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IBM email fiasco complicates sales deals, is worse than biz is letting on – sources


I think that video is a little restrained in the real reaction to being told you are going to have to use Lotus Notes!

IBM insiders say CEO Arvind Krishna downplayed impact of email troubles, asked for a week to sort things out


Re: So this a migration from Cloud back to On Premise?

It would probably have been cheaper (and simpler) for them to just buy out the cloud service that was being discontinued and make it 'private' to IBM only.

'We are too busy with customer systems' is a terrible excuse. Why would I trust my data with a company that can't keep its own moving.

But on the other side, I lasted about a few months being TUPE'd to IBM and having to use Lotus Notes was a pretty close tie to the management and culture as being 'the worst thing'. So maybe IBM is now suddenly a lot more efficient...

Time to Ryzen shine, Intel: AMD has started shipping 7nm desktop CPUs like it's no big deal


Re: I need a new laptop

I bought the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 touch screen AMD Ryzen 7 2700U, 12g, 256g SSD last year. Nothing came near it in Intel space for price and performance. Ryzen has moved on since to bigger, better, faster, but dammit for $600 (it's current Amazon price) I love this thing.

It's light, its fast and lets me go back and play Skyrim when I'm on the move. The memory cap (16G I think) may limit you, but there are some damn good Ryzen laptops out there which go higher if portability isn't your biggest concern.

You just need to shop around. I've never seen this with Ryzen in the UK so I bought mine on a US trip. Then bought another the next trip for my kid.

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft


Re: Another day

Oh believe me. I am as pissed about the forced day to day patching as everyone. I got hit by that complete balls up of a DHCP patch when it came out and it took ages for them to come around to "we fucked up, we'll fix it sometime". It's crap, its dangerous and there is bugger all information about whats happening to your PC, let alone any control. Let me subscribe to fast channel security fixes and then choose other updates when I need to and know something is broken. Yeah security fixes may break stuff, but on my main PC I'd quite like them and have a less "always connected" one on a slower chain for my backup.

Maybe I'm just easily pleased at any company doing anything which resembles heading into a more proactive way of doing things, despite past sins ;-). If this gives them less headaches and better reaction, maybe corporate droids might decide its not a bad thing after all.


Re: Another day

Well, since I'm trying ot be positive today, so expecting lots of downvotes.

MS got lots of people to beta-test it, but as is the like it was us techies who did we tend not to have the older hardware. MS didn't force it on everyone the same time causing massive chaos this time round, but were releasing it in stages so they could see if there were any problems. MS has seen there were problems and has put a halt to it interested people foisting the problems on themselves, til they come up with a game plan.

That sounds kind of realistic and a reasonable response, rather than denying there is any problem or blaming it on users to me. I prefer it to having it shoved down my throat and told to wait whilst they decide what to do... and wait... and wait...

How Rogue One's Imperial stormtroopers SAVED Star Wars and restored order


Re: How many Stormtroopers does it take to...?

The Empire is a very large organisation, everyone knows the middle-management block any and all training requests. Those poor Empire storm troopers are wondering who they are reporting to in the latest re-org and as for those training requests they put in to learn how to use the new blaster? Forget it, they've been given an online video telling them which way to point it and are wondering when they are going to get outsourced.

The Rebels however are that trendy startup that has the self-taught, highly motivated elites who have options in the new world order and know the only way to get paid is to give it everything.

Hold on, new email from the Empire. Apparently there is a new video on how to be "agile". Must be to stop everyone tripping over their armour.

'I found the intern curled up on the data centre floor moaning'


Re: similar to Laura

Another occurs to me. Management "escalations" and panicking when no one knew where the problem was yet.

Management wanted everyone "ready to engage". So a 2am phone call telling me there might be a big problem, but no one was sure yet "just to make me prepared". Of course I didn't hear back from them spent the rest of the night unable to sleep and checking my phone to make sure it hadn't gone off and didn't hear a thing about it the next day to say the problem was fixed.

That job went progressively worse on-call. Expect to get any details on the call as to what the problem is or what has been done before? Forget it, if you were lucky you'd get a ticket number. If you were unlucky you'd have to login and start pinging people to see who knew what the system was that had issues. Not on-call and forgot to turn your phone off, expect to get random calls instead of the on-call person "because they are really grumpy and rude when you call them at 3am and you helpful".

