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HTML5 unfit for web TV, says Hulu

jon 77

@Sonny Jim: wrong section...

most TVs you can switch it off, so you can listen to your music....

I would leave it on while I am watching a quiet movie, Hopefully it would stop loud adverts destroying the mood!! - particularly late at night....

jon 77

admen will use HTML5!!

--- if it ever gets popular.... But I dont see how, HTML5 is just for video, as FLV flash video is (have to load large source, no interactivity, just play, stop, etc...)

Admen use SWF, much smaller, easier, intractive, etc... I dont see any of that stopping...

Non-Flash video surges onto the web

jon 77

Hmm, I await the first HTML5 adverts!!!

I remember the trouble when adverts & pop-ups broke through all the 'stoppers' ... :D :D

Microsoft defends death of free video in IE 9

jon 77

Google switched youtube to use a HTML5..

WHERE have you been the last few months???? There has been warnings that codecs are changing on youtube for months... **even** on the latest FF..

The change day came and went, and youtube **still** defaults to flash, with an invitation to try out chrome to get html5....

yes, YT will do Html5 on FF, but it is not that easy to find!

Internet Explorer drops below 60% market share

jon 77

yeah, it work great...

UNTIL up to 6 months later....

your mates keep getting emails from you, you did not send...

your PC seems to get really sluggish, and you wonder why...

download the video addon it says - hey IE is great isnt it.... why is it not restarting properly??????

Nokia's lost weekend ends with N8?

jon 77

there is no real innovation!!!

ALL the fancy new phones just want to look like the Iphone!! and just count how many types of nokia phones exist....

First!! WHY are you already moaning about a phone (N8) That is just a prototype ( the total number existing countable on one hand!!) - note the 5800 is now very different from its prototype..

Next, you iphone maniacs... WHEN will apple provide...

360 x 640 screen (iphone only 320 x 480..)

removable battery - dont play your guessing games with nokia, name one other that does not have a removable one!!

removable Memory card.. Well???

Can be used on ANY provider, just change the sim card....

Can run Java with midp2.. also - WMV/RV/MP4/3GP/ MP3/WMA/WAV/RA/AAC/M4A player

Many phones have bluetooth file transfer for long time , why not apple???

sure, Nokia may have issues, BUT all others do!! Android has only just (maybe) got something going, but as it is rather warped by the geek sector, I have yet to see a proper 'idiot usable' phone... The last version did not have bluetooth, due to the need for a geek being able to hack it so that it would work... I wonder what OTHER stuff is missing, due to a missing OS switch...

Boobquake fails to destroy planet

jon 77

heres a better one!!! :D


jon 77

hmm, these would better!!


(dont worry, they are covered.... )

sure to set some things moving!! :D

hey find them for me, but I cannot see any good sized ones on facepalm or twatter... ???

One fifth of humans say aliens walk among us

jon 77


"If Aliens are among us what are their intentions?"

Most likely the same as yours, when you visit another country... see the sights, blend in with the locals... (dont want to break the taboos, never mind scare someone!!)

re: looking like us..

Well they wont look EXACTLY like us.. but we are all two legged, two armed, etc.. and many biologists say that that is the most efficient form to develop.. just think what you need, to handle tools with dexterity, and also handle large complex objects, and judge distance, by sight and sound...

'Beauty with antimatter bottom' created out of pure energy

jon 77


"the sooner the missing 96 per cent of the universe can be tracked down - perhaps hidden in another dimension or something."

well, to keep it simple, we CANNOT see all the universe.. Until we make a craft to get out there, that is.. *sight* is limited by the speed of light, so the farther away something is, the older it is...

A bit like shining a very weak torch into a LARGE darkened warehouse, you will not be able to see the far wall, until you get much closer...

Intel: Killer cables may leapfrog USB 3.0

jon 77

@Henry Wertz 1

you seem to have missed the point! A USB cable has FOUR wires.. 2 for power, 2 for 'balanced' data signal..

