel was flooded more than usual, and there wasn't one happy chappy at the new arrangements, regardless of the pre-order discount.

While the new product from Internet Brands is to release a suite of the complete software tools, there's no assurance that their product will actually outshine other CMS such as Joomla, or indeed the Wordpress blog. It would appear that Internet Brands are hoping to rely on their most loyal and valued customers to take up the new suite en mass, however, that remains to be seen after the recent fiasco regarding the license and the fact that one has to splash the cash for each and every version, with no indication as to the timeline of the versions. IB's attitude may just drive more customers to chance their arm with an unlicensed version of the suite.

UK gets final warning over Phorm trials

Tom 106

Out of this should come:

The dismantling of BT.

A stop on Mandelsons and Digital Britain 3 strikes & you're out.

A stop on IMP and MIT.

A stop on Tony Blair being crowned the King of Europe.

Another nail in the coffin of the Labour party.

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers

Tom 106

Politicians and MInisters need educating

Have they never heard a computers "CACHE"?

Is it to become unlawful to retain any files etc, from my cache, after all the "website, assumed copyright holder" has allowed those files to entered into my pc's cache!

Will action be taken against me for downloading the latest windows7.iso from Digital River, even though there is no intention of purchasing a license from Microsoft?

In these times, one can avoid downloading of files from P2P and torrents by simply going to the copyright holders website and downloading a trial version. Then simply hunting down a serial key/generator to activate the trial programme.

I find the Digital Britain proposals and Mandelsons intention is to restrict access to the internet, unless a user is accessing authorised and authenticated content websites. For instance, UK access to sites such as the Pirate Bay could will be blocked.

It's an embarrassing to read that more emphasis is being placed upon the prevention of illegal file sharing, rather than focusing on how to prevent the Cyber Criminals who attack British businesses, and carry out phishing scams intent on stealing our money and identities.

Windows 7 - The Reg reader review redux

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@ El Reg...

For what it is worth, I think you (El Reg) should carry out a survey in around 8-10 wks time, regarding Win 7. As this allow those of us have newly installed to have a delve into it and offer some user defined feedback, rather than having "first impressions" opinions.

Afterall, my first impression of the retail release has much improved from that of the RC release, though it may yet change. Especially, if what I am experiencing is a bug or design flaw!!!!!

Man gets 3 years in clink for eBaying Adobe prods

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Gaol Time

I wonder if anyone from Adobe will receive Gaol time for allegedly using the Eolas Patents without explicit permission?

Windows 7 lessons - the must know before you buy

Tom 106

This article and it's author

Why spend money on Windows 7 when one can make do with vista/xp and await the next release, which will most likely have a huge boost in it's touch screen abilities, thus making hardware such as keyboards and mice obsolete objects for the simple tasks that we utilise on an everyday basis.

Windows Olympian anyone?

Airport rethinks strip-scanner for kids

Tom 106


There are very serious reasons as to why airports etc are now having to resort to this type of technology.

If it is decided that certain sections of society can be opted out of the scanning because of their age, race, religion, sex, status then the who point of scanning fails, and therefore it should be totally scrapped.

Every person passing through Airport Control including Government personnel and alike should be subject to the scanning and vigorous security checks. After all, it is for everybody's safety and peace of mind when flying.

Furthermore, if no one becomes exempt from the scanning, then the likelihood of anyone attempting to carry anything illegal onto a plane, because they will be apprehended before boarding.

Carphone Warehouse trading peachy

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Tiscali customers like myself have no intent on renewing their existing contracts at the end of 12 months. Therefore, if more customers do decide to leave, then whose to say that Carphone Warehouse haven't of paid over the odds. But who cares?

O2 seem to have one of the best deals at present.

Freeview website titsup ahead of big retune

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What is this Freeview? Is it tax free, license free and simply free as the word free is meant to be defined?

AMD shines light on Vision thing

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Tried it and binned it.

Having received an email from AMD about the Fusion Vision, I proceeded to take a gander at it, became more interested, so I installed the explorer.

Once installed and ensured that my music files were showing with WMP, I nipped over to the installed Vision app but to find that no music files showing on local content. Aha, I entered the location in Vision as to where the music files are on the relevant drive, but still no music to be found.

Due to this experience, I've now binned it. I'm not one for wasting time trying to fix things especially when I've already got apps that do the job, but perhaps not as good as what AMD are making out. Anyway, I'm willing to give it another go, once it becomes more user friendly, and doesn't rely wholly on WMP and C:drive exclusively.

