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Google Marketplace DRM broken



You can return an application within 24 hours and get your money back from the Android Market place.

Adobe man to Apple: 'Go screw yourself'



it's cool to hate flash.. you know it "causes my browser to crash!!1!!!" even on the most advanced operating system in the world(TM). Flash is the most common cause of computers crashing since Microsoft were pushing Xenix don't you know! Let's forget the fact there's lots of shitty javascript floating around that's equally as "bad" as Flash, or the fact that HTML5 doesn't have any way to obfuscate code or any Adobe-like development tools so apart from Youtube-like sites is a non-starter ATM.

Oh yeah! Java is slow, Windows 2000 is better than XP, Linucs doesn't work with *any* hardware, clockspeeds are a myth (if you happen to be Steve Jobs and flogging PPC gear at the time), trackballs are better than mice, etc etc

iPad includes hyberbole generator, first reviews show



I could be remembering wrong here... but I'm pretty sure it's not running ARM code in the simulator. The iphone simulator doesn't either... you realise you can build apps that work perfectly in the simulator and won't work at all on the real "hardware"?

Intel pitches Atom storage platform


Atom is ia32/amd64 AFAIK


Intel has ARM based processors (or at least they did).. the Atom isn't one of them AFAIK. It would be a little silly to use the Atom branding for a bunch of chips of one arch and then suddenly use the same branding for a bunch of different chips..

I think the "desktop" Atoms all have the ability to run in long mode..

It'll be interesting to see the through-put of these systems. The Atom is hardly meaty, so I wonder if it'll be able to push data from a RAID5 or something else which requires some computation at anywhere near GigE.

Apple ambushed in Barcelona


more hot air?

"Try telling that to Android users (to name just one bunch)"

Android, being linux based has at most levels are great deal of abstraction from the actual hardware... The biggest phone markets in the world shift Symbian phones... don't assume that your locality is the center of the world. IIRC recent stats suggest that 95% or so of mobile phones are ARM.

"So you're advocating that they download them all through the handset and never use their PC?"

Ugh? Ok,... so the PC software can't be clever enough to know what device the user has and only show apps available for that device. I'm failing to understand how you arrived at your conclusion.

""In reality only a few people actually want a "smart phone" that runs "applications","


Explain the ratio of "tat apps" to "applications of serious merit" on the app store.

"So the cruz of the matter is that you're an iPhone hater!"

Dear oh dear... this is basically what it always comes down to with "you people".

I have a number of apple products, I'm writing this on a macbook. I have an iPhone in my coat pocket. However unlike you I don't blindly defend things and accuse others of being "haters"

"I have an iPhone. I've had it for two weeks. Not only is it better than my previous phone, it was also cheaper (when the previous one was new ofc)"

I've had an iphone for about a year,.. before that I had an n95 and before that some cheap samsung phone that cost about 5000yen. Guess what? The Samsung phone had a better camera than the iphone and could even record video. It's input system was a ton better also.

"I do have a couple of novelty apps but the ones I have used the most are things that tell me bus times, show maps, look up local cafes/amenities etc"

I would say that your bus timetable applications etc are verging on the novelty side. There's no reason that sort of stuff can't be integrated into any old phone. We're talking about the "smart phone" market here. Where are the all the serious applications?

"I believe you should rethink most of your post as it's starting to seem like an "I have Symbian but it's not as popular as I would like" post.."

Symbian is very very popular.. again don't think that where ever you are is the center of the world.

Big Brother

oh my the air is stuff around here..

"The problem for everybody is that they all have different CPUs and different operating systems."

A good percentage of the phones you would want to run "Apps" on are ARM based and Symbian.

"Thus every cell phone type has conflicts with others."

That doesn't actually matter. If you have an "App store" and you browse it with device X and it shows apps that will run on device "X" there is no issue. Some apps might not even be suited to device Y as it has no GPS or something... How long will apple be able to keep it's unified apps platform working (it already isn't unified, but lets ignore that for now), unless they keep the same shitty hardware forever. You don't need to have every app on every device, you just need a place where person with device X can get apps that will work with device X without having to arse around. Before Apple released the iphone people were doing pretty well selling Symbian applications.... it's like Apple releasing a product erases any memory of prior art.

