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Premier League wants to PURGE ALL FOOTIE GIFs from social media

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copyright is for creative works

I thought copyright was for creative works. So the guys kicking the ball are over paid actors and the entire event is scripted?

Creepy battery-operated teddy bear sex toy..,sadly, this is for real

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I believe it was the nimbus 2000 broom the vibrated.

Can you guys do a proper investigation into VALVe's attempt to conquer the living room.

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[quote]It's akin to saying if you bought an Xbox One you'd have to rebuy all the games you have on Playstation 3, it's only to be expected since it's a different platform.


Its more like the Xbox one having backward compatibility with 400+ games, but when you play one of those games the games on your original xbox will not play.

My comments are regarding valve entering the consumer market with a system that actively punishes families that will have more than 1 steam capable machine.

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Can you guys do a proper investigation into VALVe's attempt to conquer the living room.


I'm suprised that you have not properly analysed VALVes attempt to conquer the living room. All articles tend to gloss over how an average consumer will use a Steam Machine.

If Apple used the same logic as VALVe, then I'd have to rebuy all my music if I got my wife an iPod.

It seems even el Reg has been blinded by VALVes Holy light.

Microsoft's NEW OS now runs on HALF of ALL desktop PCs

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Windows 8, the triumph of marketing over common sence.

Windows 8 was an attempt to unify the xbox, win phone and PC experience. Oddly enough the guy that suggested putting mice on the winphone and xbox got laughed at.

FORGET OUR PAST, 12,000 Europeans implore Google

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All searches should have a historical and keyword weighting.

I needed to look up our son Autism consultants contact details. We just used his name and the third returned result was a 7 year old newspaper article regard his affair, over 1/2 the first page results were regarding this affair.

While I like to believe peoples opinion of the Doctors medical ability would not be skewed by such information, I know this is not the case.

These results should only be shown when search for doctors name and the year or the keyword affair.

A filter on results older than 5 years would protect most people with the right to be forgotten, and still return pertinent information

Valve says no Steam Machines until 2015, fingers crossed

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what hell is wrong with you people.

My first comment had got more thumbs down.

Ok its not the most eloquent of arguments, and easily misread.

However HinD continues to get thumbs up even though he is completely amd utterly wrong with his assumptions.

Please if you think I'm wrong, go look at the official SFS FAQ.

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Re: RE: NoneSuch

Agreed poor little Por Ridge needs a good slapping. Doesn't know how good he's got it.

When I was a Lad we used to huddle around the power brick of a zx81 for heat.

We didn't have a tape deck, we used a microphone. I took months of practice, but we could load games by squealing.

When the rubber from the keys perished we cut up bike tyres and nailed them to the keyboard.

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Re: So it is only the controller that is missing?

Because the controller is an important part of the steam machine, in the same way the wii-mote was to the wii.

The steam controller needs to be right to allow mouse/keyboard games to be playable on the big screen.

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Using offline mode is a work around, not intended practise.

You could use offline mode to have any number of computers playing the same game. This is posible with or without SFS.

Yes steam games are £20 cheaper, but if I have to buy another copy so my daughter can play watchdogs while I play Civ5 that advantage is lost.

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why the thumb down?

Is it because you think my understanding of Steam Family Sharing is wrong.

Givej HinD's 4 thumbs up this could be the case.

Please go to the VALVe own SFS page and read the FAQ, ypu will find my understanding is accurate.

Maybe you think VALVe are doing the right thing, Imagine your next budget meeting.

Our ERP supplier have gone a VALVe style licensing.

Last year we brought 5 ledger, 10 enquiry and 1 admin licenses.

This year we need 10 ledger, 10 enquiry and 10 admin licenses.

Please, those that gave thumbs down, explain yourselves.

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Re: That isn't a Steam issue.

Re: HinD

It is not THAT game it is ANY game.

If I'm playing portal you can not play ANY of the other 49 games.

This is the massive misconception with SFS.

If it worked like you think I would be very happy and there would ne no issue, but it doesn't.

Can two users share a library and both play at the same time?

No, a shared library may only be accessed by one user at a time.

From this page


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RE: NoneSuch

To go into more detail.

Mr Ave Ridge buys a SteamMachine, creates an account and fills it with 50 games.

He sets up an Account for his Kid "Por" and shares the games to it.

All is fine, up until his Kid says "I want my own Steam Machine"

So Mr Ridge buys a second Machine and sets it up.

Por is playing Portal in his room, so Ave fires up Half Life 2.

5 minutes later Por comes down stairs crying he's been kicked out of his game and it won't let him back in.