My new job I'm not on-call. Whatever grief there maybe in the day, that makes it all worthwhile.


Re: similar to Laura

I had the same. Not a slow voice though, but a very cheery 2nd line guy who would be bright and chipper at 3am "Hey! How are you? What's happening" *bites tongue and doesn't go, nothing, its 3am, I was asleep, I'm grumpy because you woke me up, just get on with it".

This particular night the phone rang, the cheery greeting and mumbled response. Then it went into "we have a problem on XXX, I already rang Y but then realised he was handling HP-UX and it's a Solaris system so he said to ring you". Then a slow "oh bugger, you aren't on call this week are you? Don't worry, I'll call who is on call".

The only possible response was "no, I'll deal with it, no point to wake up the 3rd person tonight." Well, ok I checked who actually was on call and it wasn't someone I disliked, otherwise my answer might have been different...

Yahoo! is! not! killing! Messenger! today!, just! the! desktop! client!


Don't think so, release notes seemed to indicate they were closing down the 3rd party APIs. Windows desktop users will have to move to the "app" version which takes up half your screen instead.

Oooooklahoma! Where the cops can stop and empty your bank cards – on just a hunch


Re: Graft @RachelM

I'm in the UK but due to friends/family I tend to visit Oklahoma about twice a year. It is indeed a beautiful place and one of incredible contrasts and full of some of the most unexpected places.

Will Rogers Airport has to be one of the friendliest places I've thrown from (I shudder going back into Heathrow). The Okies have always been a welcoming bunch even if they can't understand a word I'm saying. OKC itself is a bit sprawling if you are used to more compact towns like over here, and you need to be there awhile to get an idea of its character rather than just think "another strip mall, another road". Midtown has had some awesome changes to it and a great vibe going on as well as a real community feeling amongst people. Every visit we find new places with great food and great atmosphere and something "unique" amongst them, you just have to look a little amongst all the chains.

It is indeed a great state and it and its people aren't deserving of being the butt of so many jokes. It's government on the other hand... This sort of move is so in character with the way the state is being run into the ground. The budget cuts are killing all the services, especially the education system. I wonder if the $1.3bn state budget deficit has anything to do with being so keen on seizing goods/money.... nah, couldn't be, could it?

UK needs comp sci grads, so why isn't it hiring them?


Re: java was a bad idea

Java really isn't a problem. It's a great language to learn the concepts of object orientation, classes, abstraction and all that jazz. Take that and walk straight into the OO stuff in perl or any number of different languages. Once you have the why and mindset, the rest is syntax and practice, practice, practice (just like any writing).

I can understand the frustration of the original OP and I think that's part of this "we need more CS grads" when really they want more software developers. You don't need a degree for that, you need overall training in methods and practice, lots of practice.

CS (and many other) degrees are mis-sold. I wanted a CS degree because I was passionately interested in computing and wanted to know about as many parts of it as possible, not to get me a job as a developer or sysadmin. That just came as a result of the skills I had learnt and has kept me hopping around in a dozen different industries since.

I knew people who did software engineering degrees too, hell some of those were 4 years, and they were pretty much the same tone as my CS degree. They did follow the "engineering" approach and not the knock it together and throw it out the door. They didn't care what languages they learnt, it was concepts, approaches, mindset.

They are never going to be your developer who comes in the door and slogs along with the rest in the team, they'll be the ones that set the tone for the team, standards, best practices, aid the design and make sure it fits together. Not everyone needs to be a software engineer or a competent CS grad who can pull things together, but add one or two to the rest who can burn through the code and you may end up with something a damn sight better at the end.

That's not to belittle the developer who slogs through and produces the code, you really need both in a big project to get the best out of each other.


Doesn't surprise me :) Learning how to code is relatively easy, showing you can think, that's a challenge :). One of my colleagues/bosses had a degree in Geology and ended up doing oil industry coding and was one of the best people I've worked with.


See, I feel the exact opposite. My degree was Computer Science and it was back when they didn't teach you whatever new-fangled thing was the "big thing", they taught whatever the University was researching at the time. It too taught hardware architecture, too much math for my poor brain, computer graphics, AI, OS design, parallel computing, god knows how many research topics. Coding was a part of it, and modules in software design and engineering, but actually, I'm glad for the looks into all the different bits that make CS more of a "science". The whys of design, the different paradigms of problem solving, the how things really worked and why people came to those conclusions and the problems that will be solved. I'll never write an OS, I'll never write a compiler, but we studied both those and I have a feel because of it of the problems they were solving.

