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Dell PowerEdge R730: Reg rack monkeys crack smiles over kindness of engineers


Re: R720xd

Yes the R730xd is the same (up to 26 x 2.5 in drives. 24 round the front, 2 round the back). We now have a fair few in the field and I'd have to agree they are a good evolution.

Cisco drops 11 clock-crashing patches for 46 things, probes 142 more


Standalone Rackmount CIMC

This bug (CSCux95110) made us laugh. Follow the link and get:

Insufficient Permissions to View Bug

That's really helpful Cisco!

We appreciate that they will have internal only articles, but don't have a link to them on a public bug list.

VMware planning 'biggest launch' on Feb 2


Re: @ 11was1rh

Yes, just realised 5.8 is in the web client (we last checked just before the 5.8 release).

My point was that there was a reasonable length of time where the message was 'all new stuff will only be in the web client' while certain options were only in the full client.


Re: @ 11was1rh

Regarding point 2, have you tried the 5.5 web client? We've found it pretty useable as a web client (5.1 was extremely dire for sure). Also don't forget that new features are not being added into the full client, try checking the highest VM hardware version you can set in the full client as one example.

That said, it is frustrating that they take this stance of pushing people down the web client route when plug-ins (like update manager and SRM) are still only available in the full client, I'm guessing this is why VMware have confirmed the full client will be included in v6.

RM begins redundancy talks with defenestrated hardware staff


Re: Interesting times!


I've also seen their tactics first hand where software quotes differed depending on if you were installing on RM hardware (this software being sold by RM and required by the schools to meet the curriculum). This meant that schools wanting to move away from RM could only do so if they increased cost. At the time I felt that was a rather uncompetitive business practice.

New nuke could POWER WORLD UNTIL 2083

Big Brother

What about the oil barons??

Whilst I completely agree with the 'I REALLY hope this is true' sentiment I would question if the political power of the oil lot in the US could make getting this in action very difficult. Obviously hope not, but the cynic in me questions.

Lynch mob of bankers say they'll stump up cash to take Dell private


What about QE??

Although the bail out of UK banks is getting off topic I would point raise the thought that while a large number of the UK banks were not directly 'bailed out', how similar was the effect of quantitative easing in the UK banking sector to that of a bail out?

In honesty I don't feel I have enough knowledge to answer that question, although I do have a suspicion of the answer. If the cynic in me is correct then it could be argued that more banks were effectively bailed out than official records show.

Beer because thinking about the economy makes me reach for a nice pint :)

Apple demands $707m more from Samsung


Re: "the wound it inflicted on Samsung"

Totally agree. Californian Jury finds in favour of a Californian company where the defendant is not from the US - Shocker that.

French Skyper freed after accidentally hacking bank's phone system


Re: Pass code?

May the Schwartz be with you for that one. Have a Perriair on me :)

CERN catches a glimpse of Higgs-like boson


Re: Be careful what you wish for

From what I've read this (potential) discovery was from an 8TeV collision. Later this year they are planning to upgrade LHC to allow collisions at it's design limit of 14TeV, so they can go further down the rabbit hole yet.

Facebook underwriters accused of hiding forecast


Not exactly a surpise

Before the IPO I mailed someone to say that I wish I was able to short FB because I just don't see FB's business being worth what was indicated by the IPO.

Mind you I heard someone comment that MS oversold the shares then bought back the balance yesterday, if that's correct they were essentially shorting the IPO. Bring back the days of no prop trading and seperation of retail and commencial banking.

Red Cross: 600m videogamers may be war criminals


Re: Tea-Bagging

tmTM, you owe me a new laptop keyboard :)

The vision of a BF3 toon tea-bagging a knifed enemy then having some RC person come out telling them off was funny as.

EA retreats, offers free Battlefield 1943 after all


While I think Microsoft is guilty of many things, I think this is stretching it a wee bit far.

Still your post made our team laugh this morning :)

BT hires another battalion of troops to speed fibre rollout


If they can't keep the web page up to date....

Apparently my exchange should be upgraded by the 30th September 2011 (this was after saying 30th of June 2011 in mid July). Hence my breath will remain unheld.

Boffins whip up SELF-WIRING chip


Re: mmmh

Noooooooo......Beat me to it :)

Biker gang plunders Covent Garden Apple Store


Re: Biker gang

I was also expecting a tale of Hells Angels or similar. Unfortunately we seem to have some ex Daily Wail personnel writing headlines.

British warming to NUKES after Fukushima meltdown


What about France?

Wonder if attitudes will change after the incident in France today?

VMware taxes your virtual memory

Paris Hilton

That's gonna hurt


so a dual socket server with 144GB RAM will now have to be licened for an additional socket for the right to upgrade to vSphere 5 (which we are technically playing maintance for already). It was bad enough with the Enterprise -> Enterprise Plus shafting from ESX3.5 and vSphere 4.

When you add their inability to co-term support contracts it all gets rather frustrating.

Hyper-V is going to have to look interesting soon, VMWare seem to have lost the plot.

Paris because.....Well VMWare seem to love shafting their customers

LulzSec hacks EVE Online as rampage goes on

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Can you please explain how a DDoS attack is a 'hack'? Or was the headline purely in competition with the Daily Wail for sensationalism? Surely being hacked means that someone has compromised one or more systems on the network being hacked. From your article this would appear to not be the case.

Also there is no reference to the post at the Eve Online website from the COO stating they took both the game servers and web site offline in response to a DDoS attack for them to check for signs of compromise.

Less sentationalism and definately less tardy journalism would be appreaciated.

Where is the El Reg Tombstone icon when you need it.

Phantom Menace to be released in 3D next Feb


Rouge Squadron??

