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Israeli boffins hack air gap, fire missiles on compromised kit

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Lets say you manage to get the malware onto the air gapped computer. And lets say there's another machine close enough and also with the malware installed. I would assume that computer would also be air gapped.

So how do you get the information out?

Assange's cop chaperones have cost £10 MEEELLION to date

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Why does it cost so much per day

Why is the cost so high? Surely the wages of the police officers aren't that high? Am I missing anything?

Would you buy a domain from Google? Industry weighs in on web giant's move

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Re: Google blocked me from buying an 80p App until I gave them a copy of my passport.

Google also asked me to send off a wealth of information / proof of ID.

I bought something and it went through fine. A few days later I got an email from Google Wallet saying my purchase failed. Now whenever I try to use anything that requires Google Wallet, it tells me I have to send over lots of documentation/ID etc.

Google Domains is only available for US customers.

So Google Wallet + US only = Another crappy service that will fail.

Uber surge pricing kicks in during Sydney siege

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Re: Capitalism at its finest

Yeah except surge pricing in a long standing and automatic process. They didn't just decide to ramp up the prices to take advantage of those in this terrible situation.

They created surge pricing as an incentive to get more uber drivers on the road when availability is low.

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Re: Over here...

They're not a taxi service, it's a limousine service.

There are limited drivers so the surge pricing kicks in automatically.

Bloke, 26, accused of running drug souk Silk Road 2.0 cuffed by Feds

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Re: Mmm...

@turtle, we already have those exact rules. It's called being a celebrity.

Austrian Tor exit relay operator guilty of ferrying child porn

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Chat log

I'd like to see the chat log where he was allegedly promoting using Tor for those purposes.

Sorry, chaps! We didn't mean to steamroller legit No-IP users – Microsoft

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Have I understood this correctly?

Some abusive people were using the no-ip service to do nefarious things. Microsoft went to a judge and somehow got control of the no-ip domains and took control? So a judge took something belonging to one private company and gave it to another. wtf?

I could maybe understand, if MS could show no-ip were aware and ignoring the issue, that the judge may have the domains temporarily disabled, but to give control to MS??

Samsung in a TIZZY: OH PLEASE make apps for our Tizen Z mobe

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Re: Looks great, can it run Android apps?

Apparently it can run android apps with 'a little work'. Why bother? It will be like the Blackberry Playbook where you could kinda, just about, sorta get android apps to work.

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Re: Who wants a Tizzy?

Neither.. it's Tizen.

London cabbies to offer EVEN WORSE service in protest against Uber

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They're also trying to ban Uber (recently launched) and other similar offerings in the Philippines.

Chap builds mobe based on Raspberry Pi

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Buy an old Nokia

It's much cheaper to buy an old nokia (for like 5 or 10 quid) and interface with it over the f-bus

Silk Road dealer 'SuperTrips' faces 40 years for DVD drug imports

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"Slomp wanted them to handle customer support because they had better English language skills that he."

Dell charges £5 to switch on power-saving for new PCs (it takes 5 clicks)

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They're paying because Dell can't just send out a ready-to-roll box. They have to customise it specifically for the customer. Whether that means loading on a different image or booting it and doing the job manually. It's extra work for Dell and they're charging for that. This article is nonsense.

Apple inaugurates free OS X beta program for world+dog

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Mavericks = Regret

I hugely regret upgrading to Mavericks. It's laggy in so many areas. Even with a fresh install the same problems are encountered with random lag launching certain apps, dismissing alerts etc. It's lagville central.

Fee fie Firefox: Mozilla's lawyers probe Dell over browser install charge

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Re: Are they blond?

Don't forget that the cost isn't directly limited to the time it takes to install. They likely held meetings, staff had to create new install images, various testing and compatibility checks etc. A lot more work goes into this than you think.

This isn't a forced sale and you're not paying for Firefox itself, it's an optional extra.

US card scammers pull $2m petrol heist

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I'd imagine it would be stored for later retrieval. They could gas up like a regular customer, downloading the data while they're parked right next to the device. Or if the signal permits, download from inside the store while 'buying a drink'

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ATM Limit

I had to beg and plead to have Natwest increase my daily ATM limit to 500 pounds. How did these guys withdraw so much? Is there no limit on ATM transactions in the US?

Ho, ho, HOLY CR*P, ebuyer! Etailer rates staff on returns REJECTED

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Re: Humbug!

The story is quite misleading, especially since they were given what seems to be a legitimate explanation. But I guess it's not such an interesting story when you know the truth.

