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Chinese firm unveils long-distance e-car

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getaway car...

i think it would make a good bank job weapon...

4 seats, boot, understated, and 200 miles in total silence! thermal footprint for the pesky helicopter will also be a lot smaller than an IC car, not invisible, but possibly oddly shaped enough to cause confusion...

hell... if the banks had any money in them, id be tempted myself!!!

Acer: Android netbook to come with... Windows


15 seconds?!

in 25 seconds I get FULL functionality in a windows 7 environment on my 2 yearold Sony Vaio UX1XN mini-laptop....

why would I want to save 5 seconds to not have access to outlook or a full web browser and lovely transparent aero??!!

I dont understand netbooks... too big, too slow, too bland!

iPod poised for multitouch scroll wheel


isnt this just a trackpad?

apple already has this product in use with its laptops, albeit in a regualr 4 sided fasion, or doesnt the regular multi-touch pad work in the same way??

If this is just a normal touchpad, but in a circular format? I may as well patent a millon touchpads all with different numbers of sides and wait for the patent money to come flooding in after a few years :)

Sony PSP Go to hit UK in October


well that will sell well!! not!

£250?! your having a girraffe! for that money id be needing a total architecture update, HD display, camera and gps, 10hour battery, 3g and a blow job!

unless the developers are going to release some new games for the platform, its gonna be a non starter, PSP titles are plentiful, but expensive and dated... I know Ive bought a total of 0 games for my psp in the past year!

£100 more than a DSi? if it was £150 id almost consider it... cant deny, it does look rather nice though!

Intel shows glimpse of 32-core Larrabee beast



intel are obviously Reg stalkers!

is that Sarah Bees prettier/ugly* (delete as aplicable) sister??

Beeb tech boss seeks to expand TV licence online

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opt out...

I pay my licence... I have a TV and the amount opf BBC that I consume is minimal... the programming is so dire now that with the exception of the odd occasional show they havwe nothing to offer me... Discovery HD and my paid for sky channels suffice...

I have also NEVER watched anything on iplayer... scaling anything streamed upto 50" is dire as is the heavily compressed sound...

so any ideas by the bbc to tax either bandwith or up my licence for second rate web streaming is a big no!!

iPhone users to walk and read at same time


i hate to say it....

but i actually think thats a mildly sensible idea!!

thats it.. i feel dirty now...

London cab & bus trials for satnav speed-governor kit


map updates??

Im all for this... Ill have the original unit fitted to my car, then in 15 years time, when the roads have all had their limits slashed ill be happily 'tearing' about using the current 2009 speed data...

will all these systems automatically update themselves with limit changes and new roads?? or wll it suddenly become an offence to not update your box with the latest data??

Microsoft to spin out more non-update Windows 7 updates


news? what news??

Stop press, Microsoft to test pre-release software!

Microsoft: Don't rush to download Windows 7 RC


re Henry Wertz

How can you comment on something you cant even be bothered to try?? for free!!

OSX? i run Leopard on a Powerbook 1.67 with 2gb ram and Win7 blows that out of the water for speed on my 1.33 core solo...

and bloat?? your specs are fine for the OSX vista timeframe release... when Win7 is released Apple will be obsoleting much newer and more powerful hardware.... 1year old top of the line macs wont be able to run the new core features of Snow Leopard and My 1.67ghz machine? the most powerful laptop apple made 3 years ago, well it wont even load on there! Im not even going to comment on linux, yes it may run, but for anything other than a server or appliance, god its awful!

Win7, love or hate M$, is actually shaping up to be quite a decent OS...


1ghz + 1gb ram?

Well I downloaded the RC this morning, came down my connection nice and fast... using the download tool the speed was the same as if I was using a newsgroup :)

It installed flawlessly on my PC a Sony UX1XN UMPC- the specs being 1.33ghz Core Solo, 1gb Ram 30gb SSD, what can it do? a lot more than just run paint!! cold boot to working desktop, including biometric logon - 35 seconds!!! resume from hibernation - 22seconds, opening IE8 - 2.5 seconds, Outlook 2007 - 2.7 seconds... not bad for a computer that does fit in my trousers pocket!

you lot can keep your bloody XP! in this machine win7 is FASTER by some margin than XP ever was, loging on, opening apps, aesthetics, everything!!

