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Jackalope gets jaunty with Ubuntu nip and tuck

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Jackalope on Aspire One

Just my two-penneth - I've been running the Kubuntu flavour on my Aspire 1 for a couple of days now and I have to say it is working pretty well; everything worked straight out of the box, except the font scaling needed a good tweak, but then these netbooks do have such silly little screens... The only thing that's (potentially) going to be a problem is the wlan card conked out on one occasion and needed a really cold boot to come back; hope this does not become a regular occurrence!

... Oh, and with such a small screen, it is a little bit easy to miss the notification window if it pops up at an inopportune moment - and it seems counter-intuitive to not be able to click on it to go to the app / some more detail (pointed out by Colin Guthrie above).

Bacon sarnies cure hangovers: Official


My Extensive Research Finds In Favour

I think bacon sarnies definitely form a key element of drinking recovery. The inclusion of a 'ready to burst' fried egg is practically mandatory as well - and it is for this reason that McD's has got to be a no-no - that re-hashed shite they call an egg just doesn't do the necessary, IMHO!

To possibly back up the medicinal claims for the sea - I find fresh cold mountain air is very helpful the morning after the night before, which is further aid to the bacon sandwich. I have in the past smuggled large quantities of English bacon through customs to ensure a 'proper' sandwich is available for aprés-ski recovery.

I have had it argued that a whiff or three of hard alcohol ("the sharpener") assists as well - I have not been convinced by the so-called medical explanations for this (usually along the theme of jump-starting the system etc), but when in need, I am not going to refuse on the grounds of a lack of empirical evidence...

Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt


Makes Me Wish I'd Said Something...

... When I overheard a copper in Fulham ask a young chap "What the f*ck he though he was doing unloading his car" in some location that said copper felt was an unreasonable location for such behaviour! For the record, it was a quiet early evening, and the lad was in a perfectly reasonable place and posed no threat to anyone at the time...

Microsoft-Novell partnership hooks Dell


RE: SuSe?

I'd picked up on this too (comment by Aubry Thonon), what's the deal here? Seem to recall the previous articles alleged (at least in part) Dell were going with Ubuntu because Michael Dell runs it on his laptop... I guess now he's dual-booting Vista and SuSe then? :o) I can't find anything on the Dell site about Ubuntu now.

Shame really, I've been running SuSe for a couple of months, guess I'll have to wipe it and find something else now it's tainted! The next Fedora is out soon...


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