I used to buy from Ebuyer a lot, I especially liked that you can order so late in the evening and still get it next day. But I don't find their prices that competitive anymore.

I've returned items before without any issue.

But tbh I prefer Amazon with Prime now days instead of Ebuyer.

Fancy knocking off early? Just run our fake computer crash 'virus', say admen

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My computer crashed

What's the more likely reply from a manager:

Okay you should just go home


Turn it off and on

Use another computer

Call the tech support guy

Go do some manual job out the back of the office that doesn't need a computer

Google to CyanogenMod: YOU! GIT yore warranty-BUSTING ASS outa Play

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Meh, the app isn't needed

The app doesn't nothing more than what a user can do in a few taps in the settings menu. Any user who can't work out how to do this without the app probably shouldn't be flashing a custom firmware anyway. So I say good job on pulling the app.

New wonder slab slurps Wi-Fi, converts it into juice for gadgets, boast boffins

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Saying it generates 7 volts means nothing without telling us the amp/ma.

volts x amp = watts

7 volts with 1 amp = 7 watts. Nice!

7 volts with 0.1amp = 0.7 watts :/

McDonalds ponders in-store 3D printing for Happy Meal toys

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Nothing but a story

This is nothing but a PR ploy. Have you seen how long it takes for a 3D printer to create anything sizeable? Are we meant to sit there for 6 hours while our toy is printed?

Adobe users' purloined passwords were pathetic

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Re: Hang on

Exactly. They force you to have an account even if you're just downloading a demo/trial. Most people couldn't give two hoots if someone logged into their Adobe account.

Gasp! Twitter displays pictures in main feed as IPO looms

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Re: Twitter adification

Adblock Plus - Free plugin for all major browsers.

RIP charging bricks: $279 HP Chromebook 11 charges via USB

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Too long to charge?

My macbook air pulls in about 30 watts while charging.

Most microusb chargers are 1amp at around 5 volts. At best, 5volts 2amps. Thats 10 watts best case scenario. So at least 3 times slower to charge :/

Chap unrolls 'USB condom' to protect against viruses

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It's called a fast charge cable

You can buy a 'fast charge' cable for pretty much any popular smart phone now days. They tie the data lines to the power to enable a faster charge. It can only be used to charge the device, not carry data. It's a standard and well known thing.

Ofcom: Making a switch between ISPs will soon be much easier

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"In the past, subscribers were required to do loads of legwork to make the switch"

"Can I have my MAC?"

"Yes sir its XXXXXXXX"

"Hello new isp my mac is XXXXXXXX"

Not a lot of work.

Ubuntu boss: I want to make a Linux hybrid mobe SO GIVE ME $32m

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I can run Ubuntu on my S3

I've already run a full install of Ubuntu on my S3 using the 'Complete Linux Installer' app. It was interesting for about 30 minutes and then I removed it.

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit

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I bought the S3 because of this legal nonsense

I'm a big apple fanboi, used to be bigger. I got so fed up with Apples nonsense lawsuits that I went out of my way to buy the galaxy s3 instead of upgrading to the newest iphone.

They may win some money in court but they're losing many of us who used to dump every penny we had into 'anything apple' and used to tell our friends and family to do the same thing.

ASA bans Samsung's 'misleading' free Galaxy Tab 2 ad

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16GB Storage

You do realise that they offer a microsd slot on their products right? I bought the 16GB model and added a 64GB microsd card.

The main phone storage is used for my apps and then my media goes on the microsd card. I can also use the microsd card for apps if needs be.

They do also have 32/64 base models of the S3/S4 too. It's not just the 16GB model available.

Microsoft caves on Xbox One DRM and used-game controls

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Downloads cheaper than Disc

What's the chances that they make downloadable versions of the games much cheaper than the disc versions in an attempt to still push people towards a non-sharing world.

Apple at WWDC: Sleek new iOS, death of the big cats, pint-sized Mac Pro

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Where's the innovation

Some software updates, an upgrade to the macbook air and the mac pro desktop :/

YES, Xbox One DOES need internet, DOES restrict game trading

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Aside from the original playstation

I've always preferred the xbox over the PS. But with me being in a country where the internet really isn't that stable, there's no way I'm going to buy the xbox one. Plus the whole buying/trading/selling games thing just hits me badly. I don't want to support the route they're trying to take gaming so I think I'll be looking towards the PS instead.

