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UK net registry battles coup d'etat

Ian Wild

Surely cheaper domains = More domains

Wouldn't cheaper domains result in people buying more, bundling them with products, more squatting etc etc?

Surely then what would happen is that Nominet end up with more 'surplus', and the problem won't go away. On the other hand, finding a domain you want will be near impossible with the only way to be to buy it from a domainer, who will be the one making the real cash.

ISP panicked by MS Patch Tuesday

Ian Wild

The all new PlusNet

Well yeah - We had a pretty painful (Some might say gaffe prone) period of time. If anyone does have an outstanding issue or something I can still help with do feel free to email me - iwild@plus.net. I can only hope we're past that stage now - Clue certainly seems to have returned to the building.

Anyway, I am a bit surprised that so many reg readers would have such a misunderstanding of both the situation discussed here and of how Broadband delivery in the UK actually works though. It's not about Internet capacity (Cost £10 per Mbps), it's about what we have to pay to BT to traverse the data across their network. That costs at least £200 per Mbps, and as each customer is on an ATM tunnel there is no where that we could aggregate the traffic to reduce the costs at all.

Now, you can call us money grabbing if you like, but if it were your business how would you solve this problem?

There is also some more discussion here:



Ian Wild


We saw about 550Mb/s in use on our network on Monday as a result of the same thing (reported here): http://community.plus.net/forum/index.php?topic=803.msg7261#msg7261

Now, we aren't complaining, but as a result of the traffic prioritisation on our network our customers found their download capacity (P2P and Usenet are treated with less priority on our network than this traffic) would have been given up to support the patch download.

550Mb/s is around £50K a months worth of bandwidth based on the current BT IPStream pricing. There ain't exactly a lot of margin on Broadband to play with at the moment, and I'm interested in whether you guys commenting would really rather we shoved an extra 25p a month onto all our customers in order to support Microsoft patch downloads? It may be an option, but I'm afraid I'm a believer in affordable broadband rather than the Internet being something only the well paid can afford!


PlusNet Product Team

Tiscali coughs to spam blacklisting after a week without email

Ian Wild

At least we fessed up :-)

You can certainly (rightfully) criticise us for our technical issues (or cock-ups if you prefer), but I think it's unfair to be bringing PlusNet into this one. We at least never tried to hide things from customers and are prepared to explain what's going on to our customer base and to anyone else that cares to listen.


PlusNet Product Team

Virgin throttles national cable network

Ian Wild

It's going to become the differentior among all ISPs

Until this weekend my own Virgin line has been as rock solid close to 10Mb/s for the last 18 months as you could want. Now I get less than a Meg consistently:


Have Virgin told us the whole story here?

In the current climate, where broadband usage is exploding, I genuinely believe that some degree of traffic management and prioritisation of ‘real time’ traffic is needed on any Broadband network. I’m familiar with the steps Virgin are taking here because they were the same steps PlusNet took a couple of years ago, during which time we’ve had to refine and learn how we should approach things significantly.

We published our roadmap for the future of traffic management at

http://www.plus.net/support/broadband/quality_broadband/roadmap.shtml - The document puts into context the problem that ISPs face and demonstrates the learning we have done over the past two years.

How ISPs achieve effective traffic management on their network and how honest they are about what they do (and how well they actually do what they try to do) will become a much bigger factor in the choice of Broadband suppliers in the future.


Product Development Manager @ PlusNet


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