I've come across so many grads or others who've come into IT and don't know how to problem solve, who know how to code in a particular language and that's it. They can't think about the network or the hardware or what the OS is doing. They might be good coders, but you don't need a degree in CS to code. What I want out of a CS grad is someone who has seen the depth of enough areas to be able to relate to new ideas and pick them up.

So in my experience, as someone who has been doing this 20 years, the breadth of weird and wonderful things from my CS degree gave me a foundation to build concepts on. The critical systems came in handy when I ended up working on airport systems for awhile. The ethics course made me think about the implications of taking jobs in defence, medical and other areas and decide (based on the impact what I did could have) if I wanted that responsibility.

Please Universities, don't churn out X'000 undergrads who can do the latest thing just because they would be currently employable. Hell I'd take the physics grad who learnt to code because he needed to solve problems over them any day. Give me people who can think and learn and solve problems because of the core understanding of "a bit of everything" they've been taught.

Carry On Computing: Ten stylish laptop bags for him


Ouch... those prices

Those prices are pretty amazing, do they carry it for you too?

I've had one of the 7dayshop laptop + SLR backpacks for a couple of years now. Pockets out of it's gazoo, easily fits a 15inch laptop and fits my DSLR and 3 lenses with no effort. You can take out the SLR pouch if you want extra space, has a rain cover and waist straps as well as nice comfy padding down the back and over the shoulders. This has been across the pond multiple times with me tucking under the seat in front, all for less than £30.

Only problem is if they stop you at security and ask you to unload it and they look in shock as more and more and more stuff comes out of it.

Hollywood star Robin Williams dies of 'suspected suicide' at 63


Re: Why are so many celebrities depressed and/or suicidal??

"The whole point is, dear chum, that it's irrational. That's the point. That's why it's a mental illness, and not just a dour attitude ;-)"

Perfectly said. The saddest, bitterest thing about depression is how much it makes us lie to ourselves. I remember having nightmares (and staying in an abusive marriage) for those very reasons you've said, I'll end up alone in a bedsit, trying to cling onto some sense of value by the "successful image" projected around me and each moment getting more bitter and twisted inside that everything screamed "what a fake you are" and "if only they knew how you really were". Success was the antithesis of happiness, it's what I beat myself with to tell myself how shit I really was.

You know what? The bedsit isn't so bad, the being alone not so terrible. Dark days yes but there is a certain "screw you" you can develop to that black dog when it lies to you and whispers in your ears at night, I've beaten you down before and I can do it again, and when I do it's not all so terrible and all the little good moments can be enjoyed.

The funny thing is, I remember those dark nights and the thoughts going round in circles (and those who say drugs don't fix things, they don't, but they can sure as hell help stop that eternal cycling round and around in a spiral til your head wants to explode so you can try to appreciate things again rather than being exhausted constantly with the fight) and the one thing I remember most would be waking up in the morning and not being able to relate to them or explain them or verbalize them or really be able to comprehend how bad it had felt. It felt like another person, til the next evening or night. In the end I took to writing a blog whilst I had those feelings, incoherent screams as they were and took that to the doctor and let them read it as I was too good at hiding how it felt even from myself, from intellectualizing and making it an interesting topic of conversation but not about me.

I hope you find your place to enjoy those little inconsequential moments soon and the dark nights don't swallow them up for much longer. It's those stupid little things that make you smile in the day that make life.

DON'T PANIC: Facebook returns after 30-minute outage terror


Not bad...

20 minute or so outage for a free service that isn't going to inconvenience anyone when its down.

Compare this to O2's outages for most of a day with their cockups with the HLR and several banks with problems running into the days.

Hmmm, it's almost like an inverse pyramid of how much people invest in resilient systems compared to the actual value to the end user.

'No, I CAN'T write code myself,' admits woman in charge of teaching our kids to code


Re: The Royal Society Christmas Lectures on computers

Most definitely... Or just go back to the BBC's The Computer Programme. That inspired these things to be interesting!


Re: QUOTE: and could be learned in a day.