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Re: That isn't a Steam issue.

Thank you midnight, some times I feel I'm the only one that sees this issue.

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Re: That isn't a Steam issue.

None such, please look at the numbers in my statement.

50 games, 49 playable on the other device

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Steam Machines are marketed to Mr and Mrs A.V. Ridge and their 1.8 children. They are going to expect the same basic functions and flexibility as all other consumer electronics. Currently Steam falls very short on a basic expectation all consumers will have.

If they already have 1 steam machine and 50 games, and purchase a second machine they will believe that when the first machine is in use the 49 other games will be accessable on the second machine.

Steam does not offer this functionality, and without it VALVe will fail in the consumer electronics market. VALVe must sort out the Steam Family Sharing before the release of the Steam Machine.

SpaceX touts latest gear: new module, rocket demo

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Re: We ARE living in the future!

Re: Flatspot:

Yeh, you say all that, but its not exactly rocket science is it.......

DreamWorks CEO: Movie downloaders should pay by screen size

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Re: Stupid

I'm suprised no-one mentioned this before.

It most likely priced by res.

Given he's looking 10 years forward.

small screen = 1080p = $2

Big TV = 4K = $4

Cinema screen = 8K = $15

Tell you what, I think thats fair. At $4 i'd be buying a lot more films.

But iId want to OWN them, be able to have them downloaded not just streamed from some cloud.

Minecraft players can now download Denmark – all of it – in 1:1 scale

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Re: As a 29 year old who doesn't quite 'get' MC...

It erks me when people complain that things like this are a waste of tax payers money.

The same happened when downing street retorted to Jeremy Clarkson for PM.

The cost of these little PR stunts are so far bellow minimal is laughable to complain. More Money is wasted from bad policies that have to be backtracked and redone.

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Re: Is there a little Sandy Toksvig?

Now you mention it she does look a little like a minecraft avatar.

Video games make you NASTY AND VIOLENT

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just unlocked a repressed memory

I just remembered killing 32 people after a playing Tomb Raider:Angel of Darkness.

Google teases more modular smartphone details in run-up to dev meet-up

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Re: It looks super cool…

Yes, but there really only 2 things you can upgrade on a laptop. HDD and RAM, both of which can only give a small performance increase and requires screw drivers and some knowledge.

If you can swap Graphics, CPU and so on as easily as you would a fridge magnet then its a big difference.

Facebook Oculus VR buyout: IT WANTS your EYEBALLS

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Re: it aint hardware, its software

I disagree, there is a lot of hardware. A lot of specialist hardware, it most definitely is not a dumb screen. Yes there is software to make sense of data, but that can be replicated in an open source system.

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Agreed, I wouldn't use a Facebook operated service to talk to my doctor.

But I would use an Oculus Rift, using an independent self-contained service to talk to my doctor.

Though how my doctor is going to examine my swollen knee via VR I'm not sure.

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I've given this some thought.

Zuck is never going to get his 2billion back via Oculus directly. Its only ever going to be indirect, via services thst use VR, any VR.

The Rift is hardware, and while posible (but highly unlikely) to have facebook data slurping firmware that data has to be collected via its driver. The will be open source drivers.

Zuck is not going to be getting much usable data from me playing HL2 with an oculus, or from any of the first or second gen VR software.

Its the generations after that he's got his eyes on. The software that majority of people might use VR for, virtual shoping, movies and events.

If you don't want to feed zuck, then don't use those services.

The money and resources Oculus have just got are good for VR, the unpleasent VR facebook stuff was going to happen anyway. The only real change is the Rift will come sooner and better.

Facebook swallows Oculus VR goggle-geeks. Did that really happen?

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had to check the date

Its not April the 1st.

This is wrong on so many levels.

The idea of a VR Facebook fills me with a re-hydrated sick feeling.

Box shock stock doc clocks 250 million bucks

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foreseeable future?

[Quote]"We have a history of cumulative losses, and we do not expect to be profitable for the foreseeable future," Box noted in its SEC filing. [/quote]

I admire their candour, but if they succeed in floating it just goes to show how fundimentally screwed up the whole system is.

For a long time Amazon opperated at a loss, but I don't think they thought they wouldn't make profit in the foreseeable future.

Earth's night-side gets different kinds of neutrinos from day-side

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Hollywood has got it right

Mutant neutrinos are going to boil the earth and bring about the end of the world.

John cussak is holding my coat.

Q. Can your Linux PC run Crysis? OK, it can. But will it run natively? A. Soon, very soon

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Soon an other SteamOS game....

That i wont be able to play because my son is playing plant vs zombies through VALVes sharing system.


