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Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too

Vernon Lloyd

*shakes head in disbelieve*

If was was a cynical person I would say that Apple would win this to increase relations between the US and China. If I was a cynical person........

FFS it will not be long until the only phone supplier in the US will be Apple, and then what!

Apple are like a big kid and imho need a good slap across the arse and put on the naughty step

MSI mobo ditches Bios for EFI

Vernon Lloyd


Old news

BIOS is old, but it works and has a smaller footprint than EFI.

It takes up more space on the board and therefore costs more......remove the over the top functionality...My God I can play a game crap.

Also I will not trust any manufacturer who cannot spell CONTROL (not Contorol - see page 4 second picture), how many typos are in the code then......?

I can quite happily OC any mobo from good old text using a KEYBOARD.

WAIT...........I have just realised, I could make a fortune from private jobs from PEBKAC (Problem exists between Keyboard and Chair) errors cause they have clicked on something then clicking on YEs when it says 'Are you Sure' (All accientally of course).

EFI.....when can you start all is forgiven Kerching..........

Penguin because even they know how to use a computer

Next Windows name unveiled: Windows 7

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It may be a surprise but this is Version 7

I have the answer

Windows 1.0 - Version 1

Windows 2.0 - Version 2

Windows 3.1, 3.11, NT 3.51 were all variations of Version 3.0

Windows 95/98/ME and NT 4 were all varitations of Version 4.0

Windows 2000/XP were all variations of Version 5.0 (2000 was 5.0.nnn, XP 5.1.nnnn)

Vista was version 6.n.nnn

Therefore the next will be 7.

PHEW thats that arguement sorted...............i think ;-)

Now wheres the straightjacket

Symantec swoops on Messagelabs

Vernon Lloyd

OH Poo

Atm we have a damn good service with great spam blocking, with fantastic support.. Thank you Messagelabs.

Odviously someone far away has pulled a giant Chain and MessageLabs as we know it is in a whirpool going towards the other Symantec crap.

Our service levels are going to go the same way as last nights curry.......

Of course I could be dreaming all of this....*pinch*OUCH.....maybe not then

What would th BOFH do................

UK WoW fans plead for Lich King Collector's Edition

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Got an email from Amazon.co.uk (where I bought WOW and Burning Crusade) saying it was avalible for preorder to be released on 13th Nov. Ordered mine on 16th Sept.

I really have no idea what all this fuss is all about.

Paris cause she at least attempts to have a life

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users

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IT Angle

What a Load of B*ll*cks

Virgin are increasing 4Mbit Broadband to 10MBit free of charge at the end of the month.

In one hand I have the ability to download 1.25MB of Data a Second or 75MB a minute, or 4.5 GB an hour or 108GB a day. In theory then how long exactly would it take me to get past the fair usage policy? I would imaging less than a day.

In the other I have a letter threatening me with disconnection due to sharing illegal files.

What is the frigging point in having 10Mb then for?

Does the data protection act not protect me, or has the terrorism act overridden that. Will it become illegal to encrypt everything just incase you are sending instructions on bomb making.

Where will the complete and utter B*ll*cks stop

Apple sued over Mighty Mouse

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Ok then

THe person at Apple who decided to use the name is at fault here.

Maybe an internet search for other PC products called Mighty Mouse.

B4 you Apple fanboys get on my back............COMPUTERS ARE A TOOL and ALL Fanboys are people with too much time on their hands.....

/hmmm theres me writing this blog..........

/Paris cause even she can see hypocracy

Games consoles not green enough, claims Greenpeace

Vernon Lloyd

Are these the same people....

Who want us to own Hybrid Cars even though the cost more in Carbon Emmissions to make than they will offset in their lives. They are also not as fuel efficeient as claimed (in fact my 13 year old Ford Fiesta 1.3 is more fuel effiecient)

To put this in context, so NO Greenpeace[sic] person owns anything with electronics in them then...are they are ALL Hypocrites.

Mobiles help UK malls track shoppers' every move

Vernon Lloyd


My Head hurts

In Google We Trust: Health docs depo now open to Americans

Vernon Lloyd

Do you really think

That your medical information is safe anyway......naive lot!

Of course your medical information is not shared within the medical profession whatsoever.......NOT!

They need to have trends and patterns of illness to find out if there is something sinister brewing.....or to use Bush's and Blairs (and now Browns) excuse of terrorism.

