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Calls for US nudie perv scanner 'opt-out day'


Re comment above

All the scanners are capable of storing images and they have network cards included and can send pictures through the network.

In theory, storing and transmitting is only possible in "test" mode, but they're often "forgotten" in test mode .

Fibre broadband is good for you, Conroy tells Aussies


Donate blood

When was the last time YOU donated some blood then ? It's not like blood grows on trees.

Sure, it couldn't hurt to spend some money on blood donation campaigns and help for hospitals but a good network also helps a lot, by making that country more attractive to companies which would also bring money and invest it, therefore the state should then have more money to spend on hospitals.

PARIS hacked Canon test (almost) runs on rails


Memory leak

Most likely reason for camera powering off is some memory leak.

Some Canon camera models have very little ram memory and each time scripts run and do memory allocations and de-allocations the memory gets a little bit more fragmented so in the end there's just not enough continuous memory space to allocate for snapping a picture and in the end the firmware just calls it quits.

Canon Powershot G11



Add 19% VAT... and obvious profit.

Dell servers block un-Dell HDDs


No longer compatible

Well, SAS and SATA groups should revoke Dell's license and no longer allow them to advertise that their servers support SATA or SAS drives.

Just like music labels are not allowed to use "Audio CD" or "Compact Disc" logo with discs that are not according to standard.

Apple cult leader emails outside world


He should change it to...

... iP0dRip (with zero instead of O) or xPodRip

but that doesn't change the fact he'll use the search engine optimizations and users won't recognize the brand when a update appears...

He should just email all users letting them know in advance about everything.

Airport rethinks strip-scanner for kids


Security show

Excellent, now we can use duct tape to stick razor blades and knives to our kids' bodies and bomb liquids in plastic bags (perfusion like) and they won't be checked because they're shy and worried some random person behind a screen will see their fat body or their wee-wee..

All these checks are just for show and people shouldn't stand for it...

PC tune-up software: does it really work?


Defragment the drive already

You'd probably achieve the same effect as TuneUp Utilities by simply using a smart drive defragmenter like o&o defrag to move all executable and frequently accessed libraries (dll files) to the front of the drive.

Setting the swap file to a FIXED reasonable size (and then using the drive defrag software to move it towards the front of the drive) also helps a lot.

Here here for NOD32, uses about 45MB of memory, which is quite little compared to other antivirus products.

Database containing 1.8m UK postcode locations leaks online


In reply to Wikileaks starting to get dodgy?


What happens if someone sends the child benefit database to Wikileaks? Or something similar, like the customer database for Amazon, complete with credit card info? When it was a whistleblowers' site, it made sense. The list of postcodes can hardly be considered confidential information that needs to be leaked.

End quote.

By the time stuff gets uploaded to Wikileaks, you can be sure it was already leaked on P2P networks or used by people and probably even sold on underground networks for thousands of dollars.

By getting it to the public, you can at least be sure the organizations/ companies involved won't be able to ignore or cover up the security issues or threats and they'll have to be proactive in protecting those persons/customers (in Amazon's example, they'll have to notify the customer and give him credit protection or something like that - either way better than just ignoring it and customers finding out they lost hundreds of dollars and arguing with the banks for days to revert the charges)

HP excessive packaging world record put to the test


The NIC is not that bad

In the case of the HP 4 port network card, I wouldn't say the packaging is that bad.

If it would have been a very small package the chances to be ignored or lost or damaged would have been higher. This way the package is handled better, less chances to be lost, customer definitely knows he got the package (rather than having a secretary collect the small box and forget about it in her office for days) and for them the shipping cost difference is minimal.

First plug-in Prius paraded by car rental firm



Ridiculous how much money is spent on upgrading a bad car to begin with, just to make it suck less.

There are far better alternatives around and the UK government should consider financing other options that don't rely on electricity that much, especially considering that UK uses coal and other polluting stuff to generate power.

For example, a good project that's worth investing money in is this one:


It's a car just right for a taxi, that's also very light and runs more than 180 km on compressed air and can switch to gas if needed... Not to mention it uses only 2 liters of gas when running on gas and generates only 40g of CO2.

Heck, the whole car costs 13000 euros, compared to 9000 euro plus the actual Toyota car price plus the costs to dump the old battery from the Prius to trash or whatever they do with it.

EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises

Thumb Down

Not enough

Microsoft should be forced to sell in Europe ONLY the version without Media Player and Internet Explorer.

If they're not forced, it will happen just like the previous version without Media Player, which in theory exists but they were virtually nowhere to be found in shops.

The MS choice to ship without a browser is the option that fits them best. They know that most people who will buy this version will try to install it, see that they don't have any browser, go back to the store and pay extra for another version, because they're too lazy.

It's not that hard to implement something if they really want to, and you don't really need a web browser to download something.

For example, small application can be built to read a RSS feed or a XML file from a Microsoft server containing the most popular 5-10 web browsers at that time and two 2-3 HTTP or FTP download links for each entry.

You don't need a whole web browser to download a web browser, because the application giving you the choices to download the browser doesn't have to use a rendering engine to display a selection of browsers or to transfer a file through FTP.

If for some reason MS will get their way to ship without any browser, open source can fight by shipping free CDs to manufacturers and to anyone that wants to, just like Ubuntu did.

CDs are cheap nowadays, it probably costs more to ship them than manufacturing them.