I am guessing Light Peak will just have the optical connect, plus power in ONE cable... and Its not impossible to have a couple more wires for 'legacy' USB connectivity..

as said above, none of this really matters, more than 'will people use it' .... we already have USB, ESATA, RJ45/Cat5, firewire(yes, sony and camcorders still use this!!), various optical stuff...

The real test, is will it work when your whole OS crashes, and your optical disc wont read???

- That is why most tech's want a floppy included! - do note that 'USB booting' is VERY new..

jon 77

@Stuart Halliday

yes, very true... another thing to think of though, is that most reviews of USB3 say that throughput may well be very fast, BUT even the latest HDD's speed is now the bottleneck... and then there are things like latency of the interface, software controlling it, etc...

All the same things we heard about USB2, yes... The real story about USB2 is that yes, it is fast for many small files, BUT when you want to shift a 500 M file, it gets over-saturated, and so a bit pointless... any of these tests on LightPeak??

Mean while external SATA connectors are the big solution to shifting big data... many MSs and cases have them now, so you just plug it in (hot plug too!) and get native speed and no problems!

jon 77


"Since when are consumer aimed fibre optics brittle? I've got a bunch at home for digital optical feeds and they are far more flexible and maliable that any copper based cable I've used."

OK, I DARE you to bend one of those wires RIGHT BACK on itself!" YES I mean a complete U-turn! :D No not the large diameter ones, the typical usb ones that are less than 3mm thick...

the copper cables may stretch and strain, but they will still work.. my one has been thrown about, shut in doors(some permanently, due to a landlord not wanting holes drilled in the door surround!!), etc, etc, but still works..

Of course there will always be copper for the power supply, there already is in USB - If that was not needed, there would be only two wires, like audio..

NFC? It might work says Department for Transport

jon 77


do I need to explain how to type 'NFC' into google???

Fennec comes to Android

jon 77

have you seen the latest??


hmm,, looks like opera can relax on THAT cash... become M$ overnight, and forget about the pesky users...

jon 77

Its no wonder you are AC...

financial reports, huh??? I think you will find that has NOTHING to do with the desktop browser (except a very tiny bit of cash from google, and not the giant figure FF gets from them..) - as they said themselves recently...

Ok, here is the Net apps graph...


hey now that is a BIG rise!! 0.02 percent!!!

just dont look at the others, you might faint!!.. hey, is Mini available on the DESKTOP???


I recognize that bluster... why dont you ask your friends at opera?? why they have banned many old users just for wanting to improve the browser?? Just for saying 10.5 is missing many features that still work properly in the older one?? why do they not protect their ideas, so that FF etc can copy them all???

jon 77

@ AC 6th April 2010 20:56 GMT

I will bet you did not even LOOK at my link... It is for the desktop, that is where all the problem lies...

The MOBILE market is totally different, having a far simpler product, that is far, far younger....

Also, DO NOTE! NO SIGN of mozilla in those results, and excluding browsers that come with the mobile, there is almost nothing else out there... (that can be put on **any** phone!)

Yes, Mini and Skyfire are great, BUT, they depend on a remote server to do the job...

meanwhile Fennec is awfully slow....

jon 77


oh yeah, a bit strange YOU say 'desktop' when you are obviously talking about Mobile... ??

check my link again. you will see that DESKTOP figures are dropping...

jon 77

goin down...

so how is it now, that all the old guard, that made opera famous, has now been banned??

Bit slow, except for the occasional spam?? I challenge thee to a duel, provide a 'market popularity graph' for the whole world, that you would believe in!!!

Oh and do note that FF does not worry, it will soon be more popular than most!! :D

Note also that chrome & safari is very low, but I dont see them complaining.... maybe because they are getting all opera's customers...


jon 77

re: Opera Desktop works fine

Thanks for that comment! :) can you please tell me the URL for those 'happier' forums??

jon 77

yes, a lot of people love opera desktop, BUT....

I guess these will be those that never use the 'extra' functionality'...

but try these simple tests to see what is wrong...