Fujitsu LifeBook P8020

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Dont they look at the competition??

The Sony TT is a beautiful bit of kit (Although Ive only used the older TX) the Tosh isnt as pretty, but it looks flash, this just looks gash!

every angle of the TT looks designed, ultra thin screen, funky battery, nice keyboard...

to the type of person buying these machines, aesthetics are a major part... Boardroom Kudos is more important than battery life or speed (which the Fudge-itsu seems to trail on too!)

the reviewfinder panel happens to show both machines... :) the Vaio just oozes class, where the lifebook just looks like a 5 yearold budget offering!

my verdict - crap!!

Hire your very own Fred the Shred



ive always wondered how the wwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee thingmy works... with whole computers and drives etc, you can dismantle and recover the recyclables... when you turn a mixture of materials into mulch, the process of separating the materials would be a lot harder... and as mentioned... taking a perfectly useable, working device, destroying it, procssing the remains and recycling 2% of the thing isnt really as green as just wiping and reusing it........

is the green aspect the fact that a 3.5" hard drive reduced to dust is much easier to hide in the land fill? whilst the company 'pledges' to possibly plant a daffodil in the distant future??

Wanna upgrade from Windows 7 beta? Go back to Vista first

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minimum spec...

ive had the beta running on my 'netbook/umpc' since its release and a dell USFF both run very well and not noticably slower than XP...

the UMPC is a Flash based Sony UX1XN - core solo 1.33, 1gb ram and intel 950 graphics... fine and full aero, incredibly fast boot! off to desktop in 40seconds. battery runtime is a bit longer than vista business which it shipped with

the Dell is a P4 2.4ht with 2gb ram intel 845 graphics and 4200rpm 2.5" hard drive... originally shipped with XP... Win 7 is lovely, but no aero support...

both machines will have a format and reinstall with the RC... :) win7, stable thopugh it is, is still just a Beta, for testing only!! :)

HP Mini 2140 netbook



I almost bought a 2133 when it was released, but my eeeee701 still had new smell, so i couldnt justify the thing... this is VERY tempting, cost aside as its a moot point, (skodas and audis are worlds apart in price but share many components, with the audi always scoring higher) the letdown here is the resolution, the original crammed a 1300x700ish screen in - tiny fonts, but excellent useability, 1024x560!! eh gads! whats that about? hsnt anyone from hp ever seen a dialog box??!

anyhoo, im sticking with my Sony UX1XN - the worlds best minature computer!

Apple restyles iPod Shuffle


i hope...

the controls arnt integeral to the headphone cable! and you can plug real headphones into the thing...

also... whilse looking lovely and minimalist... its a bit, dare i say it, bland!! just looks like someones forgotten to finish styling it! it wouldnt have hurt to put some subtle decoration on the front... a wee glowing apple logo???

Magna boils up EV kit for car makers



surely, having rows of LED's running the length of the car is a bit Fast and the Furious! and certainly not something my mum would want on her runabout! a little inconvient if your inside the car and wondering how much power is left!!! AND all those LED's soaking up precious battery!

speaking of which, streamlined mirrors with cameras... is the reduction in drag really less than the energy requirements for powering 2 cameras, ir arrays for low light scenarios and 2 displays?

Google Docs suffers serious security lapse



the beauty of cloud computing... :) you store all your sensitive files, up somewhere... right next to everyone elses and hope who ever you entroust your secrets to rembers to turn off the lights and lock the doors when they leave...

I always like to know where my data is.. and thats in my locked bunker under the office...

