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L0phtCrack's back! Crack hack app whacks Windows 10 trash hashes


Re: Nope

This is a similar method as stated above, but just involves 5 taps of the shift key to invoke an admin command prompt.


Third of US banks OK with passwords even social networks reject


When CapitalOne acquired IngDirect

I remember when that acquisition took place between CapitalOne and IngDirect, the first thing CapitalOne did was remove security features that IngDirect had in favor of ONLY needing a password to log in. So, I know CapitalOne doesn't really care about security.

Apple, Amazon and Google take lazy punters hostage


The new / old department store?

Could these new forms of distribution be the new "Department Stores"? This article reminded me of Macy, Gimbles, and Sears , there were these huge stores back in the 50's or 60's that carried most things the consumers wanted and the consumer didnt interact much with the author/inventor/creator of the content, just the department stores sales clerk.

If that's the case, then I would be of the opinion that "brands" like Samsung, Nintendo, Intel, etc. would still exist and be part of the purchasing experience. They've just moved from the real (brick and mortal department stores) to the digital realm (Amazon, Apple, and how ever else sells various forms of media).

Facebook reviews smut policy after slave site uprising


This has come up before

But either way that Facebook moves they'll have to face the wrath from either an individual, an organization or a government group. This is a problem with the idea of the "internet", that its users want it to be an uncensored library of information thats shared freely.

Its going to be tough for Facebook to come up with a policy that pleases with world (Facebook users) + advertisers (which is probably why they are reviewing the entire scope of their sexual content policies). Will the policies be region based? If its allowed, how much is too much per region? And thats just the super superficial questions that go into that. I could see a company just banning it all together so they don't have to deal with these logistical issues, which will have them in court one way or the other.

Some? None? or All? Either way, there will be pitchfork and fire carrying mobs no matter which they way go.

Norway to probe Sony's PS3 Linux 'downgrade'



Alright, little troll... time for your nap... its OK... we'll find a nice bridge from which you can terrorize people from.

this is only an issue because Sony removed the OtherOS that people were using.

Google axes Jobsian codec in name of 'open'


Its in the hardware

FLAC and OGG are nice open source formats. I have my entire CD collection ripped as FLAC on my media server. But you know.. I keep an MP3 version of that collect on my desktop PC, because 100% of the portable players on the market play MP3 files, I can't think of one that doesn't have that ability. No extra re-encoding from FLAC to MP3 if a friend wants a song. Even though its only seconds, I'd rather not spend time doing it.

MP3 is going to be around for a long long time just like the CD, heck even Vinyl is still being pressed. OGG came out the gate too slow and too late in the game. And now both it and FLAC don't have hardware decoding. I don't see anyone saying anything about adding that to their processors or chipsets anytime soon, even though their both open formats. Its a shame too, because back some years ago I was doing a FLAC / Musepack combination , but since MPC files aren't supported anywhere, I moved to the MP3 format.

True hard drives are big enough for FLAC collections, but it seems we are putting .H264 HD-like movies on them. Its everywhere and everyone already knows how to use it. FLAC, OGG, and WebM... not so much.

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Thanks for making my day

I was digging through the comments to see if there was someone that mentioned it before I posted the same idea, but you beat me too it.



I would vote for this again and again and again.. but I can't.

Nintendo disappoints over 3DS battery life


Gotta give up something

Nintendo was always going for low-powered devices and tried to get the 3rd party content creators to be more innovative with their techniques. But it seems the market demand for high powered low battery live hand-held game devices has Nintendo changing their paradigm. Look at the iPod and iPod touch, when you're playing games, they don't last long on battery. PSP is pretty much the same which is 3-6 hours. Gotta give the kiddies what they want or their buy from the competition.

RIM boss joins queue to kick Jobs


RIM's response

I enjoyed that alot. Thank you. I also enjoyed Steve Job's comments over the past couple of days. I personally think he's in this business to keep his competition on its toes. That if he stirs them up, that he (Steve Jobs) will stay on fire.

But I agree, instead of having a pissy-fit about September versus August's numbers instead of working on new devices is not how you win over the competition

Hefty physicist: Global warming is 'pseudoscientific fraud'


This again!?

As much as we all enjoy hearing about how wrong each side of this debate is, when do we start just focusing on whats right? I understand there are a lot of geopolitical and financial things that are wrong with research these days, instead of pointing out whats already been said a bunch of times and causing more debate, why not just talk about new data instead?

Moses' parting of the Red Sea: New sim explains whole thing


I hate when these articles appear

I take these simulations like a grain of salt just like when they say what our "future" is like. Although its entertaining to see what "could" have happened. Just cause a group makes a computer simulation doesn't mean its correct. I think the debates on the Global warming models is proof enough for that. Since I'm not a christian its hard for me to see how believers in the bible get offended at this, since it does raise more questions than answers as some posts have mentioned.

