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Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 12 voice recognition software review

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Theres an app for that

Ubuntu speech input on Google play....

Munich's mayor claims €4m savings from Linux switch

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re: PDF's

Why not simply print a file to a PDF ouput?

Works a treat, and saved time because i find windows scrambles carriage returns and line feeds - ideal for remote printing!

Royal Navy halts Highlands GPS jamming

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Already done!

Android Market... IamAt

8m health records go walkabout

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Wear clothes and have curtains at home do you? must have something to hide then...

NHS Barnet reveals 187 breaches of personal data

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I choose

Paper records ta, its time proven common sense format that works in power cuts, and as for the ignorant claim that no one is interested in records i ask WHY are they encrypted, etc?

I dont supose any debt collection agency/criminals/private investigatoras would have any want for such details?

And as for the mentality of 'nothing to fear, nothing to hide': still wear clothes, and have curtains at home do you?

Patients are wising up!

And as for

Windows phones send user location to Microsoft

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+ other data?

Judging by the volume of data wp7 sends I very much doubt its soley location data being sent.

Tesco heralds 2011 as YEAR OF ANDROID

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Zte Racer

Got one, love it. Only thing that stops it being as functional as a laptop is the usb port is not switvhable to master mode to run mouse/keyboard/monitor.

Drive-by exploit slurps sensitive data from Android phones

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Javascript off and alls ok.

It seems to fetch pages faster with it off.

DWP will make feuding parents pay

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Deja vu

Your post is a bit too similar to my situation. Those who try to do the right thing only seem to get punished. Beware the dangers of getting involved with 'lipstick princesses'!

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Get to know...

Your local mental health team.

The reality is if your an unmarried british straight poor man YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS ... you'll find lots of 'talking shops' that will try to stop you screaming with frustration, but even the toughest soul will crack. Just dont ask where i am now....

Lane Fox promises sub-£100 PCs

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Support is not needed

Beyond ejecting the '3 Connect' cd device first.

Then simply right click network manager and select '3internet'


Windows 7 Phone glitch spews phantom data

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3g watchdog

Is the free app for android to monitor data transfer amounts.

My zte racer is on payg with 3, so the monthly internet add-on is £5 for 2 gig.

Ive never seen 'random' data useage.

Ive suspect ms will come up with a fix to stop those thongs from spying- sorry- send customer data back to them.

There couldn't possible be any value in all that audio data as market research now could there?....

Freshly reburied Storm zombies burst up out of graves again

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There is a relationship

Between the phallicly challenged, choice of OS they use, and also target markets for viruses.

Go figure!

Microsoft 'sorry' as Hotmail bug hits 17,000

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Security major strops over MS free scanner auto-downloads

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The perfect excuse...

... for microsoft to scan your files and upload your documents to their hq.... go on, prove me wrong!

Ballmer cuts stake in Microsoft with shares sale

Fred 24

The first rat..

.. to flee the sinking ship.

Researcher outs Android exploit code

Fred 24

There's an opportunity here..

For a developer to write a browser pre-processor to filter out segments of code that are published as known exploits...

Health records get clean bill of health

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Already told my doctor

That under no circumstances are my details to go on this system. When i pointed out the number of data leaks and viruses causing trouble he agreed and later called me to confirm the surgery will not offer any patients the option. His last comment to me was "with windows how can we prove our systems dont have a virus?"

Grocery terminals slurped payment card data

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Folk need to learn

... That banks cannot be trusted, and you DON'T need a bank account to live!

Nokia runs all the way to the bank

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No thanks!

I dont trust banks, and happily live without an account.

As for any form of 'mobile money'... they can keep it!

ICO lets police maintain ANPR location secrecy

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Try living with this...

Apart from the spiralling cost of motoring, this is the other key factor which has seen me hangup my driving licience.

We have a decent bus network, so why should I put myself at risk of the idiots that fill the roads during summer.

There are a few places online where the locals keep tabs on where these things are, so while they may not release the information, those that drive have a counter measure for counter measure - nothing to do with evasion, just the long traffic jams that happen while they pull someone over.

Apple QuickTime backdoor creates code-execution peril

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Microsoft's most secure operating system to date.


HA ha

Ha ha ha ha

Of course it is sweety, of course it is...

Boffins baffled by mysterious Martian crater

Fred 24

Where is

Samantha Carter when you need her? She'd suss it....

Data protection and surveillance: Swapping the speed camera for ANPR?

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Multiple number plates?...

I'd be interested to know how these things would decide which number plate to read if a second number plate is visible in the rear window?

What if more than one vehicle had a decoy plate with the same numbers?

Just a thought?

Zeus botnet raid on UK bank accounts under the spotlight

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I don't have a bank account!

British Gas signs Voda so meters can snitch direct

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Disconnecting the customers

Having read all the PDF's I have to wonder why they are so intent on being about to switch off the customers supply on a regular basis - the switches have a 10,000 operation lifetime in the specs.

Is this the level of load management they are willing to go to.... we can't cope so just turn them off?

The really alarming thing that leaps at my read of the specs is the requirement to log at 1 minute intervals, or less - so if that resolution of billing is needed that the scary predictions of 60% energy price hikes does appear to be on the way.

One topic - security - did make me chuckle though, they are spec'ing for defence to 6 types of attack and so seem most worried about magnets of 600 gauss and 25mm in size......I wonder why!

Dell bars Win 7 refunds from Linux lovers

Fred 24

Naked Computers

For people who like to say “No Thanks!” to proprietary operating systems


These guys will get my next domestic order!

