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Bill Gates debunks 'coronavirus vaccine is my 5G mind control microchip implant' conspiracy theory

adam payne Silver badge

O'Donnell said Gates-related conspiracies have been rated "the most widespread coronavirus falsehoods that exist," then asked Gates: "Do you want a vaccine so you can implant microchips into people?"

Oh for the love of <insert word here>.

Have the conspiracy theorists finally gone off the deep end?!?

FYI: Someone's scanning gateways, looking for those security holes Citrix told you not to worry too much about

adam payne Silver badge

I can't say i'm shocked that people are trying to exploit this already. I thought that was par for the course.

Software biz Advanced set to lay off 6% of its workforce, blames that virus

adam payne Silver badge

Vista Equity has a policy of moving the domicile of its investee companies offshore so it's not possible to track financials."

Keep the bad news hidden and the share price up.

Customers of Brit ISP Virgin Media have downloaded an extra 325GB since March, though we can't think why

adam payne Silver badge

...households have downloaded an extra 325GB on average

That'll be the Modern Warfare updates then.

In Hancock's half-hour, Dido Harding offers hollow laughs: Cake distracts test-and-trace boss at UK COVID-19 briefing

adam payne Silver badge

"I have repeatedly said this is the cherry on the cake, not the cake itself...."

The app is key to the strategy for unlocking so it most certainly is the bloody cake.

This is, of course, unconnected with the fact that the app has been said to be riddled with bugs and open to abuse.

How long before this app goes live and spills personal data?

Brit MP demands answers from Fujitsu about Horizon IT system after Post Office staff jailed over accounting errors

adam payne Silver badge

The Criminal Cases Review Commission is slowly referring convicted sub-postmasters' cases to the Court of Appeal, 47 having been sent to senior judges for review so far.

This saga has gone on far too long and all cases need be reviewed with the upmost urgency.

Software bug in Bombardier airliner made planes turn the wrong way

adam payne Silver badge

A very specific software bug made airliners turn the wrong way if their pilots adjusted a pre-set altitude limit.

Well it least it's not a single point of failure that crashes planes but turning an aircraft is still quite bad.

Surprise! That £339 world's first 'anti-5G' protection device is just a £5 USB drive with a nice sticker on it

adam payne Silver badge

A £339 "anti-5G" product billed as the "first to market full-spectrum protection" appears to be nothing more than a bog-standard £5 USB stick with an LED on the end, according to Pen Test Partners.

Well I can't say i'm that surprised by this. Classic snake oil scam.

Microsoft blocks Trend Micro code at center of driver 'cheatware' storm from Windows 10, rootkit detector product pulled from site

adam payne Silver badge

Trend Micro must be held accountable for their extremely questionable code.

Of course they need to be held accountable for this. I can't see any other reason to design it in that way.

Cyber attack against UK power grid middleman Elexon sparks in-house IT recovery efforts

adam payne Silver badge

<b<Elexon later added that it had identified the "root cause" and was "taking steps to restore our IT systems".</b>

Lacking a decent patching policy?

IT run on a shoe string budget?

Tales from the crypt-oh: Nvidia accused of concealing $1bn in coin-mining GPU sales as gaming revenue

adam payne Silver badge

Now, the shareholder class wants to collect damages from the company

But as shareholders you own the company so you are taking money from yourselves.

As coronavirus catches tech CEOs with their pants down, IBM's Ginni Rometty warns of IT's new role post-pandemic

adam payne Silver badge

I'm going to modernise applications that my IT [department] perhaps weren't modern enough to change fast enough for me'.

Modernising IT systems is hard when you are just another cost centre and management try to run IT on a shoe string budget.

With the Covid 19 situation a lot of businesses won't have the budget to modernise and it will take time for businesses to recover if some are even able to.

Guess what's heading to trial? IBM and its tactic of yoinking promised commissions after sales reps seal the deal

adam payne Silver badge

IBM will continue to fight these baseless claims in court.

If they were baseless they would have been thrown out already, wouldn't they?!?

Real-time tragedy: Dumb deletion leaves librarian red-faced and fails to nix teenage kicks on the school network

adam payne Silver badge

Oh the memories of our old school network and the various models of 486 with Windows 3.11 / Netware.

I remember being able to get to the dos prompt through the help section of Word and attrib -s -h -r following soon afterward.

Soon to be followed by editing control.ini / win.ini to change screensavers from the boring marquee screensaver that endless scrolled the name of the school.