Is that the one with extra blusher? Or was it possibly Rogue you meant?

Ok, so nearly six years of people in WoW telling you about how good their rouge is has made me picky on that one. I'll get me coat and POETS.

Will IBM sideline XIV?

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Would be a shame if it was ditched

Despite the early teething troubles I think this should be something IBM seriously develop and push.

OK, so no mainframe support, but IMHO with the DS8000's design issues (quad port 4Gb/s PCI-X HBAs that have backend bandwidth of 4.3Gb/s anyone?) I have been hoping that the XIV would grow into a serious contender in the non mainframe space.

All the issues of seperate sales force etc is hardly unfamiliar though, how long did it take EMC to bring DD sales in-house?

Paris, well no reason other than I like the icon :D

Drummers: Looking for a throbbing BumChum?

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A bit expensive, perhaps a rental market??

Firstly this one did require a 1st April check.

Imagine if they introduce the option of renting from 'specialist' suppliers, imagine the call: "Hi, can I please hire a Bum Chum tonight?"

Still its got everyone in our office talking about them.

Ex-AMD exec called own company 'pathetic'


AMD bashing

Regarding some of the comments here, I have to say AMD had dual core CPUs in the market place for quite a while before Intel (with it's significantly higher R&D budget) caught up, and isn't the x64 technology still licensed from AMD? It certainly was for a while. Don't get me wrong I'm not particularly an AMD fanboi, but let's be honest both companies have their time as the lead, same with graphics cards etc. Currently I would say Intel is back in front with i7 and corresponding Xeon but that doesn't mean it will stay that way indefinately.

Brown declines to resign


@ AC 16:07

Since when was the UK population 6 billion people?

Maybe the global population is around that number but last time I looked Mr Brown wasn't running the world.

Data-gobbling, dollar-munching iPhone bug unearthed

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@ Neoc

ROFL, beat me to it :)

IBM hurls defiance at Microsoft after communications pitch flop

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Typical IBM

Have to say that IBM really have a lot to learn. If your live keynote demo goes wrong you pick another time to start slating the opposition.

Personally I;m still waiting for the say when I speak to IBM and their first proposal actually meets what I want, not what IBM want to sell me


Paris because I bet she'd know how to meet my needs first time of asking...

IBM facelifts i/OS for midrange gear


IBM and high-end disk array in the same sentence???

Sorry El-Reg,

But I must object to: "IBM's high-end DS8000 disk arrays"

Since when does using commodity 4-port 4Gbps FC cards (with bandwidth at the bus of <1.1 4Gbps) consitute 'High-End'??

Revolting postmen force early Windows 7 launch

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I've got mine

Mine arrived today. Definately wasn't expecting that with the final email saying 5-7 days after Wednesday 21st. Nice to get some good customer services for a change.

Hain breaks ranks with Cabinet over McKinnon extradition


Hate to be picky but....

'Deputy MP Harriet Harman appeared to political talk shows'

Deputy MP? Is that being hopeful or is it a typo? Perhaps Deputy PM is the sad truth.

Anyhow, this whole unilateral extradition agreement is the problem. From a legal sense I would say that he has to be extradited. But I think that the people involved in agreeing the deal should be investigated for, at the least, gross negligence in signing off such a biased deal.

I cannot believe that anyone with a minimum of security knowledge could give credence to this being the 'biggest hack' ever as the guy was using blank / default passwords, so surely that would go some way to negate the US position (at least in a world where common sense applied).

I know lots of people have said this before, but for me the target's of his attacks should be the ones under scrutiny. I'd hate to have the conversation with my insurance company if I'd left my house and garage door's open all the time and had everything we own nicked....

Also I'd love to know how the cost of the 'damage' was calculated? Changing passwords shouldn't be that hard, should it?

Microsoft offers EU choice on Windows browsers

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So will this now apply to Apple??

I take it that if this goes ahead Apple will be forced to allow iTunes users to use a media player other than QuickTime and, ofc, include links to the download sites in the iTunes installer?

DARPA plans to end swine flu using Triffid drugs

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And I, for one, welcome our new Triffid overlords!

Microsoft talks turkey in Brussels



Genius 'When Apple and Linux have become an abusive monopoly ' - I sincerly hope the Apple part of that was extremely dry wit.

My view on this is that it's like saying that BMW must fit Skoda alloys as it's unfair that all BMW's come as standard with BMW wheels.

While I personally think that MS does and has acted uncompetitively on a number of occasions I think this is completely the wrongargument to have with them, it just makes it look like a, soon to be out of office, bureaucrat is trying to make a name for themselves.

Another angle on this, let's suppose MS do include Chrome, Opera , FireFox etc with Windows 7 and let the user choose which to install, what happens if there is a serious security flaw in said browser. From a home user's perspective that would then be MS at fault and would they then be expected to also provide patches for someone elses product too (as they do with their own)?. Not to mention that the Windows 7 compatibility of all preincluded browsers would then become Microsoft's issue as much as the browser developer, which again seems unreasonable.

TTXGP e-bikers finish qualification run

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What about the crash in practice??

This was the funniest, slowest (and probably most historic) practice session I've ever seen. We were on the corner where the first TT electric bike crash occured, looked like a mechanical fault causing really low speed high side (rider looked ok, thankfully). The marshalls couldn't touch the bike (even after laughing their heads off) until thick rubber gloves were available and it took 4 of them to lift the bloody thing. With regards to the speed, yes top bike was >102MPH, 4th or 5th was sub 60MPH. I can't weight to see the highlights on ITV4.

On a serious note I can see the potential here for the future, but there needs much more development, particularly with safety (bikes fall over much easier than cars) and weight (not to mention NO engine braking).

Paris becuase when she goes down she does it fast and hard.....