Security cameras leak credentials, live video

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Same problem

I've had a number of IP cameras over the years and it rarely takes more than 15 mins to find a way to access the feed without logging in. Seems to be an issue across the board and not just these brands.

LivingSocial admits major hacking attack on customer database

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They bought a lot of smaller companies

They've bought a lot of smaller companies and customer details from other companies. So it's more likely that they got your details from a partner they paid rather than just spamming you.

I understand how these hacks happen, usually sql injections and whatever. What I don't get is how someone manages to download such a huge database which would hugely put a major stress on the servers plus use some serious bandwidth and no one in their tech team notice it for such a long time.

Avoid nasty plugins with this extension, says Google

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software downloads

'Until then user are still required to endure the productivity-destroying and frankly degrading process that is software downloads' - you mean going to the chrome web store and clicking 'install' on the extension?

Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac

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Could be innocent

Most of these stories seem to go the same way. Computer is stolen, "geek" activates software and grabs webcam pics, screenshots etc. Publishes them. Later finds out the person bought it innocently enough on a site like ebay or craigslist. Ends up in the shit for posting pictures and information of innocent people.

New York cops testing Big Brother crime-data Android app

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How long before a cop loses the gadget

and someone has a field day with everyones information?

Publishing ANYTHING on .uk? From now, Big Library gets copies

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IP Ranges

Anyone have their range details so I can block them from my sites?

Review: Intel Next Unit of Computing barebones desktop PC

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I was using a MK802 as a home server. Similar specs to what you quoted (a little lower though). They cost about 20-30 quid brand new on ebay and you just have to download and flash linux to a microsd card. They're pretty capable but I found myself putting up to its limits quite often so ended up upgrading. Still far more powerful than my raspberrypi though and it has 1GB RAM. Graphics capabilities are lower though.

Stephen 2

Atom Server

I recently replaced my home server with a intel atom variation (dual core 1.8ghz). The finished box is just as small as the NUC and consumes 15 watts with a spinning disk inside (less if you use an SSD or similar). I like the look of the NUC but it's gonna take awhile before they become available in the Philippines.

It's more than capable as a home server downloading my torrents over night, streaming to multiple devices as a samba share, work development stuff (regular LAMP style). Cost about 150 quid :)

Smartphone running 'Facebook OS' said to debut this week

Stephen 2

What day is it?

I groaned but then realised the date.

300 UK domains pilfered, MASSIVE security lapse blamed

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123-Reg admin panel sucks hard

It's always been so terrible. Constantly kicks you out because the various parts don't play nicely with each other. Easy to access other peoples details/domains as mentioned in this post and it's generally just a huge pile of wank.

Amazon yanks SimCity download from store

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Re: Online for single player is BS

Thanks Danny 14 but it really doesn't work for me. My password IS saved and it does offer my the option of Offline mode but then it still tries to connect anyway. If I follow the instructions in the steam forums then it works. Those instructions are to login with a connection and then set steam to offline mode. I can then open steam in the future with or without an internet connection and it will work. But obviously I wont get any updates, the steam browser wont work etc.

Are you using using OS X?

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Re: Online for single player is BS

As I said, it will ask you if you want to start in offline mode but it will NOT work unless you previously set your Steam to 'Offline mode' while you were ONLINE.

If you search the steam forums you'll find numerous mac users complaining that it's a roundabout way of doing it because it means you need to KNOW that you wont have a connection beforehand in order to set it to Offline mode.

Virgin Mobile doffs its cap: Web speed limit axed after outrage

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'axed after outrage'. I was expecting to come read a story about how they've given up on the idea because it pissed off so many people.

Instead it's just temporarily disabled while they work out why it was causing other issues.

Pirate Bay to world: We're not really off to NORKS

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TPB April fools

They nearly always do them in March instead of April. They did the exact same hoax before.

Google builds web games using Chrome on mobes as controller

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There are games online that have been doing this for awhile

There are a number of games online that can use an iPhone or Android phone as a controller for a web based game. They use the browser of the phone in the same way as discussed in this article. One example - http://thenextweb.com/apps/2012/03/24/control-this-desktop-space-invaders-game-with-your-iphone/

Apple to cough up $100m after kids rinse parents' credit cards on apps

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Re: They didn't give their kids the password...that's the whole point of the law suit

Indeed, seems like a lot of people here don't understand the process.

One important thing to note is that many.parents let the iPad be used by very young kids that have little concept of money and way well not even realise that what they're doing in the game is resulting in real world costs.

So its not just kids being naughty.