Japanese boffins build 'earring PC' for hands-free computing

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voices in my head

I've been using earpieces to help hide the voices in my head for years.

Now I can look even more chiq.

Not so FAST: Another discount software broker BOOTED OUT

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Re: Value, what value?

The laws should not govern the value of the license, more Define that they have value.

A license should be as resellable as any other non-tangable asset.

You buy stocks in a company, that company can not dictate how you resell them (excluding employee stock options).

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Re: Value, what value?

Agreed, there needs to be defined laws giving licenses value post sale. Publishers have far too much influence one what people can do with their legally purchased licenses.

I'm in: Peter 'Dragons' Den' Jones launches bid to buy out Expansys

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not to be confused with

Peter "The Voice of the Book" Jones, who unfortunately is only Pushing Daisies.

Valve gives Oculus Rift a whirl with SteamVR mode

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RE: Lee D

Firstly, given the current ruling of EU and US courts regarding the rights of license owners (those that have purchased the games/software) I don't believe VALVe would have had to make any changes to their contracts with publishers.

Secondly, if this is true one publisher has no right to dictate access to other publishers software. If EA don't want their games to be shared, then VALVe can lock those games out of sharing. But EA have can not say while some one plays one of our games, the legally owned license of other publishers are not allowed to be accessed.

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Re: Can you ask VALVe about the State of SFS

If what you said is true, then the offline loophole would have been closed as a matter of urgency, which it has not.

All VALVe need to do is ensure that the original license given to the end user is not violated. They have the power and technology.

What we have a system that neither protects the publishers nor gives families a way to use their purchased licenses.

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Re: Can you ask VALVe about the State of SFS

Well I can't make a small uppercase e that sits above the text line, like VALVe does for its name.

While I'm not an English Literature graduate I'm fairly sure when using multiple "and"s in a sentence there should be a comma to create a list like structure. If I remember correctly it should go between "properly" and "and" .

I'm sure there are better educated grammar Nazis on the board that will correct me if I'm wrong.

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Can you ask VALVe about the State of SFS

There is a State of "VALVe can do no wrong" at the moment on all the Tech news sites.

And to a point this is because they are doing amazing things and really pushing new ideas.

SFS should be one of them....

“Our customers have expressed a desire to share their digital games among friends and family members, just as current retail games, books, DVDs, and other physical media can be shared,” explained Anna Sweet of Valve. “Family Sharing was created in direct response to these user requests.”

So says the press release from VALVe

However their current design for Steam Family Sharing (SFS) is an absolute insult to those that asked for such a function and makes a mockery of the licenses people have brought via steam.

Valve have wisely made a system which requires the lending account to log onto target machine, this is good since it reduces the chance of people setting up SFS with strangers.

However if the owner plays a game, all other games are locked out and can not be played. If someone is playing a shared game and the owner plays and entirely different game the original player gets booted off in 5 minutes.

Like sharing a pizza, eating one slice but not letting anyone else eat the rest.

People want a proper Per Game sharing system.

And to add insult there is the offline mode loophole. In offline mode you can not only play your games, but all other games shared too you. In offline mode you could have 10+ people playing the same game at the same time having only payed for one copy.

Back to the pizza, If I go into a locked room a whole pizza magically get taken from PizzaGut and appears on my lap, and the same for everyone else that does the same.

4 Months ago VALVe was told of this issue, an issue that could be fixed with 4 lines of code. Yet it remains.

User that have been raising voices and trying to unify those that want a fairer and better system are being banned from the Forums. Long running and active threads that discus the issue and have been giving suggestions have been systematically closed.

4 months with out a single response from VALVe.

Hooters, shooters and looters: Eidos’s Tomb Raider

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TR is firmly engrained into my mind

I used to play TR while listerning to music. When ever i hear certain songs I get a flash back to the Cistern Level. Copper green channels of water, leaps of faith between them.

I've brought and completed every TR game, with the exception of the disaster that was Angel of Darkness (brought but unplayable).

Crystal Dynamics reboot have been perfect.

Valve aiming to take the joy(sticks) out of gaming with Steam Controller

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While it may be written in jest, HL3 would be a good crowbar to get people buying Steamboxes.

Terror cops swoop on couple who Googled 'backpacks' and 'pressure cooker'

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Re: @Vince Lewis 1

I'm well aware of the ideas of Fear and Control. FUD has been used and continues to be used.

The only reflection of the Effect of FUD with in this story is from the ex-employer that called the cops on a search History of "Pressure Cooker" and Backpack.