- you want to try one of your old skins, that work great on opera 10.1...

it gives 'black squares' and other odd effects on 10.5...

OK, its old, lets look at the latest skins on the website....

you find it gets worse, now a lot of text has disappeared from the settings menu!!

you normally just type 'bbc' in Firefox to get bbc.co.uk.... (try it! :) )

You try this in Opera 10.5 - It searches google for BBC !!! why would it do that, when there is a 'google search bar' right next to it???

OK, maybe I did it wrong.. no, I type in the full URL, it does not search, it gets the website... WTF???

there is also a good function for URLs on the reg, I just select a piece of text in 10.1, it just goes there! :)

so I find 'BBC' in 10.5, and 'goto URL' - surely that will work properly???

NO! it searches for BBC again.... do you see my problem now??

jon 77

Tim Groven... DONT!! :)

I am afraid desktop is a steaming pile, compared to opera mini - I would say use opera mobile, but the winmob is missing lots... the symbian version is much better...

if You dont think so look at the posts from disgruntled users..


Mozilla: 'no plans' to bundle Flash with Firefox

jon 77

@Fred Mbogo

yeah, and actually released flash for symbian and all others!!

- instaed of just talking about it...

Open Source people!!!!! what are you doing??? can you do it for us????

Opera alerts EU to hidden Windows browser-ballot

jon 77

sinking, sinking!!!

have a look at this chart!!


Firefox was sinking, now its going up!!! Thanks opera, for scaring customers to FF!!! :D

Opera Mini hits iTunes, awaits Apple verdict

jon 77

Opera Mini is JUST a terminal!!

- ALL the pages are rendered on the remote server, and then sent as compressed code, for it to display... this means if you can convince opera to render any other 'active' content like flash, the it WOULD be possible to do so... the problem is, how to do it, with a very limited stream of data??

Skyfire already does this, in a far better way, if you believe its fans...


Unfortunately it is only in beta, ans still not as good as opera, even without the flash support... read this post on the forum...


One in four UK schoolkids admits hacking

jon 77

next: schoolboyz have sex with multiple partners... :)

yes mate :) I totally bonked 'er, I'm a macho man! all those girls relly want me, I'll be givin plenti tnite...

Aussie smoko-proofing drug prevents ill effects of cigs

jon 77


yeah, healthy smoking.... NOT!!! good that it will stop the biological effects, BUT its never that simple...

A lot of tar come out of smoking as well, just look at the **once white** ceiling of many pubs, before the ban... and tooth color, finger color, etc....

Microsoft rejiggers EU browser ballot after complaints

jon 77

:O some are just too lazy to scroll!!!

and think of the dumbasses.... I am sure you have a mate somewhere that thinks a good way to 'make it work' is to switch it on & off 5 times..... <shock>

Yes I am a member of a browser forum, for windows, linux, mac, solaris, mobile, winmobile, symbian, and many blogs....

the 'browser' section is at the top, and no-one seems to go to the others!! they dont know they exist, due to the need to scroll to see them... yes, THAT is how dumb peeps are getting!!!!!

the other blinkered section lives only in blogs using a RSS feed... and always complain about NOT getting the warnings that are plainly visible if you look at the web page!!!

YouTube's IE6 support dies on March 13

jon 77

firefox fans are not happy!



"Firefox supports html5 video tag just fine. Just not the patent encumbered codec google uses which seems to be a poor choice. Is google going to fix this and support firefox's unencumbered choice of codecs? "

jon 77

actually, Youtube may lose out!!!

If only youtube uses HTML5 exclusively, then a LOT of other video sites will be very happy, as they will get all the 'disgruntled' EX-youtube custom!!!!! :) :)

so watch out google, your scheme to maximize use of chrome may fail... there are a LOT of people out there with old & cheap PC's mainly due to lack of money!!!

jon 77

So does FF & opera support...

Tell me this aint true.... They will be going HTML5 only from march 13 - FF still does not have this yet...

