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Opera applauds scepticism on MS browser pledge

Phill 4

When will we see...

Microsoft Windows "Naked Edition" - No IM software, no file manager, no web browser, no nice control panel for changing things, everything done by the command line -hell remove the entire desktop.

Actually sounds quite a nice system to me but I would imagine if the only other choice was:

Microsoft Windows "Super Duper Ultimate" edition, with IE, Live Messenger, Control Panel, File Explorer, Calculator, Paint, Wordpad, and other such niceties.

Then most users would chose the 2nd. Surely Microsoft could just come out with these two editions and solve all the problems, no monopoly on the desktop software because you can choose to install none of it. I think especially as the price difference between the two versions would mostly likely end up something like £30

At the risk of sounding unpopular, it's Microsoft's operating system, they should be able to do what they want with it.

Actually the best idea would be to watch the panic set in if Microsoft just suddenly announced they would no longer be selling or supporting any new licenses for windows inside Europe - how long until the powers that be are begging for Microsoft to return?


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