Yes its unfortunate their son looked at a "How a Pressure Cooker Bomb Works" online. But the authorities acted with respect and due diligence.

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Re: Backpack? Pressure cooker? I own both!

Only if you cook rice in your back pack

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Just realised who really doing the down voting

Lizard agents of the shadow government are influencing this board.

They don't want people thinking Agents are going about their jobs with out needless threats and violence, they want people to be in fear of every nature of the Government and Law enforcement.

Any notion of Anti terrorism units calmly talking to people, respecting peoples property and quietly leaving must be quashed. People must be made to fear their government its only through fear can they have control.

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Anyone that has read the article and defends the actions of the authorities is getting down voted.

It is absolutely ridiculous. The Fire Dept gets calls to House Fires that are Bonfires, Police get called to disturbances that are just loud movies and the FBI get called called to potential terrorists that were just a couple doing some personal shopping on work time.

Unfortunately these things happen and when a lot of your leads come from public information there will be more false leads with Anti Terrorist information.

The Agents themselves most likely thought this is going to be dead end but they have to follow up, just as the fireman heading off to a prank call would.

This is not an "Enemy of the State" or "V for Vendetta" paranoid government action, but reasonable suspicion followed up by a non violent visit and conversation.

I'm not saying there isn't an erosion of civil liberties or too much surveillance on law abiding citizens, because there is. But this was a simple case of something looking like something it wasn't.

Vince Lewis 1

Why all the down votes. It sounds like a reasonable response to a tip off. They didn't drag him off, bash down the doors or go in guns blazing.

Yes disturbing and a little frightening, and I wouldn't like it to happen to me, but the officials involved have a duty to follow leads.

The only unreasonable action was of the ex-employer to leap from two innocent search term to the idea of terrorist and call in the cops.

Big blue Avatar movie spawns THREE SEQUELS

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Personally I'd like a pre-quel

I've long thought the Navi, their biology and their easily interfaced biosphere was so improbable as an evolved system it would have needed to be artificial.

I think a prequel set a thousand years previous would a good idea.

At this point Pandora was at a social/technological similar to modern earth not sci-fi, nor all harmonious. Just bumbling through existence, when all of a sudden a huge meteor smashes into the planet. After reeling from that blast, the joined forces of the planet find the meteor has taken root and an army of bio-technological warriors are starting to fight their way across their planet.

Film ends in a last ditch attack against the invaders HQ/Life tree. The blast is enough to send the invaders into disarray and chaos, but eventually the native populous is wiped out by the rapidly expanding biosphere of the invaders.

Always thought that would be a good wake up call for all those Avatards who think the Navi as something to aspire to.

Yahoo! announces last hurrah of ancient AltaVista search

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alta-vista for porn

First day in a proper IT job. It was 1997 and been a few years since I had internet access.

Need to look something up on the web.

Alta vista's a good search engine... Whats the url again, oh yes I remember.

I was wrong, very wrong. Porn pop-up flooding my screen and my boss walking in.

Microsoft gives away Windows 8 to Mac devs

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Re: A Mac at a price I'd pay

True, the last time I used a Mac, before the iLamp I found in a skip, was a Mac II when I was at school.

After playing with the iLamp for a while I was impressed with the OS's speed with low memory, so I put it to use as a video player for the kids.

However the iLamp was running an OSX version which was the contemporary of Win XP so the idea of selecting 2 or more video files and queuing them up should not have been beyond the realms of expectation.

I did find various solutions, most based around scripting Quicktime to creating a single file based on the selected files or an even more complicated script that opened and closed Quicktime for each file, either way useless for what I wanted to do.

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A Mac at a price I'd pay

Funny you should say about getting Mac devs to to use Won 8 by giving it away, because I recent got my first Mac at a price I was willing to pay for one. I found an old G4 iLamp in a skip.

A lovely machine with a pretty OS, though I eventully had to install linux in order to queue and play multiple video files.

First, servers were deep-fried... now, engineers bring you wet ones

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need a plumber

Not keen on the idea of needing a plumber to move my TV.

Euro boffins plan supercomputer to SIMULATE HUMAN BRAIN

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Re: Wrong target?

You're right. It''s much easier to dissect a living human brain, examine small parts of it, change chemical its balance and so on, all while doing zero damage and not affecting it with sedatives and pain killers.

With in a decade we should be able to simulate whole sections of an individual's brain, and help find the best treatment for that person.

In 2 decades a whole brain could be simulated, and yes the question of whether the simulation has its own consciousness and related the moral and legal rights.

In 3 to 4 decades we could be looking at the very real possibility of digital immortality.