She was being very very busy choosing a nice dress and makeup for her TV appearance.


Re: How is she the Directory of anything at 23 years old?

It's amazing how the government can simultaneously make a stab at setting back both peoples perception of "coding" and also of women in IT in one go. That interview is quite astounding.

Apple CEO Cook breaks YEARS OF SILENCE, finally speaks to El Reg hack


This is...

The clearest sign of the impending apocalypse ever. Hell just froze over.

Google embiggens its fat vid pipe Chromecast with TEN new supported apps


Re: UK?

I too bought the little Roku box thanks to a commentard here. It's back down to £29.99 in Currys/PC World again so I've just got one for a friend too. It does indeed do 4oD now as well as Iplayer and Channel 5 and netflix. Best though is the plex app which (along with a plex server) which really does work well and gives a very rich "view your own media" experience. Just wish it did LoveFilm.

Microsoft's EAT-your-OWN-YOUNG management system AXED


I hate...

With a passion the bell curve. It's never made sense to me, surely a good tech company wants to hire over the normal amount of "extraordinary" individuals overachieving. Then you get told that because you were exceptional the previous years you obviously can't be this year (as no one can ever keep being excpetional!) so your goals are now even higher so you are just satisfactory or good this year... Others get praised for handing in a completely pointless management report which was the managers pet thing this year (or covered his ass). Morale? What's that?

Netflix, YouTube video killed the BitTorrent star? Duo gobble web traffic


Netflix Open Connect caching

That is a really neat solution, they cope with both peering and caching (and caching in a well-engineered sensible passive lets not impact non-netflix users way). Interesting to see BT and Virgin both peer. It's almost like Netflix designed their solution with the knowledge that if they can't get decent response to their customers their customers won't stay...

Lone sysadmin fingered for $462m Wall Street crash


Re: You'd be amazed at how many changes are made on the fly...

Amen, I remember that in my coding days linking up to the OMLX and DTB. The beta markets were dead, had no prices in them, had no volatility, no rate of change, no where near the amount of derivatives listed, etc, etc, it was a nightmare. Plus, as you say, the way a market kicks off when the AMM kicked in. In the end the only solution was to stub the in/out of the exchange and record real data over a period and then play it into the system and compare the "new" systems behaviour to how it should have worked. Couldn't capture API problems to the exchange (hopefully the beta site did that) but at least we knew how our system would react to certain inputs from external systems. It sounds like this would have spotted that one of the systems wasn't giving back what it should have done in this case but, it costs money, it costs time, it delays things.

Thank heavens I don't work in that industry any more as I really don't think I could stomach the JFDI attitudes knowing what was at stake if you make a mistake. Complete failure of management controls or risk assessment, sadly common across most industries.

Techies with Asperger's? Yes, we are a little different...


Re: Author here (again)

Thank you for giving real life experiences, its really good to hear the goods and bads from "inside", including what those donuts in HR made you do. I've been reading the comments here with interest on everyones viewpoints and also (unsurprisingly) how many people in IT share common traits with Aspies.

I think thats a positive we can take. Some of the traits we have (liking problem solving, liking logical solutions, liking details, being slightly antisocial) are part of what got us into IT in the first place and I think they are part of the attraction for Aspies too, so we have common ground. It takes a little bit of understanding though to get over the faux pas caused by the differences in those traits though. I guess I am saying how hard-wired some of those traits are in Aspies. As a typical IT geek I am shy and like to work through problems without distractions, I get stressed when multitasking but hey I get by, its not how I want it. I hate interminate deadlines and conflicting priorities. My partner's daughter though, its not something you can dislike and "get over". I know I get stressed when idiot PMs conflict, she though doesn't relate those two things together. The feelings of indefinite deadlines (oh later, as soon as you can) induce real stress in her to the point of not being able to function, but that link to "that PM is an idiot" isn't there and so they just don't correlate.

It's simple things that make a world of difference when you understand that the person isn't just being obsintate they need things addressed differently. From our side, say definites, I need this by Xpm, we will do so and so in half an hour. Little things that don't take much effort. From her side, as she has been diagnosed it's the making conscious efforts to correlate what is being a difficulty as it doesn't come naturally (and as others have said, thats hard when you are concentrating) and so by understanding her brain works differently being able to try and jump that gap to "why is that other person being so obtuse its obvious why this is wrong", when well, its not. Also understanding that yes, I could quite happily go on talking about this subject for the next 8hrs but consciously deciding that maybe other people can't and putting a halt to it. I know it can be quite tiring for her but by meeting in the middle then you can bring out some fantastic talent. By her understanding quite why somethings are difficult then a lot of the frustrations go away.

