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Man FOUND ON MOON denies lunar alien interface


Just a bit more trolling...

'I refuse to prove that I exist' says God 'for prove denies faith, and without faith I am nothing' - Douglas Adams - (The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy)

Steelseries SRW-S1 PC gaming steering wheel


it is possible to mount it on logitech g25

With a bit of googling you can see that is mountable on a logitech system ;)


Also the leds work with F1 2011 with a plugin which downloable at the website of the makers ;)

Five ways Microsoft can rescue Windows Phone

Black Helicopters

Well can't help you with the difference between a live tile and a widget.

But i hope you have noticed that the bar with the signal strength, connection indicators is hidden most of the time in WP7. So it would be logically then to show the number of messages, missed calls in "widget" in stead?

To distinguish itself is the whole idea behind competition isn't it? If everything looked the same there wouldn't be much to choose. Just be happy there is difference between the competition ;) Otherwise we would have nothing to argue about.


One thing about the UI

It seems to me that your missing the point about the UI.

I like it better than Android or iOS because the home screen gives you the most applications in a nice overview. That makes a lot of difference. Another thing is you can put more than eight on the home screen, you only have to scroll up or down without switching to a different screen.

But the other points are things to think about for them i think.

Open source team creates apocalypse survival kit


Fallout 2

mm this reminds me of the G.E.C.K. out of Fallout 2.

(G.E.C.K. stands for Garden of Eden Creation Kit)

Angry Birds to hit shop shelves this month



I seem to remember to have seen that you can buy a pc version already in the webshop.

Do-Not-Track bill introduced in US Senate


Why not...

Look at like if you are going to a shopping mall or something. I think in such a case you wouldn't like it if someone follows you around and monitors everything you do there... Privacy is not a commodity and shouldn't been given up just to make money with it.


It should be opt-in

I really don't understand why it couldn't be a opt-in system where the user has the freedom of not being tracked until he/she choses to be tracked by a website. That would be more user-friendly then what they want to implement now.

BOFH: This buck's for you

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Office Space...

This one reminds me so much of that movie, which was so hilarious as hell. Especially the scene with the ritual killing of the printer :)

Ubuntu tablet rumored for early 2011 launch


That logo is the ubuntu logo

In case you're wondering from who that logo is...

It is the ubuntu logo, check their website before you say something stupid.

Latest military-research boon: Game interface to rule them all


mm reminds me of some games like...

Mechwarrior or Warhammer 40k :P

BOFH: Lock shock

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Good old days :P

Yeah this reminds me of the good old days of BOFH when deleted students and stuff :)

Samsung NB30 touchscreen durable netbook


Seems a reasonable netbook...

but I think it would be nicer with a swivel-tiltscreen like the T101mt of Asus. When will there be a review of that model?

Behind Microsoft's IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy


The matter of choice

Microsoft should do it the way linux does it during install of the OS. That is to give you a choice of what you want to install rather then removing the option of choice. An user should get a choice to do a basic install or an advanced install in which he/she can choose what to install, for example what kind of browser.

EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises



Well with a linux install you do get a choice to what browser you want to install, but also you do get a choice for alot of other software which you want to install. And how hard can it be to make an installer the same way for microsoft. The way to go around it for companies who have to distribute it to there pc's is to use answer file which contain the choices for what to install.

I think that is the solution to the whole problem.


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