Visual Studio 2010 - chunky but has a great personality

jon 77

much better here... :D :D



jon 77

all you chubby chasers.... :) :)

get your brain in gear (that one above yer eyes, not below!!!...), and do a google search!!!

- favorite phrase from a country vicar ..

"a woman with a **stupendous** chest.." :D :D

Opera beta bear hugs plug-in-free video

jon 77

DEMO here!!! (INSIDE the browser!!)

download from (YES! Video does work on my P4 1Ghz PC, XP SP2)


then play HTML5 video here....


get PROPER feedback here!! :)


jon 77

@John Tserkezis...

In your world, the small companies will die out due to lack of funding... Do you really want that???

I have NO PROBLEM with ads, ALL they need to do is be quiet, no bright animations, no 'moving like crazy'... just like all the ads in papers, on the street...

And I love google adsense, it means when I am on my sub-aqua forum, I get good adverts for cheap sub aqua gear, not boring ads for housing, household stuff, etc...

jon 77

ENOUGH TALK!!!!! WHERE can I test HTML5?????

you must know something, guys????

jon 77

@Jamie Jones

the problem with the media plugin, was the practice of MS changing all the rules, so it could get more money out of it!!!

It was also a lot easier with flash, as it does not depend on lots of 'external' programs... Only trouble is, adobe is now getting 'fat' on the proceeds...

jon 77

@ JP19, Ben Ryves - URL please??

I see no problem with dailymotion in any opera I use... 10.5 build 3248 has no problems, even when ID as Opera...

There is link 'use new player' but that still uses flash...

A URL and directions to get a proper html5 test would help...

Sony backs away from OLED TV future

jon 77

@ vincent himpe

mortality??? that what they said about almost EVERY new tech for ages....

CD scratches, /melts/ rots... they improved it massively..

DVD / bluray scratches... they have an 'armor plated' covering now, or just use a caddy!!

plasma / LCD they all had problems with burn-in, failing, imperfections, viewing angle... powrr problems...

plasma has improved to compete with LCD, except for the weight??

LCD problems?? that what is in front of those LED TVs...

OLED... that is what a LOT of mobile phones use for a display!!

OLED TVs will be back, when the 3D market gets tired, and they need sell more TVs!!!

jon 77

nope looks like 'damage limitation'...

No one is spending that much money any more, and the HD nutters out there are starting to believe the 'fools gold' that is 'LED TV' ..

they dont know or even bother that it is ONLY the back-light that is LED.. just like the ones that ask for a 20" full hd TV...

Hey you want it, we'll sell it to you... but dont come back complaining it dont work like a 40" one does!!!

When sales of 3D everything drop off, then I guess they will do another U-turn!!... what other loony tech is there left, I wonder??

Microsoft made a phone, and I hate it already

jon 77

@roy 3 ... Debian linux, eh??

sure it will do all that, but can you install it on the N900??? and still use it as a mobile phone???

jon 77

Why not just get a netbook?

have you seen the PRICE of those??? £200 to 400... Might as well just get a small laptop!!

On many forums I read, many want a pocket-able PC + phone (that my phone company will give me for free, in exchange for a good contract & unlimited internet)... Geeks luv android - see link for why..:D


even worse, budding 'homer simpsons' cannot see why it cannot do what a normal PC does, and blame the browser author for it!!!

-The sort of 'loud idiot' that goes into a butchers and demands "why dont you do cakes!?!?!?!"

Toshiba commits to Freeview HD

jon 77

@Dick Emery

you cannot see HD on a 24" screen... PC monitors may do this, but that is not a TV!!

- so you either have a giant bedroom, or have £££££££ to spare!

If so, why is 37" not ok???

jon 77

@AC 10th February 2010 15:38 GMT

'Full HD' is NOT freeviewHD - and neither is that argos TV!!!

Unless it says **freeviewHD**, the only HD it will do is by a HDMI input socket....

Firefox 3.6 goes live and final

jon 77


"Two years ago I gave up Opera because of all the HTTPS sites that block them. Went to FF and don't plan on moving."

NOT opera's fault- it is the dumb authors believing the FF FUD...

