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Dark matter? More like diet matter: Super-light axions may solve universe's mass riddle

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Wot no Boffinry?

What are "researchers", and what is this "research" they supposedly do?

'Android on Windows': Microsoft tightens noose around neck, climbs on chair

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just want to say I consider my Lumia 735...

both the cheapest and the best smartphone I've had. Microsoft and Nokia outdid everybody with WinPhone 8.1. 10% share of a very large pie is a lot of phones. And developer support is on the up and up.

Making it support Android out of the box does seem to send a counter-productive message. I miss two things from Android: my savings bank account app and my credit card account app - and I keep my Android phone going without a SIM just to run those apps. My current account has a Winphone app.

UK public sector biz keeps French giant Atos buoyant

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Their name is mud

Who the fuck is giving them money? Atos, disgraced by its disgusting treatment of our sick and disabled in the benefits entitlement tests, lost that contract. Why are they still here? Why does it sound like they have more contracts? Take a contract out on them, shirley?

Interstellar sci-fi WORMS its way into spinning black hole science FACT

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I don't understand

the animation lacks any context for me to understand what's occurring. It's appears to be a near-white-noise triptych and some stuff along the top that you'd want to crop.

iPhone sales set to PLUMMET: Bleak times ahead for Apple

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Festive season?

Don't go there. Do you mean XMAS? Yule would be cool, of course

BENDY iPhone 6, you say? Pah, warp claims are bent out of shape: Consumer Reports

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Re: This story does not support the "nothing to see here" argument

Doug... The HTC is not comparable, hence me not comparing it. The Note is not notorious for being bent in people's pockets. The iPhone 6 Plus is. The figures clearly show that Apple dropped the ball on this - in real world use, their design falls below a reasonable standard of robustness.

I'm no hater. I have Android and iPhone, and I'm buying WinPhone 8.1 next week despite having had only negative experience with WinPhone 7.

David 66

This story does not support the "nothing to see here" argument

The numbers show that the iPhone 6 Plus is only 60% as resilient as the comparable Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

So, Apple HAVE fucked up.

And so have the Consumer Reporters

Hollywood's made an intelligent science vs religion film?!

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Subtitle made me laugh from my belly

"the incredible tale of a scientist with an open mind and feelings"

Emma Watson should 'shut up, all this abuse is her own fault'

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Mobile? Really?

Most things prefixed with 'mobile' are too large to fit in a pocket. In fact, they're too large to carry. And they often have their own propulsion systems.

Mobile HQ - check

Mobile Dentist -check

Mobile Library -check

Mobile Hospital -cehck

Mobile phone -ORLY?

There's a word for things you can carry. Carryable. But no, I mean 'portable'.


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Bananagate - oh my!

Seriously, though - I do not believe these iPhoners are using their front pockets. Nobody except me does that. Fact.

I use my front pocket for phones. Trying to get other people to follow suit (e.g. when they've cracked their phone screen (again)) is IMPOSSIBLE.

If they are using their front pockets, someone sitting on their lap is going to apply enough force to bend the 6+

Reg man looks through a Glass, darkly: Google's toy ploy or killer tech specs?

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Nice article - thanks

Precisely what I wanted to know about glass and the 'in use' photos completed the picture. I look forward to being able to sleep at night with that out of the way.

Hello, police, El Reg here. Are we a bunch of terrorists now?

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a) Being told I can't watch it by the police is pathetic and erodes the respect I have for the boys n girls in blue. The crime is the murder, not the insensitive sharing of a video of the murder.

b) I will not watch a video of someone being tortured/killed. For me, it's a respect thing. By watching it, I'm collaborating in the dehumanisation of the victim and fulfilling the murderers' wishes. If that's hard to get your head round, say it's a video of someone you know being raped. How could you watch that? How could you share it?

Imho, the only valid/moral reason to submit to watching this grotesque stuff is if you're in the business of taking names and doling out smackdown justice.

Insecure AVG search tool shoved down users' throats, says US CERT

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It's personal

The companies doing this are doing it to your dear old mum and your friends and neighbours - people you care about and can't be there to protect. These companies are conning your granny and your kids and your spouse. They're wheedling and tricking and they don't ever stop, even when the computer can't cope any more and then there's the pain of fixing or the expense of replacing the computer.

Who would do that?

Foxconn CEO: 'Suicides weren't our fault'

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When Foxconn suicides was the News, they had 1,000,000 employees. With that many employees, I calculated that their HR department would be statistically likely to be handling suicide instances ALL THE TIME. If they weren't, then that'd be the anomaly.

So long ago, I can't remember the numbers.

IoT cup claims 'instant' identification of what's in it

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Thirst is commonly felt as hunger. I am in the habit of drinking first to see if the hunger goes away.

ASUS launches 5-in-1 Android Windows Phone laptop tablet (breathe)

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Re: Identity Crisis

This is actually exactly what I want.

I can trade up my 1600x900 17" lappie, my ageing S2 Android phone and my wonderful ASUS TF201 tablet w/ keyboard into this machine.

EBay, you keep using the word 'SECURITY'. I do not think it means what you think it means

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Re: Is the net progressing or regressing?....


Seriously: you make a good point.

Mozilla axes HATED Firefox-ad-tab plan ... but will try again

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This is why


Facebook swallows Oculus VR goggle-geeks. Did that really happen?