Tech services biz Allvotec furloughing staff, asking remainder – including top brass – to take pay cut

adam payne Silver badge

In the memo distributed to staff at the time, Williams said the past few years had been "challenging from a business performance perspective".

It's been a challenging year for your customers as well. Logged a call with these clowns in February for a server drive on predicted failure and i'm still yet to see the bloody thing.

Not only is Zoom's strong end-to-end encryption not actually end-to-end, its encryption isn't even that strong

adam payne Silver badge

Zoom responded that it wasn't using the commonly accepted definition of the term.

A commonly accepted definition is just that, don't use it if you don't mean it.

"While we never intended to deceive any of our customers, we recognize that there is a discrepancy between the commonly accepted definition of end-to-end encryption and how we were using it," the company said in a blog post

You weren't trying to deceive anyone using a commonly accepted definition, what's that smell?

Microsoft Teams usage jumps to 32, no, 44 million as Windows-slinger platform slides onto home workers' PCs

adam payne Silver badge

Microsoft plans to further tweak its platform. One upcoming feature.......

Is being able to reset your password without Teams throwing it's toys out of the pram

Look ma, no Intel Management Engine, ish: Purism lifts lid on the Librem Mini, a privacy-focused micro PC

adam payne Silver badge

The mini looks sleek and sexy but why the Intel chip?

BT's Wi-Fi Disc ads banned because there's no evidence the things work

adam payne Silver badge

“We told British Telecommunications plc not to claim that they guaranteed Wi-Fi in every room unless they held adequate evidence to support the claims,” concluded the ASA

You seem to be telling them this quite a lot.

Seriously though who believes these adverts anyway?!?

IBM veep partly blamed Sopra Steria for collapse of £155m Co-Op Insurance Agile project

adam payne Silver badge

Further, the IBM VP also said that the Co-Op had introduced a new requirement at a late stage for data within the new platform to be encrypted in transit, something he described as "a significant change in approach that seemed excessive and would have required significant changes to be made."

Why would it not be encrypted in transit?!? it's insurance data that has personal details in it.

Not sure why this would be seen as excessive, it's data security after all.

US prez Donald Trump declares America closed to those flying in from Schengen zone over coronavirus woes

adam payne Silver badge

Trump, who described COVID-19 as a "foreign virus", said the "EU failed to take the same precautions" as the US. The ban goes into effect tomorrow (Friday, March 13) and will last for 30 days.

What precautions are they then Trump?!? I thought you'd beaten it.

The Reg produces exhibit A1: A UK court IT system running Windows XP

adam payne Silver badge

We have robust security in place as well as a specialist team constantly checking for threats.

Robust security in XP?!? who are you kidding?!?

Wow it must be great to have a specialist team that constantly checks for threats 24/7

Avast's AntiTrack promised to protect your privacy. Instead, it opened you to miscreant-in-the-middle snooping

adam payne Silver badge

I remember using Avast back in the day and using a couple of the free skins they had available for it. I also remember recommending it as a decent alternative to the big guys.

I saw it on a couple of PCs late last year and wow was it bloated and naggy. They have added some much additional stuff to it that is of course all pay for.

The thing constantly nags you about upgrading to pro or alerts you to a new report about how many infections they stopped worldwide.

Nowadays wouldn't touch it with someone else's bargepole.

FYI: When Virgin Media said it leaked 'limited contact info', it meant p0rno filter requests, IP addresses, IMEIs as well as names, addresses and more

adam payne Silver badge

"Based upon our investigation, Virgin Media does believe that the database was accessed on at least one occasion

Is makes me think you really don't know how many times people have accessed it. I quick point though, it only takes one occasion to spill the info.

Turgensec also quibbled with the ISP's attempt to blame the security blunder on IT workers “incorrectly configuring” an internet-facing database. Rather, the database – which was filled with unencrypted plain-text records – was a sign of "systematic assurance process failure," Turgensec said.

Incorrectly configured public facing site = very stupid

Plain text records = FFS

Unencrypted = #Captainpicarddoublefacepalm

adam payne Silver badge

Re: Internet facing database?

Or maybe they are next door to a scammers call centre.

Like a Virgin, hacked for the very first time... UK broadband ISP spills 900,000 punters' records into wrong hands from insecure database

adam payne Silver badge

The now-secured marketing database – containing names, home and email addresses, and phone numbers, and some dates of birth, plus other info – had been left open since mid-April 2019

The marketing department strikes again.