TWO YEARS??? that is DECADES in web time....

jon 77

isnt open source & user extensions luvly??? :p

@callmeshane 1: yes, that is the why opera does not do them, and the blind users hate them for it...

Use the browser for 'surfing' ???? they are too busy using it for social networking, organising schedules, showing what flashy widget they have just got working...

jon 77

hello, sheep master..

how is your flock??

jon 77

'it's so customisable' ???????????

No, I'm being serious... :( I hear all this 'great' stuff about 'personas'...

to find it is only a 'bitmap background' ??? PLEASE tell me I am missing something, or it only works in vista or win 7... I'm still using 'comfortable' XP... :)

I look up 'customize' in FF, to find ONLY 12 or so things to change, unless I want to spend AGES searching for add ons... :(

erm, check that one i mentioned earlier, even in basic just downloaded form, the 'customization/appearance SUBmenu has more *headings* than that, each with 10 to 15 options, to say nothing for those you can add using a text editor... :)

jon 77

Nah FF is buddies...

what, me hate FF??? only as much as a fancy car owner looks at a van driver....

Just installed FF36 - it imported adblock, ant download, chatzilla, zoomlevel, java from ff35..

zoom set to 120%, 30 items in adblock..

Failed 8 tests. (92/100)

Test 26 passed, but took 1718ms (less than 30fps)

Test 33 passed, but took 38ms (less than 30fps)

Test 37 passed, but took 58ms (less than 30fps)

Test 39 passed, but took 56ms (less than 30fps)

Test 40 passed, but took 113ms (less than 30fps)

Test 43 passed, but took 84ms (less than 30fps)

Test 46 passed, but took 52ms (less than 30fps)

Test 65 passed, but took 50ms (less than 30fps)

Test 69 passed, but took 59 attempts (less than perfect).

Test 71 failed: doc.open is not a function

Test 72 failed: doc.images is undefined

Test 75 failed: anim.beginElement is not a function

Test 76 failed: expected '0' but got '100' - Incorrect animVal value after svg animation.

Test 77 failed: expected '4776' but got '5560' - getComputedTextLength failed.

Test 78 failed: expected '90' but got '0' - getRotationOfChar(0) failed.

Test 79 failed: expected '34' but got '33' - SVGSVGTextElement.getNumberOfChars() incorrect

Test 80 failed: linktest link couldn't be found

Total elapsed time: 8.78s


Opera 1010, 120% zoom, java, full adblock list with 1700 items..

see here -http://www.fanboy.co.nz/adblock/

Failed 1 tests. (99/100)

Test 26 passed, but took 1688ms (less than 30fps)

Test 40 passed, but took 47ms (less than 30fps)

Test 65 passed, but took 203ms (less than 30fps)

Test 71 passed, but took 156ms (less than 30fps)

Test 76 failed: expected '0' but got '100' - Incorrect animVal value after svg animation.

Test 79 passed, but took 62ms (less than 30fps)

Test 80 passed, but took 47ms (less than 30fps)

Total elapsed time: 4.69s

:) .... and then leaves them standing at the lights...

But yeah, they are rather isolated, hate making a big show, then moan about others, reducing their reputation even further... :( :(

Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts

jon 77


I have found a LOT of sites that rewrite the page 'in browser' at many times - they all work ok for me on Opera...

You can view the current page source at any time, and select your own viewer for this - I have mainly used this to track the URL of something I want to 'block content' of..

there ARE some debugging tools in Opera - have you not seen Dragonfly at tools, advanced, developer tools?? but dont ask ME about it... you should be posting on the opera forum, so people who know about it can guide you...

you can use 'customize' for the panel on the left to add an 'info' display, and if you add a status field to a toolbar, you will see loading pages as they go by...

But if you know debugging well, you should be using a *proper* tool, and only using the browser to test it...

@Neil 7: I defy you to find anything that is 'perfect' - stop making the wrong assumptions, and start making some posts in the RIGHT forum!

But I guess you are just too lazy to do anything except moan...