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Red Hat scurries away from consumer desktop market

Conor Wynne

my kids see no difference in operating systems

My daughter smashed my ibook last month, and I replaced it with an eeepc.

I asked my daughter (10 years old) what OS was on it. She said, what?

So I asked about the desktop and how she finds it compared to the XP box, the vista box or the mac. She said she prefers the eeepc, but they are all the same at the end of the day. They all run firefox, and she actually prefers the UI on the eeepc.

Regarding games, this is a non-starter, as consoles are now king.

Who still plays games on a PC anyway?

All games are played on either the WII (the kids favorite) or the PS3 - for myself.

I have not bought a PC game in years. I tell a lie, I bought CIV4 and crysis recently.

Apart from that, all games run on the consoles. Far better IMO.

I see linux as a superb server OS, and so so for the desktop. As long as OXML does not become a standard then linux has potential, otherwise its foobarred.

Personally I only run linux on servers, but all four on the desktop, I agree with my kids that they are all the same for what we use them for at home.



Lindsay Lohan packed off to morgue

Conor Wynne
Paris Hilton


Your idea is sound, however, there are many of us who have never drunk drove, but would start to get a place in something that cool,

Drink driving derby, it actually sounds like a cool idea.

I vote for a Lindsey icon, she is much worse than Britney or dare I say it, Paris!

California clamps down on in-car mobile use

Conor Wynne

texting while driving = insanity

Just the other day I had to swerve onto the hard shoulder because some idiot (in his 30's) was texting while driving, he was on the wrong side of the road and never even knew it.

How he made it around the bend is amazing, and the ONLY reason we didn't crash was because I ride a motorcycle, if I was in the car we would have had a head on collission -- even if I stopped!

He simply didn't even know it had happened -- didn't even lift his head when I beeped like mad!

All texters / callers should get penno points.

Germans invade Second Life

Conor Wynne


Move away from your computer, go outside and get a life.

Computing is good for work, or for the odd distration while the missus is watching soaps...

The Sims I can understand, but this is just ridiculous. I mean, people actually buy property!!!

I suppose you could be a ganster, and destroy other peoples properties, at least that would be a laugh.


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