Fanbois will abandon iPhone for Palm, says Wikisugardaddy

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well, looks like hes speaking out of his arse and his plain has be twarted in london, a friend of mine has just come to the end of her 3g i-phone contract and she will now be the proud owner of 2 3g i-phones... (well sort of, im getting the old one!)

Yes there is no upgrade over the original 3g i-phone, but a shiny new one without any scratches will suit her Jimmy Choos and Prada bag much better than a Palm...

Sexy Namir sportster to rewrite fuel economy rulebook?

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fuel econonmy?

who cares, not me! that thing looks pretty damn awesome and if I could afford one, I wouldnt be overly bothered if it ony did 5mpg!

Im still not sure on all this electric nonsense, I had a hybrid Lexus RX? drive away as i was standing about, the noise, or lack of is eerie... I like my super cars to have a wail... borne of thousands of components, all meticulously put together by artisans, erupting in a symphony of pure extravagance!

Samsung launches latest netbook UMPC



nothing yet to lure me away from my UX1XN :)

Ryanair may charge cattle to use the bog

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ive stepped onboard a ryanair plane without a shiny pound coin in my pocket before... its not uncommon for me to wander about with just folding cash and plastic if im travelling light...

I suppose, for a laugh we could get a bunch of mates to fly, get the cabin staff to change £50 notes or just piss on the seats!

Apple laptop ignites marketing department


Powerbook G4

looks to be a late G4 15" powerbook... judging by the battery, a 1.67ghz like mine... they were in the battery recall for exploding batteries so could well be slacking off in the IT department!

and as for old... pah! they still make an excellent workhorse!

World's 'smallest, lightest' laptop launches


Sony UX

Ok so its 200grams heavier and 15mm thicker, but is powerful enough for full vista aero and has been about for years!

I know which one id rather have! and, oh! i have one!

LG wristphone reportedly priced at £1000



interesting idea, but £1000 you can keep it! Ive a perfectly nice Omega which while being considerably more than that, is head and shoulders above it in terms of style!

as a freebie phone or £200 unlocked, it would make a useful hack phone whilst out on the town, or on a warm day when you dont need trouser baggage....

Nokia, Nintendo and Sony struck in wireless patent spat



the people who grant these patents must be half to blame... and does my all 4 one remote control fall under this.. that recieves messages from the donor remote and displays a flashing conformation to say that its learnt the code! or howabout the cb radio on my boat? my mobile? they are handheld devices - distributing aural messages from a handheld device... is this company going to sue pretty every manufacturor that has used any sort of transmission...

someone invents something quite farout, it maybe rubs shoulders with an established idea, but not in a tangiable way... said inventor gets shot down in flames...

someone patents something like this, which as far as i can see doesnt allow anyone to transmit or recieve data wirelessly at all... and the patent officer just rubber stamps it! i guess the application was filed around 4:30 on a friday afternoon....

I wonder if i can patent the idea of patent trolling and sue them??

HTC waves wand, pulls second Android phone out of hat

Paris Hilton


and people complain about the design of windows mobile phones??!!

this is the second android phone that ive seen... and frankly, its the second android phone that I wouldnt have, even if it was free!!! it looks like a cheap and nasty WM phone from a few years back!!!

the fanboyism is probably stronger with android than apple!!!

is there something im missing here??!! fugly design, meideocre components devote worship?? does this phone come with complimentary blow jobs or something??!!

paris - well... atleast you know what your getting there!!!

Operators and handset vendors plug standard charger

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the nokia comment was correct about 5 years ago.. but not now... noone has a nokia kicking about, but the number of mini USB cables is increasing all the time... portable hard drives, mp3 players, cameras.... it all makes sense! and one reason ive had Windows mobile phones for years... standard mini usb on all of them!

Windows goes Mobile 6.5

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am i the only one?

Im on my 4th win mobile - running 6.1pro and I dont have any issues... its as stable as any other current generation phone, more customisable than ANY other mobile OS out there, totally painless syncing with a windows PC, opera is a grat browser, with IE as an unused backup... I cant see what all the complaining is about!

