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Sony backs away from OLED TV future

jon 44

same again

I remember this the first time around with the games industry in 2000, and it's exactly the same tech for games, for TVs the only difference is the adjustment to codecs and transmission platforms.

It's all a waste of money. A nice novelty for the occasional movie but not for everyday use. I'll be skipping this one k thx!

Nokia switches direction and gives away maps

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I've used ovi maps before and the free trial last summer was nice. I've just investigated this offer and apparently you need firmware v40 which is never likely to happen for those of us who bought contract phones :(

AOL sets itself mountain to climb with 1,400 layoffs

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mountain you say?

Then do it the easy way and start at the top :D Hell, by the time you get to Tier 2 you'll have already covered the costs you were trying to save and only sacked 1-10 people.

Senior IT workers caught in bank bonus tax crossfire

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QQ more

Anyone getting a £25k+ bonus really shouldn't complain, they're in the top 3%, expect to get taxed.

Personally, I can't think of a decent reason for anyone to be paid in the upper tax band anyway. Those that are usually do fuck all work and in my experience the work they do do is mediocre at best. I guess there are some superstars out there but I've yet to meet one that's not just a prima donna, ie. all fluff.

These people get their spots by knowing the right people, not the right knowledge.

/goes back to meh bridge.

Apple silences Psystar's rebel yell with injunction

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PC Clones

Apple clones vs PC clones... what's the difference? (for those young'uns, that was the computer war in the early 80s, PC cloning and chip clones that is)

As for Psystar, surely all they are doing is adding a OSX compatible EFI module/firmware to intel kit? what's illegal about that?

Zeus bot found using Amazon's EC2 as C&C server

jon 44

nothing new there

ssh attacks from amazon cloud aren't unheard of, something as covert as bot c&c could run for a while without detection.

Bloggers howl after conference snoops on 'secure' network

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if they can capture the whole session then they'll be able to decode it eventually if they have a super computer :D We're talking years tho.

Unless they do a full man in the middle attack and then it's all theirs'. This is much harder to do unless they control the wireless network, in which case it easy as pie. It just requires a small tweak to the DNS settings which are propagated by DHCP when you connect and a machine to proxy the requests. Hell, even proxy settings via dhcp that request TLS thru proxy is sufficient.

In theory TLS and the weaker SSL shouldn't be hackable but there are some flaws.

The bottom line; don't trust wireless networks unless you completely trust all other known and unknown clients.

WPA2 is the only security that lasts. TKIP used in WPA1 is flawed and crackable.

Always use a VPN when doing business or confidential transactions online with a network that is weak (<WPA2), untrusted or unknown.

Lloyds TSB's online banking system shows no love for Firefox

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Fsck that

You forgot their press release:

"This bank supports the use of insecure browsers only. In the case of identity theft, fraud or other malicious act.... it's your fault, not matter what the circumstances. k thx"

Banks are funny :D

If mine did this then I would complain, complain again and then move bank to somewhere with a brain.

How the hell this got this far is beyond me but suggests the IT illiterate CIO/IT director is more than retarded and down right dangerous. Like most then.

Google Docs gets jiggy with folder sharing

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People actually admit over phone and email that they commit illegal actions? These people have your telephone number or email address and your name.......

Back in reality... those with half a tea spoon of intelligence will say 'no, sir, not me sir, what's p2p sir?'

AMD ATI Radeon HD 5870 and 5850 DirectX 11 GPUs

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@still waiting

I think it all boils down to the vista argument. Vista brought 2 thinks to the table... DX10 and resource hogging. Oh and it is terrible, much like win 7...*cough*

Now win 7 is out (7 days officially), the DX 10 market will grow because DX 10 cards are now ultra cheap.

Programming for dx9 and dx10 was always a problem as it required more investment from developers to develop sm4 shaders that gave no real benefit over dx9 from the gamers perspective. (what they don't know won't hurt them!)

DX11 is a big leap of technology and can be used in more areas with a game engine. This will get the technical leads involved (mind share/curiosity) and games supporting full dx11 ai/physics should be quick to arrive even if they have to do alternative paths for the DX9/10 users.

DDoS attack rains down on Amazon cloud

jon 44

it's a nice reversal

I've been seeing port scans and ssh attacks coming from amazon's cloud. Nice to know it goes both ways :|

Sony and BBC clash over PS3 problems

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Thumb Up

6 years of Fit for purpose use :D

Sales of goods act.

Personnally I would expect a PS3 to last 3 years of heavy use. If it didn't then in my opinion it is not fit for purpose and is then covered by that said act.

That would require me contacting the retailer and making arrangements for repair or replace. If all else fails, small claims court will cost you £15.

0.5% failure rate is nothing in the tech industry. Sony have done a cracking job.

Abigail's Windows 7 Party

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P2P pushes IPv6 surge

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minor correction

"mainstream users have stayed clear of it because of the lack of a clear business need for the technology"

mainstream users have stayed clear of it because of the lack of support from ISPs, government and interlinks.

People would use it if it was available. Business like BT don't want to pay for the training or hardware's firmware update's cost.

IPv6 has lower overheads both in routing and payload, and everyone on the planet can have 4.85*10^28 addresses :D More than enough for the toaster and washing machine.

Man remanded for extreme porn offences

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<3 Sarah Bee

If the animals don't like it they'll kick and bite where it hurts >)

But seriously animal abuse (harm/cruelty) is one thing, jacking off a horse is another. Where the line is drawn should be up to the RSPCA or other private prosecutors. The police have better things to do and have enough toys (read; laws) to abuse.

@escalation boy; I've been looking at porn since before I was a teenager in one way or another, I'm now well beyond the age of consent (too many grey hairs (*sniffle*) and I've yet to get jiggy with dog, horse, goat or child. wtb a clue?

The secret to writing a good comment is quote facts and source!!! [citation needed] - it's one of the many good things wikipedia has done for us.

British boffin named first ever 'doctor of texting'

jon 44


nice one :D

Mixed fortunes for Hitachi disk division

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it's back to front, no?

PC repair shop caught trying bank fraud

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got something important?

encrypt it.

firefox->master password

documents ->truecrypt (OSS)

Trust noone.

US Senate halts F-22 Raptor production

jon 44

a title as required

have you eaten lewis page?

What I'd like to see is scrapping of all but 1 or 2 manned aircraft models (incase of jamming) and waste money on drones, choppers and infantry equipment instead.

NSA plans massive, 65MW, $2bn data center in Utah

jon 44

I like money

Let me build it for you!

ISPs vs BBC iPlayer: Missing the point?

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..has always been naff, well done for noticing! ;)

I totally agree that the ISPs should cover their own costs. It's virtual costs anyway. The real cost is updating their networks... which they're not likely to do. The costs they talk about are not costs at all, it's the fundamental lack of capacity in their home stretch hops.

Really it's just BT qq coz they will have to spend some money on plugging in a few fibres and pulling their fingers out over local infrastructure.

lastly, :) content providers already pay to provide content, it's called peering and the BBC is already linked directly to BT backbone, so there is no extra cross-peer charges for BT to pay!

GPS-guided wreckers flatten wrong house

jon 44

A title is required.

it's a good think nothing lethal is guided by GPS... oh.. wait.

F1 waves goodbye to KERS

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F1 is boring

It needs guns and missiles. Viva la MotoGP!!!

OT: the tech is only just out the door, surely they should give it sometime to mature! And if the benefits are minimal then each team can decide if they want it or not, they don't need to outright ban it. If teams want to mature the tech then they should be allowed too.