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No more UFO reports please, says MoD

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and you think...

..thats a coincidence?

Dongles pricey and pointless, says Bluetooth SIG

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So True!

Skype phone internet addon on 3 for the month is a mere £5 and I've been using it as my main internet connection for the last 2 years with no problems. Since the usb driver is not available for Ubuntu, the bluetooth dialup scripts took 5 minutes to locate using google-fu, and around 3 minutes to copy to /etc/peers and configure. Compared to £38 a month I used to pay for orange broad band, the saving is massive - an no more ' we dont support Linux' arguments when orange failed.

Gov confirms plans for Sky box in charge of your house

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claiming here was a full public consultation.

is not justified by a single link to a story on one site! pull your head out of your arse.

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wish I'd caught that one

Normally I'm glued to the radio while working, must have been out when it was aired. shame.

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I dont want either

... so I look forward to various 'work arounds' if these things are pushed upon me.

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,,,what if there is some sort of software fault...

..its not a case of IF, but WHEN.

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No there wasn't...

I saw no posters, heard nothing on the radio, and no one ever said anything about tv ads about this, also if there was it would have been picked up on this site before hand!

Google moves tanks onto property market's lawns

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..rob anything?

No Nook e-reader til 7 December or later

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Books - tried, tested, and in every house for many a year with no batteries and associated hassles - these pdf viewers are a fad and will fail because many people can tell that these things are merely technology for technologies sake.

LHC smashes Tevatron record: Humanity enters the unknown

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.so thats...

... what the inspiration for the Stargate series was....the writers had got hold of the boffins 'to-build' list!

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..are you trying to say we ARE god??? maybe now is the time to revise the list for animals for creation?

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Sleepless nights

I've noticed, in que's at shops, in the pub, and at work that it seems recently a LOT of people are talking about having difficulty sleeping. I am curious as to what measures are taken to contain the stray R.F., magnetism that this beast is generating...after all the brain is an electrical organ, blah, blah blah.

Pitchfork-wielding mobs encircle smart meters

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dont forget the alternative...

..to the tumble dryer is the spin dryer, which usual have a 200 watt motor, and every minute in the spin dryer has the same drying equivalent of 10 minutes in a tumble dryer. While some clothes, such as denim jeans will still need a turn in a tumble dryer giving the clothes a 5 minute spin cuts the time needed in the tumble dryer by half, other clothes such as t-shirts, and cotton based things can usualy be worn straight away after a 10 minute spin.

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Crystal thermal tolerance?

It would be important to know the tolerance of the crystal that is used as the clock in these meters. Perhaps someone can 'play' with some liquid nitrogen and various loads to discover the truth?

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Connect an AC outlet to a PC scope to log with no domestic load, the scope logs will then point the way on how to hack these meters to the customers advantage!

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and add production variance

take a batch of 1000 units of any device and measure them, no two units ever perform the same, and the more parts the greater the difference in their performance PLUS thermal tolerances. The law of probability is that these meters are designed with an error margin in favour of the power company.

Blu-ray Players

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No one I know is planning to buy one, so why bother trying to hype the crap, its the vista of home entertainment, DVDs are more than good enough and plenty of people still use videos so this is just a fail.

Man guilty of selling fake chips to US Navy

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So this is not OK, but..

...when electronics are programmed to develop 'faults' just around the manufactures warranted period expires no one gets any grief at all... odd that!

US Military cyber forces on the defensive in network battle

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Its just Skynet testing the water?

'Alien spies live among us' says Bulgarian gov space boffin

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Its all arse backwards

... it's merely Invader Zim and Gir up to their propaganda tricks again, if he wasn't so over-zealous he would have succeeded at the mass-remote-mind control!

Microsoft ordered to halt Win XP sales in China

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If this stops those in China being sued for IP theft then im all for it because it will help the world economy, but has anyone else drawn a correlation to the windows software being pulled from the stock exchange and a recent (if slight) improvement in the media reports about our recession slowing?

UK.gov hoovers up data on five-year-olds

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Not on my shift jack!

Just emailed all my family members: if this crap comes home from school use it to light the fire, or "the dog ate it", etc, etc.

No to this means no now, now in 6 month time, and no in 6 six years!

Staff at UK mobile co sold customer records

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They called while I was reading this!

Strange timing....

Anyhow, im very happy with my PAYG, and have been for some time, but when I asked the sales droid to confirm account details it then said it was unable to do so without confirmation of the postcode!

