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China seals town after plague deaths



According to the CDC website it's broken out a couple of times in the USA too.

But knowing how Chinese often forget to cover their mouths when coughing this has the potential to wipe out millions in a dense city.

UK border control can't count


Don't forget the money

You pay tax, and you pay more tax. In between them collecting the money and resting, they sometimes make you jump through some new and old hoops. It's the same for every aspect of gov.

Stupid or oppressed people let themselves be fleeced.... Considering the UK is controlled by a bunch of foreign bankers, it's quite embarrassing to see our current situation continue without any substantial objections from the hard working populace.

Hain breaks ranks with Cabinet over McKinnon extradition


If only he waited

I remember many years ago they said he left messages on some of the computers detailing serious political grievances he had with the USA (strange they don't like to mention them in the news), and that he worked alone and was committed to the USA's destruction. Guess that means he's off to Guantanamo then....

Just shows how long ago it was as he was using a dial-up back then. If only he had waited until he could leach Wi-Fi and then been untraceable....

eBay could ditch uncrackable Skype tech


It's wide open

The back door is on the Skype server. From there all calls and chats can be monitored.

Kit makers trash New York e-waste recycling

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Kill small business

What's the deal with the UK and USA, they do everything they can to kill small businesses.

Blyk goes bye-bye


Dead Parrot

Sad to say it but the UK is dying. They need to just end welfare and lower the price of food. Cut taxes on everything.

Labour MP quits over McKinnon extradition vote


Land of Assburgers syndrome

Wow, everyone has some type of syndrome in the UK these days, why don't you question why?

Stop injecting your children with mercury might be a start. Roll up Roll up, get your mercury injections here. More people have a syndrome in the UK than swine flu....

Foxconn answers critics over suicidal iPhone engineer


To Reg Sim

To Reg Sim, blood diamonds are just diamonds that have not been through the totally monopolized diamond system. So in fact if you buy a diamond you should get blood diamonds as they are the only diamonds that have not gone through a totally slave like control system. Do some research that is not just Hollywood movies.

Controversial mobile directory fails on launch

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Too many suckers

Far too many suckers are registration freaks in the UK. Now they all start paying the price...

Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA



PETA is a joke, all they do is hunt animals down to cart off in cages, and then a day later they kill them. Veggies, umm no thanks, I don't need anyone to tell me how to eat.

US record industry wins $1.92m from file sharer


BS nations

Some nations are BS, just choose not to live in BS nations, or do something about it and change it.

US city demands FaceSpaceGooHoo log-ins from job seekers

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Good reason

I think this is the best reason I have heard yet for not using Billy-no-real-mates sites like MoronBook.

If you don't use it they can't have it, simple.

Pirate Bay launches encrypted private network

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Anonymous Visa cards

Rubbish regarding money being easy to trace... Most sensible people don't buy CDs or DVDs online by using their own credit cards, they use the disposable Visa cards these days.

So nothing stopping people from paying for PirateBay VPN using this method. Anyway, there is nothing illegal about using a VPN, so can use your own credit card if you like.


They've done it again

This one will take some serious effort to take down. However, if a network contains illegal data it can be closed. But it will be legally a lot harder.

Fiancée discovers boyf is grumble flick stud


If only they had hired him and he found out when he arrived...

I heard he was a Drilled Instructor...

MPs launch probe of massive net snooping project

Dead Vulture

old smoke and old mirrors

It's all BS. Check why so much fiber goes into the N. American territory at Menwidth Hill. They don't need wiretaps when it's out of UK jurisdiction. Reg get's it's first D-Notice.....

Royal Navy sailors hurl Ronald McDonald into Chilean harbour

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BBC's lack of writing ability

What's the deal with the low quality of the BBC's writing depts these days??

Millions of typos and generally English articles which appear to be written by non-English natives.

Microsoft takes hatchet to YouTube clone

Gates Horns

voice box removal

YouTube is actively trying to hide public user-made videos. So no surprize MS are cutting back that aspect of their service too. It's all part of removing the public voice in the West. With digital TV and radio the norm, what way can people spread the truth there now?

Facebook facing regulator crackdown



Really, does anyone really care anything about MoronBook anymore? So very 08 and totally for losers.

Home Office kicks ID cards into touch


Hush Hush

This is all done behind the scenes, hush hush, as they have yet to deploy the 'problem', that will cause the ID cards to become a solution.... then all the sheeple will run to sign up for one.

My Passport is biometric and has an RFID chip already. It's already rolled out. If it actually helped people and kept the country secure it might have value. But it doesn't, it won't stop illegal immigration, it will just enslave the cash cow debt slaves even more. Wake up!!!

Britain looks to export net censorship model to Europe

Paris Hilton

Vomit worthy hypocritical british bs

It's fine for the UK to filter, but if any other country does it it's human rights...

Paris, because she wished her leaked video was censored...

