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UK PM Cameron says Internet must not 'be an ungoverned space'

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Re: Mental gymnastics & cognitive dissonance?

I keep seeing the name Cameron so perhaps he is getting a message across.

I vote we start calling him arsebiscuit from now on. Unless someone takes up a suggestion and terminates the arsebiscuit.

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Re: Mz Diaganosis...

You mean we are not supposed to be living in a dystopia where the stupid, wax skinned, fat arsed ponces say silly things?

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Wasn't one of our famous RAF war poets a foreigner shot down whilst illegally fighting for freedom in WW2?

And that was before the RN gave them Top Gun. (Probably why he was KIA.)

Ah yes, the gateway to education is not suitably controlled enough, if we can still find out things.

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Would it be OK

If someone took a suggestion from someone else and killed that fat bugger before he manages to accomplish anything?

Or would the mere suggestion be a criminal act?

OpenOffice gets Ubuntu-media friendly

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Wouldn't it be better making it chip friendly?

That would give Microsoft users a reason to use it.

'Huge airships to carry freight starting 10 years from now'

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It will never happen

All this talk and comparison isn't the problem. Lighter than air machines could go to the winds and travel at comparable speeds (in one direction) to airliners and thus be helium powered.

They could follow the sun and make use of solarpower development which BTW isn't good enough yet. And they could reinvent the wheel in gas canopies.

But the fact remains that on the ground the infrastructures for all potential customers is geared to motor cars - the end point of all retail outlets these days.

Even out of town retail parks would need a major redsign. It's a problem akin to the refueling of electric cars:


Retailers don't innovate. They spend very little on research and development. They are motivated by acountants not inventors.

As for big military budgets. Anyone foolish enough to put all their eggs in one basket has to keep out of dodge. Pearl Harbour comes to mind in a military mind set where upper etchelons refuse to see the bloody obvious.

And as for military research, the USA went through most of WW 2 without functional torpedoes. Britain was still insisting on half ton rear guns on its fighter interceptors as the Battle of Britain started.

They only went with Hurricanes as they were more easily produced. And stuck with the Spitfire long after the lightweight vehicle made military sense.

Blair sent in an illegal occupying force with no boots and no armour. The same reason Britain lost Singapore in WW 2.

They will never learn.

Spoof beer ad mocks England footie flops

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@Evil Graham

The answer to both questions is "all of them"

Even when they are in South Africa?

Nobel Prize winner on dodgy World Cup ball

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Dead Vulture

Dodgy doger dodging

It is fairly obvous to most people interested in physics that a perfect sphere is not going to behave the same way regular irregular footballs behave.

It isn't rocket science it is just simple ballistics. Stuf that has been known for centuries. Stuff that the design of the golf ball is based on.

And the stuff the stuff falling out of the sky sci-fi idiots wet dream abourt.

Silos and chimney take it into acount and I daresay that chemist interested in vortice shedding would have humungous computers set up to analyse.

As for scoring with the bloody things, how on earth are they supposed to do that when it is dificult enough in regular top rank games with reasonably shootable balls? Pick them up and rub one side of them with dirt the way that cricketers are alledged to?

New prototype US spy satellite rushed into active use

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Air haids evacuuate at height.

How long before the half crippled old poppy farmers import dirt from Falujah and cost the USA a fortune in contermeansures.

Google geek slammed over XP exploit

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Keeping the pirate ship afloat

Windows has relied on shed loads of security suppliers looking after them for decades. It is about time that came to an end.

If everyone posted their discoveries immediately not waiting 4 or 5 days the company would have to write decent stuff.

Microsoft sneaks Firefox add-on into Patch Tuesday update

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Paris Hilton


That's what I'm running now.

I just reinstalled an old hard drive and updated it to SP3 and got all the third partyware to run Java adobe the usual suspects, a free firewall nad a free AV.

A huge supply of non Microsoft freeware all needed to surf today's web. And all working quite well too. And it only takes over 8 gigabyrtes.

I'd like to see a Linux distro that can do that. Why, the last OS I was using (DreamLinux) was only a few bytes. Another I had was 30 megabytes. Crapware. You need a muscle car, you get a Yanky one.

Two gears and half a ton of engine. It will go anywhere that has long straight roads.