Someone out there knows or has access to more personal information about you that you know yourself.

Google under fire again for handing user info to police

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tut tut tut

Contradiction here El Reg

Post Title: Google under fire again for handing user info to police’

In Post: Like all law-abiding companies, we comply with local laws and valid legal process, such as court orders and subpoenas. In compliance with valid Indian legal process, we provided Indian law enforcement authorities with the IP address information they requested in this case

Google were asked for the details under Indian Law. I would rather Google get in trouble for COMPLYING with the law rather than BREAKING it.

/PH 'cause she knows the difference

HP begs AMD PC owners to put XP SP3 on ice

Vernon Lloyd

hmmm, not had a problem yet

Reformatted 4 AMD computers (all under 2GHz chip speed single core) and installed XP. First main update was SP3. All 4 AMD machines ran the SP update and rebooted fine.

The only glitch was having to manually register wups2.dll (stopped updates installing)

Apart from that I have 4 well performing AMD PCs.

Or have I just been lucky.......

Outback hack suspect denied bail

Vernon Lloyd

One Word.....


UK punters love Nokia, hate McDonalds

Vernon Lloyd

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

In the case of Beauty v Nokia, I would take Nokia anyday. From experience with phones the beautiful ones were damn right awful to use. Note how I am not mentioning names.

As for MacDonalds, when I was a field engineer they were a god send, no matter how unheathly they are.

Lewis Hamilton and friend targeted in computer blackmail plot

Vernon Lloyd

Take 1 HDD a decent drill, and hey presto

One totally screwed platter. Why do some IT managers think it is OK to 'throw' a 'wiped' HDD away

Stupid, just stupid.

Heathrow 777 crash: Siberian cold to blame?

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For Christ's Sake Jim I'm a Computer Nerd

Not an Engineer.....

Why not just say:

We have no idea why the planes engines did what they did. However we are still trying to figure out what the fuck went wrong.

Simple and too the point and makes more sense that the 'report'

/mines the one with Simpleton written on it.

Jacqui Smith un-downgrades cannabis

Vernon Lloyd

Would you believe it!

Gordon McBoring not listening to other people who actually know what they are talking about. What a turn up for the books......;-) This guy who in name only ('cause God knows isn't an elected one) is the Prime Minister, will soon realise that the vast majority of the occasional 'chill out' smokers are not getting drunk and cauing a public nightmare for others. Are the police going to do anything about us.....er no - their hands are full dealing with binge drinkers.

I await new Government 'League Tables' for the number of people arrested for having posession of a joint. You watch it will become part of the funding critera, just so McBoring can get his way.

/The Penguin 'cause they could be a better Prime Minister

How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour

Vernon Lloyd

As for the Maxtor Drives

These are tough bastards. One of an old 10GB model was pummled for 10 minutes. Such a good job was done the casing had practically broke in 2.

However a (non IT) manager tells us that there was users data on it (It beggars belief how many users will NOT save on the frigging network) and can we please get her data. After showing him the damage he still requests an attempt. One hour later I had managed to prise what was left of the case off to reveal un damaged platters!!!!!. Moved them to a good (same spec) drive and hey prestro, the users files back, well all frigging 25MB of it........;-)

Oh and I won a £50 bet as well.

Bashing with a hammer does not always work.....although it is fantastic fun.

/Penguin cause it has the IQ of a normal User

Schoolboy's asteroid-strike sums are wrong

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Come on Gordon McBrown, I await NewLabours 'Meteor Tax' which will 'pay' for the technology to divert this disaster.

Meteor v New Labour. Its hard to think which one actually will cause the biggest disaster.

Paris because even she could do a better job than McBrown

The online funeral

Vernon Lloyd

hmmmmmmmmm as its April 1st


I hope.......;-)

Apple sued over 'inflated' iMac claims

Vernon Lloyd

A company taking advantage of its customers.......


Remember: 'A Computer is a tool for a purpose, whereas a fanboys purpose is to drool over the tool, is blinkered by the tool and cannot see the beauty of other tools'

They are all the same, some do some jobs better than the others. Simple and to the point.

Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest

Vernon Lloyd
Paris Hilton

Will some of you listen to yourselves

Bickering over which OS is better.......they are simply a means to an end.

Which ones better.....the one I can support which gives me the biggest wage packet.

