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LibreOffice 7.2 release candidate reveals effort to be Microsoft-compatible

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Re: Use early Microsoft formats where possible for interchange

Because nobody ever put a self executing virus in a PDF...

It had to happen: Microsoft's cloudy Windows 365 desktops are due to land next month

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I think you mean Windows 360 desktop...

Microsoft names Chinese group as source of new attack on SolarWinds

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Re: Rarer than unicorns?

Zen's Fritz devices are solid, auto updating...

Paper Tiger Lake? El Reg gets its talons on the first Intel Core i7 Honor MagicBook 14

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Well, does it ?

Galaxy quest: Yet another sub-£500 phone comes to trouble mobile big dogs in the form of Realme GT 5G

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Can you replace the skin / launcher ? If so, doesn't matter...

Also, it's huge...

The splitting image: Sufferer of hurty wrist pain? Logitech's K860 a potential answer

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Linux support? Is it just a plain USB HID ?

Arm chief hits out at 'ill-informed speculation' over proposed Nvidia buyout

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Re: How will it not damage competition

ARM was sold years ago.

Taikonauts complete seven-hour spacewalk, the first for China since 2008

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Re: Well done!

Who stole the jet engine from us again?

Microsoft and Eclypsium lock horns over Dell SupportAssist flaws on secured-core PCs

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Re: Sign of the times

Thought they were all happy clappy about Linux these days?

Guess not really.


Why won't you copper-ate? Openreach offers capped fibre line rental to wholesalers in bid to shift all that FTTP

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Re: "Openreach offers capped fibre line rental to wholesalers ..."

Plus, digging up our front patio etc etc which no doubt I'll be expected to fund...

Kubernetes a black hole of unpredictable spend, according to new report

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Re: Green graphs

It's got labels on the side and the bottom.

Contended for worst graph of the year

Google pushes bug databases to get on the same page for open-source security

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Then the schema should give the type as "date_string" with some clue as to format, ISO or otherwise, unless they are really expecting "ʎɐpuoɯ ʇsɐl" to be valid... :)

Tom Chiverton 1

OMG the modified date is a string

Who writes these ?

Vissles V84: Mechanical keyboard hits all the right buttons for Mac power users

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Get a USB Sun keyboard. You get hardware copy/paste then too :)

Inventor of the graphite anode – key Li-ion battery tech – says he can now charge an electric car in 10 minutes

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Re: Fast charge is a niche for people on long trips

"most areas with street parking have street lights "

And when everyone needs to charge every night (or two) ? Where is the grid power coming from ? Who's going to be sued first when someone trips over the rats nest of charge cables ?

UK's Government Digital Service extends contracts with Post Office and Digidentity for wobbly Verify ID system

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"supposed to have signed up to it by 2020 but as of March 2019, just 3.6 million had"

Yeah, because every fecking time I encounter it, it's forgotten who I am and I have to prove who I am all over again

1Password unsheathes Rusty key, hopes to unlock Linux Desktop world

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Umm, no?

Password Safe, DB in Dropbox / Nextcloud

Done. Free forever. Easy sharing across any number of users on any modern OS

Waymo self-driving robotaxi goes rogue with passenger inside, escapes support staff

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Re: Remote control?

Doctorow already did that one...

RHEL, RHEL, RHEL, fancy that: Rocky Linux would-be CentOS replacement hits RC1 milestone

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You can trust them to come along and "audit" you, which means they make up a number you owe them as a starting point for the shake down negotiations.

Flatcar Linux takes the 520, drives up to Redmond: Microsoft acquires Kinvolk

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Embrace ✔️

Extend ♻️

Extinguish ♻️

As Linux 5.12 released, Linus Torvalds warns next version will probably be rather large

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Re: Nothing to see

FUSE is *a* user space (file system) driver, isn't it ?

HashiCorp reveals exposure of private code-signing key after Codecov compromise

Tom Chiverton 1

And this is why signing a release needs to be manual, not a button in the CI/CD...

Something went wrong but we won't tell you what it is. Now, would you like to take out a premium subscription?

Tom Chiverton 1

Safe to spew that user supplied filename is it ?

Tom Chiverton 1



// something

<cfcatch type="any">

// else



10 years later, Chrome OS starts to look like a proper OS with hardware diagnostics and the ability to scan documents

Tom Chiverton 1

"the ability to scan documents from networked printers"

Umm. How do you scan something using a printer ? Networked or USB connected isn't going to help much !