Microsoft tells UK schools: buy our software, save money

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Acting strangely around schools...

What is it about the way they target schools that just creeps a lot of people out - Oh I know: Its wrong! And of course nobody mentioned all the money saved by the schools that ditched windows for Ubuntu...

Trojan pr0n dialers make comeback on mobile phones

Fred 24

It just hype

... to get the masses to buy their products.

I note that the CA page shows an image of an emulator used for designing mobile software, and as such most likely has the ability to disable the prompts before sending an SMS (if im wrong please correct me).

I also wonder if CA show the emulator rather than a compromised phone because they are trying to develop the virus in the first place (it would be in the best interest of their business model if there was a problem need their solution I guess).

Lastly I have not even overheard ANYONE in the real world having a problem with a virus on any mobile device.... has anyone else?

Microsoft predicts Linux will fail mobile 'quality' test

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what the hell?

Android IS Linux you fool! Developed in partnership with Canonical who also develop Ubuntu. Please at least try to use a search engine, or is that bing thingy censoring search results?

Fred 24


Really? did you google for "linux realtime kernel"??? did you? I think not, and I also think you should try to educate yourself better.

Google releases Nexus One SDK

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Im impressed!

After following the link to the Android SDK page it looks like it wont be long before I can make my own programs for the nexus.

The only gap in my knowledge is how to actually get the code i write from the SDK into the phone... years ago this was a nightmare, I'm hoping this is a case of being able to upload from bluetooth/web/file and simply run. If anyone knows better please let me know!

Fred 24

oooo yeessss

I've looked into this very thing, and with the android.hardware class and org.apache.http classes (plus others) it looks like (though i've skimmed through a lot of pages) not only can this be done, but the phone can also host its own apache server to dish the images out... if im wrong please correct me!

Welcome to the out-of-control decade

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Have to wonder...

.. if this is the view of a troubled personality, or somebody paid to write an article to down the two main competitors to M$???

Actual facts would clarify the situation, until any are provided articles such as this join my template list for ignored news threads.

A decade to forget - how Microsoft lost its mojo

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It all started with a pint!

..at the local.

This year I have been ASKED to install Ubuntu to rid users of their dimdoze hell. That's not advertising, that's real people (247 to date) who have heard by word of mouth. And it really needs to be said that over the last 5 weeks many of the local students have been happy to get shot of windows7!

Shuttleworth steps down as Canonical CEO

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Time for hunting

This is great news. So Mr Shuttleworth has passed the helm to another to leave himself free to hunt the bigger issues. I think now things are about to get very interesting.

Iraqi insurgents hack US drones with $26 software

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...not like there's....

...any need for a financial 'stimulus' package is there!...

'CRU cherrypicked Russian climate data', says Russian

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..and nothing at all...

... to do with any governments 'stimulus' package? no - there's no global warming, nothing to see here, just carry on with your usual habit citizens, the economy and short term gain is much important than the survival of the species!

Official: British telly really is almost all repeats

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This is another why

I stopped owning/watching TV over a year ago. Aside from it being all death/war/famine/doom/repeats, Why do we need it? we still have books, the internet, and god forbid: other people to meet and talk to.

ID card minister forgets ID card

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Do yourself a favour! while all banks actively use smoke and mirror tactics chose another one, cross the street! For your sake not mine!

Virgin coughs up digital tech support for clueless users

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PC abortion World!

It was only monday that one of the genius as pcworld tried to tell me that a DDR memory card will fit into a pc100 slot, given that example of recent experience I can only think that virgin are on to a winner (but lets not mention how t tech guys also ganged up on an elderly couple to convince them that they 'needed' to pay £120 to get rid of a virus on a brand new pc!)

DVLA data powers likely to be abused by foreign officials

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...to add another reason toward my consideration of surrendering my licence then!

fuel costs + road tax +idiot drivers + servicing costs + speed cameras + speed bumps + poor roads = fail.

Scammers scrape RAM for bank card data

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Chip and Pin = FAIL

So, aside from the fact that its made shopping ques longer, and is a ploy by the banks to shift blame when these systems get caught with their pants down, the important element of wisdom to remember is that there is nothing as secure as visiting the bank in person rather than trusting these machines. For what its worth to others fed up with the chip and pin fiasco google for section 10.7 of the banking code or visit http://www.bba.org.uk/bba/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=350&a=13289&artpage=all

- while the bank staff will straighten up when you mention it, they do have to provide an alternative to chip and pin!

Fred 24

Blurred boundry

Since you can purchase a mobile phone top-up from a ATM, the term POS does not exclude ATMs.

'We must all stop washing to save the planet'

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I've also encountered this stupidity, so i devised a work around of a short piece of garden hose that reaches from the hot tap to the soap draw. Our meter shows that the cost of a wash fell from 0.85p to 0.55p, so add that up over the year.

Fred 24

Manual correction

..to underfilling washing machines. When a load of towels are washed the newer machines are simply not putting enough water in to wash properly, but again this too is solved with a hose from tap to soap draw.

China executes securities trader over $9.52m fraud

Fred 24

Given the strength..

.. of modern forensic evidence, such as DNA profiling, then why not hand out the death penalty, its not like there's a shortage of people.

Dongles pricey and pointless, says Bluetooth SIG

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Like I said £5 for a month on 3, and thats payg, so there is no bill!

Fred 24


The internet connection drops down to 2.5 kps, but the call quality remains just as clear.

No more UFO reports please, says MoD

Fred 24

Perhaps they'll listen

...to this:


..and reconsider. Pittttyyy fuuull huuuumans!