I think its a good oddity to explore and if bible's G-d is out there , I could see himself expressing his power in such a way. He wasn't much for face to face conversations.

Torrent sites: Here today, gone tomorrow and no one even cares


Its like a gray hair

Its like the old wives tale, you pull one gray hair out and two more grow in its place. With people setting up ultra exclusive invite only torrent sites, the many open trackers, and just the fact that you have so many thousands of torrent sites, its really hard to notice when a drop in a bucket full of water is missing.

maybe one day when the corporations have been the other into submission, they'll realize that people want to SHARE stuff ANYWAY cause its part of what we like doing as humans and they'll crash and burn cause they won't be making money. Its an Utopian hope, but one I wish would come true.

Aussie ISP beats Hollywood on 'copyright' rap


I second this one

I don't see how ISP's can be faulted for copyright infringement that they aren't involved with doing. They needs to be a level of reason that co-exists with the law, and this judge did a fair job of ruling in this case.

HP talks up slate launch


They must love what they are drinking

If they brought this out to compete with eBooks or with Apple if they bring out a tablet, they must be drinking some serious sewage. That price tag is way too high for so little features.

Sony plots death of Amazon Kindle


couldnt stop laughing

That line made me almost pee myself laughing. Sony has even tried to use their sucky ATRAC codec on their music store!! They'll beat the kind when they stop being two-faced.

Research suggests Wii Fit is no flab fighter


Same crap - different day

This is from the SAME UNIVERSITY that said its A-OK to sleep around , oh i'm sorry, "casual encounters", and you NOT feel any effects from it. They got the results of this "study" from a MAIL-IN questionnaire. Since this study is coming from the same University, i'm starting to think they either have very LOW standards for how a serious social or societal experiment should be carried out. Or they are squirting out studies so it seems like the University of Minnesota is ACTUALLY doing something beneficial for mankind and can obtain more grants. Wait, you know what... I think its both.

Official: British telly really is almost all repeats


Man cant just sit around

Gotta do something with all those channels that we have for HD broadcasts... heaven knows what will happen if its just a block of empty air.

'Friends with Benefits' sex does no psych harm - profs


The results are in from the MN mail-in!

Amazing... absolutely amazing.. the full article states that the results are from a MAIL-IN questionnaire and it only happened over the course of one year. This take into account very little of the actual psychological profile of a person. This is a terrible horrendously done study. The release of this kind of information has a tremendous effect on people before of the use of the internet. This survey will be dug up and used as a bat against people how have more sense to realize that the actions you take DO have a psychological effect on you.

They might not show up in a mail-in survey, but they will show up in how you act in the real world. What happened to science these days?

Amazon Kindle doomed to repeat Big Brother moment


Give the Kindle and its service the right name

The Kindle and its service is the same concept as the free libraries that are in the United States. You go into a branch, borrow a book and you have to return that book. The book is not yours from day one. Amazon is doing the same thing, but trying to milk more money out of citizens... I'm sorry.. consumers. More people are willing to spend money on books for the Kindle because they have the wording such as "buy" or "purchase".

The wording should change to "borrow", "rent" or what you're really doing, "licensing". That would clear them of any problems, because they can revoke a license easier than they can with a book that's said to be "purchased".

So in this situation, if the book had a license by a third-party vendor, than they can cancel that license and don't even have to give a refund. Although an explanation of why the license was revoked would still be necessary.

Google accused of avoiding YouTube revenues

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Can we get ACTUAL numbers and not what consultation firms and loser banks are speculating?

Opera to take web back to the old days

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Not really innovative...

Is what one or two other people have seen. Its a modernized BBS... back in the days of 9600 and 14400 baud modems , we'd leave messages on BBS' and check for pictures. One problem that I see is that its going to create a new glut of webcontent. This took the idea of the WildCAT BBS software and updated it for 2009.

But the problem I see is that the computer MUST be left ON for the content to stay active, just like any other webserver. I know Opera is concerned about security, but Spyware gangs are feriously greedy and will be pouncing all over Opera to see how the technology works. Opera has now made itself a viable platform that may be easier to exploit since the user by default will leave the machine constantly on so their friends, family and others can view their content.

I know this is going to be a problem on larger networks since many software programs easily create UPNP ports through routers.

I'm interested to see how this develops. The only advantage I see, is that it will allow people launch their own Facebook, Myspace or whatever page from their computer without relying on any other service. This may actually lead to less webpages that show up in search results. But how will Opera handle the sharing of content in the future? I'm sure lots of people will be embarassed , sued, or do more idiotic things because now no one is there to watch them over their shoulder like Facebook and Myspace has....

Opera applauds scepticism on MS browser pledge

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Opera is stupid for bringing up such a tired solution

and Microsoft is stupid for mixing Internet Explorer with Windows core functions. Its plagued Microsoft since they first come up with the idiotic idea... Many security concerns and anti-trust woes would have vanished if Microsoft just uncoupled the two. Heck, even the base code for windows might shrink :)