David 66

Just heard the news

Suddenly cured of my desire for Oculus Rift.

Minecraft developer kills Kickstarted Minecraft movie

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Minecraft is a spinoff from a better game: Wurm

title says it all.

Undercover BBC man exposes Amazon worker drone's daily 11-mile trek

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Re: Is this a story?

Cover the timer with a post-it et voila, a nice walk.

Om-nom-nom-nom! Google's Cookie Monster DEVOURS MORE DRIVES

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Re: Oi Google..

I have the same trackball, only a year or two old shirley? And that's the Antec-1200 case, I think. 12 bays.. I have the 900 with 9 bays, Most aweseome case for air cooling.

Another DEVASTATING Chelyabinsk METEOR STRIKE: '7x as likely' as thought

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03:20 UTC.... it was 0920 local... That's a good few timezones out

Australian confirms Huawei ban

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The only thing in Oz the Yanks would be concerned about. Good ol' NSA keepin' it real


Oz volcano's lava lake spills from crater

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I, for one, am glad you asked

we demand knowledge, and we demand it now.

Beached whale on Suffolk coast - Reader snap

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victimless crime

Tablets, copycats and Weird Al Yankovic

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Is the Galaxy Tab still being offered for sale? it must be 2yrs old by now

Microsoft tightens squeeze on TechNet parasites

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Bank Trojan crooks trouser £800k from 30,000 Brits

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so which banks? who should be (re)checking statements? I am too lazy to search. Or check.

Google Chrome serves up only emptiness, for many users

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Gutted that new Chrome on my transformer prime android doesn't work properly. Keep having to bin it and open original browser

Asus Transformer Pad TF300

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Thumb Up

Nice price point

I have the Prime (love it) and might easily have gone for this instead if it were out in time.


David 66
Thumb Up

That's the funniest thing I've read all day. 100% style.

Vatican in pact with Microsoft to initiate world's youths into Office

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students or pupils?

You're confusing me with the blurring of boundaries.

Anonymous takes the Kremlin offline in Putin protest

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Putin's a wanker.

German scientists link two labs with ‘universal quantum network’

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So what is it?

I'm confused. How is this demonstrating spooky entanglement when they're connected by optical fibre?

UK.gov holds summit to stop satnav-driven smash-ups

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funny thing happened on the way home

I had to drive home on my familiar route 2hrs in the dark, and just to be different, I put my smartphone's satnav on just to keep me entertained.

I missed my junction.

Samsung admits Android tablet cash haul is disappointing

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Cash waiting

My cash is waiting for someone to release current state-of-the-art technology onto the consumer market.

Asus, tied into a deal whereby PC World/ Curry's withhold Transformer 2s from the market until they've sold all their Transformer 1s... And now I won't buy the T2 because it's past its sell-by date. The Slider was great but also withheld until it was OVER A YEAR OLD. What the heck!

Samsung must try harder, too. My phone trumps the Tab on all but size, and some of the places it trumps it are in pure performance terms. I'm not buying it.

Take a leap of faith and give us the good stuff before it goes bad.

LOHAN flashes fantastical flying truss

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both balloons bursting?

That'll only happen if one balloon by itself is unable to continue to climb after the first balloon bursts.

Brit student locked up for Facebook source code hack

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"In sentencing, Judge Alistair McCreath told Mangham his actions were anything but far from harmless"

That's a relief! I thought there'd been some harm.

Airport bomb Twitter joker in second fine appeal bid

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Print my comment or I will blow up this website

Leave a sack of cash in the bin behind my house. Address supplied.

Ancient cave girl genome could crack Man's genetic puzzle

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You'd willingly bring into the world a pretty-much-human circus freak who wasn't created in love, or gestated within a family or expected with anything more homely than mawkish and morbid scientific and tabloid curiosity? You're going to Scientist Hell!

Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed'

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Where do I buy this stuff from?

David 66
Black Helicopters


I posted yesteday asking for a website to buy this software and my post was 'disappeared'.

ICO 'too scared' to clobber press for data breaches

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A party atmos breaks out at Vulture Central

As you aren't going to get slapped for that recent data fuckup ;)

British garbage worms survive in space without human help

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Fire off our landfill rubbish to MArs with these worms and let them create a biosphere. Something like that. Job done.

Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101

David 66

price :'(

The price un-excites me. I was excited but now I'm cured. Especially with the the Transformer 2 arriving presently with quadcore. This thing was more or less ready at the other end of the year; it's not cutting edge anymore so the price is wrong. I mean, my phone is faster.

Swedish college girls now twice as slutty as in 2001

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The GUYS could insist on using condoms

Electric car crash leads to battery blaze

David 66

not quite on topic but

do I have to worry about spontaneous trouser fires weeks after dropping my phone?

Valve says credit card data taken

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I'm a Valve/Steam customer and tbh I don't know if I have a card registered or not. Someone mentioned PayPal - I probably pay with that.

My problem is that I've been googling for a few minutes without turning up any Valve or Steam sites for me to login to. I'd be embarrassed if I wasn't fine blaming Google's ranking engine.

UK to big brands: Get off our Facebook, mate!

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It's hard to complain on Facebook because you first have to "Like" the company you despise. It's the same with getting in touch with politicians that way.