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Schools email marketing company told us to go away when we told them of exposed database creds, say infoseccers

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Actual knowledge of that or are you just assuming that's the case?

UK terror law reviewer calls for expanded police powers to imprison people who refuse to hand over passwords

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Re: Plausible deniability

How about using the phrase "I will not reveal my password under any circumstances"

Just wait for it to get to court and ask for the charge to be dismissed as you had complied by telling them your password. Then she for emotional distress due to being pointlessly dragged through the courts despite having complied immediately.

Realme's 5G handset is a bargain at €599 – but it's only for cool young people. Sorry

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Re: Oy!

So did I, aswell as my undergrad, and Im from a nearby town.

There's plenty wrong with Boro! And rust certainly fits

It's also a decent place in its own way too

It's happening, tech contractors: UK.gov is pushing IR35 off-payroll rules to private sector in Finance Bill

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Re: "This measure is expected to impact 170,000 individuals" . . .

"And as they tend to be the most highly skilled and experienced workers"

Whilst I'm certainly sure that's true in certain specialised areas, my experience of general purpose developer contractors is very different

Nest tosses £1.5bn pension admin service agreement out there for outsourcers to fight over

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Re: I can do it for half that sum.

Shove it on rent-a-coder or similar and I bet I can find someone who say they can do it for under £1000 :-D

Schadenfreude for UK mobile networks over the tumult at Carphone

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Re: Internets for the win!

I have a Moto G4+ too, but Im looking to upgrade, got any suggestions? thinking maybe nokia 7 plus.

Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing

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Made my own version over the weekend

after seeing this.

Have to admit I just bought frozen giant yorkshire puddings, and let the kids (4 and 2) make there own pizza in a "orkshire pud" as they call them. So they had fun.

Turned out pretty well, passata and tomato puree mix for the base, loads of pepperoni, cheese and salami, the missus had mushrooms on her's too.

I added a bit of cayenne to the cheese mix for mine.

Served with a dessert of jaffa cakes :-D

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Why not go the whole hog of food

This Yorkshire Pizza with a topping of "The hottest ever supermarket curry" that Morrison's also recently did and some nice spring rolls and prawn crackers on the side


TalkTalk starts offering punters choice to shift-shift to O2

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Wonder what will happen to the "free" sims it gave out to those taking broadband with them

They were giving all fibre broadband customers a free contract sim with a small allowance on, believe it was for as long as you kept broadband with them.

VTech hack fallout: What is a kid's privacy worth? About 22 cents – FTC

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Re: What a small fine

GDPR fine could be 4% of global annual turnover - based off Wiki vtech had revenue of $1,898.9 in 2014 so assuming that's roughly similar now the fine could have been near $76 million

Meet the woman with a supernatural affinity for stiff lovers

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Re: A wide choice

How about Powerwolf - "Resurrection by erection"? Quite an entertaining track

Living in space basically shoves a warp drive into your blood stream

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Immune system into overdrive?

Does this mean we could fight off minor illnesses faster by having a quick trip to space and back? :-)

Blu Vivo 6: Top value trendsetter marred by Chino-English mangle

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Moto G4 plus

after a couple of deals and cashback I managed to get the 64gb/ 4GB ram version of the Moto G4+ for about 225, and that has a qualcomm chip in and a pretty high likelihood of getting a few updates at least...

Chocolate Factory exudes Nougat as Android 7 begins rollout

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Fairly certain Nexus 5 is 3 years old in October

As I bought my Nexus 5 on release less than 2 months after my daughter was born .... Nexus 7 was 2012 and 2013 if I remember correctly too..

Not to say I'm not disappointed as the Nexus5 is a lovely phone, even with my smashed screen (it still works ... got a replacement screen just havent fitted it yet ... only been smashed for 12 months now .... and its in use every day (Though I do think the battery is starting to fade a little too)

You can always rely on the Ancient Ones to cock things up

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Also if a piece of tech (in this case a smartphone) is playing up and being pretty much useless, then it will start working again if you start discussing replacement options .... once you've stopped talking about the replacements because its magically fixed itself, it will keep working for an hour or two just to lull you into a false sense of security

Tech is sentient! Been saying it for years.

Building a fanless PC is now realistic. But it still ain't cheap

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Had to get rid of the full tower case I had that had a Q6600 in it, not really looking for much more grunt than that as 99% of the time it would be used as a media pc more than anything, so Im looking at one of the fanless chinese import i5-5200u based mini systems ... about 300-350 should get me one of those with 16gb memory and an ssd in- should be more than capable of the odd time working with vis studio and sql server, and if I need large storage then I go to cheap external spinny disk when needed only

Government in-sourcing: It was never going to be that easy

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"One source pointed out that for all their manifold faults, there are certain benefits to using vendors, as they are able to pay reasonable salaries, they don't need to put one-third pension contributions in, staff have a career ladder that can take them across businesses as well as across clients, they invest in comprehensive training, and they can sack people that don't perform."

Does this imply that the public sector pays unreasonable salaries (high or low) and cant sack people who don't perform?? .... oh hang on .... ignore me ....

El Reg mulls entering Robot Wars arena

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Re: Inertial disc

I had a similar idea to this, additional benefit is you could run the wheel either direction one way to throw the opponent away (suggest some of of small flat appendages to put the force into throwing) and the other way to drive and cut/smash into the ground (a cut edge on the opposite side of the flat hammer thowers might work well here)

The Raspberry Pi is succeeding in ways its makers almost imagined

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If she's anything like my daughter ... nearly 2 now.... Im thinking I need to introduce some pretty sophisticated (for home setups) security and logging in about 1 year, so far standard child controls on a tablet are enough ... just, would be sooner but she likes climbing/destroying things more than the tablet at the moment.

she has decided that my tablet I bought last year is her's though... not a major issue only a cheap hudl 2.