Remember this 'Without problems you would not need solutions'. This can be translated to 'Without broken OS's and PEBKACs issues I and many more people would be unemployed'

PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

Paris cause I would like to give her a good crack

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

Vernon Lloyd


Finally a comment which hits the nail on the head.

I admin windows, mac and have some dealings with Unix boxes. They have all had their glitches and issues when patching.

Do you think that Microsoft have every combination of Hardware imaginable....no, do Unix developers have the same.....no, can Apple test all available hardware with all the software out there.......no

Those truely IT would not comdem the likes of M$ but work with them so a few less Hardware/Software combinations will work in harmony

Remember this without problems most IT (myself included) employees would be redundant.

However has anyone noticed how well your systems run when there are no users......... ;-)

Better get my coat

Nintendo scores zero on e-waste responsibility

Vernon Lloyd
Dead Vulture

Its nice to see

the Greenpeace have the time to look through this stupid and highly irrelevant forms.

I hope it stops them from approaching me in the street complaining that I am using a carrier bag lecturing me on how long it takes to decompose and that I need to be doing more. Funny enough they do not like it when I explain that all their ranting does is emmit more carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere than is necessary. Its better than telling them to ***k off.

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

Vernon Lloyd
Gates Horns

M$oft should really stick to what they know....

.....making top quality Operating Systems..

.....with top easy to figure out STOP (or RROD) error messages .......

Wait one sec typing this has caused an illegal operation....

I stand seriously corrected

/Just get my coat

Obituary: HD DVD 2002-2008

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Looking back at the history of formats

Reading up in the history of the CD, DVD, etc etc, Sony with Phillips (and other manufacturers) have been developing new Disc formats for a good many years. Due to this I backup Blu-Ray from the start of this war.

However, I suspect that the HD DVD format is not totally dead and buried yet....even though the coffin has been bought and the hammer at the ready.

Time to look out on Ebay for some good HD DVD deals

IT problems force HMRC to extend tax deadline

Vernon Lloyd

Knowing this government.....

As Midnight 0:00hrs on Friday the 1st is technically tonight, will they fine those who pay up to Midnight Friday the 1st (ie 0:00 Saturday 2nd).

Just a thought, I am soooooo pleased that all of our hard earned tax has built such a fantastic IT infrastructure.

Opps was that the off swi......

Dell XPS M1330 laptop

Vernon Lloyd
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@John W

Why do people like you blame Dell for an Operating System Flaw. Do you see HP, Fujistu or Toshiba telling you that.....NO.

For those who do not have an idea what we are talking about it appears that Microsofts Operating Systems can only allocate a Maximum of 4GB of RAM. If for example you have a 256MB Graphics Card, Windows allocates 256MB of addresses, meaning that Windows can only see 3.75 GB of RAM.

If you have a Beast of a computer with two 512MB Graphics cards Windows will only be able to access 3GB of memory even if you have 4GB installed.

Its good to see that after all these years Microsoft are still shite at designing an OS for a top end machine.

/Just get my coat

Cloudy outlook for climate models

Vernon Lloyd

Political Crap

Climate change,

If I believed all I was told in the 1980s, we would have no oil and no ice. Hmm we still have shed loads of both.

And as for 'Global Warming' my father was telling me how in the 70's we were experiencing 'Global Cooling'. Go figure

As a non scientist I read what you all write and have spend time reading books and doing research on this 'Climate Issue'. To be fair I read up on both arguments. What did I find out:

That you appear (remember not scientist) to simply make the facts fit the crime.

Now IMHO from my research:

We are in a warming period: Our eliptical orbit has taken us closer to the sun. Graphs created by sceintists show that the temperature is not as high as the highest ever.

Ice is melting: See last point.

Less rain: Recent higher solar activity blowing causing solar winds which in turn blow ions from the atmosphere (required to hold water)

CO2 levels high: Caused partially by us, however forest fires and Volcanic eruptions odvisouly have nothing to do with that. Of course knocking down miles of rainforest has nothing to do with that either. However CO2 levels have been a lot higher and hmmm Earth is still habitable.

CO2 ocean sinks not working as well: Underwater volcanos, releasing shed loads of CO2 straight into the sink. Need I go on.....

I am not going to go on, as no doubt there will be plenty of people who will disprove what I say. But I am not paid by the governments of this world to 'manufacturer' a reason to tax the f*ck out of me.

REMEMBER I am a IT bod NOT a scientist.

Simply put: As long as Governments in the world can get as much money as possible, ANY theory no matter how far fetched can be proved/disproved.