Phone now set to direct all 'private' and 'no caller ID' calls directly to answer machine.

For those blokes that work as a sales droid attempting to drum up trade: go and get a real job instead of nagging like old lady.

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

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Utter shyte!

All working here!

The main differences I see are the faster boot times and snappier response in Firefox.

The things that remain the same are the FUD template as displayed in the comments above.

Skype for Linux set for open source

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Old news!?!

Has no one heard or used Skype4py module for python?

Windows 7 lessons - the must know before you buy

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Nah! I'm staying with Ubuntu because once you've seen a better way why go back?

Windows 95 to Windows 7: How Microsoft lost its vision

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Shyte Hype

Why would I spend my cash on another insecure mess that needs constant attention? My money will be spend on another HDD+graphics card+memory for my Ubuntu thanks!

3 flings bribey fivers for new subscribers

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Hell Yeah!

Whats not to like?

I've been using my PAYG mobile (Skypephone S1) for PC internet for well over a year now and all for a fiver a month.

When a Skype update removed Skype from my phone they sent me pre-paid packaging so I could send it to them for repairs - not bad when I had change from £40 when buying it.

As it happens they couldn't fix it, so they very kindly sent me a spanky new S2 all for free, no hassles, no worries.

The trick is to get the 'internet' add-on not the 'broadband' add-on, as its twice the download limit (2Gig) for £5, normaly at 70Kps [bluetooth connection with Ubuntu]

I'll recommend them to anyone who wants free calls and cheap internet!

FCC ferrets around for spare spectrum

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Needs Versus Wants

They might WANT all that bandwidth but is it really NEEDED?

People will have to get used to the fact that they cant have everything instantly - if they could what would they do with it?

And WHY must all this bandwidth be radio? Wires work, Optics work, hell even sonics work.

Sounds like someone had invested a way to appear busy while they hunt for what is not there to be had and make a noise about it.

Zombies bite into Symbian smartphones

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.exe on a Symbian?

This doesn't really sound right - I've never heard of an exe file running straight on phone!

Google Oompa-Loompas dream of virus-free OS

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Windows users reek of fear..

And some need to learn that windows is not the be-all-and-end-all of computing.

Please note the growing percentage of Linux on Desktops.

Google and the other Big firms involved in this project know what they're doing, and intend to do it well.

Time for some to re-evaluate their beliefs...

NHS hospitals struggle to hold back the malware tide

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Why are they still using Windoze?

Yet another example of a failure of common sense!

The NHS clearly need to source their advise from another vector, and since they cant defend windows, they need to move up to Linux, or any other non-microsoft OS!

End of!

McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwide

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Whats antivirus?

Before I learned-the hard way- I used to use an odd piece of software that helped to slow the response of my pc to something of 10 years older, and still would not protect my files.

Then after learning, after all the cost, after all the b.s. from the software supplier I simply switched to Ubuntu: 2 years of NO antivirus, and NO problems! Lesson learned. Just accept the facts and move on.

BOFH: A spot of bother

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Suggestion for BOFH gadgets:

I'm surprised he doesn't have tens machines fitted to some of the helldesk staff: automated idiots?!?

By my calculations you'd need 55 tens machines to fully automate a person, and with a suitable radio trigger could make friday afternoons a better place.

I for one would pay to watch 'automated smackdown...helldesk versus cow' or similar...

Its been a loong day here already!

Bing slips into bed with Twitter

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Google beat them to it!

For as long as twitter has been around Google will return twitter pages that fit the search.

Germans and Swiss snub DAB

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Why DAB when we have streams?

There is no need for a DAB radio, simple visit the internet radio station of your choice and 'listen live'.,,,, I've no intention to pay £65 for a DAB radio when my pc will do the job just fine.

My favorite: http://www.planetrock.com/

Stallman: open-source .NET 'danger' for Debian

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If in doubt - Delete:

sudo apt-get remove mono-common

followed by:

rm -fr mono

To completely remove mono and the packages that depend on it;


sudo apt-get remove --purge mono-common libmono0

sudo apt-get --purge autoremove

Job done, time for a brew!

Behind Microsoft's IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy

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Ubuntu offered as alternative

Since windows is proving so much hassle, the manufacturers should simply either install Firefox as they slip the machines into the boxes before dispatch or install Ubuntu.

The solution is an utter no-brainer.

There are hardly any windows users left that I know off, so all this drum banging is attention seeking of a business in disgrace.