What next for Visual Studio? Microsoft's monster IDE can't please everyone and 64-bit will not solve legacy problems

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"these tools work fine with competing platforms like AWS or Google Cloud, Microsoft can ensure that Azure is well integrated"

Sure, it works fine *now*.... We're at the "extend" middle stage now, right ?

You want a reboot? I'll give you a reboot! Happy now?

Tom Chiverton 1

No, because transactions

What the FLoC? Browser makers queue up to decry Google's latest ad-targeting initiative as invasive tracking

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Ad-tech company's suggestion to centralise ad tracking with themselves turns out to be terrible idea for every one else. Shock

W3C Technical Architecture Group slaps down Google's proposal to treat multiple domains as same origin

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If Chrome wants to do this, they can just shove all their domains into the same origin anyway. It's their browser, if they want to break it. Stay out of everyone elses'.

At this point, if Google suggest something, the default should be "nope"; much like when the NSA 'suggest' encryption parameters...

Google putting its trust in Rust to weed out memory bugs in Android development

Tom Chiverton 1

Re: Maybe that explains

More likely the CPU is crap, hence running "Android One" rather than the full fat thing.

Their 'next job could be in cyber': UK Cyber Security Council launches itself by pointing world+dog to domain it doesn't own

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Re: dot org ?

Nukes, don't forget nukes.

Can't pay the nurses, can afford to blow the planet up a few more times...

And the Turing Award for best compilation goes to... Jeffrey Ullman and Alfred Aho

Tom Chiverton 1

'67 ?

Grace Hopper wrote compilers in the 50s.... might be worth noting that in a piece that leads with "these guys did foundational work on compilers" what it was they added ?

Guilty: Sister and brother who over-ordered hundreds of MacBooks for university and sold the kit for millions

Tom Chiverton 1

Re: laptops – codenamed "ingots" for a short while


Open Source Initiative board election results scrapped after security hole found, exploited to rig outcome

Tom Chiverton 1

Seems obvious...

Seems they probably(e)mailed one (or more people) more than one voting code then. Easy to do.

Ministry of Defence tells contractors not to answer certain UK census questions over security fears

Tom Chiverton 1

Vast vast majority of the website's questions didn't force a response so just clicked past them

Tom Chiverton 1

No one else upset "sex" is seemingly a binary choice ... ?

Missile systems software dev leaker has sentence almost doubled after UK.gov says 4½ years was too soft

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Re: "The sentence for refusing to hand over his password was increased to 2½ years"

Too late :(

Ofcom says no price controls on full-fibre broadband until 2031, giving BT's Openreach the kick to 'build like fury'

Tom Chiverton 1

The way I read it, as soon as N% are on fibre, they'll pull the copper out and tell everyone else "pay us more or loose the internet".

Surely not ?

End is nigh for iMac Pro as Apple stops offering custom configs of high-spec desktop

Tom Chiverton 1


Do you mean 5.1?

The torture garden of Microsoft Exchange: Grant us the serenity to accept what they cannot EOL

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Re: It's not that hard either, but...

He who parses HTML with regular expressions now has two problems.

Soft-shell robot uses snailfish features to sail though Mariana Trench stress test

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Re: Artical's thumbnail...

Well, The Abyss maybe...

Microsoft promises end-to-end encrypted Teams calls for some, invites you to go passwordless with Azure AD

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Re: Replacing my passwords...

"no one (to my knowledge) has come up with a quick way to spoof bio-metrics...yet"

Well, unless they have some Gummy Bears to hand...


Nvidia exec love-bombs Arm's licensing model, almost protests too much

Tom Chiverton 1

Cough. Pi Foundation investments. Cough.

Revealed: The military radar system swiped from aerospace biz, leaked online by Clop ransomware gang

Tom Chiverton 1

See also Zen and their Fritzbox which is totally stock.

Slow your roll: LG reportedly puts new smartphone on ice as it mulls future in market

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Re: LG phones

Maybe they should have shipped updates for more than a couple of years and I wouldn't have to ditch them for a more serious vendor...

Cambodia to force all internet traffic through national 'Internet Gateway'

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Re: Starlink?

Yes. Typically the upstream doesn't go out from your phone to the sky...

Tom Chiverton 1

Meanwhile, uk.gov presses ahead with 'Reducing Online Harms' white paper to regulate every single website with content ("or else") : https://decoded.legal/blog/2021/02/online-harms-an-extra-territorial-over-reach

HPE Spaceborne Computer-2 slips off the shelf – and off the planet: Boxen heading to ISS

Tom Chiverton 1

Re: Remember?

Mars ships will likely be surrounded by water tanks to provide the required shielding, not something ISS can be retrofitted for.



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