Penguin chief: Linux must 'out fabulous' Apple's iPhone

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Paris Hilton

Freetards are not the problem retards are.

quote =

Linux needs to more effectively compete with Steve Jobs and the magic of Apple. It's important that open-source products add more value for users than simply being free.


If only the comunity had realised this back in the day then M$ would have been sidelined in the 1980s.

But UNIX was soooooo good and GNU so much more codey.


Why haven't we got a dick head icon?


Paris for the contentheading.

ISA circling the drain

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Paris Hilton

That bloody government!

It won't go away. They've just spent millions to spy on Birminham's Muslims and we are still butchering women and children for George Bush.

When will somebody say: "Fuck off forever you cunts."?

Garmin Connect exposes cycle trip details to world

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Want to know someone's viewing choices?

Open TV Guide and plug in anyone's e-mail address.

Owner of Russia's biggest breasts sues over airline buffeting

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Sillycun/soft ti. NT.

I said no text, stupid!

What are you reading this for?

Get a life.

Council staff helping selves to data

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No but yes but no

Almost all government or near government run agencies encourage customers to put CVs online and send them out to whoever might want to know your personal details.

Job Centres and agencies related to them are an example. Half baked unemployables desperate for a job will sign up for anything. Those govt funded agencies that help you write a CV will give you a pen to butcher your web identity, cook it and serve it up in Microsoft Word rich chunks.

I've never been to an employment agency that has ever mentioned online safety. I wrote a CV in an ofice of one minor agency like the above and was told that everything was perfectly safe by the tutor in charge of the day course.

Nuts in May, or what.

Gov ICT contracts to go online in July

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Paris Hilton

What about the unemployed?


I mean Interns.

Do we get a peek at who is employing unpaid labour in a country where it is illegal not to pay a minimum wage?

Applesoft, Ogg, and the future of web video

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Who? Me?

"Horn, meanwhile, defends patented codecs. He told us that "the marketplace of users" has made the decision on what technologies they want to use and a one-stop license provides convenience for everybody. "MPEG LA takes the market where we find it,"."

I don't want to use Flash.

I don't want to use Javascript.

But I don't want to bother getting into alternatives too neither. I just want to do what I wish online the easiet option allowing.

The trouble is that when stymied, I seem to be pushed into downloading the crapware I don't won't can't use.

Student found guilty of obstruction in Sarah Palin email trial

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Cervical smear of the brain

Suppose this happened to a soccer mom who was so dull witted that she kept her government affairs open to illegal scrutiny on an illegal webserver...


Hang on... we have a ....

Forget it. I'm not involved. It's just that if I were parading my ideals as those of a soccer mom, willing to stand up against next door neighbours all of 50 miles away, I'd make sure the children IN MY CARE got my duty of care.

And I'd think on what I'd done to allow it all to jhappen, before I had anything else to say about my own idiocy in public for a very long time.

Gizmodo faces visit from cops over 'found' iPhone

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On all counts there is no defence at law until ther is an offence.

Never defend yourself to the bill. Let them tell you what you have done and what they are going to do about it.

The go to your lawyer and tell them everything.

Then, and only then and only that if you are satisfied with what the lawyer comes up with...

Wait for the bill to do what they said they were going to do.

Then when they change there minds be prepared to confront their next ploy.

Once they start looking, they don't stop until you stop talking to them.

Ergo nil logo schtumo.

US Airforce secret spaceplane launched successfully

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Big Brother


Future, Fast, Flexible, Fractionated, Free-Flying Spacecraft. The idea is to have the various components of a normal big satellite organised in a wirelessly-linked cluster of small orbiting machines, a so-called virtual satellite.

Why not wirefully linked so no one else can hear them talking or interfere with them talking.

Also it will save fuel bills as when you move one, the rest will have to follow. That might save them the expense of invading Iran.

Hulu to charge $10 for past-its-prime time TV

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You are talking about WalDisney and Rupert Murky?

You think there was ever an interest in VFM with them?

I can't wait for Google to get into TV channel delivery. Maybe that's what they are planning to server up next.

Let's hope so, I don't have a life and if they do, I won't need one.

C language inventor spurns Google's language exam

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Oh yes they did!

Anyone who knows anything about British management knows that the referee has to be an English invention.