US gov asked Twitter to stay up for Iran protests



Really so many better things to do in life than frequent a loser site like Twatter. Same goes for MoronBook.

Broadband surges despite Meltdown


Mark 65

I would of said it was much higher. Other stats put the figure at around 250 million Internet users. And with every connection here ADSL or DSL. I'd of said the figure was much higher.

Maybe you are suffering from Orwelian doublethink, as massaged stats seem to be something generally left to the USA or UK to dabble with. WMD anyone?

Extreme porn law used on beastly Chinese DVD pirates


Don't drink UK USA Tap water

Yet another woman in court in the UK for liking her horse too much.... Never fear, that video will end up being sold directly on the streets of Manchester!!! That's a funny story though. Go anywhere in the world and you'll find pirated DVDs quite often originating from China (not always though), but I think the UK must be the first market for the pirates to target animal sex films. HAHAHAHA What the punter wants the punter gets!

Cracks in China censorware patched


to anon

The software isn't released yet, so therefor it doesn't need to contain the open license yet. As for the filter lists, Solid Oak only said the lists looked a lot like theirs and pointed to a text file that was theirs that was within the folder of the beta .rar file they got hold of...

It's amazing how people can bitch about the quality or content of unreleased leaked software...

More holes open up in Green Dam Youth Escort


No end to the stupidity and lack of knowledge

Yes all you stupid people, please don't come to China, continue to think it's bad, continue to think there is no nice food here or beautiful people, great cars, great clothes, great night life, great computer stores, great sunshine, great prices, low taxes, no violence, great beer, and last but not least, there is a great Firewall to try and keep all the rubbish stupid people like you emanate.

Right, I must just go back to building the biggest monster of a pc ever for my own entertainment for a fraction of the cost it would have cost me to build it in the UK :D Tootle pip!

Keep hating!!

Chinese Green Dam pilfers open source too

Jobs Horns

asdf living on planet pluto?

You have a lot to say about China but obviously have never been here. Your opinion is the typical spoon fed diet of rubbish from your UK proven to lie media sources. There is more food in China than I have ever seen in the UK. Ask anyone from the planet Earth about food and they won't mention the UK, unless of course they are of your type who have never explored the world.


Sad to see reg publish lies

Solid Oak only said the filter lists look very much like theirs. The lists are fairly complete, so two filter lists will look fairly much like each other if they are nearly complete right?

The software is not yet finished. It's amazing how many people are ready to pick faults with it before it is finished.

Open license content is always finalized and documented in the final stage of development. Anyone who has worked in software development knows this.

So hypocritical to make such a fuss about Green Dam. The gov has announced clearly on the news in China it's free software that users may remove if they want. It's just to protect the children. Just a shame the Western media is so hell bent on lies. An so Sad to see reg, a normally bi-partisan news outlet fall foul of the bs.

Worst of recession is past but tech jobs harder to find


working abroad

I left the UK 6 years ago, popped back while my mother was ill, then escaped the UK again as quickly as possible. What an awful place. 40% tax, and then with the 60% left you have to pay tax on pretty much everything you spend it on. works out about 80% tax in UK. In the far east I pay 20% tax, which is the highest bracket here, of which I can live very comfortable in a brand new house and it only consumes about 10% of my remaining wage. Leaving the rest saved cash in the bank each month.

Don't fool yourself, UK house prices will collapse to 10% of what they are now. Nothing is made there anymore, it's just a large open prison, escape while you can, everyone can see the prison door closing, except for the people still inside the cell...

Nurse Lovelace gives hardened lag 55-hour stiffy

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With the amount of Viagra spam, I consider this story totally related to computing!!

Imagine! Government to legislate against badness

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Gov excuse for kidnapping

Yet more bs laws to make it legal for them to kidnap your children. Wow UK is just becoming more of an evil sesspit as each hour passes.

Paris, because while she distracts you, they nab your kids.

German lad hit by 30,000 mph meteorite

Black Helicopters

Pea sized

Shame he wasn't holding an iPhone at the time. Story could have been infinitely more amusing.

Buggy 'smart meters' open door to power-grid botnet

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Low standard of living in UK and USA

Jesus, such a low standard of living you guys are having these days, having to penny pinch tiny bits of power from your meters.

Sounds pathetic. They'll be giving you rations of 3 peas a day for your food next. What else are they planning on rationing the people in the West?

iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey


If you have a life?

But if you have a life, the last thing you care about is a gimmicky trendy lump of plastic that doesn't actually have much practical use. Regardless of how much you earn or how educated you are.

The iPhone, the biggest ever product for media fed sheeple that ever existed in all time.

Oh wow, i'm looking at a website on a screen a few inches across... jerk jerk jerk....

Samsung shines a light on first solar cellphone


UK Market suitable

I don't think it's suitable for UK really. Seeing as there is only two weeks of sunshine a year.