"Apps have to specify exactly which cell phones - even within a single manufacturer's line - they are compatible with and not allow downloads to that cell phone."

And that can all be taken care of.. the user doesn't have to know that there are 20,000 apps available but only 50% have been ported to their device. There only see the stuff they can use. And that's the point...

"Even then, it will take 2-3 years to implement this idea. This will give Apple an EVEN BIGGER lead in smart phones.,"

Apple has no lead in "smart phones"... 99.999..% of the apps on the app store are fluff. Thats the reason that they are shifting units. In reality only a few people actually want a "smart phone" that runs "applications", most iphone users want a phone that has worse functionality than a phone you could buy in asda for 30 quid but has novelty apps like the shotgun simulator.

Steve Jobs dubs Google's 'don't be evil' motto 'bulls**t'


Flash Crash

"Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it’s because of Flash. No one will be using Flash...The world is moving to HTML5."

Ok, so let me get this right... the "World most advanced operating system" can't handle badly behaved applications? Maybe someone should buy Jobs a copy of the Minix book?


Webkit etc...

And all the upstream devs complained that apple took stuff and the patches they "gave back" were basically made intentionally-difficult-to-merge. Let's not mistake things that apple have done for their own benefit with some sort of community spirit.

Intel says data centers much too cold


@Great until the AC fails

>One thing no one talks about when running "hot" is the total

>lack of safety margin for cooling failures.

The thing is 20-25 degc isn't hot. Have you ever actually seen a machine get hot enough that it fails? Nope. Modern machines are pretty good at protecting themselves from thermal meltdown. In IT you seem to have people that like to tell stories (once we had a machine get so hot it burst on fire blah blah) and get alarmed about things. Most semiconductor devices can withstand temperatures that would have data centre admins running around screaming about the end of the earth.

>We run too cold for one reason: It buys us time in the event of a

>cooling failure to either fix the issue or get shut down gracefully.

Read; Gives admins that don't understand much past putting machines into holes and plugging wires something to do, and make up stories about.

>Not the best tradeoff, but our facility doesn't have the capability for

>redundant systems so we need whatever time we can get in case

>of a failure.

Your machines don't have any of their own thermal management?

Mac OS X Snow Leopard First Look


@Peter Kay

The only 32bit code that runs on this machine is Apple's shitty EFI, Refit and Skype's statically linked Linux binary. Most Linux distros are "Pure 64" now.... there is even a 64bit Flash plugin which apparently no one that reads the el reg knows about.


Who told them..

that it was the most advanced operating system in the world? USB3 support? Nope. Only just getting around to porting the userland to amd64,.... apple are so full of shit.

Trading in The Pirate Bay bidder stopped over deal funding


Re:Freetards, who us?


You forgot #4; It's fine to copy music and films, bands such as U2 are always telling us to give all our money away to the starving children of XYZ, so obviously when can no longer afford to buy their shitty music and thus have the right to download it. Films are always teaching us that being tight fisted or selfish are the downfall of man,... so by Hollywood's teaching we should all be sharing films.

Stephen Hawking both British and not dead



@The problem with socialists and their misunderstanding of history

>> Americans have a healthy fear of government wielding the power of the gun,

Big problem with Americans is that the assume Gun == Ultimate source of power and protection.

>> taking their money

Um, that's called taxation, most governments do that.

>> taking their property,

In real socialism you don't really need the concept of either money or property.

>>taking their lives,

You still have the death penalty over there right?

>> taking the lives of others,

Ok, so what was Iraq then?

@Hud Dunlap

There's actually a huge problem with people coming from countries like India on "holiday" and then "getting sick here" (Read: they were already sick) getting thousands of pounds worth of treatments and then legging it back home without paying. Yes, America is hard-done-by booohooo.