The classic one is "I can't do that". Again, a simple black/white statement which can come across as obstinate, but by broaching the subjects differently, breaking it down to where the problem is (which might be as simple as I need XXX to do that or I have something else to do or any other number of other things) . Routine, things being consistent (I'd never ask an Aspie to hotdesk for instance) its all quite little, simple things which make a whole world of difference. Anyway thanks again for the article and getting people talking about it.


Light, sound and touch sensitivity (and in a slightly different vein personal space issues) are common attributes in various degrees in Aspies I know. You definitely are not alone. Getting a hug from my partner's daughter is one of the major "wow" moment's in my life as I know how difficult it must have been for her.

Microsoft's Nokia plan: WHACK APPLE AND GOOGLE


Re: Good phones and good OS

I agree, I do like my 620 though OS development is painfully slow fixing the foibles it has (i.e. non-existant) and MS is not a good company to run a hardware division.

I just can't see how this is going to be good for WinPho though. What competitor in their right mind is going to want to make WinPho's when MS make their own? This isn't going to be like Google producing good reference devices which people then spin, MS are going to screw it around for what they want and everyone else is going to feel cold-shouldered. They seem to see themselves as an apple who can own the whole ecosystem when they don't have the corporate structure to allow creativity. It seems a sad day all round. I'd rather have had Nokia buy MS's phone OS division ;-).

Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile business


Re: Picture Ballmer in a big chair, stroking a cat....

You beat me to it! Though I was going to add "you can come home now..."

Hey, Bill Gates! We've found 14 IT HOTSHOTS to be the next Steve Ballmer


Re: An obvious choice

Oh god, you had to remind me of Dick Brown's emails and... the... everpresent... ...'s

It just goes to remind me how badly someone can screw up a company.

Google rolls its eyes, gives Windows Phones five more months to sync


Hey lets be positive

Two major tech companies squabbling and trying to put one over on each other and (even if some money or other bargaining changed hands) they've managed to avoid screwing over the customers that can be upgraded just to make a point. This doesn't make either less evil (the WP7 owners I feel bad for) but its quite refreshing for a change. Or maybe it's just Friday and I'm feeling optimistic.

So, who here LURVES Windows Phone? Put your hands up, Brits


Re: Yet to see one in the wild

I'd heard about "ipad photos" but didn't believe it til I saw someone stopping outside the MGM in Vegas in the middle of the walkway and holding up their ipad. I guess there is nowt as queer as folk.


Re: Windows Phone

Mine universe has a planet called earth and lots of people on it, sun rises in the morning, it's dark at night. Does that help identify it?

Seriously, a comment was made regarding stability and I stated my experiences, what is the problem with that? My Android phone runs CM9 and I know it's a little underpowered on the ram front and I experience those issues. My Nexus 7 is more stable, but it has more grunt and more memory. It does however still slowly over time grind to a halt even if I stop as much of the background crap as possible. This includes the lock screen taking forever to get itself together and the home screens to become usable. It's not all the time, it does take some time before this happens, but happen it does. I have not seen this with W8 phone. Your experiences with Android may be different, good for you, but we are also different people and use our devices differently. Just as when I bought into Android I wanted to hear many peoples view to see the range of experiences and get a feel for it, similarly with W8phone its useful to know what problems people are or are not experiencing. Unfortunately I don't see just calling it a stoneturd and bad OS adding much to my understanding of the issues with W8 or what it is that you specifically need or want to do that you cannot. Personally, I don't have any issues with the way the launcher works and don't feel the need to get upset I can't change it - how it is works for me. Is there particular functionality its missing for you? Or do you just want to be able to change it because "you can".


Re: Windows Phone

I have to agree, I think my 620 has reset itself a couple of times but nothing regular, literally just that 2 or 3 times in a few months. This was compared to my Android which regularly had even the homescreens crash or freeze, various other weird crashes and resets. Oh and yes, grinding to a halt over time and apps leaving crap all over the memory card when they were deleted. This just seems to... work. It's quite refreshing for a phone to actually work when you pick it up :).