Buggy home routers expose O2 customers to hijacking

Tom 106

Update on Tiscali and the TG585

On contacting the Tiscal Technical Assistance team regarding this matter, they responded with the following:

"I would like to mention that the router is an electronic device that is powered with an external power supply. However, the Thomson Router TG585 does not have vulnerability issues."

Have Tiscali got this right, well I guess the only way I'm going to find that out is by contacting Thomson and to see what they say.

Tom 106

Tiscali and TG585

Tiscali provide the TG585 to their customers, and have been notified but it would appear that they are ignoring the issue. Shame on Tiscali.

UK.gov revives net cut-off threat for illegal downloaders

Tom 106

@ Robert Hill

You are quite right in what you say with regard to copyright holders placing their "stuff" into torrent streams and then bringing about their complaints and allegations of who has then downloaded their "stuff".

However, I suspect that if this were to happen, and if a "freetard" were to challenge any allegation brought against them and request a trial to disprove the allegation as "Entrapment".

Afterall, if the media and entertainment industry and indeed copyright holders placed their "stuff" into P2P and torrent streams, then I assume that they are happily and freely waiving their right to any copyright law infringement by way of them sharing so freely, and therefore I also assume it would become a legal minefield to bring about any prosecutions in a court of law. Probably why Mandelson and co, are wanting filesharers to be disconnected from the net on the sole basis of "allegations" and not factual evidence. Which is the main stay reason why this country and it's people should not accept this as a basis for law, nor should they vote for a political party who wants to introduce such laws that will rely on Allegations".

Tom 106

How to...

How to lose a General Election: Threaten to disconect millions of internet users by way of introducing facist laws.

How to gain funds for a political party by way of courting the entertainment industry with proposed promises and favours.

How to become detatched from reality and the general public, retain Mandleson and allow him to keep on keeeping on.

Shock jock blames Britain for hack attack

Tom 106


It begs the question, why a UK home secretary bans this Character from the UK for his waffle, yet the government that the x-home secretary belonged too, continues to allow the likes of the BNP to exist.

100 freetards an hour join Pirate Party UK

Tom 106

Time to Party

Is ElReg behaving like Pravda?

Join the party at pirateparty.org.uk or simply google pirateparty UK.

Tom 106

@ Fraser

It always annoys me when people think that a political party should be voted in on the basis that they advertise themselves as having new inept policies for all Government depts and the countries facilities. When in reality all a party is advertising is, what they intend to spend our taxes on. Same old merry go round of "anything they can do, we can do just as costly".

It's time for ALL political parties to stop meddling in Government depts and thinking that IT IS A MUST to change and introduce other ways in doing stuff which will basically cost us the public by way of tax rises and a higher cost of living, and don't believe the hype that change is about reducing the costs of bureaucracy, because the only way any politician knows how to do that is too make job cuts and increase the dole queue.

Admittedly, this Black Beard party that's popped up on our shores could do with a some new ideas to add to their way of thinking. Perhaps they ought to thing Green, and show more Liberalism and you never know, they may just get one seat somewhere, and if people vote for them instead of the likes of Nucheka and Tory, then good on 'em.

Prof develops football-match scheduling software

Tom 106

@ Scrubber

Aye, but think of the congestion on the M6, M56, M60 and the suburban roads, caused by a such a massive following heading to the Council House. Let alone the influx of day trippers following the tourists signs to OT from the cricket ground.

Wii and PS3 sales slide

Tom 106


I'm guessing that PS3 sales would pick up on the run into Christmas, if only Sony would release the PS3 console in the colour of Silver for the European and US market, like they have done already for the Japan and Hong Kong market.

IE icon too familiar for Microsoft EU settlement?

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@ magnetik

Perhaps my retard comment reflects that fact that I lick windows for a hobby, which is way better and more fulfilling than ever wanting to use a poo stained browser like Opera.

Tom 106

Sod off Opera

MS should devise an Active X that will bug the hell out of Opera when used on the Windows OS. At least then the Opera knobheads will have something of substance to whinge about.

Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers

Tom 106

About bloody time

Here's hoping I won't have to wait for a long time before I get more screen to view and less goo at the top of the browser. Safari 4 got the look right, but I despise Apple and their quaffing smug elitism world of "we're better than the freetard leeching M$tarding lemmings".

Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed

Tom 106

the point is

The way the ISP's sell the broadband connection to the consumer, and not what is causing or afflicting a less than advertised "upto" broadband connection.

Firstly, I do believe ISP's have now been instructed to inform the consumer before point of purchase as to what the max available connection will be on their copper line to their exchange. Therefore, if a consumer resides 2km away from their exchange, an ISP should be informing the consumer that their line tests for a max speed of say 5.2mb, (this is not an accurate figure, but one used for hypothetical reasons).

