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Virgin Media to battle modem hackers



It's time for VirginMedia to invest heavily in their network to better secure it from hacked modems and set top boxes - the fact its easily done makes them a laughing stock...

... It all boils down to money, and the reluctance to spend in better security to avoid this issue!

Virgin Media boosts bottom tier broadband



I am on 20MB and I must say that 99% of the time i so in fact get this speed, downloading is a dream and I would never switch back to ADSL for all the tea in china...

... Regardless to throttles and any other negatives people want to look for, there is no comparison when it comes to the quality of a connection on cable vs ADSL!

If people want un-throttled internet connections, pay a premium and get a business connection - then you can download till your little hearts are content.

Axe poised to swing at Vodafone



They should sort out their price plans which are utterly shocking and then they would have more customers - compared to other networks, vodafone is the most expensive...

... Anyone who advertises a plan as UNLIMITED TEXTS when in fact its only 3000 as this is their cap deserves to go tits up - least dick turpin worse a mask!!

BT price rises go down well


@ Cris Page

I totally agree, BT should be forced by the regulators to connect a line (which doesnt send/receive calls for BROADBAND only at a minimal charge of a few quid...

... Its not fair you have to pay for a BT line just to get ADSL broadband when a lot of people dont use a telephone line from BT for anything other than broadband - thing is people moan like hell but do sod all about it, we in this country just like getting screwed over by big firms!

'Miracle' plane crash was no miracle


For Crying Out Loud...

... It wasnt a miracle, it was simply a fantastic highly trained crew with a text book landing in one of the worlds most sophisticated jets which was designed to the highest possible standard - airbus should be proud of themselves for engineering such a marvel piece of technology and the crew should be honoured for their major part in landing the plane safely and getting the passengers out in one piece!

Describing something as a miracle is typical of religious americans, there is no act of god, no miracle, god wasnt listening on this occasion (he never does when ppl are blown to bits in all the fighting over the world, look at gaza) it was simply good flying from skilled pilots in a plane that was built to survive it.

Reding 'didn't go far enough' on data roaming


Makes A Lot Of Sense...

This girl talks sense, lets wait and see.

BT cuts 0870 charges



Now the other firms need to follow suit, including Virgin Media who have got more expensive since the old NTL - Telewest days its not even funny!

French get iPhones everywhere


So What Is The EU Law On This?!

considering were all a part of the EU now, what is old vivs stance on this - surely if france can have it law that a provider can not have exclusive rights to a phone, this anti competitive law can be rolled out to ALL EU STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPhone 3G finally unlocked

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Why Cant...

... Apple just get the fucking message that people do not want it dictated to them which mobile network they should be on to get a phone, and that by offering a SIM free version - or even an agreement with Orange & T-Mobile in the UK also, they could potentionally earn millions more?

As long as they sort out the whole MMS issue, and networks offering the iphone give decent tariffs - the whole issue I have with O2 is that they offer a sim only deal with unlimited texts and great minutes yet the iphone tariffs are a bag of shite, and from their customer service team you can NOT put any other O2 simcard into the iPhone as it will not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Virgin Media opens bandwidth choke for 50Mb launch

IT Angle


My 20MB service always runs at 20MB, I never hit the cap during peak times and my speed is that of what is advertised - so what the fuck is everyones problem?

People just moan for the sake of moaning, I think some need to get a life and get out the house than sit in front of the computer crying when they hit a limit and their speed decreases!

Microsoft warns customers against bogus 'Blue Edition' Office

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Well Maybe...

... Microsoft should create software and operating systems that are not easily copied or hack proof - and maybe they should realise the price they charge for their software is outrageous!!

Windows 7 first beta due January 2009


Windows 7, How Many Versions?!

Lets hope the freaks at microsoft have realised what a huge booboo they did when they introduced Vista by bringing it out in far too many versions, this being one of the reasons why people didnt upgrade from XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A simple 'Home' and 'Professional' would be enough...

Warrington first to get Virgin Media 50Mb/s


@ Matt Bridge-Wilkinson

Before spouting out your utter rubbish, I suggest you research your facts a little better before you make the assumption that people on 50MB will get 'around 4MB' if there luckly...

Firstly the 50MB service is a totally different form of technology using DOCSIS 3.0 which can support speeds of up to 200MB - this is one of the advantages of this technology!

