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Sony's Windows 7 virtualization switch-off (partly) reversed


Same issue with Gateway Laptops

I have a Gateway P6860FX laptop and it has the same issue; no option to enable VT-x in BIOS. I can install a x64 OS, but I cannot use any x64 virtualzation programs: so no use for VirutalPC, VMWare or VirutalBox on a $1,500 Gateway laptop either...

MacBooks afflicted with SATA 'degrade'


SATA for Laptops

This is normal for a laptop. SATA II chipset is used, but it is forced into normal SATA legacy mode as the power usage in SATA legacy is lower than SATA II mode- giving longer battery life.

You would need a very fast/expensive SSD drive to notice a difference. For most, the limit would be the spindle rotation and seek time in a Winchester drive.

It is also possible that the system is configured to check for SSD vs. platter disks and adjust the SATA mode accordingly- has anyone verified it is in SATA legacy mode with an SSD drive?