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Official: Toshiba to get in on Blu-ray Disc


Blu Ray won't penetrate mass market......3D is the next Blu Ray!

"You can still see a difference between blu-ray and dvd on a 720p display, even on a 26" display." - 720P

720P are you serious? I have a 32" display and whilst it doesn't support 1080P I can still watch in 720P and 1080P and the difference between a high quality DVD and Blu Ray is pretty marginal. (Played on Panasonic DMP BD 35)

I doubt very much there would too much noticable difference between DVD and Blu Ray on a 26 inch screen and certainly wouldn't justify the higher prices that you pay for Blu Ray.

"Utter flop? How do you quantify that? Take up is slow, as for most new technologies (usually down to cost.. or recession!!), but my local Blockbuster is doing a feckin' roaring trade in Blu-Ray rentals and sales.!- LuMan

Lu-Man I guess success of Bu Ray sales and rentals must vary region by region.

I live in Oxford and have myself inquired about Blu Ray take up as I am interested to monitor whether Blu Ray will become a sucess or failure.

Shortly before Woolworths went bust I talked to the manager of the store, he told me that demand was very low and sales very slow and he said he didn't think Blu Ray would ever replace DVDs.

Just a few weeks ago I also spoke to my local Block busters manager, he said although Blu Ray rentals and sales had increased since they introduced Blu Ray it still was pretty slow and not too much in demand.

I have to say everytime I visit my blockbusters there are always people looking in the DVD sections but I haven't ever spotted anyone browsing in the Blu Ray sections!

My uncle runs a business that sells DVD and Blu Ray among other things.

When we got onto the subject on Blu Ray he said without any prompting from me," Blu Ray is a flop"

"What do you mean" asked a friend in the room at the time."

"Well they don't sell....I can't sell them!"

So essentially I doubt very much that Blu Ray will follow the same path as DVD and ultimately will not become the "new standard".

People that still think that Blu Ray is doing well in comparison to DVD take up rate are perhaps missing the point a little.

We live in very different times than when DVD was first introduced.

The internet wasn't in wide spread then and consumers didn't have You Tube as an alternative to traditional,,,,!in front of the telly entertainment."

So in view comparisons to DVD and Blu Ray take up rate are bogus.

There is already talk of the possibility that 3D films will come to disc format in the future.

If that is the case then Blu Ray can only be a transitional technology whilst people wait for 3D discs.

Essentially as some here have already observed, the mass market isn't driven purely on Picture Quality......If it did then You Tube certainly wouldn't be the worldwide phenomena it has become in such a short space of time.

Equally if quality was a mass market driver then people woludn't be shopping for bargains but have the very best TV sets they can afford.

But any retailer can tell you the mass market is driven by price and convenience not necessarily quality.

That is why DVD suceeded to become a mass market product, it had so many convenient advantages over VHS, like size, durabilty, usability, storability and pretty good quality to boot!

BluRay really only has picture quality as a Unique Selling Point.(The other advantages like sound quality and lager storage capacity or online interactivity simply aren't things that the mass market are looking for).

Picure quality alone may be sufficient enough to allow Blu Ray to carve out a niche market with home cinema enthusiasts but the average joe that makes up the mass market is most likely going to give it a pass.

If 3D films do catch on then Blu Ray will quickly be forgotten about, and people wil be talking about "double dipping" their "old" Blu Ray disc for the brand new 3 D discs!

So there you have it DVD will still be the standard disc format for the masses.

Blu Ray will have it's niche....... until that is, the film studios start producing 3D films as standard.!

3D films will still face the problems Blu Ray has over DVD, ie people will need brand new compatible equipment and discs are likely to be much pricier than DVD.

That said though 3D films are likely to be much more dramatic a change of viewing experience than Blu Ray has currently over DVD so it has the potential to be much larger than Blu Ray.

Who knows what the future might bring in way of technology.....but those who argued that Blu Ray was "future proof" already sound pretty dated!

Opera 10 debuts with 'Turbo' boost


Your Google Mail example DOES work with Opera

I can safely say that the article writer is wrong in saying that Opera's Java Script enable/disable method doesn't work with Opera when logging into Google mail.

I tried the exact steps outlined in the article and managed to log into my Google Mail.....No problem whatsoever!

Sure "No Script "might have a few more bangs and whistles, but for most users ,Opera's Edit site preferences are more than adequate.

Suffice to say that I have never been infected with any malicipous Spyware or Viruses when surfing with Opera (Almost daily for 6 years)

I have however been infected with a trojan whilst using Firefox....perhaps Firefox users actually need "No Script "protection rather more than Opera users in the first place.


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