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Nintendo 3DS smashes advance order record

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Looked ok, but not paying £230, when its only $157 in the USA.

Apple kills browse-and-get-hacked bugs in iOS

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why the fuss?

I have a 2MB download speed on my broadband, the new OS took 12 minutes to download and install on the iPhone, as stated above its a complete OS download not a patch, I don't think that having to plug my Phone into my computer for 12 minutes is really such a big deal.

Both the Apple haters and the FanBois really need to calm down a bit.

Flash finally finagled onto iPhone

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no flash thanks

one of the reasons i got an iPhone was so there would be no flash on it, flash ads in web sites are a pain in the ass.

Disgruntled fanbois sought for iPhone 4 Apple prosecution

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take it back for a refund

If its not working or your not satisfied just take it back, how hard is that?

I bought things from shops, that havnt been fit for the purpose as advertised, I took them back and got a refund, then went and bought something else.

About time that companies started having a go at the lawyers and sue them.

Google can kill or install apps on citizen Androids

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apple haters google lovers

perhaps all the people that love (apple/google) or hate (apple/google) will now realise that every company is in it to

a make money, and

b protect their money making hardware/software

Lords: Analogue radio must die

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fm is not crap

I get great reception on my FM radio why would I want a digital radio. If it’s anything like freeview reception it will be a piece of crap, my ITV C4 channels are always breaking up cos they send it all on the same channel on freeview, why would I trust them with my radio.

Not to mention the environmental cost of scrapping perfectly good radio’s for new digital ones.

Intel: Just 3,000 employees run Windows 7

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Why Upgrade if you don't need to?

I have a 4 year old iMac and a 8 Year old PC, and no intention of upgrading either, I don't have to as they are both doing what they were bought for. Can't see any reason to upgrade just to put more profits into someone else's pockets.

Apple iPhone tops 2009 smartphone sales

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who cares

I can listen to music while I surf on the iphone and have an IM season active, given the size of a smart phone screen how many apps do you really need running at one time.

I admit that the iPhone is not the greatest phone for everyone, but don't slag it off as the worst either.

Its a good smartphone that suits a percentage of customers, same as every other phone. I really don't get the "my phone's better than yours" crap, same as the PC vs Mac flame's, who cares.

Buy what suits you and let others do the same.

Apple iPad vs netbooks: fight not over yet

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iPad will be ok

Your missing the point of the iPad, its not for people that want to run linux or windows or even for that matter OSX, its for people that don't want an OS at all, that don't want to have to download drivers, or virus checkers, or have to know how to install or un-instal programs. its for people who only want to surf, do email, watch a casual movie or tv show, people that don't need, want, or even know how to multi task, and there are a lot of these people, my brother is one of them he CANNOT use a computer, as soon as 2 programs are running he loses all idea of where to find which program is doing what, if its not visible its not running as far has he is concerned. So the iPad may not be for you or even for me, but it will appeal to a lot of non teck punters.

Russia assigns $16.7m for nuclear spaceships

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Bring back Project Orion, was a great idea that would have made space travel "fairly" cheap had it been completed.

Star Trek to boldly go (again)

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No Borg Please

loved the 1st film, but hope they don't go with the Borg for the 2nd, the Borg have been done to death frankly.

Hackintosher goes titsup

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Get over it that the way all software is sold

thing is you don't own the software you rent the software. I remember having the same argument against the software providers for our back office system, and all the systems we have used in the last 20 years, the agreement is ALWAYS you are paying for a software licence NOT the software. so in the last 3 systems they provide the hardware and the software together.

I don't like it but thats the way it is, if you don't agree don't sign up.

Apple silences Psystar's rebel yell with injunction

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its not a CD

You buy a CD on the understanding that you CAN play it on any CD player.

You buy OSX on the understanding that your CAN ONLY play it on a Mac. Don't see the problem if you don't want to use it on an Apple, buy a PC and run Windows or Linix.

Microsoft ordered to halt Win XP sales in China

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that what they did to Apple

That what MS did to Apple in the 80s they had a licence to use Apples stuff for win 3.1, but they used the code graphics etc in win 95, eventually settled out of court and paid Apple, Apple by then needed the money so had to settle. Am not surprised that they are still doing this kind of thing.

Europe welcomes Dell's Mac Mini Zino HD

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extra £50, extra £500 more like on the Dell website

Snow Leopard redumps Intel's Atom

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could just be they are optimizing the code to run on the processors that they sell, Snow Leopard was developed for taking advantage of 64bit and was optimized.

There doesn't have to be another motive, and I would think that they know that the Hackintosh community will fine a fix fairly quickly.

It could I also be a way to help stop psystar or support their legal argument against them.

Brown declines to resign

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MP, MEP, MSP etc

They are professional liars all of them.

Extortionist targets jailbroken iPhones

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I have a PC in the house that I can tinker with, do what I want take apart, put in Windows or Linix. The fact that I choose to have an iPhone does not make me a fanboy. I knew what the restrictions where when I bought it, so I don't jailbreak cos it does what I want, if it didn't I would get something else.

So not sure where the wrapped round Apples finger comes from, unless its the fact that I can't stand whiny prats complaining about having to hack a phone that is clearly locked down and sold on that basis.

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Hey if you want to hack you phone thats your choice, but my point is don't moan about it being locked, it was locked when you bought it and you knew it was locked, if it bothered you so much get something else.

James Robertson 2

shafted by everyone

Given that every piece of software you "buy", and most hardware comes with conditions on how you are allowed to use it, I would think that people would be used to terms and conditions. I got an iPhone cos it suits me, if it didn't suit me I would "buy" another phone and use that with what ever terms and conditions that Phone/supplier/Carrier came with.

All this bleating about its my phone I will do what I want, is crap. You agreed with the terms and conditions when you signed up and bought the phone. live with it, or get another make of phone elsewhere its that simple.

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not worth it

Thought about jail breaking, but with the app store its not worth the hassle.

I guess however that this shows that Apple are in the right in locking down the phone for the average user anyway. If you then want to remove that protection yourself, fair enough, but watch out for this to become more common now that smart phones (not just iPhones) are becoming the norm.

Nurse Lovelace gives hardened lag 55-hour stiffy

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"Hard" Labour

Saves on Viagra though

Microsofties lose their iPhones

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Silly or what

Bit sad really. Does it matter really which phone your using, if your comfortable using it you will be more productive, surely that make you more cost effective, rather than having to use a phone you don't like, want or can use.