Remember no matter what the human race can do, nature can do one hundred fold worse. One average Volcanic eruption will emit more crap than what we can do in our cars in at least 100 years. Imagaine, just Imagine if Yellowstone (as it has before) blows again. Man what we humans have done will be totally and utterlty irrelevant.

/Just get my coat

Click here to turn your HP laptop into a brick

Vernon Lloyd
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Just like an oil change....

however you typical user will be like my next door neighbour of years ago..

Her: Can you take a look at my car it not starting.

Me: Sure......Opens Bonnet

Her: Turn her over

Car: It turns but not fires

Me: Have you done anything to it.

Her: Yes I topped up the fluids.

Me: Looked around and saw nothing but a watering can. What did you top up

Her: Everything

Took oil filler cap off.........

She had 'filled' the car up with water. It took me 10 trips but its topped up.

Me: At this time trying not to laugh....Call the AA

The AA came and drained her oil/gallons of water. He then towed her to a garage where she had her fuel, oil, brakes and power steering drained.

Wishing you an EMF-free Christmas

Vernon Lloyd
Gates Horns

Are these the same people

who are happy to pay tax to combat 'global warming'.

Looking at the world atm it is run by idiots and dictators, so no wonder why the flock are following their shepards.

Between Gordon Brown and President Bush there is such a huge gulf between what they say and reality it is only comparable with the space in their heads.

When we get sane, intelligent leaders (Yes I know winning the lottery is more likely) there will be better shepards and more intelligent flocks.

Right man with straight jacket arrived.....wait is that Paris Hilton

Ofcom investigates X-Factor debacle

Vernon Lloyd

OH NO..........

Rhydian Lost......

If 7 million managed to get through and 2000 couldn't. That means an outstanding 0.028% got the busy line. I think ITV could not have done better than that. If Leon won through votes HE WON GET OVER IT.

If I had a choice of a lad off the street and one with 5 years vocal training, I would vote for the natural, not taught talent.

What makes me laugh is that there were 7 million people who paid 10p per call to vote. Thats £700,000 minimum from the final alone.

That £700,000 would have done a lot better going to people who at this time of year need shelter or food.

Come on people that are more important things at Christmas than who won a REALITY SHOW. GROW THE F**K UP and stop your whinging

El Reg...I appologise for using the soon to be Non-PC word Christmas, however being an Englishman the PC prats can roast like chestnuts on an open fire.

Now wheres my coat...scarf.....gloves.........!

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Vernon Lloyd

On the Plus side

I think Virgin are getting there, they are infinately better than NTL

Been a Diamond Cable/NTL/Virgin customer for 12 years now. In all that time I have only had approx 5 hours of downtime on my phoneline/broadband in total. My mates BT line is lucky to stay up for 5 hours, with rude phone support.

The TV Box, however has gone down about 5 times (replacement boxes cured them).

Every time I rung NTL it was like banging my head against a brick wall. Now Virgin have taken over, I have found them to actucally be most helpful, even though I have been talking to people in India.

Virgin even corrected NTLs diasterous billing errors within 1 phone call. (Got 3 months free due to overbilling)

As for last night, was browsing and watching TV fine.

UK.gov loses driver ID data

Vernon Lloyd

At least....

all this makes the users I deal with on a day to day basis appear very computer savvy.

Now.....how to make users remember their passwords.........

/Pub time

Forces pay mess blamed on human error

Vernon Lloyd
Paris Hilton

The New Armed Forces Ad:

Would you like to serve your country? Would you like to visit exotic places. All training will be supplied. In return we will offer you:

Free return travel to your desination (single travel if you die in service)

Good rates of pay. (We cannot guarantee regular payments)

Compensation in case of injury. (The more you risk your life the less you get)

All uniform and guns supplied free of charge (Due to stock issues we cannot guarantee bullets or bullet proof armour)

Meet friendly and outgoing locals (Who may want to kill you)

For free information please contact 0800-NORESPECT or text FORYOU.

Before anyone thinks otherwise, I personally have a LOT of respect for those in the Armed Forces. I also think that for what you do, you are treated both unfairly and without respect by the Governments who ask you to serve.

Dell hammered over record Q3

Vernon Lloyd
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From a cousin in the UK


In comparison to HP and IBM the business support from Dell is very good. In fact from experience it is the best.