In order for VM to roll out this software, they have had to make significant upgrades to their network and invest heavily so that users get the 50MB speed advertised or as very close to it - This is also the reason that VM plan to upgrade the 20MB (XL) package onto DOCSIS 3.0 also, again so that customers on that package will also get the speeds advertised...

... When 50MB rolls out, it will be the ONLY company in the UK to offer such speeds, using the latest technology on a more advanced network - ADSL can not come close, the average speeds on standard ADSL has been reported by OFCOM to be around 4.5MB if your lucky and no where near the 8MB advertised (even if you sit on top of the exchange) ADSL to can in theory support 24MB, but again the % of people actually pulling in these speeds is very low!

Comparing ADSL Broadband to Cable Fibre Optic is pointless as the 2 technologies are totally different - throttling is in place on VM to avoid heavy users taking up a huge amount of bandwidth and putting a lot of strain on the local UBRs which 'could' potentially effect others users internet service - this is more to do with fairness than capacity, but again DOCSIS 3.0 is totally different in this aspect, and the network upgraded to easily cope - when 20MB also goes onto this then improvements for people on M & L broadband would also be significant as the higher packages where the heaviest users will more likely be on will cope with this where lite users and people who download a little will be on the old DOCSIS technology!!!!!!

My VM Broadband service has been online about 99% of the time in the whole 6-7yrs I have had it with one fault I can think of where it was offline for about 4hrs - for a broadband service that is always on and always doing something that uptime is fantastic - compared to my family who are on ADSL and have issues with it every few months with connectivity issues, very slow speeds at peak times due to the contention ratio on it, and you can most certainly notice the difference with the 2 - prob why Cable ranks the best with most sites for all areas...

Telecoms switchers baffled by pricing info, say MPs


No Surprises There Then...

... Its been obvious to see that the telecoms market is as confusing as hell, and not only that but its more expensive to own a landline (especially people with basic lines) than ever before - excessively high 'connection charges' high ppm rates, many calling features at different prices, costs for calling 0845, 0870 numbers, mobile calls... The list is endless!!!!!!!!!

Virgin Media wields mighty jobs axe


From My Understanding...

... Based on recent articles in the press over the past few weeks, the majority of jobs that will be at risk are in telesales - and the main aim for VM is to close sites and have less, bigger call centres and offices as since the merger nearly 2 years ago they ended up with double the office space and a lot of buildings that stand half empty or in some cases scarce!

It does seem like a big kick in the face for all the staff who have busted their bollocks since the merger to improve customer service and put their all in the company to improve its image etc

But I also agree that money needs to be saved so they can meet their debt repayments and dig themselves out of the huge debt hole they are currently in - its down to operator costs which is the main thing they are trying to reduce, but selling off buildings they own which are not full would be more benefical with minimum job cuts by relocating their staff and cutting the number of 'regional headends' which again reduces operating costs...

In some areas where ex Telewest and ex NTL where right next door, you now have the situation where there is 2 lots of offices, 2 regional headends (which deal with the TV side of things) both doing similar roles - guess time will tell what their plans are!

One thing is for sure, if they send more jobs to INDIA they will well and truely put the nail in the VIRGIN MEDIA COFFIN as people wont stand for anymore shite from cable!!!!!!

Microsoft: Windows 7 ready for Christmas 2009



...They dont rush it out riddled with bugs and bloated to the hilt, which has made Windows Vista so unpopular and why businesses especially are holding onto XP!

An operating system that works 99.9% of the time, at a speed acceptable for 21st century needs, and without the possibility of being hacked to high heaven or bombarded with viruses is the least we need - look at the demo on BBC when he tried out multi-touch and it DIDNT WORK - that is typical of MICROSOFT when it comes to systems......

T-Mobile launches 3G broadband sharing station

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Useful If...

Would be useful when t-mobile increase the speed of 3G internet access so it can handle more than one user connecting to it at one time... Only with a speed increase will it compete with standard broadband internet!

Ofcom to create 116 bureaucracies


I Dont Understand Why...

... They have to make things so god damn difficult!

Doing exactly what the reg suggested in routing calls is the best solution, and ensuring that these numbers are in fact FREE on all networks regardless of it being a fixed line or mobile is a must - afterall its not like OFCOM will allow companies to set up these numbers willy nilly...

Get a bloody grip OFCOM, and sort yourselves out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 threatens, T-Mobile shoots on late payments


@ andrew

I totally agree, £5 is fair enough especially when the likes of fixed landline operators like VM charge a customer £10 late payment fee which in my opinion is on the high side...

