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Microsoft abolishes Money

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Not a smart move...

I have used Microsoft Money since 2001 and have enjoyed using it. I have tried Quicken and other tools but money was as easy and 'powerful' as Money. The UI was rich and the program (for most functions) was intuitive. It will be missed, and I now have to scramble to find an alternative (which I think there are none)... Might be back to spreadsheets.

One interesting thing about this move is that it is the last 'Windows' only app I use. I still use Office, but don't really need to, and can switch easily to OpenOffice (which I use periodically already). I have one Apple Macbook, and for work I use Ubunutu and Windows (dual boot- mainly for Money/Office). So now I can totally move off Windows, and standardise on OSX/Ubunutu with cross-platform apps (i.e. Firefox/OpenOffice/Gimp/etc).

I wonder if Microsoft has realised that this might be the case for others who were considering upgrading to Win 7 and no longer have compelling reason to.


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