If only the same was true for home support ;-(

Microsoft on the hunt for 'serious' Windows flaw

Vernon Lloyd


I helped a total IT illeterate sent up his router.

In 4 years:

How many viruses has he had....none,



All I did was instruct him to do a google for 'secure my router' and then he followed the instructions.

He did is within 10 minutes and did not need me to do anything but check.

He (Not me) set up:

His router has a unique password, it blocks ports (except ones used), its own firewall is enabled. Windows is fully up to date (with its own firewall running as well)

As he only has two PCs on his wireless network he has assigned 2 IP address (assigned to MAC addresses), so even if a hacker wanted in they would not get an IP Address by hacking into the Wireless

You do not have to be an IT boffin to secure your router, the ablity to do a simple search and follow very simple instructions is all you need.

/nuff said

Wii regains US next-gen console arena leadership

Vernon Lloyd

For the last time.....

The Wii is NOT a designed to be competitor for either M$ or Sony. The race is between M$ and Sony and not anything to do with Nintendo.

Its just that Nintendo price things within Mr and Mrs J Bloggs price range. Also this is only 1 Wii. M$ and Sony should make their top console within the reach of ALL. Give people a choice of different models of the same system(expecially confusing ones) and they will go into DUMMY MODE. They then see the Wii are relealise that there is 1 model and they go for it.

/Time to get my coat methinks and go and bang my head on the brick wall outside............

Nano cancer-bombs and mini organs from MIT

Vernon Lloyd


Can you take it with a Spoonfull of Sugar

Sony PS3 narrows gap with Nintendo Wii

Vernon Lloyd
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Er.....one word


However the fact that the Wii sold shed loads more that the others put together means the others are basically doing shite in Japan.

Also with the new Mario Party game coming out I feel the gap may widen for a month or too.

Just one thing thou.........How is it a Console which is not a competitor for the XBox or PS3 (Nintendos own words) is selling better than the graphically superiors Colsoles......

Cheaper Maybe.......Could it be because it gets you off your seat and more active.......Maybe.......or is it that the product was aimed for the whole market and for all ages.

As I have said in previous posts, if the XBox and PS3 was cheaper with cheaper games they they will do better. Oh look they have both dropped their prices and well they are still not selling that well.

Just my 2c = 2p worth

Oz nanoboffins punt paper-thin flak jacket plan

Vernon Lloyd
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Does it Stop......

......Head Shots

If not, not interested ;-)

IT exam overseer fails test

Vernon Lloyd

If Only

The government would check over what the government does. Wouldn't it be nice for the government to say that the government is not doing its job properly and should stand down and have an immediate General Election.

Is anyone else confused ;-)

I'll just get my coat, the men who own a nice padded room are here.

Rhys Jones 'killer' named on YouTube

Vernon Lloyd


First, what the fuck were you losers going on about grammar for, ffs this article is about a serious issue.

I can see why gun and knife crime are on the increase - too many losers out their pointing out how they are better than the next (in this case grammar).

Lets get to the issue here, a young boy tragically lost his life when a bullet struck him. Does it frigging matter if it was meant for him or not.

Its time to get the little 'Street Cred/Respect' shits off the street, its time to disperse the gangs, its time to get OUR communities back from these wankers who think shooting a gun gives them respect. What will happen to the killer, will he go to prison or more likely go on a fucking safari on OUR hardearned tax money.

We have fought and stood together as a nation in TWO world wars, and yet in some communites we bow down to the gangs. I am not blaming those innocents people living in these communities, as being alive is better than dead.

For the sake of Rhys and all others killed through mindless and fucking street cred crimes its time for the nation to stand together, and unite in making ALL communities safe for OUR children. Before anyone thinks why can't the government sort this out. They are more worried about their pockets than our lives.

No doubt half the readers here will be concentrating on my spelling and grammar that the point made, to them GET A FUCKING LIFE!

Record industry pushes ISPs to cut off file sharers

Vernon Lloyd

Lets See:

Its the year 2010:

All ISPs are running at a max 512Mb/s due to scanning all data passing through.

You have a £500 per year Video/DVDRW License (just incase you record something from TV

You have a £500 fine everytime your next door neighbour or man on the street hears music from your CD player.

All Cars have a device limiting the sound output (Failure to do this is 3 years in jail) so noone can hear your music.

And everyone has the same boring ring, ring ringtone on their mobile

Apple have the monopoloy on music downloads, and it now the richest company in the world (thats to its pay twice policy). They have also introduced fines for those who unlock their iPhones.