Then there was Agincourt. What do you suppose the crowd was there for?

Ripping a new hole in the local law enforcement is pretty much a par in the after match party tricks of the English abroad. And the result, typical of French law enforcement.

Oxburgh blesses Climategate boffins

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Not not surprising


And what will be unsurprising is that the government in its mediocrity will once again have to apologise for making a mistake again.

Only of course Nick Griffin will be the next Prime Minister by then.

After all if you are going to vote for someone who knows all about silly....

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Paris Hilton

What is the point of the unit then?

What's the point of having a climate research unit if it is a secret society with its own unfathomable rules and no way to get hold of the data they hold?

It might as well just be a library in a backwoods university that is designed to house all the bumph that students produce to get their doctorates.

Ah... wait...

Breach on Fort Apache.org exposes passwords

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Paris Hilton

Epic fail is the norm

Assume the worst and you won't be wrong. And if you are wrong that will be OK.

Only the paranoid survive (if the companies they use aren't stupid.)

Brit science vessel probes hot cleft for weird lifeforms

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Oil is as oil does

According to Thomas Gold the whole core of the planet is carbon rich. This stuff is all produced by the subteranean creatures.

Actually according to the Russians the world's igneous rock might be the produce of these creatures. They certainly seem to have the market cornered in sub igneous rock research.

Western mores tend toward the mental agility of East Anglian Climatologists.

Wikileaks video shows US gunfire on Reuters staff

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Compulsive viewing


Seriously, this should be shown in every classroom in every country at the start of each year's history class.

I want to embed this as the front page of my blog and I want open season declared on every British and US politician.

We could pay off the national deficit by offering licenses to kill the twats. 1,000 quid a pop. I'd have a go.

Has this been shown on the NuLabourBBC yet?

Chattanooga devil dog eats cop cruiser

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Same fight plan

I wonder if he had parvo virus?

Or was his mental development down to something he got from his dad?

Apple director 'disgusted' by Jobsian health secrets

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So that's what happened to all the companies that she denationalised?

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Thumb Up

I'm actually at work so won't look them up

I was wondering why the posts on this topic all have spelling mistakes. More so than is normal for the Reg.

I wonder if this is a feature of replies to such topics?

Oops: Chief Climategate investigator failed to declare eco directorship

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Wos so many deletes

No text; I'm neutral.

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He's been outed 3 times so far

You can't bugger him he's immune.

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Bring back the eunuchs

In the good old days in order to prevent the system going to pot like this, no civil servant was allowed to profit anything that might pass on to his friends and family. These servants were referred to as eunuchs.

History teaches that they were suppose to be bollock-broken but that isn't the truth. They were just ultra trustworthy.

I can't see the people who are in command insisting on that sort of thing for the people they select to be our democratically elected leaders. It would make controlling the gravy train too difficult.

But it would be nice if the lions den wasn't a silly programme for idiots and became a correctional programme for fools.

Register.com argues it can't be sued for negligence

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Oh goodie, me first again

When is a sewer not a sewer?

If you take away all the bad things associated with it will it suddenly smell of roses? If you stop saying nasty things about any service is the incoming all sweetness and light?

AEons ago a certain British company dealt with a strike by farming out all their transportation costs. Being British it actually made money, because when running normally they tended to lose shed loads.

Is it me or can I see a certain parallel in the though pattern?

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Dead Vulture

2nd past the post too.

Ordinary negligence is when a company tells you you are going to be the first to post a reply.

Gross negligence is when a company tells you you stand a chance of winning a lottery that has already closed.

Russia arrests three over $9m RBS WorldPay scam

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Black Helicopters

Hardly a Club Med fact finding tour is it?

They don't intend to give those bank robbers golden handshakes, massive pensions and time in the House of Frauds for good behaviour and jobs for the boys.

But I can't help thinking it is good news for some. {R}

Man could face prison over six second 'extreme porn' clip

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This used to be a free country?

When was that? I can remember in the good old days we used to export people who used their freedom to choose not to starve to death and nick a rabbit for the family pot.

And if it hadn't been a country where a bailiff was free to enter any propert the lord of the manor owned Australia would still be run by people who have not invented the wheel.

Or piracy.

