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TMS wins flash bragging crown with 100TB monster

Jan 7

Oddly enough:

It might seem odd, but it not that expensive. Provided you really need -or could use- the performance given. Actually...

I think I have a phone call to make.

Germanic types in yodeling copyright tussle

Jan 7


....hei-di-hei-do-.haAAAAARRRRRRR *guitar riff*

Acccept - Fast as a shark.

Kind soul donates Claymore mine to charity

Jan 7


Oh, I don´t have any clamores lying around here, but I was absolutely sure it read other on the "interesting" side (Though all sides of the claymore are, to some extent, "interesting").

But I´ll take your word if you checked.

Jan 7

Actually, it says

"THIS SIDE FACE TO ENEMY" on the Claymore.

Grenade, obviously.

Firefox laggards offered security update

Jan 7

Its not about being a laggard, its about plugins.

As long as an essential plugin (to use FF in my office without the network guys detecting me and forcing me back to IE6) is not supported in 3.5, I can´t move on to 3.5.

And FF3.0.11 instead of IE6 is "an offer you can´t refuse". At least not if you expect to get any bloody work done.

Sun cranks clocks on Sparc T2 and T2+

Jan 7


* Don´t * fucking * compare * anything * to * a * fucking * single * chip * p570. Its a goddamn eight socket server built for 3/4 TB ram, not one of your stupid entry-level toys.

If you want one socket buy a p510.

and for benchmarks:

Yes, of course a T5440 is faster than three p570s, thats why SUN dominates the HPC sector by taking the first ten places in the Top500 year by year. Oh, wait...

IBM lifts the veil on Power7 chips

Jan 7

Which single failure takes a p595 offline?

Whoa, loads of AC flogging the dead remains of SUN to bash IBM.

You know its a weird day when you have one -ever so tiny- sympathy for Matt B.

anyway: Could the AC from 1652 (4th post) please tell which single failure is able to take down a p595? Or a 570, for that matter? I´d be greatly interested.

US tactical bot has no taste for humans

Jan 7

Usually, now would be the time to welcome,

very much welcome our new masters. But seriously, if its a vegetarian, it CAN´T be my master.

Also, I do have slight troubles imaginating a vile killerrobot wearing sandals and requesting a rucola-souflé and an unript spelt grain/tofu burger.

Nope, not gonna happen.

...your foster parents were all well until your stepmother got a fit when I devoured the houseplants...

DRAM patent holder sues Big Blue

Jan 7

IBM budget

Actually, IBM revenue is twice as large as the GNP of Luxembourg, so better strike the "small". They are larger than most of Africa combined (well, at least if you leave out S.Africa and Egypt).

NASA orbiter returns first shots of Apollo moon sites

Jan 7


just plain fucking cool. Space flight rocks.


HP chases Sun Oracle server shops

Jan 7

Even with 200% discount...

...I would never ever touch that hideous HPUX again.

Certainly not.

Worse than windows.


Grenade: for self defence.

BMW to ride in with 115-mile range e-scooter?

Jan 7

The C1 is hideous, to say the least.

Of course, revolting design alone would not have put off potential buyers, this was achived by a mind-boggeling pricetag.

Airbed-fixing German blows up mattress flat

Jan 7

Yes, of course we Germans have an element of crime for this.

Otherwise we wouldn´t be germans, now wouldn´t we?


There also is an element of crime for causing a nuclear explosion, that would have taught them russians!

Ah well, off to BBQ and beer for me

IBM's DS8000 getting thin provisioning

Jan 7

DS8k frontend

Yup, the RIO connection certainly is the DS8ks weak spot. Since it already was the ESS weak spot, I was pretty disappointed they still kept it in the design.

They should build a bigger XIV, using SAS drives, inifiniband and multi-frame scalability. I´d buy that.

Jan 7

Very funny...

with ~50kEur approx being what we would save (in new disks) using thin provisioning, I am not exactly amused by IBM charging us 50k to enable it.

Ah well, they will learn when I get my AMS2500... That will teach them (and me, considering the work migrating 70TByte off some DS8k...)

Sun: Q4 sales to drop by a third, sees deeper losses

Jan 7

Now that SUN is (as good as) dead...

Now that SUN is (as good as) dead, will Matt -having nothing else to say- disappear? Or will he go the SCO-way and start picking at IBM?

Italian bride's bouquet downs ultralight

Jan 7

composition of a brides bouquet.

These things are (usually, ´cept in .it, it seems) wielded by a woman in an extraordinarily high stress condition. You do the math.

anyway, reminds me of a friends wedding where the girls rushed forward and one being stopped by her friend who shouted "YOU TOUCH THAT GODDAMN THING AND I`LL CHOP YOUR HANDS OFF!"

Beer, Czech lager please. Less hazzle than a woman.

Nehalems make like elephants on HPC memory test

Jan 7

No shit, Holmes

using 1.6 times faster memory will yield 1.6 times more throughput. I am surprised they didn´t need Gartner to find this...

Jaguar opens up about future e-car plans

Jan 7

Quite nice.

Looks rather ok, yes, the interior designers will get over their "blue LED" phase sometime and the grill ist too large. Overall still a quite good looking car. The skimpy blonde thing is a bit superfluous, though.

But with all said and done: I´d still go for a DB7 anytime.

WhipTail promises no bull 6TB SSD

Jan 7


I´m not that sure whether the thing is overpriced. They most probably don´t have regular SATA drives attached since they need dual-port drives to protect against contoller failure. Which adds another 16port controller. Then casing, PSU, interface cards, some brains in between and finally quite some "buffer" to give those huge discounts enterprise customers learned to expect.

Personally, I wouldn´t expect anyone to pay more than 45k for one.