Facebook knuckle-raps Intel, AMD


Let's bitch about opensource

"Both MySQL and memcached are not particularly good at scaling on many cores and threads,"

This would be because the problems that MySQL and memcached solve aren't suited to parallelism. The current generation of multi-processor machines will only show big gains in performance for tasks that can be split into parallel sections that rely on as little IO as possible,.. i.e Do a little bit of IO, LOOOOOOOOOOOOTS of work on the processor, little bit of IO.

Each MySQL or memcache thread is going to need so much synchronisation to stop the threads shitting on each other that it becomes almost pointless.

Yes, let's have machines capable of running 30 zillion threads, 20 zillion of them waiting.

Meh 2.0


Oh and,

>(I have no idea how PHP is or is not making use of all those extra

> threads in two-socket Nehalem EP and Istanbul servers).

mmmmm I know you're a journo, but really,.. if you're going to write articles about this stuff you should really have a clue about how it works right? PHP isn't an application server, it's an interpreter you <insert generic insult alluding to stupidity here>.

It's up to whatever webserver Facebook are using to maintain/instantiate enough instances of said interpreter to deal with requests... I can't think of any operations in PHP that you would want to be non-serial considering the tasks it does, i.e. generating *streams* of text, so there's no reason to have multiple threads running for one PHP script. Unless you're not writing a web application with PHP...

The reason you would want many MySQL threads running is so that your N number of running PHP scripts don't start to queue up... instantly turning your x-socket (/me wonders why how many connectors something has means anything..) y-cores machine into a FIFO.

Google Android code goes native


Where's the news

Java - Has had the ability to interface with native libraries for a long long time.

ARM - Some ARM chips can actually execute Java bytecodes..

Big whoop.

Reg reader turns 'homo devil machine' on eBayer


Turing also commited suicide...

does that mean people should be parading around the streets with retarded signs encouraging the acceptance and extension of the suicidal community? Seriously, I don't want to know about other people's sexual habits be they straight, gay, attracted to people with a missing limb.

HP servers still half-cold to Ubuntu


Re: Re: So What

@Happy Skeptic

Yes, but there's no point using Ubuntu. If you want a Debian-like system just run Debian.

@Anomalous Cowherd

One machine? Wow, HP needs to get some Ubuntu support lined up quick!

Better documented? Really really laughable.


So what?

What exactly would the advantage be of running ubuntu on a "server". I can see why maybe people would want CentOS vs RHEL (Redhat skills, but no cash for Redhat subscriptions). But really Ubuntu instead Debian? Why would anyone bother.

MacBooks afflicted with SATA 'degrade'


@The Original Ash

You're comparing apples to oranges .. pun intended .. even if the SATA chipset is running in some legacy mode chances are the same clock is driving it, and it's only using marginally less power internally and across the link. Anyhow, thats all moot. To conserve power you want to get the data off of the power consuming part, the disk, as quick as possible so that you can put the disk into power saving mode.

Chinese firm hits back at cyberspy claims


@Andus McCoatover

Huawei don't just produce mobile telephony equipment but let's ignore that for arguments sake. Ciphers like A5/1 only protect your channel up to your provider,.. so no that's not secure communication is it. I can remember going into a BT exchange with my dad's mate when I was a kid.. said mate whipped some sort of line tester and plugged it in and some random's phone jibber jabber came out. Moral of the story; There's nothing to stop any upstream provider spying on your communications if you don't secure your channel between A and B.

>The Rice-guzzlers

But OT; But the other half, being of the race guzzler south east asian variety, assures me she can understand "the letter R" just fine. I believe most "Rice-guzzlers" can't hear a difference in the sounds produced by "the letter L" and "the letter R", but that doesn't stop them learning the spelling of a word does it?


Why do you need to trust the hardware?

If you're doing your communications securely you shouldn't have a problem. Chances are if the "Chinese" aren't listening to your traffic from a Red switch someone else anyway... so what's the bitch?


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