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French mock British G-spot probe

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Hit a sore spot?

You need to get a new bf/husband me thinks.

More problems for Apple's top desktop

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Quell the Fan bois

Well said that man, want do anything to quell the pathetic fan bois on all sides.

Arise, Sir Peter of Middle Earth

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You missed the original

"Bad Taste"

Fantastically bad and made for $2.90 (£1.50).

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy

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Black Helicopters


Can't be set as default search provider in a browser though.

Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide

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Pays not to clean old servers....

Best not to get rid of the structural dust.

Twitter would have stopped Rwandan genocide, claims PM

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"Then, launching into utopian hyperbole, he mused: "You cannot have Rwanda again because information would come out far more quickly about what is actually going on and the public opinion would grow to the point where action would need to be taken.""

So he admits that politicians only need to take action after enough people piss and moan about it?

What about taking action because millions of people are dying not taking action because people are moaning about people dying?

Bah and bah again, comments like this cement my contempt of politics and politicians.

Surrey schoolkids whip out 12ft todger

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Can I be the first to congratulate Gordon on having common sense and a great name.