Re: Raises hand...

I have a 620. I really like it, but I think Nokia are the best thing thats happened to WinPhone with the amount of apps Nokia have provided.

a) The build quality is really good, like really really good. It feels a lot more expensive than it is.

b) Phone call quality is excellent. Nokia excellent.

c) The battery life is pretty darned good for what I use it for, texts, phonecalls, email, browsing sometimes, as a satnav, a few pass time apps, looking up the weather, etc. In fact I've stopped bothering to turn off my data now (something I always made sure I did on my old Sony Xperia Mini Pro) and it seems to be very reasonable in how its handling background data.

d) The screen is really nice, the deep black and vibrancy of it make up for the resolution being lower than top end phones.

e) It's a nice size for the hand and pocket to make it easy to carry, easy to use with one hand.

f) The Nokia Here apps are really really good. The SatNav works better than my TomTom (it's faster, more responsive, recalculates quicker), it's easy to read and use. The augmented reality "what's here" apps might be a bit of a gimmick visually but they work well and give useful information as to whats around and are so quick to use I find myself using it more than similar apps on Android. These apps fit together and feel consistent.

g) The way WinPhone 8 brings together information on people you know from texts, calls, facebook, etc, is really neat. I wish it could group together some more info (like yahoo mail) but what it does, it does more intuitively than any of the Android apps I used.

h) WinPhone 8's model of partitioning user data feels a bit of a pain so loading audio, etc, in can end up being segregated by different apps and having to use SkyDrive. It is a more sensible security model though IMHO and stops the Android sprawl you see on a memory card, etc, after you've installed and uninstalled apps. It needs to be made more seemless, and allow you to make the choice to organise your files a bit more but, it has a solid base.

i) I would like to group my apps rather than have a list, but, you have live tiles instead and a single list does make things well, simple.

j) Livetiles. I thought I would never use these but actually people are starting to come up with good ideas. Weather updates from the Weather Channel, data usage/balance from giffgaff, Nokia's congestion for commuting. People seem to be starting to get the feel of it.

k) Apps. Yes, the app store is limited. I would love a Barclays banking app, I would love a proper Yahoo Mail/Messenger App. I can live without both though, its a niggle not a head banging the wall. I have some "I wish I could have..." but it doesn't stop me from finding the phone slicker and more coherent and together than my old Android.

l) App Store. It's a mess. Really. The layout is horrible, you can't see instantly what you already have installed, remote installing from the web fails half the time, you can't see what are "official" apps. The W8 (and W8phone) stores just need redesigning from scratch to how people use and search for things.

m) I would rather have Chrome than IE as a browser, but it seems to work ok.

So upshot - I wouldn't have bought a phone for Win8 phone, but I am happy enough with having decided to buy a Nokia 620 that just happened to have Win8. All the niggles are just that, niggles and ones which an be addressed if MS every listen to users about how they use their phone. On the whole though, they've done a reasonable job and none of them make me wish I didn't have the 620.

Chromecast: We get our SWEATY PAWS on Google's tiny telly pipe

Thumb Up

Useful tip on the price drop, thanks for that. I popped out to Currys this afternoon and picked up a Roku LT. I was going to get the chromecast when it came out, but very pleased with it at that price - does everything I wanted (mainly Netflix, iPlayer on the bedroom but no aerial TV) and Plex media server streams very well from my desktop.

Rejoice! Sysadmin day is... TODAY. Now get in here and win free stuff


Re: You get overtime?

I believe the argument goes along the line of refusing to work stupid hours without it and "we won't hire anyone else who can do it and our penalties for not doing the work are way more than paying you overtime costs". I am sure at some point insanity will prevail and they'll assume they can get it all done offshore to "save money".


I'm going to celebrate in proper SysAdmin style. I've another 15hr work day planned due to completely unreasonable deadlines and understaffing. Still, I'll use the overtime to celebrate...

PHWOAR! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, Prime Minister


He speaks with a forked tongue

That Independant article is actually very interesting -

"Speaking on the BBC’s Jeremy Vine programme, Mr Cameron said what would be included in the filters would evolve over time. “The companies themselves are going to design what is automatically blocked, but the assumption is they will start with blocking pornographic sites and also perhaps self-harming sites,” he said.