Over the top.......I suspect not ;-)

Motorola: Apple will not open the iPhone

Vernon Lloyd

Simple Ansa

Just don't buy the damn over priced Jesus Phones.

I can get 500 mins and 100 texts a month for just under £20.

If the iPhone was every released for that price then I would consider it.

FFS the bottom line it is a Frigging phone with many extras. At the end of the day most people will use it for Music, Video, Sending/Receiving Calls/Texts and the executives may use a email client.

Guess what my phone does that with a fantasic camera (shite camera on iPhone). Why oh Why would I want a phone on contract I have to sell my soul for.

/rant over

Police bail OiNK admin after filesharing raid

Vernon Lloyd

Well, well, well

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Police making the arrest what a SUPERB use of resources.............NOT!!!!!!! :-(

I am totally and utterly fed up with the monkeys who govern this country. Why the FUCK are we following the American music industry.

What makes me laugh it that they are keeping his name quiet but PHOTOED him. What a bunch of tossers.

And in the news, as well as the raid on the house of an p2p user, the media has reason to believe that the reason the police did not go to the other 5 emergencies at the same time is they were understaffed. Unfortunately due to understaffing the police have yet to follow up on:

A known phedophile sitting in a busy park.

Three youths going down the high street brandishing Knives and Guns

Three children killed as a drunk driver jumps a red light.

However the media have just learnt that the local police have spent the day raiding the local ISP, as they have not done anything about file sharing. Gordon Brown states that this is a reasonable use of resources and that many lives will have been saved due to less illegal music being played.

Over the top........well who knows with the governments crime fiction sorry statistics.

Nu Labour strikes again..........Please can we have an election....QUICK!

Cops crash invite-only BitTorrent network

Vernon Lloyd

And just down the road......

......are 3 pedophiles busy talking to our young people on the internet, half a dozen youths with 'street cred' sorry i mean knives and a 9mm, while a drunk driver is speeding down a road near a just finished school.

But WELL done you caught a a software pirate who is SO much more dangerous than the above.

As long as the frigging Taxman is happy eh?

More from the US coming here

Virgin Media pins hopes on the broadband donkey

Vernon Lloyd
Dead Vulture

A few Points


I have been Diamond Cable/NTL/Virgin customer for 5 years. Their service (I have M TV and M Broadband) has only rarely caused me to ring them.

However there 'technical support' need huge improvement. I use a wireless router and the connects to my NTL modem. When it stops I remove the network cable connecting them (so nothing connected to the modem except power and the NTL Cable). The 'techie' asked me to reboot my PC. I explained that my modem is not connected to my PC and my broadband goes through my router, which had already been rebooted and the network cable removed. (The router was fine, just wasn't getting an IP address from the NTL Box). He again asked me to reboot my PC, and again I explained to him. Guess what, he told me he could not help me unless I reboot my PC.

I asked to speak to a manager. The manager explained that the PC reboot was essentail because it is my PC causing the NTL box to not give my router an IP address. (Remember my PC is connected to my router not the modem).

I asked him what qualifications he has. He 'claimed' to have just received his MCSE. After picking myself off the floor laughing I asked him to maybe ping my NTL box just to make sure it is working. (the connection was there just very unstable) I even rebooted the NTL box for him. Guess what connection. Ended up with a new NTL modem...........!

The best part was when I asked the 'MCSE' manager about the OSI layers for detecting networking issues and he said, whats an OSI layer........Nuff said

I also remember when NTL contractors drilled though my employers 100MB site link......buts that for another day.

Rockstar to battle BBFC over Manhunt 2 ban

Vernon Lloyd


It should NOT be banned, I grew up playing SOF and GTA. I have never felt the urge to go out and shoot/stab people.

Whats next: I can also see the BBFC also banning all car games incase the local car theif kills someone in a car they cannot control while driving said stolen car at 100 mph. I can just see the papers - I could drive at 100 on my PS3!

And after that all Flight simulators incase it may teach the terrorists how to fly

After that RPGs like Final Fantasy with its sword fights.

Even Mario could be banned when kids say that they were copying Mario after jumping on someone.

I can see that in about 10 years Pong may make a serious comeback.

FFS people its about time Parents stopped letting kids play the games unless thay can bring their kids up knowing right from wrong and the REAL respect NOT Street CRED Respect

*rant over