At the end of the day, I dont know anyone who doesnt have a DD for a mobile but in fairness you should pay your bill before the due date regardless - if its late its late and you should be charged, its not unfair for t-mobile its common business sense!!

Reding tells Euro MPs to back telecoms reforms


@ Gordon Pryra

Me Too, Least she is tacking the issues faced in this area unlike the UK who bury their head in the sand and OFCOM is as useful as a chocolate fire guard!

Sometimes this woman speaks utter balls like the whole termination charge for people to cough up who is recieving the call, but things like reduced roaming charges on calls, planned reducion on SMS, and Data roaming charges, reduction in termination charges companies charge each other is all good - I also like the idea of a EU wide emergency services number - but also think its high time she goes after the rip off that is fixed landline companies like BT and VM.

Charging per minute for a call instead of per second should be illegal, charging a 7p connecting charge, charging £124.99 to connect a BT line in a BT only area where a line is prewired, charging £5 a month non direct debit fee - should all be made illegal as its abusing dominant positions, ripping off consumers, and these companies have got away with it far too long!

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

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Why Is It...

... That O2 are allowed to have an unfair advantage to other networks by being the only company in the UK where consumers can buy an iPhone?!

Why on earth Apple decided to work with this business model is beyond me, O2 being the only supplier means not only are consumers charged whatever O2 see fit for a shit service plan, but are also able to limit choice for consumers as to which network the phone is available on, and have full control and monopoly of the UK iPhone market!!

Any other phone providers which offer exclusive deals with network providers also allow the phone to be sold unlocked, therefore STILL allowing consumers to purchase the phone outright and use on the network of their choice if they wish.

The EU shit on about competition, consumer protection etc and do nothing to sort this out, but if it was MICROSOFT that did this, the EU would be on their backs before you could say 'Bill Gates' funny that!

Ofcom flashes cash guarantees at BT for fibre investment


@ Anonymous Coward

Because VM did not aquire a nationalised network originally owned by the government, they have billions of debt as a result so your missing the point on why BT have to rent out their network!

Regardless, there is 3 companies that offer cable networks: Virgin Media, H20, and Smallword Media - where as VM & SWM have their own networks, H20 are building a network in the sewers to rent out to providers as wholesale....

... So if this is the case why on earth doesnt OFCOM look at the H20 option so that cables and expansion can be rolled out quicker and cover at least 95% of the UK. This would avoid BT having to start from scratch, which to be fair would be a shambles as BT is a load of rubbish anyway!

Europe acts on mobile charges



... They can kiss my arse and shove my mobile up there if they think I will be paying to recieve a call, people for get in the US where this happens they all have standard numbers for cell phones, no different to a landline!

I agree that termination charges should be reduced, I find it disgusting that a landline was peanuts in terms of a termination charge yet a mobile operator can charge anything from 2 cents to 18 cents (in bulgaria which is poor in comparison to other EU countries) I think all networks should only be allowed to charge a max of 7 cents (5p) and texting from within the UK should be the same as if you were in your own country, and come out of your allowance!!!!!!

Web'n'Walk falls over

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... Mine went off from 6pm Sunday night and never came back on till the afternoon of the following day, so either the reg has its dates mixed up and it means Sunday or it was off again yesterday also!

Even now it runs like a bag of crap!

T-Mobile doubles 0870 call costs


"why it is that our regulator is prevented from regulating"

Because Ofcom is a pile of rubbish and never does sod all to help consumers out, which is the reason why operators such as t-mobile take the piss...

... Why doesnt t-mobile simply stand in front of the Ofcom office and stick their 2 fingers up at all who work there.


Reding would OK charges to receive mobile calls

Dead Vulture

@ Andrew Martin

You hit the nail on the head, if they do want to introduce such a scheme of paying for recieving calls then GIVE CONSUMERS THE CHOICE!

Some people may want to substitute a mobile number for a landline and do away with their current landline, which may work out better for them, but in most cases consumers will NOT want to do this at all...


WTF Is She On About?!

If this crazed woman thinks the EU market would allow customers to be charged for recieving calls without their being a massive negative effect on the market, customer base, and attitude of consumers then she needs her head read!

The US market is pants, no where near as many customers, as popular, or as much money made from consumers - what she is trying to give with one hand she is going to end up screwing us with the other...

... Why cant she leave well alone, yep we all like cheaper roaming on calls from the EU, texts and data fair enough, but leave it at that FFS...