Nope, on second look: thats quite an aggressive price.

To make it look even better: to add a 800GB rank of stec zeus to our DS8k would cost around 100k, and we already have most of the box.

A woman spends 287 days choosing what to wear

Jan 7

My missus...

...reaches that count in an average week.

Enertia e-bike wheeled into shops

Jan 7

I once had a Yam XT350

which could do anything (speed, range, acceleration, looks) better than this one, cost 3000 Euro equivalents and was a pretty decent dirtbike for its time.

Now I have a Suzuki DRZ400 which can do the same as the XT, cost 6000 Euros, is 10% heavier and an barely sufficient dirtbike.

In future I am supposed to ride something like *that*?

What the hell is wrong with the motorcyle industry?

Czech lager, please, lots of it.

Deal inked in US Navy 'R2-D2' raygun robo-turret plan

Jan 7


100kW, does that amount to a Light laser? We could mount five of these then onto an 80 tons Charger and have invented the white elephant. Though the sorry remains of FASA might sue us.

Still, I´d wait a couple of years and get a medium Las on a Locust.

anyway: I, for one, Welcome Mr. Grayson "Death" Carlyle.

Dot Hill hops the 2TB train

Jan 7

And at around 2500 iops...

...this array is almost as fast as a dead cow in the swamp. Not to mention the extreme reliability of two dozen sata drives - they are so proud of them they will give you four years less waranty than on SAS drives if you use the drives only every fifth day (20% duty cycle).

TO-TAL-LY AM-AZ-ING!!!eleven!

Sorry, I don´t have enough money to afford cheap arrays.

Australia's 'answer to the velociraptor' unveiled

Jan 7

Why they died earlier:

Very easy: unlike all other australian species they were not poisonous like hell.

Welcome, pretty welcome to Autralia, where even the stone try to bite you.

HDS spices up mid-range

Jan 7

The most interesting part Mr yoshida wrote

The most interesting part Mr Yoshida wrote:

"The AMS 2000 can move data between tiers of storage with in the AMS without disruption to the application."

so you can move data between slow SATA and fast 15k SAS drives as needed - just like a local SVC.

Obama weighs into Raptor stealth superfighter fracas

Jan 7

I actually quite like the F22...

I actually quite like the F22 and it probably is the best air superiority fighter available.



~200 of them should be enough for anything short of Russia.

Add in some 600 F15E as multirole craft and then add A10s until the grunts are happy.

F35s for anything the F15/A10 cant do and complement the F/A18 -> tadaa: just a few bombers and many transports and you´re all set.

Though you most probably have to upgrade the A10 quite a bit... is there anything else around which provides comparable loitering capability while still being able to cause proper mayhem?

Nope, the Predator/Reaper doesn´t count, it lacks a dozen hardpoints and four tons payload.

HPC cluster maker sets x64 chips a-fighting

Jan 7

@ Aaron Guilmette

You read the article, didn´t you?

"The Intel box cost around $3,800 as configured, which worked out to $51.33 per gigaflop. [...]

the Opteron node only costs $3,500 is a nice uppercut, yielding a much lower $35.21 per gigaflop."

Microsoft's Bing in travel trouble

Jan 7

big difference:

bing comes up without the big "you have disabled java" message. Of course both pages need some kind of scripting, so both wont work without exeptions in noscript. Only Kayak tells you beforehand ;)

CONCLUSION: bing looks better on first impression, easy to begin with, utter crap if you actually try to use it -> certainly a true Mirco§oft product.

beer, since I still try to find out what in those glasses. lemme have ´nother sip.

SuperTalent adds Ram to SSD to boost write speeds

Jan 7
Paris Hilton

if the 64GB models cost less than half of the 128GB...

Hmmm, if the 64G models cost less than half of the larger ones, why not raid-0 them and be done with it? I mean, its not like sata ports are scare these days. Add in a 1,5TB HDD for backup[1]/mass-storage/streaming and keep the fast SSDs free to saturate the I/O subsystems whenever needed.

Sounds fine to me.

[1] backup in terms of "weekly copies of the raid-0", offsite copies would still be made on DVD-RAM/Blueray/etc...

Paris, because of ... saturation ;)

Dell grows Intel 'Nehalem EP' iron

Jan 7
Paris Hilton

Where is the deal on the R410?

Being a UNIX guy maybe I lack some basic understanding, but where is the deal on the R410?

You could get a much better machine from -say- HP (DL380G6 491332-001) for 3,5k [1], and though IBM doesn´t disclose prices on the x3650M2, I know we pay a lot less than 5k for a pretty decent 3650M2 (but I´m not allowed to tell you how much ;)).

What did I miss?

Paris, because of confusion.

[1]ok, without a drive, but you´ll surely be able to find one for the 1500 USD difference.

Koenigsegg e-sportster moves closer to reality

Jan 7

Not exactly a beauty.

I´ve seen nicer cars. otoh, I actually like the design of the Saab 9-5 station wagon, so YMMV.

btw: 9-5sw are currently available on 40 to 50% discount, i.e 25kEur for the 2.3Turbo. So if anyone needs "a hardtop with a decent engine and [make sure it's got] a big trunk..."

That there is one damn fine coat you're wearin'.

Israel to test ducted-fan robot air jeep 'within two months'

Jan 7

One word:


with a capital 'W'.

German lad hit by 30,000 mph meteorite

Jan 7

a 30cm crater in the ground?

So, this thing was fast enough to dig a rather decent hole into the ground but faild to obliterate Mr Blank?


Fortunately I live in Essen, so I´ll keep you posted...



ok, no hit, just a close miss.

BOFH: Stick this

Jan 7

Now that was a good one...

...wasn´t it?