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Samsung wants to push CAMM format into memory mainstream

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Are these the things Framework use?

ROBOT crypto attack on RSA is back as Marvin arrives

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Re: Add random delay to error responses ?

Doesn't work because the random jitter all cancels out over enough tests

UK Online Safety Bill to become law – and encryption busting clause is still there

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And WhatsUp, Signal etc haven't pulled out. So, bluff called, government wins.

Ubuntu's 'Mantic Minotaur' peeks out of the labyrinth

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"the disk remains unreadable if you boot the machine from a different drive or OS, such as a USB key"

Isn't this fairly common in Linux-land, as opposed to on Windows, for everything from error recovery, hardware upgrades (just lift and shift the drive), to installing a new O/S version from a LiveCD ?

How is this impacted ? There has to be a fallback, right ? Right ?

Scared of flying? Good news! Software glitches keep aircraft on the ground

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Re: NATS crashed.

Your error log fails to include relevant information, like the batch or plan number. Maybe much like the real code :-)

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Re: At least three systems are required

Their probably coveting hardware failure, in active-passive fail over...

Decades-old Home Office asylum system misses EOL deadline, no new timetable in place

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Re: Double keying..

Helps with a 'hostile environment' if your case never gets processed...

So you want to save energy? Ditch web apps and go native, boffins say

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But the web browser size/load is shared amongst all the sites, where as each app is it's own size/load. They seem to have missed this point.

USENET, the OG social network, rises again like a text-only phoenix

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Re: sudo apt install slrn

Ahh, rast.b5... Happy times and drinking ...

Hands up who wants a PC? Lenovo reports declining returns

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Re: Good timing for me?

Or invest in your (and the world's) future with a frame.work ?

NASA, DARPA enlist Lockheed to build nuclear-powered spacecraft

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Also importantly, they can be refueled and reused until the reactor is cold..

Brits negotiating draft deal to rejoin EU's $100B blockbuster science programme

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Re: Citation please ?

Most people didn't vote in the referendum ergo most people were happy to stay in Europe

Mystery Intel bug halts shipments of some Sapphire Rapids Xeons

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Foof! I hope not...

Alphabet, Bharti Airtel to bridge India's digital divide with frickin' laser beams

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"light is a much more efficient carrier of information than electromagnetic waves"

Umm, light *is* an electromagnetic wave...

Parent discovers the cost of ignoring Roblox: £2,500 and heart palpitations

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Re: Dystopian

Don't tie it to a card with funds in it

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra is a worthy heir to the Note

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Re: Too powerful ?

Much like laptops, mobile's became good enough for most people, almost all done the time, years ago.

I don't know anyone who upgrades for any reason other than breakage anymore

Microsoft will upgrade Windows 10 21H2 users whether they like it or not

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So their handling finance on a known insecure O/S ? Don't think that is as clever as you think

EU proposes spyware Tech Lab to keep Big Brother governments in check

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The same EU that wants to read everyone's private messages? That EU?

Users complain over UK state-owned bank's services as Atos eyes the exit

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Tried to access mine yesterday. No 2FA SMS arrived. Navigated their god awful fake-person voice not-recognition IVR phone system, and got to a person after a long wait.

My phone number is wrong. They never asked me to confirm it was right or wrong before enabling 2FA.

Their fix ? Fill in a form on the website and wait for some dead tree to arrive in the post.

DoJ, Treasury accuses 3 men of laundering crypto for North Korea

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Re: Why is this news?

Now in it's second season and easily the best thing BBC have out right now

Central UK govt awards £12M+ contract to leave Google Workspace for Microsoft 365

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Re: Pulic money : public code

You could do a lot with 1k per user !

Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster scuttles into public view

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Re: Snap Is Crap

There's a bug about 4 years old for Snap not sharing /tmp for instance.

Thanks for fixing the computer lab. Now tell us why we shouldn’t expel you?

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Re: A grade hacking

Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess?

Wrong time to weaken encryption, UK IT chartered institute tells government

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Re: Lets start by making all UK politician's calls and messages public.

> Nothing to hide, nothing to fear?

Please, we all have curtains; don't trot this out.

Privacy means being able to choose the audience, timing and manner of revealing something, or choosing to keep it secret forever.