Ive tried to move away, but always come back!

I for one welcome a new update and my new phone in August will almost certainly be a windows affair... hopefully with mob 7 :)

Dell launches perfume ad teaser site for Macbook Air rival


my god! my eyes!!

seriously... that is awful! no style whatsoever... place one next to a MBA and noone would even notice it...

adamo - even has a crappy name! Cant compare it to a mac anyway, so for PC rivals, id much rather an XPS1330 from dell, or if we are talking £1k+ pc's a Sony TZ series or at a push a Toshiba R600...

the teasing from the advert is something akin to visiting a strip bar on the promise of something amazing, only to be confronted with some toothless, lazy eyed, old hag who has been a fingerprint magnet for many a year!!!


and it gets worse!

just flipped the page back and had a shufti at the power adapter...

I take it noone on the design team has ever used a plug socket before??

dare I say it, Apple has hit the nail on the head perfectly with their design... integrated cable tidy and the plug is no wider than a standard plug with the ability to fit into a crowded mains splitter, the dell affair with its bonkers girth will consume the 3 spaces on a uk 4 way gang! and possibly even take up both sides of a normal domestic twin wall plate!

Wakefield does a Brum with possessive apostrophes



Im the first person to agree that my spelling, grammar and punctuation isn't the best, but I'm also not the person in charge of making things make sense!

I was at the hospital last week and whilst navigating the car park was greeted with the following sign... "No Parking Hospital Staff Only"

Does the sign indicate that area was parking for hospital staff only, or was the sign there to inform the hospial staff to not park there?

my mind boggled for a while until i noticed that the electricity box was locked with 8 different padlocks and with the rain pouring down like it was, that I would pity the fool that had to gain access to said box!

anyway... the general rambling point that I am struggling to make, is that punctuation and correct grammar should be enforced by our leaders when trying to convey a message to us minions...

American Stereotype™ walks Google's mean Street View

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if you pan round a bit you will see an assortment of pickups for him to choose from!

Geeks re-invent breakfast


not another!!

god damnit! another toaster!! how many times can it be reinvented, into a format that i need! but cannot buy!!!

FFS guys... start producing these novelty toasters!

Fake plane death businessman left SOS bullet-point list


you couldnt make this sort of stuff up!!

the guy is a legend! when you think he cant do anything more stupid, he then leaves a checklist in the plane!

What gets me, over all of this is that with this chaps level of intelegence he actually managed to obtain a real pilots licence in the first place!

Sony intros 8in notebook-not-netbook

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I had a play on one of these on friday at a trade show... I liked the look when i saw hthe CES preview... and im inlove now that ive used it for real! Vista, yes bloaty and a bit much for the atom, but... its not overly bad! the screen! WOW! crisp isnt the word for it! but the res does make for eyesquinting joy! text is miniscule!

build is tops... head and shoulders above any netbook... and the keyboard is almost full size! £600 is a lot for a netbook clone... but this isnt one of those! yes it has netbookish specs, but its more than that! when 'she' isnt looking i would like to make one mine!!! :)

Nokia ships phone without charger


re: Bronek

Ive always thought that too... usb is such an easy way to juice a small battery device :) and the old adage that 'someone always has a nokia chargre' isnt always true!! but... everyon does have a computer...

Im all for the dominace of mini usb... i get increasingly annoyed when someone hands me a digital camera that has some bizzare plug, or even worse a plug that looks like mini usb, but is fractionally larger, smaller or odd shaped... companies should save that plug R+D cash and use it for the good of the world.. hell, while im at it MK1 PSP - charges from usb... but not using the freaking mini usb hole... but some sony socket grr...

Apple moves to unify its OS and interface



im guessing the end for PPC macs then :( (not that im a fan of real ancient hardware, but my 1.67ghz powerbook has plenty of grunt... )

although a code tidyup would make older hardware more efficent :) which is always a good thing! I cant rember when the system requirements for an OS actully went down with a new release!!