“It will depend on how the companies choose how to do it. It doesn’t mean, for instance, it will block access to a newspaper like The Sun, it wouldn’t block that - but it would block pornography.”

Mr Cameron said he did not “believe” written pornography, such as erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, would be blocked under the plans. But he added: “It will depend on how the filters work.”"

So wait, he is relying on the ISPs to work out how and what they will block, so does this mean different ISPs will block different things (and will worry about the govt coming down on them for not doing a good enough job?). You are not going to block soft-core porn (yet) or exploitation of children and over-sexualisation of them (which in my mind is a lot worse than adult porn being out there). He doesn't think it will stop written porn which lets face is can have lots sicker stuff in it as it's made up and people can write whatever comes into their deviant little heads?

The kicker for me though is "may block self-harming sites". Wait, where did this come from? This was all to save the children from future child molesters! No, if this is an argument about whether these things should be available to our kids then make it an argument about this. I get sick of people using the "our children aren't safe" argument to push through whatever agenda they have. If this is about society deciding that this should be restricted as per shops then make it an argument about that, don't mix it in with the (quite real) war against child abuse. Don't water down the impact the real issue has by using it as emotional blackmail to get your way (if you don't agree you must be in league with the child molesters).

I don't disagree that self-harm sites are a "bad thing" and I'd rather have the opportunity to decide them blocked on a network level, but that definitely doesn't fit in with how this is being sold. It seems feature creep already.

If you want internet providers to be more responsible then fine, get them to offer family locks at no cost so people can use them without having to get too deep into their computers. Make consumers decide they want it though so a parent has to actively decide I want this for my children and takes some responsibility for their own kids. Make them think about what it can and can't do as they've decided to turn it on.

Microsoft caves on Xbox One DRM and used-game controls


Re: One downside

This is Microsoft, you think they cared about what developers thought in the same way they cared about consumers thoughts?

A whole chunk of functionality is changed, i.e. having to have a disk based game installed and the disk no longer used. It wouldn't surprise me if the whole "sharing games" on the cloud was tightly integrated in the fact that the console/cloud knew what games you had. Turn it off for one, turn it off for all. Yes it doesn't have to be coded like that but what are the odds that MS (in their we are right attitude) didn't decide it wasn't necessary to have it as a per game feature? It's much easier just to take out the whole subsystem than rewrite it. This stinks to me of that, which makes the "lend them the disk, the disk must be in the drive" at the core of this.

It's still a shame though, and frankly I don't feel that sorry for the developers in this. It had a deliberate limitation, only one person could be sharing it at a time. I know with my kid and their friends as soon as some of them had played a good game a few times they would have been frustrated by not all being able to play together and would have nagged their parents for the game or saved up. With games at the prices they are you want to be damn sure you want to play the game before forking out, this would have been great advertising. I know my kid was excited by the prospect of if he got a game he could play with a friend and not wait until everyone was going to buy it, so would have wanted to buy more.


One downside

I know I am going to get massively downvoted for this but anyway :).

Whilst this was appallingly handled. dreadfully drip-fed information to the community, and terribly high-handed, there is one shame about the U-turn. I actually liked the trade off of "you can't resell the game" with "you can share the game with upto ten people in your family, with one of them playing at anytime on their console (and your console always being able to play the game, whoever was on it).

With the price of games nowadays I could see the attraction of buying a game once and actually being able to play it with my kid across Xbox live, rather than having to fork out twice. He'd also have enjoyed it with his friends, them getting to play the game with him one at a time and then if they liked it, go get it.

Some good technical ideas, badly thought out in business execution, badly marketed. Sounds like MS at the moment.

Windows 8: At least it's better than ‘not very good’



I hated it when I tried the W8 consumer preview. I swore I'd never use it. As I've bought my kid a shiny laptop for Christmas I thought I'd better be able to use it when he asks questions so decided to put it on my laptop (not desktop) for the cheap as chips upgrade price.

I am ashamed to admit I am warming to it. I still wouldn't want metro ^H ^H ^H whatever its called on my desktop but I've found myself using it for casual things on my laptop. Email. The web. Apps I've downloaded. General non-worky stuff. I could see my Mum using it, or people that generally do one thing simply and then do another. Yes, not people that use a computer day in day out and run up multiple spreadsheets and stuff, but the iphone, tablet generation who are really consumers.