Wait, STOP: Are you installing Windows 10 or RANSOMWARE?

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"Williams told the Reg that it also demonstrates its efficacy by showing a complete list of encrypted files and offering to decrypt five of them for free."

Could this be used to determine the decryption key?

Sonos offers updated music controller to Fandroids for testing

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Until the sonos app can pull from your google music account; BubbleUPNP.... enough said

If they've already updated it, please tell me and I might consider using it

NASA admits hiding 'really good' news from Martian soil

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So either

Life (or trace of past) of some description


Resources which we're rapidly running out of in a quantity that may be of interest to us



RIM begs devs: Build for BlackBerry 10, we'll bung you $10K

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Re: Ok guys, here's how we do the scam...

The version I sent to a colleague is slightly more encompassing of the rules and easier to get people to do it as they make a couple of dollars too


Make crap app

Sell at $10.01 + tax

Pay 100 people $15 to buy it


Projected costs :

Dev time (couple of hours of my own time)


$1500 ~= £950

Projected Revenue

$10000 ~= £6250

Projected Profit:

£ 5300

Essentially betting a grand for a year to receive a 5K profit

Samsung unwraps 17in Ivy Bridge beast

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Re: 12.3GHz

What do you think the Chronos name is there for? It compresses time around it self to appear to be 12.3GHz. No overclocking, just breaking physics.

2011's Best... Premium Tablets

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Asus Transformer Prime

Anyone at el reg managed to get there hands on a review model yet?

If you have one laying around Ill happily write a review of it in exchange for keeping it

After I've named it Rodimus

Groupon IPO seeks $11.4bn valuation

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Groupon - Useful but not that valuable

Ill admit to having used groupon a couple of times, have managed to get a couple of decent little deals/ideas out of it for weekends away.

But no way is it worth that sort of valuation, I reckon I might end up shorting groupon if it floats at $18

Surrey nudists tossed out into the cold after lease expires

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70 year old club

Slightly worried at the thought of a hundred and ten strong group of septagenarians

Ofcom proposes UK phone numbers prefix re-org

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Amazing....this seems to actually make some sort of sense, have I wandered into a strange universe

Nokia's free Ovi Maps scores a download every second

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Thumb Up

Not on full blown N97

There is no download for the original N97 (as of yet).

Apparently its to do with where it needs to install stuff and the N97 not usually having the space on that part (labeled the C drive)

I managed to get it installed (and more importantly working) by grabbing down the mini version and installing by hand after deleting a lot of guff.

BOFH: Slab happy

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@ like the quote

Soft side .... Inconcievable!

Incredibly geeky side hell yes!

Legless woman falls onto Boston train tracks

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I cant see the spark your on about, unless your talking about the cigarette going flying that might look a bit like a spark

Loud sex a human right, says loud sex woman

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@Jason Bloomberg

"Sure, as Disco-Legend-Zeke says, she could install sound-proofing, but equally so too could her neighbours, and after all they're the ones who have the problem ( other than the artificially created one of the ASBO itself )."

Ah, but those on the street cant escape the sound if she doesnt sound proof it, therefore the only logical solution is for her to sound proof her place, then no ones 'rights' are infringed too heavily.

And frankly Im of the opinion here that protection of the rights of the people who dont have an choice in the matter is more important than the perpetrators.. same opinion I have with criminals rights too :-P

Man on trial over £600k NatWest phishing scam

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How did this occur this year?

Part of the Natwest Online banking I use is that you cant set up payments to accounts you havent sent money to before with out your bank card and card reader.

3-tonne robot flying saucer offered to world's militaries

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Black Helicopters

Incredible geekiness attack

Torchwood Children of Earth ... the computer systems the people in black were using were labelled Aesir ...

So Aesir + flying saucers, its coming up to the next Dr Who ep soon isnt it? is the BBC taking there subtle (and not so subtle) marketing to a whole new level?

Sale talks heat up at T-Mobile UK

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Aye I'd quite like to know that too (just joined t-mobile with a N97 ( which btw is a lovely phone once you get used to it.... too few reviewers have spent more than a day or two with it)), I'd guess you couldn't as the contract will still exist as a legal document and the purchaser will have to abide by its terms.

If on the other hand, prices change on their plans (and its demonstratably worse off for you) then yes you'd probably be able to leave without any issue

Tearaways deface Tayside Police website

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The quote is a Frankie Boyle one

He used it on Mock The Week a series or so ago.

Went to see a gig of his once, warm up guy made a comment of "Frankie is a bit like Guiness, sooner or later there's some dark shit coming"... oh so true, and he makes some very astute observations at times.

Bit more on topic, hopefully someone will learn to patch servers regularly and keep a general eye on system security ..... yes I know I'm a dreamer

Race to pinpoint VoIP callers in emergencies

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@Steves 63 and 29

/me thinks they have missed the point.

@Steve 63

A lot of voip accounts are identifiable as to the user, however, that user might be logged into the system from work OR home (or somewhere else entirely) there you have to track down the location of the IP the call originated from.

@Steve 29

They need to track the network connection of origin not a landline telephone number so your argument just doesnt apply