... Otherwise she will see the EU fall because of her brain dead plans and mission to screw things beyond belief.

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

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Honesty, Refreshing Change...

Its nice to see they are open and honest about the throttling system and letting customers know everything they need to know about it!

Its better than monthly caps and the issues with ADSL during peak times when you get a crap speed anyway in some cases where its unusable!

Union gears up for BT strike action this month


Says It All About That Organisation!!

No business can work efficiently, provide excellent service to customers, great products, and have a highly skilled work force if the pay structure is not set out in clear terms for all who work there, it really is that simple!

The difference in wages between a member of staff on the frontline dealing with customers 37hrs a week on the phones, and their team manager should not be that great as most managers in call centres in particular do less work, dont know as much as the staff they are meant to 'manage' and therefore should not have a massive jump in wages, a rise should be there as this is an incentive for personal development within a company and working up the company ladder.


Ofcom taps water network for next generation broadband

IT Angle

VM Would Extend Network...

... Simple due to the cost of laying the cable and the amount of debt they are still trying to pay off from the major network roll out when it was the smaller firms.

Considering VM cover 55% of the UK now, If OFCOM want to think of ways of giving the UK 99% coverage to high speed internet through fibre then offering VM a cash incentive to expand the network, upgrade the exisiting areas, lay cabling on new build estates and offer a wholesale agreement to sell services to the likes of BT, SKY, and Talk Talk similar to Openreach whilst not causing an issue with the current network then it maybe an option, or FORCE VM to open up the network like they did with BT if they dont comply?

Only other option I can see is these major firms investing a % together to build a new next generation infrastructure they all partly own and share which will replace the ageing BT copper network, or the government invest the £15bn in building their own network, if BT was never privatised then this would be an option now and we as a country wouldnt be in such a mess with shoddy copper networks which cant offer all the services this article suggests and change the way we see communication, television ETC

Virgin Media in premium rate U-turn

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Job Well Done...

Well this just goes to show that the new CEO is commited in turning things around for Virgin Media and that changing to a premium rate number was the biggest mistake they ever made!!

ALL their staff kept saying this, ALL their customers said this and it had a really negative impact on the company as a whole, something the old CEO didnt have a clue about which is prob why he was shown the door...

I personally think that they should have a strict policy to stop time wasters, and if they call up with a computer related issue refer them to the 090 PC Helpline number no messing - keeps the call queues down!

Mobile termination fees go to Competition Commission


EU Hopefully Will Scrap Termination Charges...

... These are un-necessary charges that do not reflect how much it costs a company to have a call connected to another network!

But maybe BT should practice what it preaches and do away with their connection charges which they introduced on landlines, customers should not be charged a connection charge or minimum call charge, just what they use!!!!!

Europe hits one million FTTH broadband connections

IT Angle

Why Dont Virgin Media Go Wholesale?!

If they went wholesale, and sold space on their network to other companies then wouldnt the money generated be able to then be invested in laying down more cables and expanding the network (from 55% coverage to around 95%), paying off their debts, and investing in faster speeds, better technologies etc

I know Virgin Media has an advantage when it comes to FIBER vs ADSL but surely if they set up a wholesale system whereby they could offer 3 broadband wholesale tiers to competitors and get some cash of the government to offer wholesale then it would out them in a fantastic position!

The problem is, even with BT bringing out the 21CN it is not going to do much for ADSL broadband speeds and it would be impossible for BT to replace all copper wiring with FIBRE anytime in the near future, whereas cable has a network built which could be improved, and 'rent' out space for broadband.

Just a thought, Virgin Media can not afford to expand the network anytime in the next 20 years so why not? It would make sense the network is there, and for expansion work with H20 to get to the remaining non cabled areas through FIBRE through the SEWERS!!!!!

The government will need to make it worth their while to do this though...

BT preps 2000 per cent evening call price hike


You Know What You Can Do...

... People are moaning that there is 'no escape' from BT which is a load of balls.

If you dont like the price hike go with someone like the post office for your landline who gives you free evening and weekend calls included in the line rental, as its a wholesale supplier you pay the post office your line rental and thats all - no need to have anything to do with BT at all...

Reding sets 1 July deadline for data roaming charge cuts


Finally, Someone Will Balls...

... To take on the mobile operators and get a good deal for us consumers!

This type of action shows you just how sad and pathetic Ofcom are and how they are about as useful as a chocolate fire guard.

Texts when sent from abroad should only be a couple of pence more than the cost of a text sent in the UK! 49p is appalling and has always been a rip off.

