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Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

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And in further news today

And I for one welcome our new google overlords. I'd like to remind them that as a trusted user of mobile cellular technology - I can be helpful in ringing up others to toil in their underground advertising cartel.

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Mozilla squirts out Thunderbird 3

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Makes me laugh

People say "was this software tested at all?" - and it was an open source release. Also they had a beta release to two.

Now who was going to test it? Next door neighbours cat, Fred, Bert, Wilma.... or the person saying "Who tested this?" who paid £0.00.

Open sourcers aim selves at US gov

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DotNetNuke is excellent Open source software competing with Drupal on the Microsoft stack. It's time it got some press. Why the silence? Everyone thinks open source is Linux - WRONG.

NB @Number6 - on the web everybody probes for anything. If you are on the web you get probed.

London's stock exchange crashes again

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.NET runs on Linux. Whilst you may find that situation/platform comination a joke - well... look at J2E etc...

Microsoft opens Windows 7 to advertisers

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Dolly's website not working correctly under IE8

Dolly's new website - the menu doesn't work properly under IE8 (check out "Media").


iPhone worm hacker gets death threats, job offers

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Don't buy an apple then....

Buy a pear...

Windows Mobe Marketplace sets its stall out

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Let's just ignore this little mishap for now before it turns out to a full blown "The Register" diplomatic incident.... pretend it never happened and hope the "M" word goes away.

I vaguely remember there was a vote on this.... all I can do is warn you what happened to "Ant and Dec" and "This Morning" when they got into voting....

Let me tell you they had rather sore bottoms afterwards if you know what I mean....

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Hey I thought you weren't allowed to say MOBE any more? I thought this was decided?

Murdoch threatens to yank News Corp. from Google News

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Love the irony - the entire interview is available on YouTube (er... google)....

BT call centre staff snaffle £45m lottery win

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> So which is it, BT or HP?

Yes - and where exactly do they live?

Blind gamer sues Sony

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Dot Dash Dot

Post a comment here - but in the title area just add dots and dashes.

See the warning display (you need text in the title field).

Now notice you can't correct any text in the title area? (IE8 anyway).

Lawsuit anybody?

New Doctor Who is 'simply the best'

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I wish to complain about my own comment.


Windows 95 to Windows 7: How Microsoft lost its vision

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Well it is faster

I have a 3.2Ghz Pentium 4 PC that is FIVE YEARS OLD running XP.

I wiped and started again, now I've been running Windows 7 with the same applications and same PC for 2 days.


Yes I said OLD hardware. Only major difference is that I'm running 64 bit Windows 7 rather than 32 bit XP, my PC's motherboard was once of the first to support 64 bit.

Trojan plunders $480k from online bank account

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Flawed article....

Hey folks - if you don't want to be involved in a plane crash then don't go flying - and also make sure the captain doesn't do the checks before you fly either. Therefore all planes = bad.

Right on....

Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

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Nice to see Ubuntu users screaming for attention as usual....

Cakes anyone?

Twitter tracker goes twotspotting

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Does not work at all

Nopeity nope nope nope - not right now anyway,

Loch Ness Monster surfaces on Google Earth

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It is clearly the monster - whoever says it is a boat is talking out of their ass. Everybody KNOWS the monster is REAL, boats are NOT REAL.

Those pointing out is a boat really need to get their eyes examined....

Microsoft signs off on Windows 7

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Today is the day my MSDN subscription runs out :(

Open source unites for US government dollars

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Microsoft Open Source Platform

What about Open Source Software that runs on the Microsoft platform.

Why does nobody ever mention this??

Clever attack exploits fully-patched Linux kernel

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Funny, normally if it's a Windows vulnerability you have a trillion Linux heads jumping up and down in the comments forum. When it happens with Linux I notice nobody from the MS camp can be bothered :).

Firefox update fixes zero-day JavaScript flaw

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Google Gears?

Of course it's all Mozilla's fault. Nothing to do with google. In all cases it's the latest piece of software you install that must be to blame. Why can't Mozilla stick with just one version then there wouldn't be any problems, why should the users make sure difficult decisions such as "upgrade". It's just not fair ;).

MP asks UK.gov: Why are you still using IE6?

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Firefox is generally not an option

I'm a big fan of Firefox. It is a far better browser than IE. I find it amazing IE6 users don't get their browsers updated to IE8 (or even IE7).

The thing is for most clued up organisation who use MS, using FF is not an option. IE can be easily be updated by a central server using Windows Server Update Services. This gives organisation a certain amount of control with patches. Firefox I'm afraid lacks behind here.

Those still on IE6 who haven't updated to IE8 probably need to sack their IT managers for being clueless, or more likely their directors for stopping them upgrade. Whilst IE8 is pretty bad compared to firefox it suits most users (unlike IE6).

Microsoft rubs Web 2.0 noses in SharePoint cash pile

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Sharepoint - bah!

Who needs Sharepoint when you've got DotNetNuke...

It's better and it's free!


Windows users ambushed by attack on fresh IE flaw

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Journal speako

Yes they are "ambushed" - of course they are...

Apple won't let Commodore onto its baby

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iPhone emulator

I'm very happy using my iPhone emulator using Windows Mobile.

RIP Personal Computer World

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I hope some of the PCW journos get a break here every now and then.

This was a great publication - sad to see it go... I hope it comes back when the time is right (maybe in 10 years when it becomes Personal Cloud World).