It may well be that different ISP's will give different results for the same line connection to the exchange, but then this could be due to a number of reasons, hence why the consumer should shop around first.

More importantly the ISP's ought to offer a reduction in price to those consumers who do not receive the full available bandwidth. Meaning those consumers who only receive 25% of the available advertised "upto" bandwidth, should only pay 25% of the price advertised. It's simple enough to carry through, because the ISP has already checked the lines bandwidth potential.

Which brings into practise a much fairer system for paying for a broadband connection. The only losers in this equation are the ISP's, because they wont have the same amount of income unless they vastly increase the prices for broadband, and if they do, then the likes of VM, O2, Be etc, take up more of a market share.

O2 are offering up to a 16meg connection for a price of around £15.00, which isn't a great deal of cash, so those who are currently on a contract with an ISP of "upto" 8mb whilst paying in the region of anywhere between £10-£20, and only receiving an average of say 2mb-4mb, would simply double that amount of bandwidth, (if not getting more) and save money by simply changing ISP.

It pays to shop around first, and to continue looking around all the time, and contacting your ISP, to let them know you have found a better deal elsewhere. (especially if your ISP caps).

Finally, my connection is http://www.speedtest.net/result/526969218.png

Truck drivers! Don't go texting now

Tom 106

he he

Does that mean an end to their mag reading too?

Tory landslide inevitable - maybe

Tom 106

Stuff the Polls and Swings.

Why should people take it for granted that the next Government is going to be a Tory one? Just because part of the daily media are in Tory overdrive to annoy the hell out of our Unelected Prime Minister, does not mean a damn thing at this point in time. No matter how much talk there is about the Tories, it does not equate to a Tory victory come next May/June (assuming that's a good time for the country to go to the polls).

Furthermore, the pollsters should keep a beady eye on those pesky Liberals for keeping quiet at the right times, and allowing the wart hogs of Cameron, Osborne and co. to whore themselves out to the media with very little in the way of sound, solid and convincing policies to win over the electorate.

In addition, as a nation we've already experienced just many years of bleakness with Tories running this country, and for them to be replaced with Blairs Nu-Cheka. People don't simply forget about the hardships and sufferings endured under the previous Tory Governments, and therefore possibly less likely to forgive and vote for them, and it's possible these same people put their faith into Blairs Nu-(cheka)-Labour, only to find that they have been defecated on from a great height once more. It's Time For A Change.

Either give the Liberals (who may do better, if they were to form an alliance with the Green Party) a chance (they cannot be any worse than what we have now or had previously, can they?)

Or lets go with a hung parliament, that way all parties become responsible and held to account, and if they mess up, then perhaps we the people can have serious reform brought about to this draconian way of being Governed.

Swine flu site struggles to stay up

Tom 106

Antiviral Collection Points

Having checked the website for local Antiviral Collection Points, I am saddened and dismayed at the way the information on the locations has been set up, as it's all a mish mash and varyingly confusing at best.

In addition to the fact that the local collection points are only open Mon-Fri, between the hours of 9-5. Should I assume that Swine Flu does not occur at weekend and evenings? Or should I be hoping that if myself or my family were to incur symptons of Swine Flu, that it happens during the day, so that there is easy access to medication?

Having noticed this, I am about to contact my local MP Andrew Gywwne, and hopefully he will pick up on this and help to rectify such matters, afterall he knows first hand what it is like to have swine flu, as he was sent home from Parliment with the virus recently.

Microsoft signs off on Windows 7

Tom 106

Final RTM

If the Final RTM goes by the "build 7600.16385", then it is available on a torrent site, if that's not the final RTM, then some people may well be wasting bandwidth.

Swine flu will [enter scare words here]...

Tom 106

Read on.

Did anyone else notice that the news of Swine Flu in Mexico hit the headlines about 4-6 weeks after the Government sponsored TV advert hit ITV. (the one with the people in the lift).

Seems quite strange to me for an advert about flu to appear on TV at the close of spring.

I wonder what it is that the UK population is not being told about the origins of Swine Flu.

Furthermore, whilst it has been reported that healthy people have now passed away from Swine Flu, why weren't the population informed of the type of underlying health problems that those who first passed away from Swine Flu had? It may not matter some, but shouldn't others with underlying health problems be made aware that they are potentially at greater risk of dying from Swine Flu?

Net sleuth calls eBay on carpet over shill bidding

Tom 106

Another Scam to be aware of!

In addition to the "shill", there is another scam, yet this time the scam is from the would be buyer.

As a seller, you put up a mobile phone, or a laptop, or another piece of decent piece of electronic equipment for auction.