She also needs to make sure that texts from the UK dont go up though, 10p should be max for the cost of a text sent if your with a UK network on prepay and less if your on a contract. Companies like tmobile charging you for having delivery reports on should also be abolished as this is a money making scam plain and simple. It costs a UK operator a couple of pence MAX to send a text, yet they charge us 10p, thats one hell of a profit!!

Maybe she also needs to start looking at sorting out these 0845 0870 numbers over here as well as making landline operators only be able to charge a 3p connection charge for calls, as this is creaping up and is now 7p with BT which is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Operators race to pre-empt Euro data roaming cap


Anything That Saves Consumers Money...

... Is fine by me!

We pay far too much for texts when abroad anyway. I dont understand why a company will say its 20p per MMS but charge you 40p if you send it as standard SMS - You call plans should be valid abroad, no roaming, if you get free texts you use them if in the EU!!!!

Orange France iPhone total hits 90,000

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More Customers If...

... The phones were available in the UK on all networks other than O2, and phones were discounted on top service plans!

Customers in the UK & EU dont take to kindly to being told which network they have to sign up for and being ripped off by paying over the odds for the phone then a stupid contract amount for crap plans!

We are sometimes daft but we are not that daft, If could get the phone for £200 on T-Mobiles FLEXT 35, or £150 on T-Mobiles FLEXT 50 I would buy it straight away. I like many dont mind stumping up some cash for the phone and a decent service plan, but we aint gonna stump up a fortune, not have a choice of network, pay a stupid amount for a crap plan and get bot all for our money...

Any1 else agree?!

Ofcom boss demands action on data roaming charges


So They Bloody Well Should...

We have been victim of inflated prices for so long, when the cost involved of sending a text from abroad is not much more expensive for the network than it is to send one in the UK yet we pay over double, in some cases more!!

I was miffed that they didnt look into this when then EU forced companies to reduce roaming charges for calls from within the EU.

Apple's iPhone numbers do not add up


Apple Should Sell Handsets Only...

... Unlocked so we can use on any network!

If they are at a reasonable price I bet they will see their figures shoot up for the amount of phones sold. People do not like to be dictated to and told which network they must go with and we certainly dont like being ripped off.

This was apples BIGGEST mistake, if they sold contact phones at a decent & discounted price, and unlocked phones for the price they are now they would of sold millions more as customers want CHOICE!!

Ofcom urged to clamp down on broadband speed deceit

IT Angle

@ Alexis Marett

This is no justification to the false advertising all ISPs are doing, Whether the BT network is being upgraded or not (which isnt done over night its going to take a good few years) customers should get what is advertised its that simple!

And I agree that companies should offer service guarantees, its only right. If they cant guarantee a speed of service they should not advertise it as that speed, they should advertise it at the LOWEST it would run most of the time.

So if its 'up to' 8MB but over 75% of the time you would only get 3MB then it should be advertised as a 3MB service!!!

It really is THAT SIMPLE!

T-Mobile and 3 hook up for 3G coverage

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... If this means faster broadband through wireless and better coverage for T-Mobile it has to be a good thing!

At least these 2 companies will be offering a different broadband experience, not relying on the crap that is ADSL, they would waste their money trying to get into this market. Give me my T-Mobile wireless adapter anyday...

I just hope they improve the pricing for internet access to be more competitive and offer better plans :)

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide


Get A Grip Morons...

... Wow so the network went down for 12 hours, big deal.

Considering I had broadband on cable from 2000-2007, and only ever had 2 faults max at a few hours each thats pretty good going. Shame I moved to a non cable area, but rather then go ADSL I went with wireless from T-Mobile,

Nice to see the freaks, and the register jumping on this story. Funny how the reg as been dead with no stories for days then they jump on this one - trying to fill in a few gaps and look busy are we?

And the statement in the article of:

"The Virgin Media cable network collapsed overnight, leaving up to three million people without internet access for several hours in the crucial final shopping days before Christmas"

Who the hell is xmas shopping at 9.20pm and expecting the items they buy to be delivered the following day when most cut companies cut off times for next day delivery is 5pm - Oh maybe this is to make the article sound more interesting to get a lot more responses... Hmmmm, the reg owned by the same company that owns sky now? Or you still think your impartial?