I've put back the start button for when I'm in "desktop" mode so I launch all my full apps from that. I use tiles for quick updates, quick emails, browsing, casual stuff and it feels nice and clean. Maybe it's because since the preview I bought a tablet so am used to the tablet way of "this is taking my full attention". I'd love it to have an "official" start menu to allow for the fact that yes we do work two different ways, but its not as awful as I thought, and its quite painless when my brain isn't in techie mode.

Woz: Cloud computing trend is 'horrendous'

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Someone just shouted out at the emperors new clothes. If we all shout out enough maybe someone will listen. Nah, there is money involved so they won't.

I see the clouds as something like buying from ebay or a market. I take a risk because of the cost, if I lose out because I buy a lemon then fair enough. I wouldn't invest my business or my future on it. if it's online backup, compute power I couldn't afford otherwise, or other stuff then fine. If it goes bang I am inconvenienced or can carryon. If Amazon goes titsup so I lose netflix and grumble, but it won't do more than inconvenience me. I wouldn't want to use the cloud for things I couldn't live with out.

Software bug flattens NYSE trader


Re: What Cantor’s e-Speed taught me about the frailties of HFT!

It's been nearly 17 years since I was in that business (and I don't miss it a bit) but I can tick off everyone one of your three points as being the bane of my life at the time.

In the particular exchanges I was dealing with, their "test" market were so dead often I'd be the only price in there. I'd have to use two different "test" trader accounts to trade against myself to get anything moving at all. Liquidity, zero, volatility, zero, That just can't compete against the speed of a swiftly moving market. In the end the best way of testing was to record the live feeds from the exchange of market movement then play them back through our test systems, bypassing the exchange itself completely. I'd like to have split off the feed live into our real trading system and dummy trading system to compare them, but I always decided physically disparate systems was the ultimate firewall "just in case" something went wrong.

I hope the exchange test systems have got better.... but knowing how secretive everyone was about revealing what their systems could do... I suspect everyone will still be holding back.

Google to bring Raspberry Pi to Bash Street

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Re: 100 teachers over 3 years?

Google have publicly criticised how we do things now, they are putting some money in to show how they think it should be done rather than just talking about it... That gets a big thumbs up from me, even if it won't solve the problem at least it might show if this is how the rest of them should be doing it.

BBC deletes Blue Peter from BBC One


Re: Janet Ellis?

Caron Keating, so sad when she died in 2004 of Breast Cancer at just 41 :(

Button batteries burn kids from inside

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Worth knowing about

This is old news but it's well worth repeating. Some of those batteries are really tiny and very small children put everything in their mouths and new parents tend to be very harried and sleep deprived so it's easy to just put something down for a moment when you suddenly hear a crashing noise when they've pulled something over and then forget about it.

I've heard some of the outcomes before and on the list of "things I have to do to keep my house safe" this may well not come on peoples radars and it's a really serious and horrible thing to happen, so it's well worth highlighting.

Ten... freeware gems for new PCs

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Bvckup looks like a great little tool, very simple and clean and does exactly what you want, I've just switched to using it. I'd second Secuna PSI and also add Evernote. For keeping my lists, notes and otherstuff together whichever machine I am working on it's great and the amount of free space given is more than enough for most peoples needs without paying for more.

Laptop computers are crap



When choosing a new laptop last night I surprised myself with going with a 14" simply because it was smaller, lighter and easy to take with me than the 15.6" I'd been looking at. I already have a desktop with loads of disk and big monitors so it suddenly occured to me I wanted a laptop to well, have on top of my lap and to travel with me and I was more likely to do that if it wasn't a brick. If only ultrabooks were cheaper though...

Good article though and if I only had one machine I'd agree with just about everything said.

Apple drops 'thermonuclear' patent bombshell


Almost got me...

You had me believing it until you got an answer back from Apple when you pressed them. Now that was totally unbelievable, everyone knows they'll never talk to El Reg.

Hobbit movie locations using 6km of data cabling


Lets get to the important bits of the article

Screw the amount of cabling, 200 to 300 coffees a morning. Mmmm. Now that's a good morning. Where's the I'm very very very manic happy grin icon.