HT Cory Doctorow

Brit cops rapped over app that recorded 200k phone calls

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These are the sort of people I want to be reading all me WhatsApp, Signal, SMS etc. What could go wrong ?


SpaceX feels the pressure, scraps first orbital launch of Starship

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Artemis' job is to keep people employed, not to be useful.

Microsoft promises it's made Teams less confusing and resource hungry

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Re: Firefox

Perfectly, yesterday, including sharing another browser window to the call.

India-based cybergang busted for selling fake KFC franchises

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Who is that one guy in blue in the background ? That's the techie who actually solved the case, and the people in dress uniform up front are just taking the credit, right ?

Microsoft scrambles to fix Windows 11 'aCropalypse' privacy-battering bug

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Nope, read the write up on the android issue. The file open mode was changed from implicit truncate on write to explicit, thus foot gunning all the clients.

Aussie tech worker payroll scheme operators found guilty of tax fraud

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Re: 6 years?!

After an 8 month trial! What the hell was the defence?!

Ford seeks patent for cars that ditch you if payments missed

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Re: Patent?

Not anymore in the US

Take the morning off because Outlook has already

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Re: As a world spanning corporation...

Maybe it was just you :)

Google opens arms to VMware in the cloud and Microsoft 365 on ChromeOS

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Re: there is still no official OneDrive client for the open source OS.


If your DNS queries LoOk liKE tHIs, it's not a ransom note, it's a security improvement

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Re: Am I being Dense?

Oddly, they've thought of that, and it's even quoted in the article. They only mess with a-zA-Z.

NASA overspent $15m on Oracle software because it was afraid an audit could cost more

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Re: What does this mean?

Sounds like it

This can’t be a real bomb threat: You've called a modem, not a phone

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Re: Work bomb scare

That was me (or my wife in the next door building) during the early 2000's AICM5UKP

Microsoft to offer unlimited time off for US staff

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If your manage is terrible, and doesn't value you, then you already have this problem

Security tech chief quits Salesforce as list of top-table departures grows

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Two security exec's depart in short order....

So what do they know we don't ?

LastPass admits attackers have a copy of customers’ password vaults

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Re: Sigh . .

See also PasswordSafe - dump it in your NextCloud (or even free-tier Dropbox !) and it syncs too all your devices.


NASA retires Mars InSight mission after it enters ‘dead bus’ condition

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Re: It was the arm wot did it

That was all some time ago

Need a video editor, FOSS fans? OpenShot and Kdenlive both refreshed

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Re: Menus

Or do what Mac does and put the menu as far away from the window as possible; fixed to the top of the screen !

A dip in Alder Lake with an HP Elitebook is spoiled by avoidable mistakes

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Re: Bother


AWS gives older EC2 instances a legacy lifeline

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So they virualised their virualised platform?

The great semiconductor drought may be about to break

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Re: Meanwhile in the real world

One of my Pi's died. Great, excuse to get a Pi4.

Ha ha ha, no. Come back in 3 months or pay hundreds of quid on ebay.

Plop. That's the sound of a boot manager booting PCs off media they can't start from

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And if not, just use a live CD. Strange little project...

Loads of PostgreSQL systems are sitting on the internet without SSL encryption

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*even if* they are non-prod, *why are they exposed to the internet*.

What if there's a pre-auth RCE or something ? Now they have a bastion inside your network.

Beggers belief anyone does this intentionally.

USB-C iPhone, anyone? EU finalizes charging standard rule

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Hurrah !

Firefox 105 is here, and it's faster and more memory-frugal

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Yes, with some fiddling, so things like Tab Mix Plus for multi-row horizontal tabs work again: https://github.com/onemen/TabMixPlus/#readme

Though not via Snap, but Snap FireFox has a ton of problems, like saving downloads to '/tmp/' actually being saved to some other folder under the real '/tmp/', so I've moved all our Ubuntu machines off the Snap and onto old school .tgz installs direct from Mozilla.

Climate change prevention plans 'way off track', says UN

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Re: Thought about using nuclear?

A post by someone who's never heard of pumped storage. Nice.

NASA reshuffles dates for Artemis I launch attempt

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"critics will renew calls for NASA to retire from making rockets"

Depends, do you think Artemis is intended to actual build a functioning rocket, or just provide reasonably cheap employment for thousands of thousands of people who'd otherwise be out of a job and costing (more) money ?