MPs to grill Post Office and Fujitsu execs on Horizon IT scandal after workers jailed over accounting errors

adam payne Silver badge

The Register will be reporting the main Parliamentary evidence session later this month, which is expected to include a Fujitsu exec.

The Chief Executive for Toilet Cleaning no doubt.

So far there has been no suggestion that any individual from the Post Office or Fujitsu will face criminal charges for their part in the scandal.

Why the hell not?!?

They accused innocent people of theft, threatened these people with prosecution and in same cases had people prosecuted and all because there IT system didn't work correctly.

Every prosecution in regards to this complete fiasco needs to be reviewed immediately.

All the money they wrongly took from people with the threat of prosecution should be given back with interest.

If at all possible criminal charges brought against the ex CEO, his management team and anyone involved in covering this up.

Our 'solution is killing us in a number of areas' IBM said about doomed £175m Co-Op Insurance project

adam payne Silver badge

Innovation Group was brought in by IBM to customise its US-specific white label insurance platform for the Co-Op's use. It rapidly emerged during Project Cobalt that the product needed significant work before it was fit for use in the UK market.

So the software was for the US insurance market and you brought in a subcontractor to customise it for the UK market. Your product, your subcontractor but not your fault....OK good look with that.

Southern Water not such a phisherman's phriend, hauls itself offline to tackle email lure

adam payne Silver badge

After all the years of anti phishing education and testing that education there are still people clicking on things.

People make mistakes, people get distracted and there are those certain people who just like clicking on things.

Sophos was gearing up for a private life – then someone remembered the bike scheme

adam payne Silver badge

It is being bought by Surf Buyer Limited – a vehicle owned by VC firm Thoma Bravo, which also owns McAfee, bits of Symantec

So just how bloated is Sophos going to get?

It's Terpin time: Bloke who was SIM jacked twice by Bitcoin thieves gets green light to sue telco for millions

adam payne Silver badge

Terpin is suing AT&T for not following its own agreed security protocol, and he wants punitive damages. AT&T denies it is responsible for any loss

Well they would.

AT&T are going to drag this out for as long as possible until Mr Terpin finally runs out of money.

London's top cop dismisses 'highly inaccurate or ill informed' facial-recognition critics, possibly ironically

adam payne Silver badge

Dick says the Met has been “completely open and transparent about it.”

If this open and transparent then i'd hate to see secretive.

She then claimed to be open to serious concerns about the system. “I am not of course arguing against criticism per se.

Of course you aren't, you just ignore it instead.

Dick claimed that “the tech we are deploying is proven not to have an ethnic bias.”

OK the machine may not have but the officer may have.

Just the place you'd want to spot a BSOD: While waiting in line for a roller coaster that lifts you up 124ft

adam payne Silver badge

...his attention was abruptly drawn to the second thing you really don't want to see before boarding something that does 0 to 100km/h in 2.5 second

Hopefully it didn't control the breaking system.

AMD takes a bite out of Intel's PC market share across Europe amid microprocessor shortages, rising Ryzen

adam payne Silver badge

I remember my old PC Chips motherboard...

PC Chips.....oh I remember their boards and they were crap on an epic scale.

20 years ago manufacturers making AMD boards made some shockers but nowadays this has changed and the vast majority of boards for AMD are rock solid.

adam payne Silver badge

Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa said CIOs still generally prefer Intel's Core processor family to AMD's Ryzen line

That probably due to a lot of CIOs not knowing what they are looking at.

...and that Chipzilla dominates the B2B portfolios of Lenovo, HP and Dell

I have long suspected Intel is up to it's old tricks again by giving PC builders discounts and back handers to not stock AMD.

"Adding AMD PCs to their PC portfolio would increase PC maintenance costs,"

Most companies are not going to stock spares anyway so I doubt it would increase maintenance costs.

All that Samsung users found on UK website after weird Find my Mobile push notification was... other people's details

adam payne Silver badge

Mark showed us screenshots he had taken, showing himself logged in and someone else's details being displayed as if they were associated with his account.

Is that the sound of the GDPR train stopping at the Samsung UK HQ station?!?

Among those pardoned by Trump this week: Software maker ex-CEO who admitted hacking into rivals' systems

adam payne Silver badge

According to Christie: “It was a complete overreaction by the US attorney’s office. He acknowledged that he did something wrong but he didn’t deserve to be a federal felon....