The item is finally won buy a determined buyer, who may pay up and beyond £100's for the item. The seller post's out the item after receiving payment, and ebay take their share too.

The buyer receives the item, and then puts in a dispute, claiming either that the goods were not as described, or that there is damage to the item, or that is does not function. Ultimately, ebay recoups the buyers fees back from the seller, and then the buyerr will either not return the item from the auction, but lay claim to have done so via standard post, or the buyer will return a duplicate which is damaged in someway to the seller.

The seller in question no longer uses ebay and does not encourage anyone to use ebay because of the scam.

Would you leave your child alone with a cabinet minister?

Tom 106

Child Protection

Does Child Protection only exist in Schools?

What about when kids call into Waterstones etc when the authors are doing a book signing?

What about Sports people shouldn't we be vetting them too? As they go on School visits?

What about staff at museums, public library s, theme parks, where kids go on school trips?

What about public transport drivers, because kids use public transport?

What about just making it simple and vet every member of the public every year to ensure that the kiddie fiddler register is kept up to date.

In fact what about protecting adults from those Asbo type kids, shouldn't we have an Asbo register? Where all those unruly St Trininian types can have their details recorded and be blacklisted for jobs in the future. Vet the kids for unruly behaviour and attitudes towards society.

Spooks' favourite IT firm tells Reg readers to grow up

Tom 106
IT Angle

Dear Mr Sutherland

I note from your comments to Elreg, that you say the debate should be about how you process data.

My own concerns on the subject matter is who is allowed to access the data, and for what purpose?

What assurances will I have of the data being secure?

What reasons would a Civil Servant or Government contractor have for downloading the data to a laptop, USB key, or disc storage, whereby the storage device could be mistakenly misplaced, lost or stolen? Should there be a need for the data to be downloaded in the first place?

Who is allowed to access the data, for instance, practically almost any person with a bit of savvy can telephone the DVLA and obtain details about a vehicle owner. Whilst our politicians and Government allow instances like this to take place, how can I as an individual trust the Government, politicians and contractors in keeping my data secure?

Why should any individual or organisation be able to obtain details about the value of my vehicle and it's performance by way of sending my vehicle registration via SMS to a company, because said company want to profit from what I consider private and personal information about my vehicle.

There are a variety of concerns Mr Sutherland, and those concerns need to be addressed from people like yourself, without you having to insult or patronise people in the way you have with your comments to elreg.

If a debate is to take place, then I would like to see factors such as "the security of data, who can access the data, how data is updated, the removal of obsolete data, keeping correct data, and the quantity of data" being debated,

I am not against the storing of data and for it's well intentioned purpose, but I do have concerns, especially in the light of day, when we know for a fact that data has been lost by Government, Civil Servants, and Contractors, and furthermore IT systems are not fully secure..

Convince me by relieving me of my concerns, and then perhaps you would perhaps receive more support, (and less immaturity).

Kind regards


Government defeats Tories in 'McKinnon' extradition vote

Tom 106

Government and Politicians

So, after everything that has taken place in Government and with politicians on the whole this year, no lessons have been learnt, and there is no change in site, and very little prospect of any kind of reform in the way the politicians operate.

They still bend over with a smile for the "whip". Shame on the Politicians, may you be all dammed come May 2010.

Firefox update fixes zero-day JavaScript flaw

Tom 106


Mozilla don't deserve any applause for releasing a fix, because in my opinion, the 3.5 browser should not of been released as a stable browser. I firmly believe that the browser was rushed and therefore it was inevitable there was going to be major and minor bugs that required fixing. I'm still not trusting 3.5.1, and therefore, I'll stick with 3.11.

Webcams, printers, gizmos - the untold net threats

Tom 106


When articles like this appear, there never appears to be any sound advice, though there's plenty of moaning and groaning and I told you so comments.

It would be nice to see one or more of the SAVVY minded elReg commentards blogging with some good advice for those not so SAVVY tech minded elReg readers on what is a decent safe method to set up network items such as printers, voip, photoframes, etc?

Firefox 3.5 patch coming soon as Mozilla cranks up downloads

Tom 106

Shame on Mozilla scoring an own goal.

The release of 3.5 is nothing better than a RC release, the amount of issues and bugs raised since it's release last week is increasing day by day (or so it would appear, when you read the mozillbugs and the forums).

Myself and a number of others have now rolled back to 3.0.11, and I for one will be waiting until reports from the masses that 3.5 is actually stable, safe and enjoyable to use, in addition to my choice of plugins being compatible too.

Firefox 3.5 set to land tomorrow

Tom 106

@ El Reg.

Have you? Gun jump the. Wrong, got it.