Intel profits sink 90% in Q4



I wish I could look at billions of $ in revinue as a bad year! :)

Asus Eee keyboard opens CES

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perfect :)

just right for small offices or thin client applications... enough grunt for word, outlook and internet explorer, but no noise, no desk clutter and minimal wires...

i just hope the pricing is along the ethos of the eeeee range... if so, i can see myself replacing a few mid sized optiplexes :)

Microsoft smooths Windows 7 snafu


its ok...

I downloaded through a newsgroup and then used my proper key... didnt take long at all..

Cant use aero as the machine im testing with is a SFF Dell 2.4ghz HT P4 with 2gb ram - that made a bit of a meal out of vista, so im quite chuffed that everything is smooth :) justabout to send a bug report as preview is broken here... hovering just displays a black box about the height of the task bar...

and I hate the new taskbar.. quicklaunch and apps in any old order... also trying to figure whats running is a bit of a nightmare!

Im surprised that my i-catcher webpage doesnt recognise this as vista, so cant install my CCTV widget..

G-Technology puts SSD RAID in your pocket



no ethernet.. I wouldnt expect it to have any... its way too small for a nas, its a small capacity drive aimed I expect at mobile HD video types...

Sony Vaio P netbook taken for a spin




$900 - if that equates to £4-500 then one of thems mine!! :D

SanDisk flashes notebook flash


Just what my Powerbook needs!

the last paragraph states a PATA model!!! if this is true, then sign me up for one of those!!!

my 1.67ghz G4 powerbook is almost my perfect machine, except for the limitation of an 80gb 7200rpm hard drive... now, if i can get me a drive as fast, or faster, with twice the capacity, then a very happy man it will make!!


Palm to take on iPhone with web 2.0 banana phone



'The hardware's nice but the OS is nicer' kinda implies that there was a demo or mockup somewhere to be seen... and noone from vulture central has a camera, or a camera phone?!

bad show!

Take a hammer to your hard drive, shrieks Which?



I work for organisations which store details on children... when the servers are decomissioned the drives are destroyed with hammers... then disposed of with the rest of the confidential documents... there is no way I could risk my position with the use of some disk erasing software...

I know the feasibility of recovering data from a properly wiped drive, and the odds are noone is really going to try too hard at it, but it requires a lot more skill to piece together broken controler boards, chipped, delaminated and bent platters and then recover data...

as with many organisations, no hard drive with our data would EVER go to any charity...

Boffins bust web authentication with game consoles



oh, yeas.. the PS3 is the worst of the consoles then?? :p

Id like to see a wii cluster do that!!! or see how many Xbox360's would still be running after being left on longenough to do that!!

Motor quango thumbsup for satnav speed restrictions

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look out for bridges!!!

imagine the scene... 'thumping' down the motorway at 70, you cross under a minor road all your wheels lockup as you 'enter' this 30 zone... and you kiss the windscreen!!!

or... knowing that you cant do anything wrong, your crusing down the b-road, brick on the acelerator, revs bouncing off the limiter... you pass over said motorway and suddenly your doing 70! just in time for the obligatory speedcamera... as thats where they will now be positioned...

instead of all this servelince crap, why doesnt the government just employ someone to follow everyone about to log and ensure that they are not getting upto no good or exercising their will to free thought... zero unemployment and total coverage of the populus...

iPlayer chief pushes tiered charging for ISPs



I so far have NEVER watched a program on BBC's Iplayer... but I do pay my BBC TV tax on a monthly DD. My Tv pattern revolves around mostly Sky channels and other content... I already begrudge my licence fee for Eastenders and the array of something factors that they like to pump out (someone works hard for their cash there!!)

I sure as well will not pay extra for useless online content... as far as im concerned, I pay for it twice already...

as for people that have stopped watching telly... god only knows waht sort of TV you are using as any streamed content looks crap in some poky window let alone blown up to 42"!

Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims

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red ring of death...

they should stop complaining and just be thankful that they have had their xbox working long enough to scratch a disc!!!