For people moaning about the downtime and wanting to go elsewhere, my advice would be GO FOR IT but when you have a problem with ADSL and get into the situation of your ISP blaming BT for your outage and BT blaming your own ISP and this goes on for weeks, dont go spouting your crap off and then saying 'right im going to cable' - spend sometime with your families and use the internet as going down as an excuse to get a life not cry yourself to sleep because you cant get online for a few hours!!

Fasthosts customers blindsided by emergency password reset



This is FREE

01452 541499

But I have been in the queue for half an hour and its 23:47 and have heard the automated announcement that they will NOT reset your password over the phone it HAS to be sent in the post...

... Knobs have changed all mine and I ALREADY changed them when they asked me to the first time they fooked up! Incompetant wankers!!

Tiscali loses IPTV punters

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Considered It Once!

I considered getting Tiscali TV when I moved from a Virgin Media area to non cabled, but after looking at the website and finding the info on Tiscali TV was limited, website rubbish and hard to navigate, and that they had operations in India I decided to give it a miss...

I know VM has an operation offshore, which really lets them down and I could see the impact this had on customer service recieved I certsinly didnt want to go to another provider that also thinks its right to offer services in the UK, charge customers in stirling, yet recruit staff offshore and not look after the UK economy!

This was not my only reason but certainly was a factor, not only that but I dont think Tiscali is very good,

BT jobs axe slashes profits


BT Deserve To Go Tits Up...

.. Their customer service s a joke, the companies processes are a joke, practicaly everything being in india and them not even knowing who OFCOM are or how to deal with your inquiry to passing you in another queue for over 1 hr shows what state this shit tip is in!

It goes to show, because they own the network and have monopoly in that sense (even wholesale BT still earn money) they can do what the hell they like and sod the rest of us.


More like INDIAN TELECOM!!!!!!!!

UK iPhone customers to get fairer usage

IT Angle

O2 Should Lead The Way...

... To Show 'Unlimited' Should Be Unlimited!

Afterall that is how it is described in the dictionary. If they are worried about the differences between the 2 packages its simply resolved:

1. Market 'O2 Web' As A 'Lite' Web Plan With A Cap, Cheaper Access Online With Limitations - Not Advertised As 'Unlimited' Simply 'Lite' Easy!

2. Market 'O2 Web MAX' As An 'All You Can Eat, Truely Unlimited Web Plan. Again Easy...

But while they are at it, change the 1st one to either £5/mth or a higher limit to get people onto it.

Mobile broadband to dominate in 2011

IT Angle

It Will Only be Successful...

... If speeds are fast, no less than 2Mb and pricing is competitive to fixed line ISPs, as well as offering unlimited access and not these daft caps you see in the UK atm!

people want unlimited access, fast speeds, at a reasonable cost without restrictions on what you can use your connection for. Some stop you using VoIP, messenger, etc unless you pay over the odds

EU says roaming case is soooo last month


OK, What About SMS?!

Seeing as thought they have capped roaming charges for calls, what about SMS text messaging?! Considering this is usually 40p per text with most networks, and text messages are more popular than calls these days, especially from abroad when are they doing to cap these?!

It does not cost a network anywhere near 40p to send a text from abroad, I mean god it barely costs a few pence to send one in the UK, so why cant texts from abroad be capped at 0p to receive (just incase the networks try that one next) and 15p to send them... The UK SMS charges should be no more than 6p to send them, if it costs a network 1p per text even 2p thats still a hefty profit!!

T-Mobile forced to connect Truphone numbers


Ofcom Are Useless...

... And A Name Change Wont Fix That!

I agree with the post that T-Mobile should practice what it preaches, how can is justify charging customer excessive roaming charges even if the user in on one of T-Mobiles own networks abroad?!

Just a typical example of how its one rule for one company and something totally different for someone else. Why should truphone loose out financially if a call has to be routed through the mobile network?!

This just goes to show what a load of bollocks termination charges are and the amount of crap it causes, and who looses out THE CONSUMER AS F@%@ING USUAL... Its always the same old story!!!!!!

Patientline results prompt share meltdown


Not Surprised...

... At all they are loosing money, people in their right mind wont pay those excessive prices to make and receive phone calls!! Its bad enough the cost of the TV Service for 24hrs, which only FREEVIEW.

People need to get a good deal in hospital, If they supplied affordable services that would beat boredom when your stuck somewhere you ideally would prefer not to be then maybe more people would use it. I mean what about these terminally ill patients, before my father passed he was in and out of hospital sometimes 3 weeks at a time, to have tv that cost him £3.50 EVERY 24 HOURS disgusting!!!!