Commit a crime and you have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

One man is standing up to Donald Trump's ban on US chip tech going to Huawei. That man... is Donald Trump

adam payne Silver badge

Trump went on to say that he didn't want to sacrifice US companies on the basis of "fake national security." People, he said, without naming names, are "getting carried away."

Yourself included oh great and mighty orange one.

Astroboffins agog after spotting the first repeating fast radio burst that pings every 16 days from another galaxy

adam payne Silver badge

Astroboffins agog after spotting the first repeating fast radio burst that pings every 16 days from another galaxy

Is it from another galaxy or is it from dark space?

It's a Bing thing: Microsoft drops plans to shove unloved search engine down throats of unsuspecting enterprises

adam payne Silver badge

While the change of mind will be welcomed, what is surprising is that Microsoft ever thought it could change search defaults in this aggressive manner without strong opposition.

That was my first thought.

US govt accuses four Chinese army soldiers of hacking Equifax and siphoning 145m Americans' personal info

adam payne Silver badge

“Today, we hold PLA hackers accountable for their criminal actions, and we remind the Chinese government that we have the capability to remove the Internet’s cloak of anonymity and find the hackers that nation repeatedly deploys against us.”

So you've shouted their names from the roof tops but they'll never be held accountable for anything as China won't give them up.

Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it

adam payne Silver badge

Incredibly, it seems Windows 10 Search and other services were knocked offline by infrastructure falling over, preventing all search results, even local ones, from showing up on desktops. Yes, it's that stupid.

Yes it is but I can see why Microsoft are doing it. Gotta push the usage stats up for Bing so they can keep pretending that people use it.

I wonder what the biggest searches are? cmd, Windows up, word etc etc

Gin and gone-ic: Rometty out as IBM CEO, cloud supremo Arvind Krishna takes over, Red Hat boss is president

adam payne Silver badge

IBM credits Rometty with overseeing the acquisition of 65 companies and developing its $21bn hybrid cloud businesses....blah blah blah

She is also uncredited for one of the biggest PR disasters ever.

Thunderbird is go: Mozilla's email client lands in a new nest

adam payne Silver badge

Thunderbirds are go or rather Thunderbird is going again.

UN didn't patch SharePoint, got mega-hacked, covered it up, kept most staff in the dark, finally forced to admit it

adam payne Silver badge

I don't know which is worse the security audits telling you to get your house in order or the cover up.

Indie VPN WireGuard gets the Torvalds seal of approval with inclusion in Linux kernel 5.6

adam payne Silver badge

Indie VPN WireGuard gets the Torvalds seal of approval with inclusion in Linux kernel 5.6


Brave, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla gather together to talk web privacy... and why we all shouldn't get too much of it

adam payne Silver badge

Justin Schuh, engineering director on Google Chrome for trust and safety, reprised an argument he's made previously that too much privacy would be harmful to ad-supported businesses.

Such as the very one you work for?!?

Accounting expert told judge Autonomy was wrong not to disclose hardware sales

adam payne Silver badge

....HPE's expert, said he hadn't seen, writing that "my opinions are given on the basis of the facts I have been instructed to assume"

I think it's quite obvious what he was instructed to assume.

The judge continued, addressing HPE's legal team: "Your expert recognised that whilst it's not what he thinks he would have done, that it wasn't improper in the sense of being beyond what a reasonable auditor could have imagined, in which case, that's that, isn't it?"

Yet again the judge schools the legal team of HPE.

It's good to see a judge who can see through the smoke and mirrors.

Windows takes a tumble in the land of the Big Mac and Bacon Double Cheeseburger

adam payne Silver badge

According to the burger-flipping chain, "the screen was going through a reboot and was working normally once that had finished".

Oh OK so every PC with Windows blue screens when going through a reboot. My PC must be broken then as I don't get that.

This episode of Black Mirror sucks: London cops boast that facial-recog creepycams will be on the streets this year

adam payne Silver badge

"An important thing to remember, I think, anyway from my perspective, is live facial recognition makes no decisions.

Yes you are correct it doesn't make decisions but decisions are made based on the information given, information that has been showed to be incorrect an alarming number of times.

If your mug is not matched by the system, according to Ephgrave, the images taken and the processing done will be deleted immediately.

Are you sure this is the case? sure you don't want to double check that first? We wouldn't want it to could back and bite you.


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