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Paris Hilton

Henry the Axe Murderer

Let's just revisit the scene of the crime. A raving lunatic works a sedentary job signing laws into being such as the buggery law of England_and_Wales.com

Then he pays a visit to one of his mistresses and gives her a dose then he goes home to tell his wife they are through and she should pack her bags, she's on her way to the Tower of London.

And the kicker is that after disposing of more wives than Harold Shipman, he gets to be the new defender of the faith and passes laws that have no definitions. Like said buggery law.

And centuries later people can go to prison for watchin digial reproductions of not them doing it?

Of course without a definition of extreme sex acts it is difficult to say for sure if this person has done or not done, not done that .

Pirate Party UK launches manifesto

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The same way that anyone else can seel it read the terms of service dolt.

And we can all sell M$ stuff too . That will be ....errrmm..

"They missed a trick. In South West Surrey, Conservative culture frontbencher Jeremy Hunt is facing a challenge from Richard Mollett, the BPI's director of public affairs. That would have been the obvious place to fight a copyright election. It's nearer London, too."

Or maybe they know a trick or two too? Not telling anyone who is going to be standing there? Don't want a free for all do we?

Sophos sorry for blog comment spam campaign

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Do you not think?

Maybe like everyone, else he sees the sense in waiting for the firm to speak to the people responsible?

If you need to be told why that is, you should have your XO taken away from you.

Tories go nuclear, promise to prop up carbon price

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Organic Planets

This is one for the monkeys among us:

How come organic life evolved on a planet with more oxygen than is good for carbon molecules when umpteen planets much larger and hence available for lucky chances, haven't evolved much to speak of but one or two rather endearing storm cells and volcanoes?

Or to put it another way:

When the only people involved in the decision making are scientists and politicians, it leaves one with a "certain" feeling about this.

I'm in favour of Thomas Gold's Deep Hot Biospherical alternative.

And nuclear furnaces based in Westminster.

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress publishes X-rated texts

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IT Angle

Oh Greg you are so romantic

What does romance sound like on a porn video? Like a golfer getting screwed?

Not Shy For Woods. Never sighs for Woods? Ah, got it: No secrets for Woods.

UK.gov spunked £153m on reorganisation IT

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Good Idea

Let's hang Parliament. I vote for Guy Fawkes.

And Linux. Oh hang on, they charge for server side stuff don't they


Let's see, can we bag something from an American firm and pay them lots of dosh to help our balance of trade? Or do we already?

There must be an answer to this and I am sure that someone knows what it is. I wonder what it would cost to bring him out of hiding. Round the clock security and a constant supply of safe houses for whoever, I suppose.

VirnetX flings second patent infringement sueball at Microsoft

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Not that I give a damn.

Didn't Microsoft have enough money to buy the company instead of risking it falling into the hands of Texans?

I'd have thought the lone star would have been a flag for anyone with money to lose.

Boffins peg co-polymers for cheap chip construction

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It's like going back to the start.

You could draw a circuit on a piece of card with a graphite pencil. Connect the ends with battery and you have a circuit board.

Take a photo of a complex drawing and add a few gadgets and print in silver. A pcb fore runner.

Now the stuff is reverting to type with micro micro circuitry.

Next: Do it in diamonds. Well done whoever thought of that one.

Muso turfed off train for 'suspicious' set list

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British though, through and through

If they'd been USAns they have rolled him omn the floor face down and shot him with a clot 45 stung un.

Cybercrime's bulletproof hosting exposed

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Arpanet design fault

The trouble with the internet is that the original design was intended to stay up when all else failed.

The only way to catch these fellows is to find the next ISPs or whatever they are going to turn to when the next lot get taken out.

Just make sure each provider is looking out for a major surge of multiple desktop activity or whatever its called. Of course that would require the IT bods are awake and not distracted.

So that means the crims will be looking at understaffed quasi government organisations like schools and hospitals.

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Confusion he say

Never ascribe to planning what you can put down to ineptitude.

Do you think that botnetters would want to use functional tubes when there are any amount of hospitals using job creation IT understaffed staff?

Waledac botnet 'decimated' by MS takedown

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Not quite

To get decimated first you had to suffer massive losses leading to a massive FAIL.

Then you got tenthed. That is 1 in 10 survivors was executed. Likely the least fit for active service. (And least influential.)